Yan Yan gave her a slap on the head without thinking … Little Q must be a big Q child?

"Ah …" Yuan Gungun felt that his head was shaken, and he was familiar with the feeling that … he felt wronged and always suffered, and looked at him with anger and words.
Yan Yan closed his eyes and didn’t look at her.
When Yuan Gungun was asleep, he simply said, "If you dare to eat bad belly, I will kill you."
Yuan Gungun laughed at one leng, "Don’t worry, Master, I absolutely dare not fart and smoke you."
Yan Yan Che looked at her with his eyes open.
"Er … you will never be fainted by fart?" Yuan Gungun mumbled something to modify.
"pa" "ah …"
The world is silent …
This night, Yuan Gungun and her master hugged each other and slept until noon the next day. At that time, Yuan Gungun was already on the throne of the man of God. Since this day, Yuan Gungun’s babies acquiesced in becoming a monk, which made everyone more sure that Yuan Gungun had settled in the position of the black family housewife.
In the room
He raised his eyebrows and stared at the fragrant rice ball without speaking.
"Master" Yuan Gungun pulled out an unnatural smile and called out.
Yan Yan che sneered at "the tail is showing"
Smell speech Yuan Gungun consciousness touch to his ass …
"Pocket there" is very kind to wake her up.
Yuan Gungun bowed his head and saw a brown and white tail. It was very leisurely to shake it. Someone hurriedly stretched out his hand to block the place and said, "This is not a small B tail."
Yan Yan smiled …
"Yuan! Go away! Get out! " It’s normal for servants to go out of the room and continue to do their own things.
Room Yuan Gungun grabbed my ears and looked at me as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. "I …"
"Do you think I won’t touch you?" Hu phlogistic approaching her roar a way
Yuan Gungun shook his head. "No … it’s not Master Little B …"
"Shut up! I don’t want to hear your explanation. Go back to your room and wash away your disgusting perfume. "I really wonder how long her brain is. Can she wear perfume and take that greedy squirrel unnoticed?"
"disgusting? No, mommy said it was expensive. "Yuan Gungun smoked his nose like a puppy sniffing.
Yan Yanche raised her hand and gave her a scolding, "Wash it off!" "
Yuan Gungun walked out of the room, covering his head with his sad face … This man is fierce and violent!
Yan Yanche looked at her back and took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and took a long drink. This woman is stupid and idiot!
Yuan Gungun went back to his room after taking a shower and looked at it. He was full of expression and handsome face. He came up behind him and helped him massage his shoulders.
Yan Yan looked at the file head and said coldly, "Let me see you waving them in front of me again …"
"You just slap me. I know, Master. You have said it many times." Yuan Gungun’s words were flat and flat.
Yan Yanche suddenly looked back at her coldly. "For the last time, Yuan Gungun, don’t challenge my limit. I won’t touch you."
Yuan rolling leng leng bowed their heads and trail "is …"
Yan Yan turned to stop looking at her.
Yuan Gungun bowed his head and twisted his fingers, feeling a little sour in his heart.
"Go to the pool and get my watch back," Yan Yanche said lightly.
Yuan Gungun wanted to think and went out.
The door rang, and the paper in his hand was thrown at the table, and then he got up and went to the bar and poured a glass of red wine.
Yuan Gungun near the swimming pool soon found Yan Yanche’s watch on the table and picked it up to go back for a job, but when she turned around, she heard someone calling her name.
"Rolling" Meng sent Yao not far away to Yuan Rolling with a watch.

Ji Dong pushed the inner door, and his face suddenly became ugly again. Behind the door, it was not a room, but a small courtyard. There was not much about 20 square meters, and there was a pool of about 10 square meters on one side of the 20 square meters. I don’t know what it was. When I looked up, I could see the stars at night, which was obviously not a place to sleep.

"Xuan Si, how did you get a room? It’s nonsense, "said Ji Dong, walking back to the room with a slight anger.
Chen Sixuan said, "Ji Dong, we are lovers and we can’t live apart any more? Otherwise, how can we prove that we are together like my father? It is not difficult for my father and the people there to find out my whereabouts after I return to Dongmucheng. We have to live in a room, Mr. Ji Dong. I am not afraid of a girl. What are you afraid of? "
Ji Dong is really afraid of living in a room. Think about it. His heart beats faster and his eyes twinkle. Ji Dong flatly said, "No, this is absolutely not possible. I am pretending that your boyfriend is not real. How can you get married after you live in a room with me like this? I can’t ruin your reputation. "
Chen Sixuan bowed their heads and said lightly, "Ji Dong, is it a joke to talk to you before you and me? Well, I will solemnly repeat to you that I will never marry anyone else in my life except you. What does it matter to me? "
Ji Dong listened to Chen Sixuan’s words and couldn’t help but feel speechless at the moment.
Chen Sixuan sighed, "Ji Dong, I will never make it difficult for you. I can always live in a small courtyard in your house. It’s not like we haven’t slept in the wind." As she spoke, she had already gone out.
Ji Dong quickly followed out. "Xuan Si should be me in the hospital. Go to the room."
Chen Sixuan heart andao my house plan how to implement? Looking at Ji Dong light way "Ji Dong existing two ways to choose for you, either I live outside you live inside or I live with you inside, I don’t promise to ask you so much? I’m not that fragile.
In the face of Chen Sixuan’s sudden toughness, Ji Dong couldn’t help but feel numb. His brain spun rapidly and weighed the pros and cons carefully. He had to return to his room. It was better for her to live outside than for two people to live together. It was really unbearable for her to be a girl in the hospital.
Pull the curtain Ji Dong wants to see how Chen Sixuan lives in the courtyard. In his imagination, Chen Sixuan sits cross-legged and practices in the courtyard at most. Chapter four hundred and fifty Hot spring temptation.
Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong, was surprised to see that Chen Sixuan was squatting by the pool with a foot of ten square meters after practicing drawing curtains in the hospital. What seemed to be hit was accompanied by steaming water.
What’s she doing?
Ji Dong went out of the back door probe again and asked Chen Sixuan doubtfully, "Xuan Si, what are you doing there?"
Chen Sixuan also don’t answered "water! I chose this hotel because of its characteristics. The hot springs here are the best in Dongmucheng Hotel, and the bubbles are very comfortable. "
As she spoke, she got up and took off her coat to reveal the clothes inside. Fortunately, it is late autumn. After all, their clothes are not too few, but watching Chen Sixuan undress, Ji Dong suddenly got a fright. "Xuan Si, do you want to take a bath in the courtyard?"
Chen Sixuan look back to reveal a strange look on his face. "I’m in the hospital. What can’t I take a bath in the hot spring pool? Ji Dong, why don’t you come? Now that you are my lover, I don’t mind if you want to come together, "she said, her face was reddish, but her hands had taken off her clothes with a faint smile."
Ji Dong almost fled the door and pulled all the curtains as quickly as possible. In the process of pulling the curtains, he did his own stunt to scare the snake. It is conceivable how flustered he is now.
Chen Sixuan looked at the door and burst into a smile. She deliberately said "coward". Her voice was not small, and Ji Dong could definitely hear it.
As she spoke, she really took off her clothes and looked at the steaming pool in front of her. Chen Sixuan looked up at the sky and secretly prayed for the evil god. If you really want me to fulfill my promise to you, it will be a heavy rain later.
Pray that Chen Sixuan’s silver teeth bite and finally pick up the body, and finally cover the slender light span and step into the pool to make a series of water sounds.
In Ji Dong’s dull room, the back is facing the window, and the curtains over there are light colors. Although you can’t see the real scene outside after pulling, it is no problem to see some shadows under the moonlight.
Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Ji Dong tried to tell himself not to think about it, but now he has lost control of his thoughts.
There is a window partition! Chen Sixuan is taking a bath outside, and he is in the room. His ear is very reminiscent of what Chen Sixuan said before. Ji Dong, come along! Such a simple sentence is absolutely earth-shaking.
Ji Dong felt that his blood was boiling constantly, especially when the water kept ringing outside, and his brain was out of control, imagining Chen Sixuan’s touching reality.
How come… Ji Dong’s wry smile grew stronger. Isn’t this night more tormented than yesterday? He is now hoping that Chen Sixuan can take a bath faster and faster.
Sitting on the ground, Ji Dong kept meditating in his heart that the color of South Amitabha Buddha is, is, is …
As it turns out, girls can never take a bath too fast. Worse, Chen Sixuan came here with Ji Dong for a purpose, that is, to seduce him.
Chen Sixuan didn’t have any confidence in this point, but this confidence was brought to him by Ji Dong. She knew that she was not unattractive to Ji Dong when she saw Ji Dong being defeated and fleeing yesterday. Before this, her confidence was naturally sufficient today.
Soaking in the hot spring water, the hot spring soaks into the body, which gradually relaxes Chen Sixuan’s original tense mood. It is really a wonderful enjoyment to soak in the hot spring, especially when this kind of open-air hot spring looks at the stars and the moon in the sky.
It seems that it’s really right to choose this place. From the point of view of flame, it’s her first time to come here, but this physical memory has a good memory of it. Now it seems that this is indeed a correct choice. Soaking in a slightly hot hot spring makes the body feel as if the bones and muscles are relaxed, and even the spirit is relaxed. Chen Sixuan is no longer so nervous.
Although Chen Sixuan didn’t know that Ji Dong missed Amitabha in her room, she knew that her plan was still effective when she saw Ji Dong pulling the curtains so hard.
It’s hard for her to catch the past life belief and make her feel a little calmer, but there is a Chen Sixuan sound in her ear.
"Ji Dong, could you please throw me the big towel in the room? I’m almost finished. "
Don’t you know how tempting you are when Ji leaves and almost spits out a mouthful of blood without killing yourself like this?
In the face of such a stunning Ji Dong who is absolutely energetic, can’t fight, can’t scold, and can’t escape, he feels really miserable now. He has already considered whether to give up the bottle of wine and get out of here quickly.
Severe breathing a few Ji Dong just got up and walked aside again, grabbed the big towel and came to the door to pull a gap. With the previous memory, he shook his hand and threw the big towel out.
"Thank you" Chen Sixuan’s beautiful sound was followed by a burst of water, which immediately reminded Ji Dong of a beautiful bathing picture.
"Ji Dong, you really don’t come to bubble? Oh, this pool is very big, and there is no problem for two people. Otherwise, I will not let you see what you shouldn’t see by soaking in a towel. "
Poof-two lines of nosebleeds finally gushed out of Ji Dong’s nose out of control.
Chen Sixuan is getting up from the pool at this time and looking at the direction of the door. Suddenly, I was surprised to see the blood jet.
Is almost the first blunt come over.
"Ji Dong, what’s the matter with you?" Eager to exclaim, Chen Sixuan had already rushed to the door near.
"Don’t come here …" Ji Dong shouted that Chen Sixuan had already rushed to him and it was too late to shout anything.
Chen Sixuan was in front of Ji Dong and clearly saw that Ji Dong’s nose flowed like two small red snakes, and blood rushed out. He just took a big towel to help him wipe it, but he completely ignored his embarrassment at this time. The so-called heart is chaotic. At this time, she really didn’t tempt Ji Dong. I think it was the most direct reaction because of seeing Ji Dong’s nose spurting blood, but it was like this that the first reaction brought Ji Dong the greatest impact.
I can’t even look at it … When Chen Sixuan handed me the towel, her perfect charming body presented the absolute golden ratio in front of Ji Dong. The ratio of leg length to body was just 1.61 waterfall, and there were at least some dark green hair hanging freely behind her. The white, rich and tender skin on her chest was like tender tofu, and the drops were rolling like crystal drops.
What comes out of the water like a hibiscus is an insult to Chen Sixuan’s beauty. It is difficult to express it in words. In previous lives, Ji Dong always thought that girls look better in clothes than in no clothes, because good clothes and decorations can improve a person’s temperament. However, this kind of thinking is that Chen Sixuan’s body is uncomfortable in front of him. Even when he was with the flame, Ji Dong never saw the flame and didn’t wear clothes. It can be said that Chen Sixuan was the first girl who admitted to meeting him. This stimulation made Ji Dong’s nosebleed unstoppable and continued to erupt.
"You …" Ji Dong suddenly closed his eyes and pushed out at the same time, trying to push Chen Sixuan out from the door.

A few small-headed, yellow girls ruined his career in front of thousands of opportunities. Maybe it was heaven’s pity that he got it. A teenager will be transformed into a murderous beast. This is a good thing, but he misjudged the situation and he became a prisoner in Yishantang instead. The destruction of his career made him miserable. He could bear it, but being controlled by others was his greatest humiliation. Struggling to survive always made his life worse than death.

But Qianji is still that arrogant Qianji.
He waited for an opportunity to make Guiyishantang hit hard, but he will pay the greatest price. He knows this well, but he doesn’t choose because he knows he is going to die.
Toxins are gradually out of control, and the tendons are lost by one point, and the mouth is bitten by the pain. hn is full of black S blood. On the contrary, it is more and more clear that the arms of the leader of Lingfengtang are firmly tied like iron, and the "creaking" sound of the body teeth on the moonlit night makes people listen to the heart.
The sudden change is feathering and Cen didn’t expect whether there was any yin plot in it. They looked at each other hesitantly for a moment and didn’t see the answer in each other’s face.
But I heard that Jiao Ren nv suddenly chuckled, "Qian Ji, do you really don’t want to solve Y?"
Thousand machine mercilessly grinning "don’t lie to me! Now I want that solution, Y? It is better to be a companion for you and me. "
"How difficult is it for me to drive away your toxins with the ability of practitioners?"
"Hum, of course, you can do it." Thousands of machines’ arms are more and more tightly strapped to her body and sneer at more than "but it’s not a big deal to help fighters! Think I’m the leader of a thousand machines, and you’ve been promoted as a sword tool, and you’re still seeing people? How can I put up with this dog? " He tilted away to binge drink a "what are you two still doing? Kill her for me! "
Word by word, hn is sprayed with poisonous blood, and that face can’t be said to be happy. Although it is still ferocious and feathered, Cen finally knows that the enemy’s mind is true, as he said. How can people who are more profitable do cattle and horses for others? The two teenagers swooped down at each other.
"You, you can block a fighter action now?"
The voice was as cold as a mountain spring, and a thousand machines stepped up their arm strength slightly. However, two weak waters flowed into his arms gently. This strength did not shock his arm, but he felt that his body and blood suddenly agitated and struggled to suppress the toxin, and it was like boiling and burning. Only then did he know that the strength was the power to promote the toxin. He became hoarse and the veins stood out on his forehead. The thick ink and poisonous blood poured out from hn as if the flood had washed away the bank.
Cen first rushed to the crowd, lowered his body and picked up two fantasy blades, which quickly emerged and feathered, and half the residual knives were near the moonlit head. However, they all found that this nv did not seem to sneer at it and struggled. For them, this phenomenon was contrary to common sense and became even more bizarre.
Blood flowed out as three weapons pierced. Two teenagers were in a hurry. hu Dao retreated. The blood was black. S was the blood of thousands of machines. The leader of Lingfengtang fell to the ground and stared with disbelief.
And Jiao Ren nv has disappeared in front.
A chill instantly eroded the spine and went deep into the bone marrow. Teenagers hardly dared to move again. Dangerous breath emerged behind them and enveloped them. Every move was the fuse that triggered the crisis.
A cold ring "Xiang fighters realm is not what you can imagine"
Feather suddenly clenched Cen’s arm and shook his head gently and asked, "If you can’t kill us, is it not a big deal to prove the Xiang fighters?"
Cen didn’t doubt hu’s head and looked at him. He found that his mouth was dark with a smile, which seemed to tell her that there was a yin scheme being formed. Although she was suspicious of hu, she was still silent and didn’t speak.
Moonlight also doesn’t understand the meaning of feathering, but she won’t think about what it means to stretch her sword horizontally in front of her face.
"Don’t you look back?"
"The scenery behind S is beautiful."
"You’d better look back."
"always thinking about the front will miss a lot."
"Are you really not going to look back?"
Even Cen felt that teenagers talked too much and couldn’t help glancing at him. The result was still a face with a strange smile.
The moonlit night was slightly in a trance, and some mysterious words seemed to have hidden a little illusion. She consciously turned around and showed her eyebrows and gently provoked them.
"Ow ~ ~ ~"
Excited, furious, roaring, rolling up on the ground, the fierce beast boy who is tied with vines is shaking his arms and hissing like a tiger. The vines that tied him suddenly scattered and frowned on the moonlit night. The young boy’s hands and feet were carrying the wind, and if the fire ran, thunder suddenly rushed over.
Is this moment feather a pull CenChao rushed out of this painstaking opportunity finally wait.
Moonlight knows that when the sword is split out quickly, the above-mentioned firm but gentle is like a flash. Two teenagers turn around at the same time, and the imaginary blade jia of the ice knife is folded, which just blocks the firm but can’t stop the firm but gentle copious impact force. It is badly shaken out and rolled for weeks, and blood splashes out.
When I look back again, the fierce beast boy has flown overhead, and the palm of his hand has severely pressed the surging heat. lng has blown Jiao Ren nv hair shirt flying in the moonlight, cold hum a left sleeve and waved out to meet the past.
"Bang!" The strength hit the muffled thunder and the strength fled out from the gap in the sleeve palm and set off a dusty moonlit night. At this time, the martial arts capability of the Xiang fighters was unexpectedly knocked back by three feet and two marks were drawn on the ground, and the young man was shocked to rise again. When he fell, a long flame knife cut through the virtual space, and the strength was even more fierce.
"Cut her, cut her." Cen couldn’t help chanting that she was weak and couldn’t get up, so she didn’t feel resentment.
"Who cut who still maybe miles" Feather said forcefully.
The ice crystal sword once again flashed the faint water light, and this green S water light level was exhibited in Fiona Fang Zhangxu land. On the moonlit night, it was cold and leering, and the flame sword fell vertically and fell ha into the ground.
"Water dragon array!"
"Wow!" A splash of water covered the ground, and then a water column burst out, and dozens of water columns broke ground one after another. The white and bright water column smashed the fierce beast teenager’s body with a long knife and was thrown into a higher school by the impact in the water column.
The sword is off the ground, and the moonlit face flashes unnaturally, and the blood gas slowly calms down. She has just entered the realm of Xiang fighters and has not completely improved her strength. Tonight’s World War I will be somewhat reluctant for her.
The water column lost its strength to support and dissipated in half a mile. After a day of glittering and translucent water droplets, it was like the stars shining. This bloody battlefield seemed to be purified.
A figure from the fall hit the ground to expand six feet, and the teenager was still dizzy.
"What did I say?"
"What are you proud of? Then we should hang up. "
But Jiao Ren nv didn’t come to the two teenagers. She glanced back at them coldly. The eyes were divided into disdainful eyes and Cen looked at her in the direction of Ye Zhiqiu in surprise.
"What is it that you kill a man who can’t do martial arts?" Feather cried.
Moonlight sneers at "whoever asked us to kill Ye Zhiqiu should die just because of his Yeats’ long public status".
"Your roots are not nv people!"
"Well, technically I’m nv Jiao Ren."

I was very nervous after hearing Huangfu Zhantian’s words, and the old man’s expression suddenly loosened.

"I didn’t expect you to be able to introduce yourself with so many pieces of iron. I’m the head of the clan now. You can call me Sakura. Well, since you’re here yourself, you’re not afraid that I’ll kill you. In that case, tell me your plan! Otherwise, I will give you the iron piece of our inferno! " Sakura ghost light way
"This is not in a hurry, let you see something first!" Huangfu Zhantian shook his head and said, "With that, his body’s Raytheon Qi suddenly surged, and a powerful ancient monty breath burst out from his body. It was desolate and primitive, and full of magic gas. The appearance of Tianmo Armor set off his body like a statue from an ancient troll, but Tianmo Armor had an inexplicable connection in some places on this day. Section 1796: Demon spokesperson.
"This is …!" Sakura ghost couldn’t keep calm after seeing this celestial fiend armor of Huangfu Zhantian. The whole person suddenly got up from his seat and his eyes were full of incredible expressions. When he reached Huangfu Zhantian’s side, he shook his hands and touched it toward Huangfu Zhantian’s celestial fiend armor.
Looking at Sakura’s ghost expression, suspection.i Zhantian is very understanding. After all, there has been no trace of the strong treasures in their clan. Now he suddenly appears in front of him, and he can keep calm before he has a ghost.
"Yes, what you see is your heavenly demon armor!" Any suspection.i war day light way
"Yes, this is our heavenly demon armor, but how can this be in your hands?" Sakura ghost immediately came out from the excitement after hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, and looked at this suspection.i Zhantian Tianjiao Jia’s eyes burning way
"That’s a long story, Jane. You should know that!" Any suspection.i Zhantian will recover the heavenly fiend armor to the body and ask Sakura Ghost [
See any suspection.i war days will fiend armor back to the body sakura ghost opened his mouth to say something, but when he heard any suspection.i war days say the word Jane, his body suddenly looked up at any suspection.i war days and asked, "Do you know fiend’s adult? Is this heavenly fiend armor given to you by an adult fiend? No wonder there are fewer and fewer strong demons in our day. It turned out that O ‘Lord abandoned us. Whoops …! "
Huangfu Zhantian looked at that crying like a child. Sakura suddenly had a head and two big ones. What’s this and what’s this? Why are you crying?
"Come on, don’t cry, you fiend adults didn’t abandon you because he was controlled by the strong protoss, so there was no way to return to the clan, and fiend Jane gave me the fiend armor, hoping that I could find a way to lift his seal. When I helped Jane lift the seal, your fiend adults would come back." Huangfu Zhantian was at a loss and looked at it and cried, and Sakura quickly explained.
"Really? Is everything you say true? " Sakura ghost wiped away the tears in her eyes after hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian and then excitedly caught suspection.i Zhantian hand and asked
Caught by this old guy’s hand, suspection.i war, as a sudden, there was a bad cold, but he couldn’t hit this old guy again. When he could suppress the bad cold in his heart, he comforted him, "Of course, otherwise, can you take the initiative to integrate with me?" Heavenly fiend armor has its own spirit. If it hadn’t been given to me by Jane, I wouldn’t have been accepted by Heavenly fiend armor. Can I let go now? "
"Sorry, sorry!" Sakura Ghost saw that he was actually holding Huangfu Zhantian’s hand, but he was in a better mood at this time. Today is really a double happiness. Not only did he get the news of the ghost inn, but he also got the news of the fiend’s adult to be born again, so their inferno can no longer be as depressed as it is now. Now young people are getting worse and worse.
"Thank you. Thank you so much. If you hadn’t brought the news of the fiend’s adult, the inferno would have been like this all day. It is estimated that in a few years, the inferno will really decline." Sakura Ming thanked Huangfu Zhantian.
"Chief of the clan, you are not so polite. Since O Jane believes me so much, of course I can’t be careless. And I already know where to find a way to remove the seal of O Jane. When the matter of the Ghost Inn is over, we will release O Jane and fulfill my original promise!" HuangFuZhanTian sincere way indeed if it weren’t for the heavenly fiend A HuangFuZhanTian may have met those dangers before and died? So he wanted to perfunctory, but now he really wants to release the fiend Jane.
"Well, thank you. Anyway, thank you. Since you are the spokesperson of the fiend’s adult, we didn’t give you the iron piece of the inferno. I hope that after you enter the ghost inn, you can bring out something that belongs to our inferno. We will be very grateful." Sakura is still very excited
"Come on, if this piece of iron appears in my body, the protoss will not be so polite that day. If you let them go, it will not be worth the loss. The patriarch’s adult, you’d better send the strong in your family to follow me into the ghost inn. Besides, the piece of iron is also held by the strong in your family, and it can’t be revealed that I am very familiar with your inferno. Just consider it as a transaction. What do you think?" Any suspection.i war day discussion way
"Well, that’s a good idea. It’s settled. I’ll send a strong man to go to the ghost inn with you to get something!" Sakura ghost after hearing any suspection.i war days hesitated a just said
"Well, now that things have been finalized, I’ll be leaving, or those guys in your family will probably not leave me alone!" Any suspection.i zhantian a little afraid afraid of sample way
Looking at the expression of Huangfu Zhantian, Sakura suddenly criticized, "They haven’t let you go yet. If you make efforts, I’m afraid those young guys in our family are not your opponents, so Lin Fanyu can compete with you!"
Hearing Sakura’s words, Huangfu Zhantian smiled modestly. He knew that the old man said that Lin Fanyu was probably the spiritual leader of the younger generation in the inferno this day. Forget it. It’s best not to meet this guy one by one. After all, he doesn’t want to expose all his cards because of an emotional struggle. This is not a wise practice.
"The younger generation will be leaving now! When the time comes, I will inform my predecessors to send someone to come here. You can take this jade Jane. When the time comes, I will send someone directly to Tianyu City. I will always send someone to Tianyu City. "Any suspection.i Zhantian handed the jade Jane to Sakura Ghost Road.
"Well, go ahead and tell Jill before you go!" Sakura ghost with the wave way
After leaving Sakura’s ghost courtyard, Huangfu Zhantian’s figure flashed toward the outside, but no trace of Sakura’s son was found. The inferno clan is too big on this day. Where should I find her? Forget it. Just find someone to bring her a message.
Thought of here suspection.i war day then conveniently took a day inferno young people.
"Hello, can you give a message to Sakura Jill for me and tell her that I’m leaving first!" Any suspection.i Zhantian kindly asked the young man [
"Hum!" The man took a look at Huangfuzhantian and then turned away with a cold hum, ignoring Huangfuzhantian, which made Huangfuzhantian Zhang, a monk, puzzled. He didn’t want to think that he had defeated the leader of others and that they could give you a good look. Section 1797: Lin Fanyu
Day inferno turf wandering for a long time no one spoke to him, which made Huangfu Zhantian very angry. When he decided not to tell Sakura Jill, the old man Sakura Ming would definitely tell her.
After making this decision, Huangfu Zhantian was ready to go out, but at this time, the road idiocy problem was made again for a long time, but she never found the road that Sakura Jill took him to.
Just as Huangfu Zhantian was flying around like a fly, a faint sound entered his ear.
"I am waiting for you in the martial arts field!" There are seven words, but they are full of strong confidence.
Hearing this, suspection.i war, as in the heart, suddenly gave a wry smile. Did it come after all or didn’t hide? They should not react as soon as they came out from Sakura, but they should die and die, and they have made the mistake of being caught red-handed [
He didn’t want to go here, but he thought that if he didn’t go there, there would be no way to attract Sakura’s attention. Now the inferno has ignored himself all day. I don’t know when I can get out on my own. What’s more, people still have that powerful light door. If there is no special way to lift it, I’m afraid it’s impossible to break their own strength, and even if they can break it, they will definitely not be able to get out. Because they are crazy, the inferno must be particularly terrible. I want to go to Huangfu Zhantian and decide to see a new generation of spiritual leaders
Just when Huangfu Zhantian was ready to go, he found that he didn’t know where that damn arms drill was.
"Who can take me to the martial arts field?" Huangfu Zhantian shouted that he didn’t want to ask those pretentious guys any more. He shouted out directly. I’m afraid that guy named Lin Fanyu would definitely let people show him the way. After that, Huangfu Zhantian just sat there and absorbed the aura here. The aura concentration here has reached ten times. Huangfu Zhantian certainly can’t miss this opportunity.
Sure enough, as expected by Huangfu Zhantian, one day soon, the inferno boy came to Huangfu Zhantian and saw Huangfu Zhantian cross-legged and cultivated there. His anger suddenly surged up, and a dark magic snake swung towards Huangfu Zhantian and bit hard.

"What happened here?" The queen mother was in poor health and slept so-so, and she woke up at once at the slightest noise.

On weekdays, when the palace is closed, it is a crow. At most, you can hear some insects chirping and frogs.
But so many people scuffle out of the harem far away, even if it is far away, the queen mother heard it and was full of doubts.
"It’s estimated that something happened somewhere. Isn’t it strange that the Empress Dowager doesn’t worry about what happened when the emperor left? The emperor is ready, "said the vigil mother consolingly. The sound was not very real, and she also went out to have a look to make sure.
But I didn’t want to come back and saw that the queen mother was awakened.
"Come on, help the family to mourn." The queen mother did it. It was bad for the old man to sleep, and his body was broken by the method of poison. After being surprised, he couldn’t sleep anyway.
Dressed up, the queen mother sat down in the main hall and looked at the distance gloomily. "What the hell happened here?"
"Mother how up? Relax, everything is under my control. "The emperor suddenly came in from the outside and said with a smile.
"The emperor? You’re back from the hunting grounds? Why didn’t you tell Ai Jiayi? " The queen mother was surprised and said secretly that she was really relieved.
The emperor smiled like a flower. "My mother just returned to the palace and came back overnight. It’s almost dawn. Let’s have a rest in Harbin!"
The queen mother was confused about "how can you sleep when you come back home for no reason?" What the hell is going on here? "
The emperor took a seat to make a cup of hot tea. "Since Mother can’t sleep, I’ll talk to Mother. Actually, it’s nothing. I knew it early and I was prepared …"
The emperor appeared in Cining Palace naturally because he was afraid that someone would catch the Queen Mother as a chip when he fled for his life, but it was still time for him to come back.
In the afternoon, Lian Yan Jinging and Dong Yuling met the assassin and caught the whole gang. The emperor first dealt with all the palaces and then directly moved troops back to the DPRK.
Of course, it’s impossible to take action suddenly, and it’s definitely not possible to pack things one by one without spending some time.
Seeing that it was already dark, the emperor took people back to the palace just in time to catch Bai Yuan’s siege.
At the same time, Lian Yan Jing and Dong Yuling also came back. They both came directly to the scene of the fight and watched the two sides fight.
Dong Fengling’s eyes saw at a glance that the masked Dong Fu had made a wink at the scene Long Chen, pointing to something.
Long Chen realized that he nodded his head and joined the battle. He was invincible all the way. He stunned the gray man with a trick so that it wouldn’t seem too abrupt before Dong Fu.
And the person who is stunned naturally has someone to bring it so that Dong Fu will not be seen strange.
Lotus Yan Jing squinted at Dong Fu and pretended not to be stunned by Long Chen. She couldn’t help laughing. "I said you’re not worried. Our dad is smart. The man in gray has died so much. Isn’t he still not even hurt?"
"Very well I this is not afraid of accidents? The scene is so messy. "Dong Yuling frowned when he saw this scene.
To be honest, it’s not good. The blood on the body and the residual limbs are really tragic
Dong Fengling rarely sees this kind of battlefield even if he is used to the dead.
People in the modern dark world are fierce, but actually they can’t get such a hard hand.
Many people were injured, but not many actually died.
"Now rest assured!" Lian Yan Jing’s funny heart is chaotic, which is the case.
Dong Fengling nodded with a light smile. "Speaking of which, King Xiang will lose a lot tonight!"
Because the emperor had prepared for this, a group of people really escaped, and few of them were either dead or captured alive. Anyway, they could not go back, which would not reduce the loss for the king of Xiang.
"That’s what you deserve," Lian Yan jiing said lightly. If he didn’t always think about usurping the throne, Sheng Lian Dynasty had to fight for resources every year.
Towards dawn, the whole battlefield was almost cleaned, and it was out of the treasury and carried back to tidy up.
And this night things spread like the wind to all parts of Shengjing and single spark can start a prairie fire spread to all parts of the country.
Everyone who heard the news for the first time was shocked by disbelief.
Stealing the state treasury? This human brain is not funny!
And then you’ll think, who are these people? You’re so bold.
The thief was caught red-handed by the emperor, and almost all of them were caught in the net. Everyone watched the jokes behind the scenes and thought it was simply brain-dead.
Of course, some people will sigh when they joke. Most people are afraid to even think about it!
As soon as Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jing returned to Wangfu, they met a night addiction with glowing eyes.
Because Lian Yan Jing has found what she is looking for, she has been playing with Wangfu silver all the time, and she feels that her life is very beautiful.
"How do you come to Beijing? Is there no silver? " Dong Fengling was curious and said that he always had a good time outside the night addiction. Usually there was no news for a long time, but it was very strange to suddenly appear.
Night addiction hehe smiled. "It’s a good thing I’m here or I’ll miss the show. Did someone really rob the national treasury?"
Night addiction has a preference for all kinds of hexagrams. Suddenly, the whole person is excited to hear such a big thing. Chapter 473 Listen to the excitement.
Dong Yuling can’t laugh or cry. What is this strange excitement?

Of course, since it is a big change, business opportunities are everywhere, and there are naturally business opportunities that can make a lot of money.

Those who can seize these business opportunities will be assigned the most delicious cakes this time.
"The price of the right slot has gone up, and the price of the 55-level powder jewelry has also gone up. It seems that the amateur businessman’s reaction speed is really fast." The ghost prodigy and Xiaowen typed and chatted.
"The price of all kinds of challenge eagle-eye medicine for small crystals of gold has also increased," Xiaowen replied by typing.
"It is inevitable that the price of these materials will increase, and there are’ civilian’ forces driving it, but the businessmen have taken the lead, and I just said that those equipment must be analyzed by Canada in the future to get the price increase."
"Few people who know how to fry equipment are businessmen, and most of them are businessmen," typed Tong.
"Then do we need to’ insert’ our hands?"
"The main reason is that these equipment are too low to enter our eyes, but the amount of big talk is different. Unfortunately, the amount of circulation outside has been reduced by half compared with before, and the price is now several million more expensive than before."
"Then we continue to collect materials?"
"Materials are the safest, but profits are also the most deadly," typed Tong.
"If you find that there is absolutely no jewelry in the area, come in seconds," typed Tong.
Xiaowen looked at this sentence and immediately understood it.
When Tong said "extreme", he meant that the scarlet letter was enchanted. Nice orb or badge was double-5′ sex’. What?
The total price of these equipment has to be’ paid’ in nine-figure game coins even when it is not yet over.
"By the way, it seems that not many people have noticed Tong’s 65-level double attack on the left slot." Xiaowen suddenly typed and said.
"Whether the price of the 65-level left slot will increase depends on whether Xinhui will have a higher level of double attack left slot, but from the Korean side, it seems that there are no 7 and 75 levels of double attack left slot." Tong replied.
"That should increase the price?"
"It is said that there will be no trough around level 65, but the output there is estimated to have to increase in price. After all, even after level 8, there is still no substitute for level 65 double attack left Cao left trough for percentage occupations."
"Then I can rest assured."
"This is up to you."
"The price of grade 65 left trough in Shandong No.1 District is unusual, and it has been high all the time, excluding the cold’ door’ occupation"
A moment later, Vivian suddenly sent a message to Tong.
"Shandong District 1?" Tong doesn’t understand why he and Xiaowen have jurisdiction over a dozen districts in Guangdong and one district in Shandong.
"My friend just asked me if there was any change in business opportunities, so I told him, I guess, and then he checked an auction house and found that the price of the left slot didn’t drop much compared with before, but increased." Xiaowen typed and explained.
"It may be that other businessmen in Shandong District 1 beat us to it."
"Is this proof that someone thinks that the price of the left trough will appreciate in the future like me?"
"Maybe," said Tong, not sure.
"Except for those materials that will change the price, the level 65 left slot should also rise because Korea didn’t have a level 7 and level 75 double attack left slot." The judge looked at his warehouse and there was about half a page of double attack left slot with a small smile.
Just then a string of messages rang out from his qq.
"Happy New Year, Judge" This is a message from Khan to the judge.
"Fun with fun" judge immediately replied simply.
"accept my challenge if you want me to be happy."
Although this sentence made the judge unexpected, but before it was slightly closed, the judge stretched his brow at the moment.
Chapter 958 Formulating rules
"You finally challenged me/"replied the judge calmly.
Khan looked at the judge and paused for a while before typing and said, "You know I want to deal with you?"
"I’m not stupid to say the two of us? I grew up wearing the same crotch pants. Although I don’t know if your shit is rare when you pull out your ass, I know that your fart must be smelly. "The judge replied with a little humor.
This passage is ironic in Khan’s view.
"Does the judge know what I do and what I will do against him?" Khan heart some shocked thinking.
But the judge’s words were true. They were brothers until the judge got married.
"You know all about it?" Khan noncommittally typing asked
"I don’t know. I feel that you are hiding something from me, and … you often try to put me in shoes, but Khan, what makes you hostile to me?"
"When did you feel it?" Khan did not answer the judge’s question, but asked another question himself.
"When fighting naughty, you should support me several times, if you are either silent or opposed. From then on, I think you are strange."
The judge continued to type after typing this passage and said, "Come to me and you will be driven to the point of extermination. In fact, if that is the case, at least I can give up on your friendship, but you are firmly on my side when everyone in Gankun has betrayed."
"I shouldn’t continue to put up with you, even if I really can’t, I can quit the game and walk away, but it’s because of this that I’m worried about dnf again. I want you to say that you want to take off the pit, and I’m sure I’ll follow you without saying anything."
Watching the judge send a few words, Khan sighed heavily and then bit his mouth’ lip’ and felt that’ stand’ was not the taste.
Yeah, I was closer than my own brother, but I turned against him.
But Khan felt even worse, not only his friendship but also his dead love.
Khan and Erxiu seem to belong to the same kind of people who are morbidly paranoid about feelings, and the glass of water seems to be held forever.
"You beat me and I’ll tell you all the truth. If you lose to me, we’ll get out of the pit together and die of old age," Khan typed solemnly.

Night evil repair squatting on the windowsill watching Heng snow smile expression changes also unconsciously open mouth light smile.

"all right! Hey! " With a cheer, the snow smile was finally completed, and I got up excitedly and jumped in place.
"Straight-"Night Evil Xiu couldn’t help laughing after seeing Heng Xue’s smiling face.
"What are you laughing at?" Heng Xue smiled and touched his face unconsciously.
The kid probably forgot his hands and mud, and it got worse and worse …
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Please don’t register to register. Don’t look at Bawang Wen. Xiao Li said sadly
Act 57 is so cute and enchanting.
"Well, if I remember correctly, are you a white rabbit?" Night evil fix a face of enchanting unruly light smiled and said
Although Heng Xue couldn’t smile, the reason why he said this was that wait for a while nodded.
"Whew-"A fiery light flashed across the sky to form a mirror and stayed in front of Heng Xuexiao.
Heng Xuexiao was first attracted by this magical mirror and then looked at herself in the mirror …
"Ah-"Heng Xue laughed and screamed like crazy with his eyes closed and his mouth wide open.
Night evil cultivation is very resistant to his little tail finger to pay for his ears.
"Be calm."
Nai Ye Xie repaired his palm to cover the black line when he was screaming and laughing _ ||||
"Well," Heng Xue finally stopped laughing and took off the night evil repair. He was so lucky that he blew his eyes. "Night evil repair! You, you, you’ve played tricks again, giving me a messy mirror to scare me. "
Ok, it’s almost white. The face just showed in the mirror that it was an Obasan from Africa!
"My son ….." This time, I became evil at night, fighting for the charm, and my eyes were full of water waves. "Do you want to see your palm first?"
Heng Xue smiled at Nunu’s mouth, and his hands and palms slowly turned over.
Well, it was full of dirt, and then she suddenly realized what had just happened in the mirror.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey-"Laugh more than embarrassed, laugh more than dry, and the facial expression is very unnatural. Tears are wrong about the good bird, but the night evil is always teasing her!
"all right! Thank you. "Heng Xue smiled, raised his smiling face, raised his chest, and died bravely … Obasan!
"Uh-huh, my son bullied me." Night evil cultivation is not a vegetarian. Learn to laugh at snow. At ordinary times, I look angry and coquetry.
It’s embarrassing to laugh at the snow. Damn it, Uber! Mao is still more cute than himself! It’s not fair! It’s not fair!
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58 acts of potential as a white horse king
"Night evil cultivation …" Well, she is still a girl who dares to admit her mistakes. Like a shy kannika nimtragol, her small body leans against the night evil cultivation and her voice is as thin as a mosquito. "Don’t be angry. Don’t ignore me."
The night evil is not actually laughing in my heart, deliberately putting aside my face and ignoring the snow smile.
"Xiu …" Heng Xue laughed and secretly dropped goose bumps. He lived for more than 1000 years for the first time, so he was so disgusting and called people.
But for night evil repair, this disgusting name and sound touched his heartstrings!
Very common words, please write them from Heng Xuexiao’s mouth, but they look beautiful.
Perhaps this is the highest embodiment of beauty in the eyes of lovers!
"Heng son ….." Night evil suddenly turned around and looked at her affectionately with hands holding Heng Xue’s smiling shoulders.
"What did you just call me?"
"ah? Just now? " Heng Xue smiled and cocked his head and squinted at the sky for a long time before slowly opening his mouth. "If I remember correctly, it seems to be’ repairing’ well-"
Heng Xuexiao finally thought of the time to look up at a night taller than himself, build a shadow and be kissed again.
Night evil xiu licked her smiling lip. Considering that her face is as dirty as that of African Obasan, there is no further progress.
"Miss Rabbit from Africa hurried to wash her face and eat."
Night evil xiu smiled and tidied up the broken hair scattered on her forehead, took her hand and went into washing her hands.
"Sit quietly" Night Evil fixed his hands on the armpit of Heng Xue’s smile, picked her up on the sink, picked up a towel and gently wiped her face for Heng Xue’s smile. Her eyes were gentle enough to melt people.
Heng Xue gawked at the beautiful man in front of him. He was more charming when he was gentle!
In fact, you also have the potential to be a white horse king.
Before you know it, Heng Xue laughs and blurts out his thoughts _ ||| |
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59 acts of bad luck (1)
"Hey, I’m not the white horse king at ordinary times?"
Smell speech night evil repair stop hand looked at stupid Heng snow smile lips full of evil spirit smile.
"You …" Heng Xue looked at the night evil with a skeptical look and smiled and said, "You are a demon!"
Say that finish, like a slippery little loach, drill for the night, repair the armpit and escape.
The night evil is so good to her that she is still called a demon?
It’s still bright in the evening, but the sun will disappear in a few hours.
Heng Xuexiao squatted beside the bathtub and looked at the smell of grass and smoked oil inside, which made me excited.
A pair of white feet on the ground, a white dress, first fell to the ground, and then a cute white trousers fell off.
Heng Xuexiao stretched out a foot into the water, and the ripples spread and penetrated into the bone marrow.
So comfortable! Heart exulting’ plop’ a whole person like a happy child in the bathtub uneasily patting the water.
Play until you are satisfied, then get dressed and go to bed.

Ah Kin didn’t go on talking about this. This is all because Chen Sixuan took advantage of Ji Dong’s inattention to separate her soul and told her to tell her something. Chen Sixuan can never say it himself, which would easily arouse Ji Dong’s suspicion, but it would be no problem for Ah Kin to tell it. After all, Ah Kin once lived with the flaming inner world for a while, and then Ji Dong came to Ji Dong after he was in danger.

Frey said, "Ji Dong, you don’t have to think too much. Let’s take it one step at a time, that is, we are really in danger of confrontation. We have restrictions on positioning and sending everyone to the rear, and everyone will be safe."
Ji Dong nodded his head. "It can be so now."
People have been thinking that when the inner world is dark, the surrounding environment is gradually lit up or dark red is gradually turned into a red light source. The deeper the surrounding rock wall is, the more surprised they are. Instead of being the same person, they are in front of a very vast cave wall with a bright red top and a distant side, and the fire element is becoming more and more intense.
Strong fire element makes Ji Dong feel comfortable. He releases two elements, which is full of spirit. The body that is as high as three meters is very substantial. It is obviously caused by absorbing the fire element in the air. Ji Dong is very skeptical that if these two guys are brought to the tenth floor of the center of the earth and let them live there, will they really become new flame kings and dark inflammation lords? Of course, this is just an assumption of his. After all, these two elements have no soul and need his control to act.
Through soul exploration, Ji Dong found that the cave walls bring red light because these caves are condensed with some crystals or contain some crystal components. These crystals are gradually accumulated for many years, and they are like small pieces of fire element crystals. Only after the rocks are integrated can they emit this red light. If we want to evaluate their quality, Ji Dong thinks that if these crystals can be mined and compressed in large quantities, they can probably be the first-order crystal nucleus of Warcraft. Obviously, this magic concentration crystal still interests him, but it is already a good thing. As Chen Sixuan said earlier, this inner world is a huge treasure house. How can you get back to Baoshan? When we get to a deeper level, there will be new discoveries.
At this time, they have gone deep into the inner world for more than ten kilometers. Ji Dong motioned for everyone to slow down and stop for a while to rest. He also needed to carefully observe the surrounding situation. Now they are truly in the first floor of the inner world.
Together, we can block everyone’s bodies, sit at the rocks, rest, take out the prepared water, and everyone drinks. Although there are water magicians who can quench their thirst by making water elements at any time, for safety reasons, Ji Dong still purchased a lot of drinking water and dry food to facilitate replenishment. Anyway, it is always right for everyone to prepare more magic weapons.
Sitting around together, the five elements of Yin and Yang are finally maintained, which is the source to maintain their magic. Maintaining these five elements of Yin and Yang is equivalent to everyone being in a state of cultivation. This distance of more than ten kilometers is not enough to cause them to consume too much magic. However, if they continue to maintain the five elements of Yin and Yang at a certain time, they must stop to cultivate a mutually beneficial magic to supplement themselves, so as to maintain them for a long time, that is to say, after entering the inner world, these five elements of Yin and Yang will never be lifted.
Ji Dong took a sip of water and said to the crowd, "We have now entered the first floor of the inner world. We don’t know anything about this place, and we don’t know exactly how many dangers and opportunities there are in this world. I hope that everyone can be vigilant. Since the inner world has a confusing magic smoke dolphin that can hide from my soul to detect Warcraft, then maybe we will be careful to make the ship in ten thousand white?"
They have led the way while taking this break and silently practicing for a while to keep themselves at their peak.
Du Xin son mouth xi xi smiled "Ji Dong teacher how we haven’t met the geocentric world creatures? I wonder what’s the difference between this geocentric creature and our terrestrial creatures.
Ji Dong shook his head. "I don’t know, but just now you heard Ah Kin say that the first floor of the geocentric world is as big as two countries in our human world, and none of us know how far it is from the ground to the geocentric. What is this only a dozen kilometers? Although we have entered the first floor of the geocentric world, it’s still a long way from really going deep into the geocentric world. You don’t have to hurry to pick it up. We will stay here for at least a year. It is estimated that you will see geocentric creatures soon. "
Speaking of which, Ji Dong thought to himself about his past life. The diameter of the earth in this world is about 12,700 kilometers. If the planet in front of him is similar to the earth, it must be 6,000 kilometers away to really enter the center of the earth! Is this an equal-terror number? It’s not as simple as flying 60 kilometers outside, but it’s difficult to reach 6 thousand kilometers into the inner world in a few days. No wonder that stupid and rich speaker of the Chamber of Commerce will locate the final condition at the core of the inner world, not to mention where to get what. It’s already more difficult to continue to penetrate the inner world for 6 thousand kilometers than to ascend to heaven.
At this moment, Ji Dong’s soul suddenly moved and his eyes lit up. At the same time, Ji’s dynamic situation appeared in the minds of the saints.
There is an inanimate object running towards them, and the speed is not too fast, which is similar to that of ordinary humans.
And there is a group of life breath behind this creature, which is similar to it. The creatures will not chase after it, and there are more than a hundred of them approaching in their direction.
Du smiled and said to his sister, "Xin son, aren’t you looking for geocentric creatures? It seems that our horse is about to meet with the strength, Du is becoming more and more calm, but Du Xin ‘er is still no different from before.
Frey frowned. "It’s a pity that I estimate that the geocentric esperanto is different from us humans. Otherwise, it will be much easier for us to find a layer of entrance if we catch a geocentric creature to lead the way. The first layer of the geocentric world is far from arousing their interest in these heavenly saints. Finding a layer of entrance as soon as possible is obviously what everyone needs to do most now.
Ji Dong smiled slightly. "This is not a problem. I will do it myself. Let’s meet these friends who welcome us into the inner world."
Ji Dong’s mind moved, and the Lord of Fire and the Lord of Dark Inflammation had already received his orders. When his body flashed, he hid his strong and huge body behind the rock. Ji Dong didn’t want to scare these geocentric creatures at once.
As soon as the two lords had hidden away, they had already seen those creatures running towards the center of the earth.
Cat Ji Dong side smile way "master remember? This was probably that scene when we met. "
Ji Dong and the cat looked at each other. From the eyes of the cat, he saw that he was deeply grateful. Although it has been so many years, he has never forgotten the kindness of the cat. Until now, although Ji Dong has always stressed that he should be called by his name, the word master will often hang in the mouth of the cat.
When they were near, they had already seen the things that ran to the center of the earth. To their surprise, these inner-earth creatures were very similar to humans. At least at present, this inner-earth creature has a head, limbs and walks upright like humans.
The third night is coming, the third night is coming, and the explosion of twelve thousand words is over. The third day is qualified to shout the monthly ticket. In the new month, we must have a bigger goal. Let’s just occupy a favorable position on the first day and strongly seek a guaranteed month. Chapter five hundred and eleven The fire race.
Running in front and chasing behind should be geocentric sacred objects of the same race. They are about four feet tall, thin and dry, but their heads are very big and almost out of proportion to normal humans.
In addition to the head accident, these weird geocentric creatures also have a pair of particularly big eyes, which are three times smaller than humans, and their eyes are dark purple, and the faint red light around them looks as daunting as a group of ghost fires.
Although these geocentric creatures look very weak, their running speed is almost the same as that of normal humans. It is hard to imagine that their two short legs like bamboo poles can run so fast. Apart from the previous characteristics, these geocentric creatures’ hair is also very characteristic. It is not the fire attribute red as expected, but the green or turquoise big head is very rare. It seems that they are going to float away at any time.
The geocentric creature running at the front is less than a kilometer away from all the people at this time. According to the analysis of its vital signs by Ji Dong’s soul detection, it is obvious that this geocentric creature has reached its limit and will be unable to run on sight, while the large group of geocentric creatures chasing it behind are similar in appearance, but more or less robust. If you continue like this, I am afraid you will not be able to reach Ji Dong. The one prepared in front of them will be chased.
No, Ji Dong, Frey has already rushed out. He doesn’t belong to the five elements of yin and yang. Being away from everyone will not affect the combination of the five elements of yin and yang, but he can also come back to replenish his magic through retreat. At this time, it is natural to take the initiative to attack less than a kilometer. For Frey, it is just a few steps. He flicker twice and he has reached the front of the running geocentric creature. He stepped across and blocked him.

Package grownup like rubbed the childish way "am I wrong? But it’s not right. Just now, I saw my mother smile strangely. "Liancheng smiled brightly and reached out to flick his forehead." You must have misread the fact that my mother always smiles and is friendly. How can you show any strange smiles? "

"Mother, I guess dad must have been calculated by you, otherwise he wouldn’t have chased us until now." Speaking of this bag of raven eyes, he added, "Can dad be calculated by his mother to say that he is too worried about his mother? If dad chases our mother, will he be better to dad?"
Liancheng raised his eyebrows and said, "Didn’t I treat your dad well enough?" The little guy is so clever that he must have thought of something.
Bao looked at her seriously and said, "Dad must have done something to make Mother angry, or Mother wouldn’t have left home with her bag overnight." Liancheng squatted down with her eyes shining and stared at the little guy for a moment without saying anything or moving. After a while, she suddenly chuckled, "People are big!" As she said, she also reached out and pinched her tender face. This is what she used to do in recent years. Before this year, every time she pinched her cheeks like this, she blinked her eyes and smiled at Mimi. But after a year, she felt that she had grown up and it was too hard to be pinched by her mother. So he learned to avoid it. Of course, it is natural for him to avoid it, otherwise he was afraid that her mother would not be happy and say that he was proud and charming.
How can he not know that this little idea is priceless?
Whenever he seems to avoid her clutches at will, she will catch people and pinch them both.
This is a small "punishment"
"Mother, I have grown up!" Bao looked at Lao Niang with resentment.
Liancheng laughed happily and his tender face pinched his eyebrows. "Where did you grow up? Is it age or height? " With smiling eyes and tightly locked eyes, she slowly approached and nodded thoughtfully. "It’s a little taller than last year, but even if you grow up to be as tall as your dad, it’s my son, okay?" Pack a little head. She grinned and continued, "Since it’s my son, I can pinch your face whenever I want. Why not?" This is a joke, so it seems that she is idle to chat and have fun!
"Can that mother pinch her face in private like this?" Bao Chao hong kui they saw the eye small way
A good mother cried and laughed, pointing to the little man in front of her. "Ha, ha, ha. Bao blushed. Mother Bao actually knew that she blushed. Ha, ha, ha! Are you trying to make your mother laugh? Just how old a kid knows to blush hahaha! " Jane doe, a child of her own, naturally knew it, but she just couldn’t help laughing. The little guy was so funny that she knew that she had to meet him at an early age and asked her not to pinch his face in front of others.
"Mother …"
Bao Bao’s old lady’s face became more and more red with laughter. She couldn’t help but throw herself in her mother’s arms and bury her head in Liancheng’s shoulders. Grandma said angrily, "Bao is a man and a woman. Don’t laugh like that!"
Liancheng immediately stopped laughing and nodded again and again. "Good mother stopped laughing. Mother Bao is a man who knows he is shy!" Picking up the bag, she looked at the river and saw the charm of a big ship coming along the river towards their party. "When the boat comes, we can go to Lingyue in a few days." Bao said a sentence, and she called Hongkui Crimson Lotus members to prepare to board the boat.
"Shall we wait for Dad?" Bao Palian walked shoulder to shoulder in front of them. "Dad should be chasing us!"
"Well, if he hasn’t arrived in an hour, leave him alone!" The ship was moored at the ferry and Liancheng and his party boarded the ship.
The so-called Liulindu at the ferry crossing here is naturally because there are many willows on the shore, especially here. Not only are there many willows, but each willow is thick and deep-rooted. In April, the wind blows across the green wicker and dances with it, as if waving to people and nodding and smiling at them. Always looking at the shore is full of vitality and green makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.
Cross your legs and sit on the deck together like magic, and suddenly there is a jasper shaw in your hand.
"Mother, are you going to play music?" Bao blinked his eyes and stared at the jade flute in his mother’s hand. He was eager to say, "Bao hasn’t heard the mother play music yet!" " Liancheng touched her hair and smiled. Judo "Mother will blow it to you now" and she tried the audition of Jasper Xiao Fang’s lips and blew a song.
As the flute music rises, all the people on the boat will look down and think deeply, and accompany her to play the flute and fall into the artistic conception.
The flute is soft and graceful, slowly flowing, short and circuitous, and sometimes like a mountain stream lingering around a stone, and then continues to flow.
Bao is young, but he listens carefully to the fact that his mother plays the tune. It is good to hear that he leans his head with one hand and looks at the tune. His mother looks quiet and seems to be macro. They are also addicted to the artistic conception brought by Xiao Qu.
At the end of a song, it took a while for everyone to recover from the wonderful music. "My mother plays really well, and I have to learn to play music."
"Good mother will teach my bag if she has it." Liancheng lovingly caressed his hair and laughed Mimi tunnel
Bao’s face immediately floated up and smiled happily. "Can dad play music, too?"
"Yes, your dad can not only play music but also play the piano very well!" I think of a man’s elegant eyes when he plays the piano and plays the song. He can’t help but be soft enough to drop water into his bag. His face is full of respect and his eyes are bright and childish. "Dad and mother are both very good at it. They must learn to play the piano and grow up to be like dad and mother."
"Well, mother believes that Bao’s dream will come true, and we believe that Bao will be more powerful than mother and father one day." Liancheng smiles like a flower and her eyes are soft and her tone is especially gentle.
Bao listened to her and nodded her head heavily. "Will Bao Bao disappoint Mother and Dad?"
"Good" Liancheng smiled with a comfortable face
I sipped my mouth and thought about it. I blinked my eyes and said, "Mother Bao still wants to hear you play music." How can I refuse to ask for it? In this way, she picked up the jade flute and blew several songs one after another until she was thirsty.
"Smelly little have you done this to your mother?" Liancheng put jade flute instantly with a touch of blue tall and straight figure, and fell firmly on the deck. "Go to the charm and play with them, and don’t pester your mother." When you go to kiss your wife, the man directly picks up his son and throws it in front of the charm, and he is not afraid that his son will fall into the gurgling river.
Liancheng got up and gouged out like a man. "Are you Bao’s father?"
"Of course," the man came close to her with an apology. "I heard you never stop in the flute for a moment. How can you eat it?" He loved kissing his wife but was not ungrateful by her. Think about it!
Wrapped in the charm, the tender face in her arms did not give birth to any dissatisfaction.
It’s that he forgot that there was a baby in his mother’s belly after listening to the music.
"How does it taste?" Being hugged by a man, I can’t wait for the man to answer his mouth and smile. "It’s very comfortable, right?"
Huangfuyi smiled naively. "You also asked my husband that he was poured with cold water and caught fire!" Then he raised his hand and pinched Liancheng Xiu’s pretty nose, soft eyes and soft words. "I didn’t mean to cheat you. Think about it. It is impossible for Jack to leave Haiyan."
"But have you ever thought about it?" Liancheng looked at his eyes with a trace of worry and said slowly, "Jack can’t accept his current gender, so it may not be a good thing for him to be with Haiyan."
"Don’t accept? Now, he is a daughter and the eldest daughter of a family, and Haiyan Media is marrying a princess. If she can live long-term away from the island of forgetting her worries, we will do our best to help her and her family and Haiyan and Jiao Ren get rid of it. "Huangfuyijun’s face is dignified and slightly heavy." But she can’t live long-term and Jiao Ren’s life is far longer than ours. Do you think she will understand when we all leave her alone? Can you be at ease without our friends around her? "
Liancheng listened to what he said, lip-synching for a long time.
Yes, can Jack live this life well without their friends and the Jiao Ren family?
What does innocence do to play tricks on people and give them a woman’s body? Even if he becomes Jiao Ren, isn’t it good to give him a male body?
If he were a man, he wouldn’t be entangled in sex and wouldn’t exclude himself from his bones-Jiao Ren.
"I don’t know how Jack is now. I’m worried that he and Haiyan are facing each other. I’m even more worried that he will do something irrational. If so, do you think he will be treated as a monster by the Jiao Ren family?" Jack’s temperament is priceless, and he knows that fellow well. He is unruly and occasionally makes a racket, just like a naive child. Wouldn’t it be fatal if he was heard by a willing heart because of his mouth?
It is because of revenge that the fellow died miserably. It is her duty to protect him and keep him safe when he wears it here.

Lan Xin need not be afraid that all of us are here. What did you see? The wind Xiang gentle Zhao Lanxin ear said palm stroking her supple long hair at the same time as far as possible to feel warm.

Spirit! Zhao Lanxin finally stabilized his mind, articulate and complete drink a way
Spiritual body? What is there to be afraid of in a spiritual body? What Fengxiang doesn’t ask is that the spiritual body in his heart is just a group of wanderers who have lost their flesh. The impulse is just a practitioner who is similar to his own spiritual body. Since he has seen the sky of the Lord God’s consciousness, how can he fear such an ordinary spiritual body?
It’s not just that Fengxiang is the only place where someone can’t help sneering at the sound of the spirit, let alone Rou Er, a descendant of the dragon. If it weren’t for the peerless master of the fairy level, even the four slaves would not be scared like this.
The words sound just fell and Fengxiang saw that the monster beast suddenly stood up with a pair of big eyes constantly staring at the surrounding environment. At this time, Fengxiang discovered that the original furry little guy had grown a pair of slender limbs, which was still curled up in the long fluff at ordinary times.
Hehe, the hairy ball has grown up. Oh, we can’t call it that anymore. Why don’t we give it a name? Rou Er said with a smile.
Yes, what should I call it … Fengxiang grabbed her head and looked very difficult.
It’s a beast of heaven, and the wind is fragrant, and it has the dual power of real magic. Let’s call it a fiend star! Aside from the slave’s socket, as soon as the name is said, I will see that the demon-eating beast nodded frequently and seemed to like the name taken by the slave in the month.
Ok, call it a fiend star! Abortion is still so pleasing to the beasts! The wind Xiang smiled and gently pinched the January slave’s charming nose, which made Rou Er get the message and snickered. It seems that his lover is really good and even the handmaiden around Miss Zhao has been recruited.
The wind Xiang looked around and found that there was no trace of the spiritual body, so Zhao Lanxin, who was still in fear in his hand, submitted it to the four slaves and came to the huge long knife handle. He just wanted to reach out and hold the handle and saw the shoulder fiend star suddenly and violently roar as if to stop him from pulling out the knife.
See the wind xiang arm condensation in the middle, while fiend star eyes stared at his palm, one person and one beast remained motionless in this posture until a figure with faint dark light floated past two people and swept into the cave deeper, which made everyone in the place Zheng.
Spirit … Spirit! When Zhao Lanxin saw this scene, he was frightened and cried again. Only that figure floated away from the moment, and Fengxiang followed.
Fengxiang knows that Zhao Lanxin, who has always been strong, must have been strongly frightened to become so fragile and timid. As the saying goes, it is better to untie the bell than to untie it. To completely eliminate her fear, she must subdue the spirit, no matter how difficult it is. If she is her lover, Fengxiang will certainly go forward without hesitation!
In a blink of an eye, Fengxiang followed the spirit into the deep cave. Because there were so many forks in this cave, Fengxiang didn’t dare to take it lightly and destroy the power. Then he followed the other two and shuttled back and forth with the amazing speed in the cave where they lost their bodies, leaving Rou Er and others with no hope.
After flying for a long time, when they came to a stone room covered with crystal-like rock walls on all sides, they saw that the spirit suddenly stopped and turned to look at Fengxiang. At that moment, a nearly perfect and handsome face suddenly caught his eye.
See this spirit body conjure up an elegant and free white skirt, oblique skirt around the waist and wide band with a gentle smile, sparkling eyes, touching and loving eyes, full forehead hair combed into a half-moon shape, white breasts and shoulder blades are so attractive that two sexy collarbones are just a pair of towering pointed ones, which makes it hard to forget her figure at first glance.
Who are you? The wind Xiang is now, after all, a slight absence of the mental body, and then immediately reacts to stare at this seductive spiritual woman and asks coldly.
Giggle, I didn’t ask you, but you asked me first. Don’t you regard me as the master?
The female voice did not fall, and she gave a ringing smile, echoing several echoes in this stone chamber and several figures reflected by the surrounding crystals, which made Fengxiang feel as if there were several figures with charming smiles in their ears, and those bursts of laughter went straight into the depths of his soul and made him resist …
With the laughter, Fengxiang’s heart was also driven together, which gradually lost her self, but when she laughed, Fengxiang immediately recovered her mind, which was a surprise. It turned out that this female spirit charm was so superb!
At the sight of Fengxiang, the female spirit body could not help showing a little surprise in her face, but at the sight of the other person’s mental constitution, she suddenly understood the meaning, so she put away her smile and asked what happened to you in this snowy cloud cave. If it is the fierce blade outside, I advise you to forget it!
What! The sky is absolutely fierce and huge? Fire spirit weapon statue? The wind Xiang suddenly exclaimed when he heard this!
This powerful blade of Heaven was heard by Luo Shen who had been to Longyuan mainland. Among all the refined weapons, except for the three invincible magic weapons, there are six other weapons representing the top level of each attribute. They were cast by the third generation Zhai Master who was honored as a refiner in the same year, so they were also named Zungui.
Although there is still a long way to go before the three peerless magic weapons, these six venerable weapons are also rare weapons kings in Longyuan mainland, and except for one in Pingshui Sect and Qingyun Sect, all the other four have been lost for a long time. It is a great blessing to see the powerful blade in this snowy cave this time.
Oh? You’ve seen a lot at your young age, and you’ve even heard of this powerful blade, but it’s a pity that you can see it and the law will take it away.
Hehe, beautiful spiritual sister, you misunderstood me. I came with you this time not to seize the powerful blade of heaven, but to let you understand my friend’s fear. I wonder if you can bend over and join us? The wind Xiang said respectfully, but his eyes kept drifting away from each other. This female spirit * * was too tempting for him to stop.
I didn’t expect you to be a spoony. That girl fell in love with me. If you want to get rid of the fear in my confusing method, you can wait for me to use this method again, but it’s a pity that I don’t want to go back with you once. Help yourself! The female spirit finished and turned to leave, only to see that the figure of Fengxiang had already appeared behind her, and she was surprised by the speed of this young mental body.
I don’t care what it is. You have to come with me! Although Fengxiang shouted at him, his smile was still so brilliant that the female spirit gave birth to a chill.
What if I don’t want to? The female spirit body is ready to start work, and its aura is rapidly condensed. Waiting for Fengxiang to take the lead, she can defeat this wet behind the ears!
What? The unexpected answer from Fengxiang made the unattainable female spirit one leng.
What’s good? This question has not been asked to her from his population for more than a hundred years, and she has always been arrogant and conceited. She has never given the other party a chance to say these three words. Nowadays, facing this strange teenager who doesn’t know whether he is calm or stupid, it is difficult for her to make a move. Just when she hesitates, she hears Fengxiang say again.
How about this? Let’s make a bet. If you can control my mind, I’ll keep my mouth shut. Otherwise, you must come with me to save my friend!
Ok, it’s a deal! The female spirit replied readily without thinking.
Fengxiang’s words can be described as giving her the best way to tell whether she is successful or not. The method of confusing herself will definitely cause a moment of confusion for the other party. At that time, without worries, she can easily crush this young mental body and let him never know how he died!
Then hurry up! I’m still waiting to go back to the tournament! The wind Xiang said eagerly, and the female spirit body has cursed the word I don’t know how to live or die for several times!
See female spirit face flashed a cruel look, and then her face showed a pair of extremely sad samples. With her gentle and lovely eyes dripping with emotional tears, the atmosphere in the whole stone room was sad to the extreme, as if everything in heaven and earth was sad and tearful. It was sad in the confusing method, but the wind Xiang still looked at her blankly and showed no expression …
What are you doing in here again, you little brat? Are you in trouble again? The almost growling sound of the sky suddenly sounded in the spirit consciousness of Fengxiang body.
Hey, hey, let me take shelter? I’m having a spiritual contest with a beautiful sister. I guess she’ll be impatient soon! The spirit of Fengxiang’s leisurely sitting will naturally not affect him if he relies on the external female spirit to destroy and confuse the mind.
Mind competition? Is it confusing? Sky asked doubtfully.
Yeah, I thought I heard her say that just now. You know this mentality?