I wanted to think for a moment, and then I came for nothing.

It turned out that he wanted to befriend Ma Xiaoling through my weight!
I felt a little relieved and scared me for a whole afternoon!
"But friends, you have to help me put in a good word in front of Ma Xiaoling, don’t you?"
I said, "That’s fine … I’ll do my best to help you. I can’t guarantee it."
Ge Ershao was very evil and laughed. "If this thing is really done, I will tell you the truth. Don’t look at you failing every day, but your diploma is still safe!"
"Don’t do that!" I said, "That’s not good. I’m not that kind of person. Although I fail classes every day, I’m a principled informant."
Ge Er said less, "My uncle is the principal!"
My horse said, "Look at your sincerity, then I will make a friend of you!" "
At the dinner table, several people immediately looked at me with disdain. "It is really a principled informant!"
Ge Er Shao raised his glass and greeted the horse. "I told you, I’m the best at school and I’m the second best! Come and propose a toast to him. I like to make friends with open people. "
Since the words are so white, I am no longer afraid of my hands and feet, and I will have a few drinks with them immediately.
Dinner is cruel, so naturally, when chatting, they will tell their mixed social experiences one by one, all of which are impassioned.
Seeing that they were so excited, I also picked up a chopstick to point out the country and told the story of lifting a girl classmate’s skirt and peeking at the bottom of the deskmate’s skirt in primary school.
They praised and said, "I can’t see that you are also a storyteller!"
I said modestly, "Men are not brave in those days."
Walked out of the box wobbly ge two less took my hand and tears "Chen Yichuan you really frank! I will tell you to help Ma Xiaoling put in a good word in front of me. After this matter, whoever dares to give you a hard time will be the first to say no! "
I said, "mutual benefit!"
Watching them leave me one by one, walking to the bottom of a tree, squatting and blowing, and then taking a long breath.
I don’t know how long I’ve been holding the bottom of that tree. In a daze, I suddenly felt someone blowing cold air behind his neck.
Turn your head quickly
A figure behind me is a big girl in white with red lips and white teeth.
See me, she seems to be frightened, and she took two steps back.
Who’s this guy?
I haven’t figured out what’s going on yet, and the big girl is very nervous. She suddenly threw herself in front of me and hugged me and shouted "Help!"
Her sudden behavior made me stunned.
In a daze for a moment, she had already jumped into my arms and kept shaking at me, as if she had been frightened a lot.
But look around and see nothing around.
I said, "Girl, are you okay?"
She raised her face full of tears and whispered, "I need help!" "
I can see the girl’s back roughly by shaking the street lamp.
As soon as we met, she hugged me hard. At this moment, her spine was exposed with weak clothes, and Bai Sensen’s ribs clung to my chest.
It was a ghost!
This big girl is Bai Gujing’s stiffening ribs, which makes me breathless!
I woke up from a shivering moment and hurriedly pushed her to smile stiffly. "Girl, you rib …"
When she heard this, she suddenly raised her head. "Rib bone?"
The neck surface is Bai Sensen, a skull and two deep eye holes.
For a moment, she gave me a big mouth, and the tone suddenly became fierce. "I have been a ghost for so many years, and no one has ever dared to say that my chest is small!"
Fuck the dog!
If you don’t fucking say anything, just lean over and hug me. Where do you get the confidence to say you have breasts? !
☆ Chapter 10 Notice
"You have breasts?"
I grinned stiffly at her and said, "Where are you confident?"
"What did you say?"
That will make the girl Bai Gujing tighten her tight gown and cover her ribs. She shouted at me angrily, "Say it again!"
My horse said, "Shameless!"
Yet a Bai Gujing nu!
Her neck skull gnawed at the root and rattled wildly, scolding, "You little bitch, are you laughing at me? You go to hell! ! ! ! !”
She raised her arm, raised her finger, and her sharp nails grew a few inches. The black light came out and there was a chill.

This introduction gave Xu Tianlong a surprise. Jingdongge actually brought them five alchemists this time. These people are the best in an alchemist, and they can definitely help Xu Jiadu through this difficult time.

In addition to the five alchemists, Jingdange Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang also brought two refiners.
"Liu Ge Lord, chief steward, it’s really my Xu Gushi rain. Please come inside quickly." Xu Tianlong was overjoyed and led Jingdange and his party to the hospitality hall.
"Xu Guzhu, the alchemists of Jingdongge, including my younger brother, all admire Xu Rengong very much. They volunteered this time, not only to help the Xu family solve their urgent needs, but also to let Xu Rengong guide them in alchemy." Liu Danyang didn’t say much about helping the Xu family, but it sounded like Jingdongge took advantage.
Xu Tianlong didn’t know what to do at the moment. It was Liu Danyang’s words that made him feel incredible. Jingdangge alchemist was the best in the alchemist, and he was still guarding the master of the cabinet. Now he says that he wants to learn alchemy from himself. It always sounds strange.
"Ahem, it’s very kind of Lord Liu Pavilion. This trivial matter is insignificant. Since several Dan teachers want to learn it, I’ll just teach them all." Xu Ren also felt embarrassed. He refined Dan medicine in front of Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang. Others won’t know that these people came to Xujiaxian this time to mean Liu Danyang.
"Little brother, you are too modest. To tell the truth, if it weren’t for too many things in Jingdongge, I would have wanted to learn alchemy from you." Wu Shuang’s face was thick with a smile, but she spoke from the heart. Since she saw Xu Ren’s alchemy with her own eyes and listened to those alchemy theories that she had never heard of before, she finally successfully refined three pills a few days ago and entered the ranks of alchemists. She said that she wanted to come to Xu’s home to learn alchemy with Xu Renxue, and she really meant it.
"Sister Wu talked and laughed. Sister Jingdangge has a lot of work to do. Where do you sometimes come to the Xu family?" Xu Ren pinched a cold sweat in his heart. Fortunately, this sister Wu is a big manager of Jingdangge. She is extremely busy at ordinary times. If she really comes to the Xu family, she is afraid that she will have to walk with her head down every day.
"Well, my sister knows that you are also a busy man, but I still have to make a deal with you. If you refine any Dan medicine again, you must come to Jingdangge to observe my younger brother’s alchemy, which can definitely benefit a lot." Wu Shuang’s remarks are for Xu Renge and several alchemists in Jingdangge. The meaning is obvious, that is, let them learn alchemy from Xu Ren.
"Sister, rest assured that if I want to refine Dan medicine, I will definitely go to Jingdange. In addition, I must know that these Dan teachers want them to listen to me more." Xu Ren smiled and he saw that Jingdange made these individuals look like Xu Jiajie’s urgent need, but there was also a lot of selfishness.
Chapter 30 Refiner
The Xu family Xu Tian Sable defected from the Xu family and took away not only the elder Xu Tianchuan and the elder Xu Tianhu, but also the vast majority of alchemists and refiners, leaving the Xu family in trouble.
However, there is no such thing as an impenetrable wall. Xu Tian mink defected in such a high-profile way that almost the whole Donghua county city was visited by Jingdan Pavilion. Naturally, it was the first time that the owner of the pavilion, Liu Danyang, and the chief steward Wu’s parents brought five alchemists and two refiners to the Xu family to solve the urgent need for Xu Ren.
Xu Ren was very moved by Jingdange’s ability to help the Xu family in times of crisis. Xu Tianlong was so excited that he could hardly tell.
"Xu Xiaodi, they will wait for your Xu family for the time being. Tell Linchen directly if you have anything to send. After I have agreed with them, talking to the Xu family is equivalent to talking to me!" Wu Shuangdao, director of Jingdange
"I’m here to thank Lord Liu Ge and Sister Wu in advance. After this trouble is solved, I will definitely go to Jingdan Pavilion in person." Xu Ren is a kind newspaper reporter. Jingdan Pavilion has helped a lot today. Naturally, he will repay in the future.
"Well, Xu Xian’s nephew, the Xu family, today we won’t delay your handling of clan affairs. Linchen will stay here on my behalf. I am in charge and there are things in the cabinet that need to be dealt with." Liu Danyang must have a lot of things to deal with after knowing that the Xu family has had such a big change, and he will also delay Xu Renshi’s handling here. After the event, he immediately took the chief steward Wu Shuang and prepared to leave.
"As the cabinet owner said, Xu Jiaxian really has a lot of things to deal with, so I won’t leave the cabinet owner and sister Wu much. I’ll come to thank you when it’s over." Xu Ren saluted with fuels and was grateful.
"The younger brother is welcome. What do you say? I think they can refine Dan medicine for the younger brother of the Xu family. They are blessed, and so is Jingdan Pavilion. So the younger brother of this thank-you word has to stop." Wu Shuang, the chief steward of Jingdan Pavilion, looked serious.
"My younger brother listens to my sister" Xu Ren smiled and now he is really happy.
"Well, it’s time for us to leave, too!" Liu Danyang said to Xu Ren and Xu Tianlong, the master of the Xu family, and then Wu Shuang, the chief steward, left the Xu family in tandem.
After Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang left, Xu Ren didn’t talk to these Dan teachers and refiners politely and directly arranged accommodation for them in Xu Jia ‘an, and took them to Dan’s room for the first time.
The Xujiadan room is much smaller and simpler than the Jingdange alchemy room, but it is enough to refine those dirty pills.
It’s not that the Xu family doesn’t want to refine the real high-order elixir, but it’s a pity that Jingdongge holds all the high-order alchemists and there are also two alchemists who will join the Xu family. Of course, if they are willing to pay a lot of money, they can also get the second alchemist, but there are not many second alchemists in Donghua County. Jingdongge will regard it as a treasure. Where can a family please it?
After the five alchemists of Jingdange arrived at Xujiadan Room, Xu Ren did not mention it with them and directly handed a hand roll to Linchen.
It’s hard to say how others treat him, but it’s much more convenient for Linchen to be familiar with the details of alchemy when he has dealt with the main family of Jingdan Pavilion. It’s much more important for him to explain it after Linchen has really improved.
"Master Linchen Dan, we are also predestined friends. This scroll is some of my experiences. You can look at it if you can’t figure it out." Xu Ren told Linchen.
"Don’t worry, I will study hard." Linchen still admires Xu Ren very much. After all, the cabinet owner and the chief steward all say that this person helped them break through the bottleneck of Dandao and made them achieve higher achievements.
Lin Chen read it carefully immediately after he took the scroll. He knew that Xu Ren and Xu Jia were very anxious. Although it was not a big deal for them Dan teachers to refine one Dan medicine, the efficiency of refining Dan medicine was very important because of limited manpower. Xu Ren once refined three Dan medicines in less than half an hour, and the number of each Dan medicine was as many as ten, which was the most important place for Lin Chen to learn.
Some of Xu Ren’s hand scrolls have been told by Lin Chen’s master Liu Danyang, but there are more that make him feel unfamiliar and don’t understand. At the moment, he doesn’t care about any problems. Directly holding Xu Ren is just asking questions.
Xu Ren explained to Linchen one by one that many theories Linchen had never heard of, but he was still willing to believe Xu Ren. After all, Xu Ren was his master, Liu Danyang, and Wu Shuang was very admired.
I have to say that Linchen’s talent in alchemy is really good. Without Xu Rentai’s strength, he has mastered the things in his hand scroll.
Then it is to follow the example and refine Dan medicine as described in Xu Ren’s handwritten book. However, it seems quite simple to say, but it is not easy to do, and Lin Chen is also very nervous.
Good Linchen talent is good, but he didn’t let Xu Ren down. He soon practiced the first batch of Dan medicine, and the aroma was overflowing. Every twelve Dan medicines were smooth and rounded, and the efficacy reached one hundred percent.
Linchen was pleasantly surprised. Although his refining is not even a Dan medicine, it is worthy of his joy that Dan medicine can be refined in such a short time and with such high quality.
Watching Linchen refining Dan medicine, all four Dan teachers stare big eyes one by one. Earlier, Liu Danyang asked them to come to the Xu family, and they were not willing to. Now that little emotion has long since vanished with Linchen’s first furnace of Dan medicine.
Xu Ren looked at Linchen and nodded slightly, and then directly asked Linchen to give him four Dan teachers to explain the hand roll. He didn’t have the time to explain it to everyone.
Linchen spoke carefully enough, and it took a full wick to answer all the questions.
Then there is their own alchemy. With Lin Chen’s successful case, the remaining four alchemists have been convinced of what Xu Ren recorded by hand.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for four alchemists to hand over themselves. Although the quality of Dan medicine is slightly inferior to that of Lin Chen’s refining Dan medicine, the efficacy has reached 90%.
"It seems that everyone knows about it, so I’ll trouble several Dan teachers to refine some Dan medicine. If you can try to refine some Dan medicine sometimes, you may have a special harvest." Xu Ren smiled. He was satisfied with the performance of these people. Liu Danyang said nothing wrong. These Dan teachers are definitely the best among the Dan teachers. If they can really treat Xu Xu Ren, they can be a accommodating person and let them advance to the second alchemist earlier.
"Don’t worry, we will live up to it!" I feel that I have improved a few times, and the spirit of an alchemist has become much better. Everyone feels that it is a big honor to come to Xujialiandian.
Xu Ren told these alchemists a few words and then left the Dan room.
After leaving the alchemy room, Xu Ren found Liu Danyang and sent him two refiners.
These two refiners are not high in rank, and it is not a problem to refine every device, but they can barely refine a spirit device.
Xu Ren gave some advice on the spot after learning about the abilities of two people.
For an alchemist, Xu Ren is ready to train a group of alchemists who are handy by themselves, but the refiner has not yet come to the preparatory office to give directions on the spot.
Good immortals remember the refiners no less than an alchemist. It is not difficult to show these primary refiners.
The refiner needs to cooperate with the spirit to seal the inscription, and then transfer the inscription to the refined weapon or armor. A weapon can be called a weapon with an inscription. If a weapon has three inscriptions, it is.
Lingqi inscriptions require more complicated materials. Generally speaking, the armor containing offensive and defensive weapons of spiritual power is called Lingqi.
Lingqi can only be refined by a master refiner, while higher-level instruments can only be refined by a master refiner.
With Xu Ren’s advice, the two refiners also benefited a lot. They have successively refined every device, but the time spent refining every device is much shorter than usual.
This made the two refiners excited. They knew that Xu Ren’s attainments in alchemy were highly praised by Liu Danyang, the owner of Jingdan Pavilion, and Wu Shuang, the chief steward, but they didn’t expect the refiners to be so good. This was a rare opportunity in their lives.
Xu Ren didn’t stay in the refining room. He had to go to Xiao Jinshan for help. At the same time, he should send more refining materials to Xiao Jinshan. Anyway, his father has promised him to go to the treasure house to pick things, and it’s even worse. In the end, most of these spiritual implements were to enhance the Xu family’s strength
Xiao Jinshan also probably knew the Xu family’s situation. See Xu Ren sent the refiner materials without saying anything, and this guy actually let the little boy try the refiner.
Xu Ren looked at the little girl who was less than ten years old and was still a little girl. He was really afraid that Xiao Jinshan would make the little girl a fierce girl, so it would be hard to find her husband’s family.
Of course, Xu Ren also understands that Xiao Jinshan’s mind is now cultivated by Xiao Xiaoer, so it may also help Xiao Xiaoer to temper his physique with the help of a refining device, which may also help him alleviate some pain caused by the nirvana of Tianfeng. Although Xu Ren loves Xiao Xiaoer dearly, he did not stop Xiao Jinshan from doing so.

"I know that it’s no wonder that you are alive this time. It’s also your chance that I have a magic Yun Dan here. Eat it."

A purple god Danxia suddenly flew out of the hall, and it was wrapped in the law of numbers, and its vitality was very extraordinary.
Xiao Zhanhuo answered Shen Dan’s heart with great joy and hurriedly proffering flaming, "Thank you, bodhi old zu Ci Dan"
"You go."
The sound said
"It’s the bodhi old zu"
Xiao Zhanhuo got up and respectfully retreated. He was already wet with cold sweat and almost collapsed on the spot.
In addition to the ancestral temple, he breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the magic Yun Dan in the palm of his hand. "The bodhi old zu personally rewarded the magic Yun Dan, which can make my blood directly pure. Although it can’t reach the level of the magic cousin, the clan can surpass 90% in one fell swoop!"
This magic Yun Dan came out from the ancestors of Xiao clan, and it is pure blood for later generations. It is more precious than millions of years, but it has only been rewarded to hundreds of people.
And this magic Yun Dan won’t be effective until he eats the first one.
Xiao Zhanhuo was so excited that he swallowed Dan directly and flew to his residence.
After he returned to his residence, he went to visit Xiao Yu first, and then returned to the house to refine the efficacy of the magic Yun Dan.
Three days passed quickly.
Xiao Yu didn’t wander around the room, quietly waiting for the divine spirit to sweep out from time to time to explore the mystery of this Xiao family headquarters.
It’s ridiculous that his descendants of the Xiao family have no feelings for this so-called Xiao family, which makes Xiao Yu’s face laugh.
"Is Master Tian ever ready?"
Suddenly there came a sound outside the door, and a guard respectfully asked outside.
This guard is a third-step strong man named Xiao Duan, who is specially arranged by Xiao Tianshan to guide Xiao Yu to practice and protect Xiao Yu, but Xiao Yu is powerful and this guard is simply dispensable in his eyes.
But Xiao Yulai is also hiding the strength, and he is too lazy to refuse Xiao Tianshan’s arrangement.
Xiao Yu walked out of the room and said, "Stop escorting us."
Xiao Duan nodded and immediately took Xiao Yu to fly to the distance and said, "Master Tian, I have found out that this time, a total of 500 people participated in the blood baptism. In addition to the 100 people in the central world, there are four hundred people in the surrounding star field. When you get to the Holy Blood Hall, it is up to you to enter everything."
"Oh, five hundred people?"
Xiao Yu’s eyebrows jumped. This number is really scary. It is worthy of being an ancient family. It would be terrible if there were so many masters attending a baptism.
It is no wonder that the Xiao clan can last forever. It seems that besides guarding the ancestors of the Xiao clan, there are also many talented people!
They were very fast for half an hour, and then they came to a huge hall. It was thick and tall, and it looked dark. The head of a huge man opened wide, forming a secluded door.
There are dozens of strong guards in front of the door. The lowest is the second ladder master. The first few people are the third ladder strong.
"What are you doing here?"
Xiao Yu two people just arrived when someone stopped them HeWen mouth.
Xiao Jie said with his fist, "I was ordered to bring my young master to attend the blood baptism!"
"Master? Which young master? " qR1
A guard looked puzzled Xiao Yu and Xiao Duan.
Xiao Duan said, "This is Xiao Tian. Master Xiao is the nephew of the great elder."
"What joke?"
The guard suddenly frowned and said, "It’s less than 50 years since he was born to take part in the blood baptism. How can he be born less than 50 years ago?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Often grow old
Xiao Yu fuels and says, "It’s a coincidence that I was born far away and never attended the blood baptism."
These guards looked at one of Xiao Yuzhong with deeper doubts and said, "You’d better say it’s true. Otherwise, if we find that you are a pastime, even if you have the support of the elders, we will be more prostrate. This blood baptism will be greatly discounted and ineffective if you come back after 50 years old, and it will be as ineffective if you participated once before. Have you thought it over?"
Xiao Yu nodded and said, "I am willing to bear all the consequences!"
"Well, you go in."
These guards were finally released.
Xiao Yu, who intercepted the outside, strode into the hall.
That a few guards also whisper obviously for Xiao Yu one hundred don’t believe it.
After Xiao Yu entered the hall, he saw that hundreds of people had been built in the house. Most of them were the highest spiritual realm, but the god seventh heaven.
They are under 50 years old and can cultivate to such a state, and they also rely on the family’s various panacea to pile up the state.
Unlike Xiao Yu, who has gone through an all-out war every time he is promoted, it is no accident that he can achieve the second step of God in such a short time.
How many times I almost died is far from being comparable to these greenhouse flowers.
After Xiao Yu came in, hundreds of people in the hall frowned and looked surprised and confused at Xiao Yu.
"This person is deeply cultivated and also comes to participate in the blood baptism?"
These Xiao brothers are surprised.
Even the elders who guard here are all looking down at Xiao Yushen. Xiao Yuxiu has reached the second step, which is no weaker than them, and he is also under 50 years old. This seems incredible to them.
"The brothers don’t know such as call? Which genius is it? "
An elder asked before, looking weird.
"Xiao Tian came from a foreign land and got an initiation from a senior by chance, which gave her the second-step strength," Xiao Yu said with fuels.
"It turns out that it is no wonder that it is so horrible to get the enlightenment from the predecessors. !”
These elders suddenly showed envy and jealousy one by one, and those younger brothers were all jealous. They were enlightened by an elder and directly reached the second step. This is how many years of penance it will take. If they are allowed to practice by themselves, they may not reach the second step for a generation.
And this Xiao Tian has easily become a second-class peerless master without any effort. This whole Xiao family can rank the number, and even those days have the strength to compete.
Many younger brothers are reluctant to part with their complicated eyes, and Xiao Yushen seems to think that one day they can also get a direct enlightenment from a senior.
And at this time,
A cold voice suddenly came from outside, saying, "It’s certainly a blockbuster to get the enlightenment from the predecessors, but no matter how high others fix it, they won’t be able to fix it themselves. If there is no exception, they will stop at the third step for life."
They all turned around and looked at Zheng, and suddenly there was an uproar.
"It always grows old!"
"I often grow old-fashioned astrology, which is extremely mysterious and unique, and I have great power in knowing people!"
"Is this blood baptism actually presided over by Chang Changlao?"
"Who is the boy who often grows behind the old? So powerful that you already have the strength of God’s realm! He is always valued by the old and always valued, and his qualifications are extraordinary! "
The younger brothers talked about it in succession, and they all showed a burst of envy and reverence.
Xiao Yu looked back and saw a middle-aged man in a star robe striding forward. The momentum was misty and the extraordinary seemed to fit in with his destiny. Every move was filled with heaven and earth, and Gankun made people feel small at first glance, as if they were abandoned by heaven and earth.
This feeling is extremely weird and terrible.
Xiao Yuwei micro eyebrow XuanGong running this feeling instantaneous dissipation again look at the middle-aged man but never the slightest strange.
"The second ladder astrologer is neither bad nor bad."
Xiao Yu mouth low smile.
The astrologer was followed by a teenager, who didn’t even look at him. He killed so many masters that he couldn’t dump the teenager for a few blocks.
Don’t say that this young man is this astrologer, and he will disappear in one breath.
Xiao Yu back eyes look calm no longer see.
As the astrologer and the boy came here, several elders immediately greeted them respectfully and said, "See growing old often!" "

"I didn’t expect Captain Lin to be so young and handsome, and Mana and I have been friends for a long time. By chance, we met Mana in an interesting way and told me that a friend of hers would arrive here in the next few days, but I was a little embarrassed to meet each other. After all, the orthodox wise man is a deceptive business compared with the fortune teller." The purple girl smiled and plucked the strings, and after a scale was issued, the surrounding clouds and lights surged.

When the clouds gradually calmed down, Lin momo suddenly found that the two of them had a delicate living room curtain decorated with pink crystals and the living room was next to the fragrant boudoir.
The beautiful woman in purple leans on the goose yellow sofa and puts on a lazy look, especially when she smiles and reveals two charming dimples, which makes people feel cute and fascinated.
"Dare to ask miss name? Mana said that let me go to the porch to find someone to sit in my bar for a while and find out some news and immediately come over to meet the young lady. "Lin momo’s purple dress beauty motioned to sit down, but the shoulder macaw stared at the beauty and it was quite pretty. Now the image is a beautiful parrot.
"Ha’s family lives in seclusion and has a name that I can’t remember. Captain Lin can call me a purple witch or simply call Zixuan, because this is the porch world." The purple beauty smiles and looks at Lin momo’s delicate feet dangling, which is very eye-catching.
"Zixuan? That’s a good name. I’m here to find out about the specific situation of the Ten Thousand Gods Organization and the whereabouts of the Red Storm caused by the forces of the Second Galaxy Wooden House. "Lin momo is not at all polite to ask three questions and take out five goose down bags at the same time.
"oh! Why are you so boring? Since a friend introduced me to Zixuan, it’s not easy for someone to talk about Captain Lin. It seems that people will swallow you. It seems that I am beautiful first? " Zixuan fiddled with the strings and dared to tease the handsome captain.
"Beauty is also a first-class beauty even if it is not around the hallucinogenic agent Miss Zixuan." Lin momo only pops up a wisp of blue pink in the living room, and then the blue pink cancels out and disappears.
"Ha ha, captain Lin is really good at talking! I’m so jealous that Mana has such a handsome captain, and I’m alone with others. My heart is tangled. If I tell you the news department, I don’t know if I will meet you again. My mother said that I should find a good man to marry while I was young. "Zixuan’s cheeks turned red after saying this, but she was not embarrassed that the hallucinogenic drug was caught.
At the moment, Zixuan looked at Lin momo with a bright eye like a little girl who found her beloved toy.
"Since Miss Zixuan is a fortune teller, I might as well divine a feeling." Lin momo is not in a hurry to ask questions at this moment. It seems that it is not easy for Zixuan, a difficult character, to get information from her.
"Yeah, why didn’t I think I should have a good divination?" Zixuan plucked the crystal pipa and it was full of rhythmic scales, which seemed to fly to the middle timbre living room and cause vibration
Lin momo was a little surprised. Zixuan suddenly closed her eyes and frowned. She quickly plucked the strings, and waves of gorgeous brilliance revolved around the crystal pipa. The spiritual level seemed to be a mysterious wave.
"Ding …" The sound stopped Zixuan and looked puzzled at Lin momo.
"how about it? Is there a result in divination? " Lin momo felt funny in his heart. Playing the crystal pipa for divination may be called a great pioneering work in the interstellar age.
"You are an ominous person. Your blood is full of ominous. Because of the bumpy hours, it is full of lotus flower disasters. It seems that something is guarding you …" Zixuan seems to have a lot to say, but he swallowed it abruptly and finally smiled indifferently.
"It’s a little accurate, but this feeling?" Lin momo just heard a taste, and as a result, Zixuan’s beauty kept silent.
"Hee hee, of course, not finished! Mom said it’s best not to get involved with men like you, because it will make women exhausted and miserable. Captain Lin wants to get information from me? Please allow Zixuan to make a trivial request. You must find a chatting partner and can find someone in this world to meet my requirements. I’m willing to tell all the details about the organization of gods or the wooden house, but if you want to find the red storm, let’s give up your thoughts before it’s too late! Nowadays, organizations looking for the red storm don’t count. I haven’t heard of any organization that succeeded in hiding the red storm deeply. "Zixuan raised the bar and glanced at the macaw with malicious intent. Her eyes made quite a shudder.
"Er, bitch, you’ve always looked at my old man like this for years. The mirror teacher is so worthless that any guy can see through me." It’s quite angry and flapping its wings.
"Humming parrot, I won’t forget your eyes in my life." Zixuan raised his hand and hit two screens. The screen showed Damon and Subaba.
Lin momo’s pupil is miniature, and I realized that the so-called Caesar Six-Star Building is a star cruise ship, but it is too cleverly hidden. I’m afraid it would still be in the dark if it were not for the achievements in source capability.
"Captain Lin, when you help me find a chat partner, you two belong to play with me. Don’t worry, I will treat them well. This is the first time to contact the Li family. Maybe it’s a good topic!" Purple porch charming smiled and waved Lin momo trance back to Caesar’s six-star building at the entrance of the star cruise ship for control to the top.
"Pretty Master, can you give me a suggestion on where to find a chat partner for the soothsayer?" Lin momo felt very difficult. Mana said that she would contact a beautiful woman in the porch world, but she didn’t say that the beautiful woman still had requirements.
Lin momo can easily analyze the information given by the bar owner to find someone to Caesar’s six-star building, because those places don’t look like beautiful women. It seems that the residents in the porch world are either hermits or older monks, so Zixuan’s request becomes a bit difficult.
"Jie Jie, call me a master at you. I’ll give you an opinion. My little girl is looking for someone who listens to her nagging all day. This person may not be human, and his ethnic life can meet the requirements. You should be able to gain something by taking a trip to the Jinlanxing flower garden." I muttered a lot in Lin momo’s ear.
After listening to a long speech, Lin momo’s face became strange. This cymbidium flower bed was moved after the destruction of cymbidium. The family said it was a family, but it was the whole ethnic group
Jinlanxing people are good at playing with flowers and plants. They are evolved from plants, and the deformed monsters are worthy of being called thieves by Morgan. They have been coveting a treasure in the garden for a long time. He encouraged Lin Sisuo to "take it".
"alas! I’m not a thief, but it’s bound to go to Jinlanxing Garden. "Lin momo walked to the back of the town.
Zixuan fingers around her hair to see Lin momo figure is not a sigh and a low tone sings "the Milky Way in three thousand, the fate of a turning point in history, the shadow appears who can see clearly behind? Who can see clearly that human culture can hide in the middle of the body … "
The first volume of glory! Ten years about Chapter 473 Moisturize
The sun shines on the porch world. It’s really a quiet town. It’s like a hermit village where all kinds of people live. Lin momo has met sloppy bar owners and likes to complain about other people’s mirror image teachers. There is also a beautiful female diviner, Zixuan, who wants to enter the garden to look for Jinlanxing. People don’t know what race it will be.
Lin momo just stepped into the flower bed and felt very fresh. Perhaps it is because the content of free cosmic energy in the flower bed is slightly higher than that outside that it is refreshing.
"Hey, you stepped on my skirt!" Feet suddenly to sweet female Lin momo curious bowed their heads and watched.
I saw a tomato face looking up at the bold intruder. This is probably Jinlanxing. She has a tomato-like head, a eggplant-like body and a vine attached to it.
Lin momo quickly moved his left foot, and it is difficult to find an alien friend because she is too much like stacking fruits and vegetables together.
In the flower garden, slender flowers and plants creep up and raise their bodies, and soon many tomato faces are exposed.
Many people in the trumpet Jinlanxing are curious to look at people. Perhaps the young children of Jinlanxing have never seen human beings. It is too cold and cheerless for anyone to come to the flower garden to disturb the life of Jinlanxing people.
"Big guy, what can I do for you?" A slightly green tomato face leaned in. Judging from the sound, he may be a male. These Jinlanxing people inherit some characteristics of human beings. Men and women are very obvious and make it an interstellar standard language.
"Hello, a friend of mine lives in Caesar’s six-star building and feels lonely. She wants to find someone to chat with her every day, and I am a captain of a star cruise ship drifting around. I will try my best to help my friend solve the problem before I leave here." Momo Lin said, crouching down. Jinlanxing people are less than knees tall.
"Chat? We Jinlanxing people like peace, we like to enjoy sunshine and rain and dew. Chatting is really a kind of talking about things. We are not lonely or lonely. We can share all the joy if we are rooted together. "At first, the tomato face toyed with her vines and stems and looked up to respond.
"eh? Don’t you want to know the outside world at all? Don’t want to know about humans? I need a Jinlanxing person to help me. Maybe it will be helpful for you to bring a gift. "Lin momo magically took out five delicate vials from the sink, which contained five concentrations of tears of Asha, orange, yellow, cyan, green and purple.
Lin momo sat down in the flower bed and tapped the orange bottle, then poured out a drop of liquid. In an instant, five meters of flowers and grass in Fiona Fang were nourished and the plants became full of vitality.
"Look how he did it?" Some Jinlanxing people leaned in curiously. They covered their tiny mouths and showed unbelievable eyes.
"Hehe, it’s very simple. This is the mysterious life energy hidden in Asha’s tears, which has many benefits for plants, but I don’t guarantee that it will be suitable for Jinlanxing people to put on makeup in your garden. But since the gift has been taken out, I don’t intend to take it back and sincerely hope to get help from Jinlanxing friends." Lin Sisuo put the small bottle in front of him. Jinlanxing people just saw that Asha’s tears are severe in orange. They really want to know what effects his four colors have, but they can’t take this gift for nothing.
Most of the Jinlanxing people gathered together. They stared at Lin momo with longing eyes and looked a little embarrassed at Captain Phantom of the Opera.
Two minutes later, Lin momo couldn’t afford to see the tears of orange Asha, so he quickly made the tears of yellow Asha.
After Lin momo’s pure source ability, he still retains the plant communication ability. Yellow flowers surround the ground, and there is indeed a strain hidden on the ground. After a little induction, it can be found that the strain emits hidden energy fluctuations for the outside world to detect it.
The pretty world seems to dare not mess around and encourage others to do things, but this parrot can feel the strain and deserves the title of Grade 9 Mirror Master.
After the yellow sand tears were watered, the ground had a little germination. Of course, this was Lin momo’s feeling through the source ability. A little life was born eager to gain strength.
Lin momo secretly looked at the germination state of the strain, and then he moved blue and green tears at the same time
Green Yasha tears are pure life energy, which can be planted to increase vitality without rendering. Other four colors of Yasha tears are different, not to promote the crazy growth of plants, but to soothe and consolidate the life energy characteristics, which is unwise to blindly promote the growth potential of plants.
Pretty pretty struggled to flap his wings and get rid of the muzzle. He was very angry with Linxi Suoli’s behavior, but the strange sight in the flower garden attracted the attention of the ninth-grade mirror artist.
Asha tears benefit all the grass and flowers in the whole garden and stretch their limbs for a few minutes to grow a circle
Lin momo was surprised to see that the budding strain growing on the ground finally took root and germinated after being moistened. According to the understanding of fungi, this fungus must be a giant when it grows up, and its appearance can accelerate the condensation of free elements in the universe, and the Cymbidium aureum people form some kind of protection mechanism.
"Great, the strain has finally taken root." Jinlanxing people sing and dance, and they have thousands of reasons to be happy.
"Ha ha, our strain has come back to life." The old man Jin Lanxing staggered back a few steps and sat down on the pure white mushroom umbrella cover. He tried it by luck. I didn’t expect Asha’s tears to be so magical
"There is also the last bottle of Yasha tears to contribute to the growth of bacteria!" Lin momo gently poured out purple Yasha tears and communicated briefly through the strain. Once this guy takes root and has strong vitality, purple Yasha tears just play a role in forcing catalysis and will not cause overgrowth.
Tears of purple sand suddenly rose a few centimeters in the flower bed and then rose at a faster speed. About fifteen minutes later, an arched "hillside" has been formed.
"Dear guest, thank you for solving our problem. We are willing to send a team of Jinlanxing girls to chat with your friends every day. Besides, there are some fruits to send." The old man Jinlanxing stood up again on crutches. He seemed to be very young and his voice was much louder.
Lin momo smiled, and the scenery in the flower garden was more beautiful. At first, I thought of visiting the flower garden in order to get some plants unique to the porch world to go back for cultivation. Now I don’t want to sell them.
These Jinlanxing people are simple and kind, and they send out thank-you gifts to surprise Lin momo. There are actually several precious cosmic plants.
It’s no wonder that the free universe in the flower garden can be so much more than the outside. It seems that it’s mostly the credit of the lantern.

"If I die, I won’t drink Meng Po Tang, and I won’t drink it." Feather said softly.

“?” Ling mo pupil heard turned to look at feather pastor.
"Because I don’t want to forget you, I have forgotten Fengluo and I don’t want to forget you again." Feather said sadly.
This fox has a sweet mouth.
(Nonsense, can I brush my teeth with honey early every day? The fox says)
Wow, fox, you are too extravagant. Jujube honey or Sophora japonica honey? Chocolate asks)
I take a sip of royal jelly and spit it out to piss you off. Chocolate makes you abuse me. I haven’t had a beautiful woman OO for a long time, said the fox.
So it was decided that everyone would return to hades together the next day.
Everyone was ready early the next morning. It’s been a long time.
Feather contact curiously ask ling mo pupil "where the hell is hades? Is hades hell? Is there a Nai Bridge? Is there Meng Po Tang? Is there ten floors? " She shuddered at the thought of the place where ghosts were tortured in the ten levels of hell
"Almost, just like what you’ve heard of" Ling Mo patted her on the shoulder "but Meng Po is not an old woman but a stunning beauty."
"Really?" Feather Zhen immediately wants to meet Meng Po and Meng Potang, saying that Chinese and black and white often have seen themselves as two charming and handsome guys!
Beauty? The fox Mo Yan’s eyes are as bright as a light bulb, which means there are beautiful women to see? There must be a lot of hell beauties. Maybe but OO?
Xiaoxi and Brahma Xuan are also very happy. Brahma Xuan is also contemplating that when he goes back this time, he must report his marriage to the ghost king together with Shura. If you can hold a grand wedding together with Ling Mo Pupil and Yu Zi Li.
Have a piano heart and gloomy eyes, not happy at all.
Everyone can see what it is that most people are white, but no one wants to discover it
Feather pastor wanted to go over and talk and laugh with Qin Xin, but he just walked beside Qin Xin and didn’t wait for his mouth to open, but Qin Xin went to talk to Xiaoxi like he didn’t see it. His face was very embarrassed.
Ling Mo’s pupil was very distressed to see the uncomfortable sample of Feather Beard. He walked over and gently stopped Feather Beard with fragrant shoulders. Feather Beard turned his head and smiled warmly. He simply said, "Don’t pay attention to her, but she will be in a bad mood in a few days."
But Qin Xin is very kind to Zi Li. What’s to yourself?
Feather pastor nodded no longer to self-defeating.
"It’s time," Van Gogh said to Ling Mo’s pupil in a low voice.
"Well," Ling Mo nodded, and his cohesive force called "black and white headhunter!"
With the two clouds of smoke, a handsome guy in white and a handsome guy hanging ink appeared in front of everyone. They took two steps to salute respectfully with their fuels. "Please refer to the Shura adults in the Temple of the Divine King."
Ling Mo-tong nodded. "It’s been a long time. We’re going back to hades now, but because some friends are not hades but guests, I want you to make a passage to the underworld so that we can pass together."
The two headhunters quickly promised "Yes, sir!"
They hit the door to the underworld together in front of everyone’s eyes. Shura Shenjun turned around and smiled, "Please!" He took the feather and went in first.
So this is the way to the underworld! Feather Zhen is surprised to see that there are many people on this road besides them, and each of them is dragged by a ghost pawn with a thick chain around his neck, crying and shouting.
"They are …?" Feather Zhen said in a trembling voice that she clung to Ling Mo’s pupil arm and almost needed it physically.
"Ghosts, they are all ghosts," Ling Mo said flatly. "They cried because they missed all their relatives and places of life. Remember when I just took you to hell, you cried and shouted."
"Then what didn’t respond at all?" Feather Zhen saw several ghosts very silent.
"That’s because some of them have suffered a lot, and they have not left their lovers at all, and they are already disheartened." Ling Mo said calmly.
"What about them?" Feather pastor asked curiously.
"After paying their debts in hell, they wait for a reincarnation," chimed in Van Gogh.
"This is like telling the truth!" Feather pastor can’t help sighing.
After walking for a while, everyone and many ghosts took different paths. "Aren’t we with those ghosts?" Feather asked
"No, they’re going to hell for trial. We’ll take another road and go straight to hades," said Ling Mo-tong.
"Oh, I see." Feather pastor nodded.
After walking for a while, they passed a bridge, and now many ghosts from the temple over there lined up to go to the bridge.
"This is the ghost in Naiqiao Hell who has paid off his debts and entered a reincarnation after crossing this bridge. He has to be reborn, but he is not necessarily a human being." Ling Mo said gently.
So this is Nai Bridge. Since there is Nai Bridge, Meng Po and Meng Potang said?
Seems to see the feather Zhen mind ling mo pupil raised his head and shouted, "Meng Chuge, please come out and a friend of mine wants to see you."
At the other end of the bridge, a very delicate reply came, "Hey, is this the Temple of the Divine King?"
With this moving sound, a very moving and beautiful figure appeared at the bridge head, seeing a snow-white girl standing by the bridge, a silver shawl, white teeth, jade face and lips. Although no powder was applied, it was still difficult to hide that peerless charm.
"This is Meng Po?" Feather Qian and Zi Li, Mo Yan’s eyes are getting bigger than a big one. Is Meng Po not an old woman? But a beautiful girl?
Ling Mo Pupil couldn’t help but feel a little funny when he saw their surprise. "Meng Chuge is what you said. The Meng Po underworld is responsible for cooking soup for those ghosts who are about to enter reincarnation. After drinking it, they will forget the memories of their previous lives. However, there are very few clever ghosts who don’t forget to secretly pour out or spit out Meng Po’s soup. However, this problem has been solved in the underworld and we will strengthen management in the future. What makes her Meng Po an old woman because she is white and always turns her back on those ghosts? But it’s right to call her Meng Po for her age!"
Meng Po and Meng Po Tang?

"All right," the director nodded. "Then you can take a rest and shoot later … Chiyao will be finished in half a month. You … stick to it."

Chi Yao smiled "good" at the director.
Sitting in the rest area, Zhu Xiaoxuan was busy handing Chi Yao a cup of hot milk tea. "If you are in a bad state, take a day off."
Dongfang Qing also looked at Chi Yao. "Little sister-in-law heard that you had a nightmare?"
"Well" ChiYao drinking milk tea light should way.
"It’s just a nightmare. Don’t be nervous. Jingmu will be fine." Dongfang Qing also comforted, but you can say this over and over again. Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous. Of course you will be nervous! When going out to Jingmuyun, their brothers were also nervous!
ZhuXiaoXuan sighed this Oriental green is he said those words, she don’t know how many times to chi yao said! Can there be some new words? Such comforting words are too pale!
"I’m fine, but I didn’t sleep well," Chi Yao said softly. "I don’t want to take on the show until the boss comes back."
Dongfang Qing nodded without hesitation. "Just take care of your rest. I’ll say it to the media and major directors."
Jingmutou asked them to take good care of her sister-in-law, but they couldn’t follow her around the clock. If her sister-in-law chose not to understand the play, it would be wonderful!
"Well, I’m going to shoot." Chi Yao put milk tea on the set.
Oriental green some concerns looked at the pool from the back "little sister-in-law … will be fine? Don’t wait for Jing Mutou to come back and think that we abused my little sister-in-law, then I will suffer! " According to Jing Muyun’s wife and slave practice, it is worse to abuse her sister-in-law than to see her so unhappy and thin.
Zhu Xiaoxuan shrugged his shoulders. "Now it’s time to see the commander go home safely!"
"When can he retire?"
"He retired? It’s still early! " The somebody else’s commander this year just … 25 less than so young to retire! "But it’s hard to say if it’s far away."
Oriental green also want to say what I heard ZhuXiaoXuan body phone rang "military area command called me to take a message first"
Zhu Xiaoxuan stepped aside to answer the phone. It was Ouyang Jun from the military region. As soon as he heard Zhu Xiaoxuan answer the phone, he immediately said, "I wish the instructor I have bad news for you."
"You said"
"Is little sister-in-law there?" Ouyang Jun suddenly asked
"She’s at work" Zhu Xiaoxuan eyebrows why do you ask? "What did you say?"
Ouyang Jun took a deep breath. "The news from the military headquarters and the commander lost contact."
"What?" Zhu Xiaoxuan lost her voice and said that she didn’t care if someone threw a strange look at her. She shouted at the words, "What do you mean, lost contact?"
Ouyang Jun is also very anxious. "Last night, after the commander crossed the border, the headquarters of the military region found that he was in contact with the commander, and sometimes it was gone after midnight!" That’s the commander, the pillar of Z!
Zhu Xiaoxuan’s look became condensed. "Didn’t the headquarters take any measures?"
"Things haven’t reached such an emergency. If the commander … what happened, Villa will definitely tell us." Ouyang Jun paused for a moment. "The headquarters asked us to wait patiently for the news … I was wondering if I should tell Little Sister-in-law …"
"Pig! I can’t tell her! "
"I think so, too."
ZhuXiaoXuan some bored hangs up the words and walked beside Oriental green bite bite lips "green may … far feeling is true"
Oriental green eyebrow "what’s the matter?"
"The commander lost contact with the headquarters," said Zhu Xiaoxuan.
"What …" Oriental green looked around and drew ZhuXiaoXuan aside "XiaoXuan it’s no joke"
"News from headquarters, do you think I’m joking?"
"Little sister-in-law will go crazy!" Oriental green intensely frowning.
"What you can’t let Yaoyao know … is to lose contact. Don’t think the worst!" Zhu Xiaoxuan thought for a moment, "Don’t tell him about Yufeng’s big mouth!"
"That’s what I’m thinking!"
Zhu Xiaoxuan looked at the studio and silently prayed in Chi Yao’s back that nothing would happen to the commander!
☆, Chapter 169 The commander is back?
Chi Yao goes to film step by step every day, but the eye can still see that she is obviously perfunctory. Although the filming process is not ng, she always feels that she is not very distracted.
Four days after Jing Muyun went out, she couldn’t call him and he didn’t give her a message back. This situation has never happened to her. The uneasy flame in her heart is getting stronger and stronger!
Sometimes she can’t wait to dial the phone, but reason tells her that she can’t. In case he is still carrying out one of her words, won’t the past expose him?
"Get something to eat" Zhu Xiaoxuan bought a pineapple bag from the supermarket and handed it carefully.
"And yogurt" Yufeng also handed it over with yogurt.
Chi Yao took it and unpacked it and ate yogurt. Yufeng has inserted the habit and put it in his mouth. Chi Yao can quietly eat a pineapple bag and drink yogurt. The whole person looks strange and quiet, but it seems to Zhu Xiaoxuan and Yufeng that it is more like the peace before the storm!
Chi Yao said "I went" after eating, and got up and left Yufeng. "Xiao Xuan’s little sister-in-law is not a way to go like this. What’s the situation with Jingmu? Why isn’t there a message? "
Zhu Xiaoxuan’s silence is not without a message, but there is no way to have a message! And the commander lost the league, but he couldn’t tell Chi Yao!
Yufeng looked at it and said nothing. Zhu Xiaoxuan touched himself thoughtfully. "Xiaoxuan, how do I feel that you seem to have something in your heart!"
Zhu Xiaoxuan suddenly turned to look at him. "What can I do for you?"
This reaction … "You really have something, don’t you?"
Yufeng pulled ZhuXiaoXuan sleeves to shake "I don’t believe it! You tell me! "
"Really not" ZhuXiaoXuan not resistant to pull his sleeve.
"I don’t believe it or not!" Yufeng’s hand was dumped, but then he stuck to continue pulling ZhuXiaoXuan sleeves and shaking.
Zhu Xiaoxuan got a little impatient and stared at him for two seconds, then suddenly hooked his head and pressed him to his own lips to block him. Zhu Xiaoxuan had no experience in kissing, and this kiss was just sticking his mouth to him.
In a short time, Zhu Xiaoxuan released his reputation peak because of the incident. Suddenly, his brain crashed. It was not until Zhu Xiaoxuan released him that he realized that he had just … It seems that he was strongly kissed, right?
Yufeng has been staring at her, making ZhuXiaoXuan a little embarrassed to leave the line of sight.
"So you like to sneak attack …" Yufeng’s lips raise a smile. It seems that this woman is not feeling for herself! The sneak attack is all done! This Yufeng forgot the questions he had to ask before, and he was shameless to greet "Xiao Xuan, do it again?"
Zhu Xiaoxuan turned a supercilious look. Can this person kiss in such a cheap tone? Sounds like someone wants to beat him up!
Seeing that Chi Yao’s play is about to be finished, there is still no news from Jing Muyun. I don’t know life and death. Does Chi Yao’s brow lock him up smoothly?
"Chi Yao, will you come to Yuehua Hotel for the wedding banquet tonight?" Director adjusted her nose glasses and sincerely invited Chi Yao with a smiling face.

Ah Kin didn’t go on talking about this. This is all because Chen Sixuan took advantage of Ji Dong’s inattention to separate her soul and told her to tell her something. Chen Sixuan can never say it himself, which would easily arouse Ji Dong’s suspicion, but it would be no problem for Ah Kin to tell it. After all, Ah Kin once lived with the flaming inner world for a while, and then Ji Dong came to Ji Dong after he was in danger.

Frey said, "Ji Dong, you don’t have to think too much. Let’s take it one step at a time, that is, we are really in danger of confrontation. We have restrictions on positioning and sending everyone to the rear, and everyone will be safe."
Ji Dong nodded his head. "It can be so now."
People have been thinking that when the inner world is dark, the surrounding environment is gradually lit up or dark red is gradually turned into a red light source. The deeper the surrounding rock wall is, the more surprised they are. Instead of being the same person, they are in front of a very vast cave wall with a bright red top and a distant side, and the fire element is becoming more and more intense.
Strong fire element makes Ji Dong feel comfortable. He releases two elements, which is full of spirit. The body that is as high as three meters is very substantial. It is obviously caused by absorbing the fire element in the air. Ji Dong is very skeptical that if these two guys are brought to the tenth floor of the center of the earth and let them live there, will they really become new flame kings and dark inflammation lords? Of course, this is just an assumption of his. After all, these two elements have no soul and need his control to act.
Through soul exploration, Ji Dong found that the cave walls bring red light because these caves are condensed with some crystals or contain some crystal components. These crystals are gradually accumulated for many years, and they are like small pieces of fire element crystals. Only after the rocks are integrated can they emit this red light. If we want to evaluate their quality, Ji Dong thinks that if these crystals can be mined and compressed in large quantities, they can probably be the first-order crystal nucleus of Warcraft. Obviously, this magic concentration crystal still interests him, but it is already a good thing. As Chen Sixuan said earlier, this inner world is a huge treasure house. How can you get back to Baoshan? When we get to a deeper level, there will be new discoveries.
At this time, they have gone deep into the inner world for more than ten kilometers. Ji Dong motioned for everyone to slow down and stop for a while to rest. He also needed to carefully observe the surrounding situation. Now they are truly in the first floor of the inner world.
Together, we can block everyone’s bodies, sit at the rocks, rest, take out the prepared water, and everyone drinks. Although there are water magicians who can quench their thirst by making water elements at any time, for safety reasons, Ji Dong still purchased a lot of drinking water and dry food to facilitate replenishment. Anyway, it is always right for everyone to prepare more magic weapons.
Sitting around together, the five elements of Yin and Yang are finally maintained, which is the source to maintain their magic. Maintaining these five elements of Yin and Yang is equivalent to everyone being in a state of cultivation. This distance of more than ten kilometers is not enough to cause them to consume too much magic. However, if they continue to maintain the five elements of Yin and Yang at a certain time, they must stop to cultivate a mutually beneficial magic to supplement themselves, so as to maintain them for a long time, that is to say, after entering the inner world, these five elements of Yin and Yang will never be lifted.
Ji Dong took a sip of water and said to the crowd, "We have now entered the first floor of the inner world. We don’t know anything about this place, and we don’t know exactly how many dangers and opportunities there are in this world. I hope that everyone can be vigilant. Since the inner world has a confusing magic smoke dolphin that can hide from my soul to detect Warcraft, then maybe we will be careful to make the ship in ten thousand white?"
They have led the way while taking this break and silently practicing for a while to keep themselves at their peak.
Du Xin son mouth xi xi smiled "Ji Dong teacher how we haven’t met the geocentric world creatures? I wonder what’s the difference between this geocentric creature and our terrestrial creatures.
Ji Dong shook his head. "I don’t know, but just now you heard Ah Kin say that the first floor of the geocentric world is as big as two countries in our human world, and none of us know how far it is from the ground to the geocentric. What is this only a dozen kilometers? Although we have entered the first floor of the geocentric world, it’s still a long way from really going deep into the geocentric world. You don’t have to hurry to pick it up. We will stay here for at least a year. It is estimated that you will see geocentric creatures soon. "
Speaking of which, Ji Dong thought to himself about his past life. The diameter of the earth in this world is about 12,700 kilometers. If the planet in front of him is similar to the earth, it must be 6,000 kilometers away to really enter the center of the earth! Is this an equal-terror number? It’s not as simple as flying 60 kilometers outside, but it’s difficult to reach 6 thousand kilometers into the inner world in a few days. No wonder that stupid and rich speaker of the Chamber of Commerce will locate the final condition at the core of the inner world, not to mention where to get what. It’s already more difficult to continue to penetrate the inner world for 6 thousand kilometers than to ascend to heaven.
At this moment, Ji Dong’s soul suddenly moved and his eyes lit up. At the same time, Ji’s dynamic situation appeared in the minds of the saints.
There is an inanimate object running towards them, and the speed is not too fast, which is similar to that of ordinary humans.
And there is a group of life breath behind this creature, which is similar to it. The creatures will not chase after it, and there are more than a hundred of them approaching in their direction.
Du smiled and said to his sister, "Xin son, aren’t you looking for geocentric creatures? It seems that our horse is about to meet with the strength, Du is becoming more and more calm, but Du Xin ‘er is still no different from before.
Frey frowned. "It’s a pity that I estimate that the geocentric esperanto is different from us humans. Otherwise, it will be much easier for us to find a layer of entrance if we catch a geocentric creature to lead the way. The first layer of the geocentric world is far from arousing their interest in these heavenly saints. Finding a layer of entrance as soon as possible is obviously what everyone needs to do most now.
Ji Dong smiled slightly. "This is not a problem. I will do it myself. Let’s meet these friends who welcome us into the inner world."
Ji Dong’s mind moved, and the Lord of Fire and the Lord of Dark Inflammation had already received his orders. When his body flashed, he hid his strong and huge body behind the rock. Ji Dong didn’t want to scare these geocentric creatures at once.
As soon as the two lords had hidden away, they had already seen those creatures running towards the center of the earth.
Cat Ji Dong side smile way "master remember? This was probably that scene when we met. "
Ji Dong and the cat looked at each other. From the eyes of the cat, he saw that he was deeply grateful. Although it has been so many years, he has never forgotten the kindness of the cat. Until now, although Ji Dong has always stressed that he should be called by his name, the word master will often hang in the mouth of the cat.
When they were near, they had already seen the things that ran to the center of the earth. To their surprise, these inner-earth creatures were very similar to humans. At least at present, this inner-earth creature has a head, limbs and walks upright like humans.
The third night is coming, the third night is coming, and the explosion of twelve thousand words is over. The third day is qualified to shout the monthly ticket. In the new month, we must have a bigger goal. Let’s just occupy a favorable position on the first day and strongly seek a guaranteed month. Chapter five hundred and eleven The fire race.
Running in front and chasing behind should be geocentric sacred objects of the same race. They are about four feet tall, thin and dry, but their heads are very big and almost out of proportion to normal humans.
In addition to the head accident, these weird geocentric creatures also have a pair of particularly big eyes, which are three times smaller than humans, and their eyes are dark purple, and the faint red light around them looks as daunting as a group of ghost fires.
Although these geocentric creatures look very weak, their running speed is almost the same as that of normal humans. It is hard to imagine that their two short legs like bamboo poles can run so fast. Apart from the previous characteristics, these geocentric creatures’ hair is also very characteristic. It is not the fire attribute red as expected, but the green or turquoise big head is very rare. It seems that they are going to float away at any time.
The geocentric creature running at the front is less than a kilometer away from all the people at this time. According to the analysis of its vital signs by Ji Dong’s soul detection, it is obvious that this geocentric creature has reached its limit and will be unable to run on sight, while the large group of geocentric creatures chasing it behind are similar in appearance, but more or less robust. If you continue like this, I am afraid you will not be able to reach Ji Dong. The one prepared in front of them will be chased.
No, Ji Dong, Frey has already rushed out. He doesn’t belong to the five elements of yin and yang. Being away from everyone will not affect the combination of the five elements of yin and yang, but he can also come back to replenish his magic through retreat. At this time, it is natural to take the initiative to attack less than a kilometer. For Frey, it is just a few steps. He flicker twice and he has reached the front of the running geocentric creature. He stepped across and blocked him.

Lan Xin need not be afraid that all of us are here. What did you see? The wind Xiang gentle Zhao Lanxin ear said palm stroking her supple long hair at the same time as far as possible to feel warm.

Spirit! Zhao Lanxin finally stabilized his mind, articulate and complete drink a way
Spiritual body? What is there to be afraid of in a spiritual body? What Fengxiang doesn’t ask is that the spiritual body in his heart is just a group of wanderers who have lost their flesh. The impulse is just a practitioner who is similar to his own spiritual body. Since he has seen the sky of the Lord God’s consciousness, how can he fear such an ordinary spiritual body?
It’s not just that Fengxiang is the only place where someone can’t help sneering at the sound of the spirit, let alone Rou Er, a descendant of the dragon. If it weren’t for the peerless master of the fairy level, even the four slaves would not be scared like this.
The words sound just fell and Fengxiang saw that the monster beast suddenly stood up with a pair of big eyes constantly staring at the surrounding environment. At this time, Fengxiang discovered that the original furry little guy had grown a pair of slender limbs, which was still curled up in the long fluff at ordinary times.
Hehe, the hairy ball has grown up. Oh, we can’t call it that anymore. Why don’t we give it a name? Rou Er said with a smile.
Yes, what should I call it … Fengxiang grabbed her head and looked very difficult.
It’s a beast of heaven, and the wind is fragrant, and it has the dual power of real magic. Let’s call it a fiend star! Aside from the slave’s socket, as soon as the name is said, I will see that the demon-eating beast nodded frequently and seemed to like the name taken by the slave in the month.
Ok, call it a fiend star! Abortion is still so pleasing to the beasts! The wind Xiang smiled and gently pinched the January slave’s charming nose, which made Rou Er get the message and snickered. It seems that his lover is really good and even the handmaiden around Miss Zhao has been recruited.
The wind Xiang looked around and found that there was no trace of the spiritual body, so Zhao Lanxin, who was still in fear in his hand, submitted it to the four slaves and came to the huge long knife handle. He just wanted to reach out and hold the handle and saw the shoulder fiend star suddenly and violently roar as if to stop him from pulling out the knife.
See the wind xiang arm condensation in the middle, while fiend star eyes stared at his palm, one person and one beast remained motionless in this posture until a figure with faint dark light floated past two people and swept into the cave deeper, which made everyone in the place Zheng.
Spirit … Spirit! When Zhao Lanxin saw this scene, he was frightened and cried again. Only that figure floated away from the moment, and Fengxiang followed.
Fengxiang knows that Zhao Lanxin, who has always been strong, must have been strongly frightened to become so fragile and timid. As the saying goes, it is better to untie the bell than to untie it. To completely eliminate her fear, she must subdue the spirit, no matter how difficult it is. If she is her lover, Fengxiang will certainly go forward without hesitation!
In a blink of an eye, Fengxiang followed the spirit into the deep cave. Because there were so many forks in this cave, Fengxiang didn’t dare to take it lightly and destroy the power. Then he followed the other two and shuttled back and forth with the amazing speed in the cave where they lost their bodies, leaving Rou Er and others with no hope.
After flying for a long time, when they came to a stone room covered with crystal-like rock walls on all sides, they saw that the spirit suddenly stopped and turned to look at Fengxiang. At that moment, a nearly perfect and handsome face suddenly caught his eye.
See this spirit body conjure up an elegant and free white skirt, oblique skirt around the waist and wide band with a gentle smile, sparkling eyes, touching and loving eyes, full forehead hair combed into a half-moon shape, white breasts and shoulder blades are so attractive that two sexy collarbones are just a pair of towering pointed ones, which makes it hard to forget her figure at first glance.
Who are you? The wind Xiang is now, after all, a slight absence of the mental body, and then immediately reacts to stare at this seductive spiritual woman and asks coldly.
Giggle, I didn’t ask you, but you asked me first. Don’t you regard me as the master?
The female voice did not fall, and she gave a ringing smile, echoing several echoes in this stone chamber and several figures reflected by the surrounding crystals, which made Fengxiang feel as if there were several figures with charming smiles in their ears, and those bursts of laughter went straight into the depths of his soul and made him resist …
With the laughter, Fengxiang’s heart was also driven together, which gradually lost her self, but when she laughed, Fengxiang immediately recovered her mind, which was a surprise. It turned out that this female spirit charm was so superb!
At the sight of Fengxiang, the female spirit body could not help showing a little surprise in her face, but at the sight of the other person’s mental constitution, she suddenly understood the meaning, so she put away her smile and asked what happened to you in this snowy cloud cave. If it is the fierce blade outside, I advise you to forget it!
What! The sky is absolutely fierce and huge? Fire spirit weapon statue? The wind Xiang suddenly exclaimed when he heard this!
This powerful blade of Heaven was heard by Luo Shen who had been to Longyuan mainland. Among all the refined weapons, except for the three invincible magic weapons, there are six other weapons representing the top level of each attribute. They were cast by the third generation Zhai Master who was honored as a refiner in the same year, so they were also named Zungui.
Although there is still a long way to go before the three peerless magic weapons, these six venerable weapons are also rare weapons kings in Longyuan mainland, and except for one in Pingshui Sect and Qingyun Sect, all the other four have been lost for a long time. It is a great blessing to see the powerful blade in this snowy cave this time.
Oh? You’ve seen a lot at your young age, and you’ve even heard of this powerful blade, but it’s a pity that you can see it and the law will take it away.
Hehe, beautiful spiritual sister, you misunderstood me. I came with you this time not to seize the powerful blade of heaven, but to let you understand my friend’s fear. I wonder if you can bend over and join us? The wind Xiang said respectfully, but his eyes kept drifting away from each other. This female spirit * * was too tempting for him to stop.
I didn’t expect you to be a spoony. That girl fell in love with me. If you want to get rid of the fear in my confusing method, you can wait for me to use this method again, but it’s a pity that I don’t want to go back with you once. Help yourself! The female spirit finished and turned to leave, only to see that the figure of Fengxiang had already appeared behind her, and she was surprised by the speed of this young mental body.
I don’t care what it is. You have to come with me! Although Fengxiang shouted at him, his smile was still so brilliant that the female spirit gave birth to a chill.
What if I don’t want to? The female spirit body is ready to start work, and its aura is rapidly condensed. Waiting for Fengxiang to take the lead, she can defeat this wet behind the ears!
What? The unexpected answer from Fengxiang made the unattainable female spirit one leng.
What’s good? This question has not been asked to her from his population for more than a hundred years, and she has always been arrogant and conceited. She has never given the other party a chance to say these three words. Nowadays, facing this strange teenager who doesn’t know whether he is calm or stupid, it is difficult for her to make a move. Just when she hesitates, she hears Fengxiang say again.
How about this? Let’s make a bet. If you can control my mind, I’ll keep my mouth shut. Otherwise, you must come with me to save my friend!
Ok, it’s a deal! The female spirit replied readily without thinking.
Fengxiang’s words can be described as giving her the best way to tell whether she is successful or not. The method of confusing herself will definitely cause a moment of confusion for the other party. At that time, without worries, she can easily crush this young mental body and let him never know how he died!
Then hurry up! I’m still waiting to go back to the tournament! The wind Xiang said eagerly, and the female spirit body has cursed the word I don’t know how to live or die for several times!
See female spirit face flashed a cruel look, and then her face showed a pair of extremely sad samples. With her gentle and lovely eyes dripping with emotional tears, the atmosphere in the whole stone room was sad to the extreme, as if everything in heaven and earth was sad and tearful. It was sad in the confusing method, but the wind Xiang still looked at her blankly and showed no expression …
What are you doing in here again, you little brat? Are you in trouble again? The almost growling sound of the sky suddenly sounded in the spirit consciousness of Fengxiang body.
Hey, hey, let me take shelter? I’m having a spiritual contest with a beautiful sister. I guess she’ll be impatient soon! The spirit of Fengxiang’s leisurely sitting will naturally not affect him if he relies on the external female spirit to destroy and confuse the mind.
Mind competition? Is it confusing? Sky asked doubtfully.
Yeah, I thought I heard her say that just now. You know this mentality?

Burying his face behind his balls, "It’s really embarrassing to the elders in Jiangdong … I can’t pull it!"

Who is the bearer? It’s South Lichuan after camouflage, but … His face is sweaty because he came in a hurry, and the dressing powder on his face has been eroded by sweat, revealing him …
Even if you are sweating, you are still a real beauty and full of sports passion!
Look at the heavy eyebrows, the enchanting face, and the clever and earnest eyes really petrify everyone around you …
But what is even more frightening is that Song Yuanhang, the first wealthy businessman in South Lebanon, has seen it several times and naturally recognized it at a glance. This is chapter 91 of 91. Am I not as stupid as this?
But what is even more frightening is that Song Yuanhang, the first wealthy businessman in South Lebanon, has seen it several times and naturally recognized who it is at a glance!
"Your majesty?"
South Lichuan heard his voice and pushed him "you bastard! You actually want to take away my month! "
Zhuge Yue was the first time to hear South Lichuan burst into swearing consternation, and at the same time he couldn’t help but smile with a slight bend in his lips.
This is what she knows. Nan Lichuan is stupid but true!
"What is your month?" Song Yuanhang looked at Nan Lichuan in disbelief and then glanced at Zhuge Yue. It suddenly occurred to him that some time ago my father had said that the female name after the establishment of the emperor was Feng Qingyue. He still felt a little strange when he heard the word "Qingyue" and didn’t take it to heart …
But I didn’t expect it to be …
Thinking of this, his eyes are dark and bottomless …
Zhuge Yue walked in the previous step. "Song Yuanhang, you guessed that I was the queen of the dynasty. You can’t trap me here!"
She was about to cross Song Yuanhang and walk to Nanlichuan, but suddenly one hand reached out and held her tightly!
Her side face saw Song Yuanhang sneer at "you and I will let you go like this? Even if I let you go, I’m sure you’ll be doomed. This stupid emperor will definitely punish me. Can he have a girl like you? By … "
His face showed a grim, vicious and secretive expression. "Today, the Six Sovereigns have been itching to move. I might as well dedicate this silly emperor to him so that I can not only escape punishment, but also get you …"
Before he finished, his belly was suddenly hit by something heavy, followed by Zhuge Yue watching him being pushed out by Nan Lichuan’s head far away!
"No matter what you want to do, I don’t want this throne! But I will never allow you to take away the month! " South Lichuan looked up with a white face and a red face, so his eyes were bright and he looked at Song Yuanhang’s eyes firmly!
Song Yuanhang was knocked to the ground by his head with a staggered, and he got up and gnashed his teeth. "You are really dead! Come on, I’m going to show consideration for the past and hand you over directly to Six Sovereigns to see if he treats you like this. Now it seems that I must torture you and make your life hell! You are stupid! "
Just then, he has drawn his sword and the bright sword reflects the cold light!
ZhuGeYue threw themselves in front of south Lichuan "want to kill him? Ok! Step on my body! "
Song Yuanhang shook his hand. "I can’t believe Qingyue. Am I not as stupid as this?"
Zhuge Yue laughed. "Yes … you are really not as stupid as this one. You are too stupid to have a beautiful and rich life. You can have two fathers all over the world, but you have to live forever. You are hopeless in hatred!"
The word "hopeless" deeply hurt Song Yuanhang. "I am the most pitiful person!"
"You are not the most pitiful, you are the most pathetic!"
"good! Ok! Ok! Since you want to be with this stupid emperor so much, I will be you! " Song Yuanhang’s sword is sharp and quick to stab Zhuge Yue and Nan Lichuan!
"Miss Black Fire Princess Ten" Riding a Rouge Tiger Mountain Ghost Princess asks you to come … 9 Chapter 9 Playing is love and scolding.
"good! Ok! Ok! Since you want to be with this stupid emperor so much, I will be you! " Song Yuanhang’s sword is sharp and quick to stab Zhuge Yue and Nan Lichuan!
His sword is priceless. It can definitely pierce two people at one stroke!
Jiang Qinghua’s balls and XuanYuanJin were all taken aback, but Song Yuanhang’s speed was so fast that it happened in an instant, and they simply stopped it!
At this moment, a disdainful figure suddenly fell from the sky and stopped the two people as fast as flash!
Zhuge Yue blurted out "The night is like a stranger-"without thinking about three words.
The man’s sword in front of him has been opposed to Song Yuanhang’s sword, and he doesn’t lose at all.
He turned around and smiled a little stiff. "It’s me."
Zhuge Yue’s eyes are a little dim and it’s thunder.
Song Yuanhang was suppressed by thunder layers and couldn’t move at all!
He shouted, "What are you losers still doing?"
Then all the guards around embraced Zhuge Yue and Nanlichuan and surrounded them with three layers inside and three layers outside!

A spoiled daughter-in-law boundless man smiled and said, "Why don’t I see the emperor another day and ask for you?"

"ask what?" Jane doe blinked and stared at the man with curiosity.
Huangfuyi smiled clearly. "Ask the emperor what his mood is!"
"You …" Liancheng face a red gouge out his one eye no longer take a reason a uber.
Two people clean up the body bed bedding has also been changed by the girl.
"I’m going to sleep!" Be carried back to bed by a man and lie down together. Close your eyes and whisper. Chapter 38 Joy.
He is overbearing and gentle, but he is more possessive than spoil, which makes her heart soft and can drip water. He is so tired. He yawned gracefully with his mouth open, and his body was sleepy and sleepy.
She soon fell into a sweet sleep.
The next morning, there was a steaming meal on the table, but the man was not in the room.
"Empress … eats …" The little bag is neatly dressed, and she is sitting beside her with a finger table, eating black and rolling her eyes.
I hugged her and kissed Liancheng, and soon I made up my bed.
"When Bao was hungry for a while, Mom gave Bao a meal, but what about Dad?" Mo Qing Mo Yu Shi washed and dressed jane doe picked up her son again and walked to the door and asked softly with a smile.
Bao blinked his eyes and said, "Dad … Come …" The chubby little hand pointed to the door and looked up and saw that the man with fairy posture was wearing a blue robe and carrying a bowl of hot soup was coming towards the door.
"Boss, I want to have breakfast with you!" Jack ran into the yard at random and shouted at the sight of Liancheng.
Without waiting for jane doe to speak, the man’s cold voice has been raised. "There is no big kitchen for you and you are not hungry!"
"Boss, your husband owes training!" Jack looked accused.
Liancheng smiled and shook his head. "All right, let’s just talk about coming into the house together!"
"Or the boss is good to me." Jack walked into the room with Huangfuyi behind him.
Looking at a table of exquisite dishes, Jack swallowed saliva and asked tentatively, "Boss, did he make all these dishes and this bowl of soup in your husband’s hand?"
The answer is naturally Liancheng nodded affirmatively.
"Yi is a good cook. He cooked almost every meal when I was pregnant with a bag."
Jack looked like a monster staring at HuangFuYi "HuangFuYi are you? Is the prince of the Zhou Dynasty more distinguished than one person and ten thousand people, or is the ancient man who cooks in Junyuan? "
"I’ll feed the bag, and you can eat it quickly, so as not to be ashamed to eat it clean for a while." Huangfuyi simply ignored her judo for his wife.
After holding the bag, he glanced at Jack obliquely. "After this one time, it’s still the same. Do you remember your own meals in the hospital?"
Is it stupid for him to eat in the big kitchen if he doesn’t eat with a more delicious and caring meal?
Jack condescended and picked up chopsticks and moved.
"You are still not a woman? Wolf down your food and be careful! " Seeing that his wife hasn’t eaten much, a vulgar woman keeps stuffing food into her mouth with chopsticks. That’s not to mention that the bowl in front of her is full.
Men are extremely disgusted and despised!
"Always a man!" Jack stared at Huangfuyi angrily, "Besides, women are always with you!"
Liancheng knows that Jack rejects the present body. After all, as he said, he is a real man in his bones, not a woman or a bend. As a result, he must be annoyed to hear being called by women again and again. Although there is a woman outside, he just can’t accept the fact. I hope it will be a long time before he can …
With a sigh, she looked at her own man seriously and said, "Yi Jack, whether we are talking about appearance or tolerance, you are just as an an and a man. He died because of revenge for me. Don’t treat her like a woman but like a man in the future!"
Huangfuyi looked at Jack after listening to her words, but Jack ignored him when he was eating vegetables and drinking soup roots.
"Know" back to Liancheng, a man didn’t say much, carefully and gently feed the bag and drink rice porridge.
After dinner, Jack left the main courtyard and Yee Meng and his party and went to the military school to be busy. He told the porter to prepare the carriage and prepare to go back to Hou Fu.
"You go to work, I’ll just have a bag to accompany you." Seeing a man riding in a carriage with a smile on his face, "I won’t get lost, I won’t never go back, and I won’t just disappear. You really don’t have to look at me so nervous all the time."
Huangfuyi stretched out his long arm and took his wife and children in his arms. "Being with you is the most important thing for me. Let’s put it aside for the time being."
"All right, whatever!" Liancheng Bao’s tender face kissed her for a moment, and an enlarged handsome face was put in front of her. "And here" The man pointed his finger at his face and tasted "You can’t be partial!"
Bao pushed the man with his paws before Liancheng moved. "The empress is Bao!" Round eyes, wide eyes, serious expression, waxy sound in the car.
"This is my wife. What do you mean? Go away! " Pat the bag with a small paw, and a good dad sells Meng to his kiss wife. "Wife, you are me. Take a closer look. I look much better than the stinky bag. You should like me more, love me more and love the stinky bag appropriately!" Then he pointed to his handsome face. "Wife … you haven’t kissed me for a long time!"
One of the old men is still jealous of the child. Besides, what do you mean you haven’t kissed him for a long time?