"The people in this land are illiterate and illiterate. I visited many villages and the people talked about it. There are no more than ten people who can read and write in a village, and no more than five people can read and write unless there is a local landlord family.

This is not to mention working in cities, and quite a few of them are illiterate or have limited knowledge of several big characters. The whole observation shows that people are numb and desperate, and they have no resistance. "
Duan Yang, the head of the organization department, also gave his own views.
"Through communication with local people, I think they are either numb and afraid to resist, and it is also a success to resist. They may passively resist or fall into the mountains, and they don’t know that there is a better way to resist. It is meaningless to organize resistance spontaneously.
Moreover, many passive rebels did not attack the local government and the landlord’s powerful forces after their resistance, but continued to bully the weak, rob villages and bully the people. There is no sense of resistance. They are simply evil and cannot achieve positive results. "
Later, some members also gave speeches, and they all said what they saw and thought.
Zhao Yucheng is very optimistic about Xu Tong, a member of the military department, who looks at the problem from different angles 2.
"I think this place is rich in bandits. There is no reason why this area is mountainous and less plain. It is particularly difficult to walk a little deeper. Many passages are enough for one or two people to pass.
I ran to the mountains from time to time and found that there are many mountains, and there are still many valleys suitable for camp mountains and mountain springs. It is not a problem to have enough food to live in a mountain for three or five hundred people. "
Yu-cheng zhao leng leng and then laughed.
"You thought about going to war with Song Jun before we acted?"
"Sooner or later, although the people here are numb, everyone is angry and resentful and hungry. They don’t hate the government and the landlords, but they can’t see the success of resistance. I hope we can let them see hope!"
Xu Tongxiao "positions that sentence how to say it again? Oh! A single spark can start a prairie fire. "
Xu Tong’s words made everyone’s minds accessible, and many people’s minds came alive.
"I think Xu Tong has a point."
Du Qikou, vice president of Jiangxi Branch of Fuxing Association and the most senior member of Fuxing Association here, said, "We are here for armed struggle, but not for doing good deeds. We have to do things and pull up a strong team to fight the situation of Fuxing Association here."
Therefore, we can really choose a reliable base area first, and we must be able to stick to it for a long time. When our strength is not strong enough and our manpower is not enough, we can win more with less, and we can attack Song Jun or the landlord armed forces at any time. "
They discussed this for a while and then turned their attention to Zhao Yucheng.
Zhao Yucheng thought for a while and agreed.
"Without considering him, we should consider the problem of health first, and then we can consider his problem. I think what Xu Tong said is very reasonable. Let’s find a place that can be used as a base and then buy the necessary things."
So for the next two months, they prepared for armed struggle.
Before we set out, everyone wanted to develop farmers in Luling area to fight, but they soon realized that this strategy was dangerous.
Because the Luling area is too close to the Ezhou army, the most powerful and largest army in the Southern Song Dynasty.
Besides, it is not difficult for Luling North and Song Jun in Jiujiang area to mobilize Nanping rebellion.
Once these two armies meet in the south, they can at least pull out more than 100 thousand troops to counter the rebellion, and the troops will be very large, which is beyond the resistance of the newly uprising rebels
In addition, Ganzhou, not far from Luling area, also has a Song imperial army stationed.
It is said that this is because when Ganzhou was also called Qianzhou, there was a civil commotion, which disturbed Zhao Gou’s old mother Zhao Gou and frightened her.
Zhao Gou was furious and wanted to slaughter the residents of Qianzhou. Fortunately, Lai Yuefei begged Zhao Gou to stop, but since then, he has not believed in Qianzhou people and sent troops to station.
In the twenty-second year of Shaoxing, Qianzhou was renamed Ganzhou after the garrison rebellion subsided.
There are Ezhou army in the northwest, Jiujiang army in the north and Qianzhou imperial army in the southeast. If the plain area in this area develops, I’m afraid it will be pacified by the army in the Southern Song Dynasty.
Once the army has a certain foundation, it should immediately enter the mountainous area to operate the mountainous area, fight against the crusade troops in the Southern Song Dynasty through the mountain situation, and at the same time train its own personnel, educate their own personnel to grow and wait for the opportunity.
Can’t stay in the plain area and will soon be able to come to the Southern Song Dynasty regular army to play hardball.
Zhao Yucheng and others are responsible for the implementation of this strategy after it is determined.
Their base area is located in Luoxiao Mountain area in the southwest of Luling.
Chapter 732 Rise up
Luoxiao Mountain area has been inhabited since the early Eastern Han Dynasty.
It’s not that people in the mountains can’t live, and it’s not that fields can’t be cultivated. There are fewer places suitable for human life, and the soil is thinner and less fertile, and it’s difficult to achieve large-scale human settlements with fewer arable places.
Here, a settlement can be scattered to live. From the Eastern Han Dynasty to now, there has been no scale of human settlements. Most areas are still uninhabited forest areas
However, in the Song Dynasty, more and more people entered the mountainous area to be bandits because of tyranny. The bandits actually made this mountainous area more habitable human settlements.
Zhao Yucheng, Xu Tong, Du Qi and others drilled in the mountains for more than two months and found some mountain basins suitable for human habitation.
As far as they can see, two of the five mountain basins are occupied by people, and three are occupied by people. Naturally, these mountain basins are bandits who rely on steep mountains to survive here.
It seems that these bandits don’t live entirely by looting. They also farm land. These mountain basins also have places suitable for farming. These bandits gather and flee to join them. Some people are responsible for farming, while others are responsible for licking blood.
It’s a good feeling. If the mountain area can find a mountain basin and live people, then there is no problem
In addition to these raw areas, they also choose hidden places in the mountains as backup bases. They buy grain in batches and find channels to buy smuggled salt and spears. Some live in places, while others are not needed in the mountains.
This channel is not difficult to find.
In a place full of bandits’ nests, it is not difficult to get private salt and spears, and they can even help get armor and crossbows if they are willing to pay.
It seems that it is not surprising that there are so many bandits in these places and the government has repeatedly suppressed them.
Obviously, officials need bandits, bandits also need officials, and everyone needs each other
After understanding this kind of thing, Zhao Yu’s achievements are even more disdainful to the local government. She feels that the level of local government governance in the Southern Song Dynasty is uneven, but forcing good prostitutes is a uniform and high level.
Soon all the preparations are ready, and Zhao Yucheng and others are ready to awaken the people and light the first fire.
They scattered out into rural areas around the country and contacted villagers by doing small business as businessmen.
Investigate their real living conditions, experience their hard work, and then sell them at a low price, giving them some rice, flour and oil for free.
In addition, Su Yonglin suggested that before they set off, they should generally learn some simple medical skills and master some folk remedies that are very effective in treating headaches and brain fever, and then give treatment to some villagers who are sick but have no money to treat them.
In this way, these scattered members of the people’s revival gradually gained the gratitude and trust of the local people, and they established a relatively good relationship. Zhang San Li Si Wang Er Ma can shout out their names and are quite familiar with each other.
After getting familiar with it, they got more thanks from the villagers by educating the village that they can’t produce young children’s literacy, and their trust in each other further increased.
Just as Fuxing members were preparing to broadcast new ideas and concepts from this aspect, an accident happened.
Last year, there was a general drought in Jiangnan West Road, and grain production was reduced. When Lin ‘an learned of the disaster, it was allowed to reduce agricultural taxes as appropriate to help farmers spend the disaster year.
Naidi officials [as appropriate] have made a super-class reading understanding and misinterpreted the meaning of Lin’ an.
Lin ‘an allowed to reduce agricultural taxes and reduce the burden on the people. This local government seems to be a good time to make up for the loss.
Luling’s finance has become very ugly because of the large and small officials eating and drinking, building large projects, and moving state funds for various reasons. A group of officials are having a headache. What should they do if they send someone to check?
As a result, the court reduced the agricultural tax as appropriate!
Isn’t this a good time to make up for the loss?
The imperial court said that it would be appropriate to reduce it, so if I reduce a hundred pence, I will also reduce a penny. How to reduce it is not my decision?
Therefore, the officials in luling county have been collecting all kinds of exorbitant taxes and miscellaneous fees without reducing taxes, and they have also been calculated, so they can’t pay me less!
We can only make up for the loss after paying it. What will we tell you if you don’t come face to face?
They have a deeper meaning than this one.
Although these unruly people are poor wretches, they can’t squeeze much oil and water, but there are many poor wretches. A poor wretch can squeeze rich oil and water without squeezing one hundred.
They also have land, but if they are ruined by taxation, the land will inevitably be sold.
At that time, some well-known big landlords and local tyrants will send people to buy land at low prices, keep the price down and eat these land departments.
Landlords and gentry eat the land, of course, they will benefit the government. When they are full of food and drink, they can make up for the losses. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of these restless poor people in one breath?
Beat me. it’s just
The county government sent evil tax collectors to the countryside to collect taxes, and they were worried that there was not enough manpower and deterrence. Some unruly people would not pay taxes obediently, so they hired some idlers in the city to follow the countryside together.
Boy, that made a chicken fly a dog to make trouble.
If you don’t want to pay taxes, forget it. Some people who are willing to pay taxes have been tossed about, and their homes are restless rather than ruined.
The tax collectors and the idlers who followed them were as fierce as wolves, tigers and leopards, and dressed in a golden body. The villagers’ bumps with them were considered rebellion and should be punished.
It is a famine year, but the tax collection is more fierce than in the past, which makes many people unable to bear bankruptcy, bankruptcy, escape, death and injury.
Seeing this, Zhao Yucheng could no longer bear it.
He helped himself to send them weapons with his arms in the south loess village of luling county, and surrounded and killed thirteen tax collectors and gangsters who came to collect taxes with more than 90 men in the village.
Thirteen people were hanged and whipped, and then beheaded one by one in front of everyone in the village. Zhao Yucheng addressed the villagers while beheading them.

At the same time, I rubbed my ears and got redder.

When Shinohara handed the food to Jing Jiayuan, Jing Jiayuan obediently took it over the past few months. He had recovered from anorexia, and he did not reject the food in his hand and ate it.
Song Xue aside quietly looked at JingGuYuan.
For such a senior, she worships him. At the moment, watching him eating food is quiet and elegant.
Look at his appearance and handsome to the point where people and gods are angry.
Immediately swallowed saliva.
This ….. Let her how to live such a dog!
The key is how long this Jing Jiayuan is taller and more handsome than in the program!
There are small fish along the way, and there is such a handsome guy following it, which is simply an enemy.
Song Xue thought so in his heart, and then he suddenly thought of a serious thing after that happy day.
"Wait a minute. How did Xiaoyu Jing Jiayuan get here?" Song Xue suddenly asked.
At the same time, I prayed in my heart that it must not be like that.
"When he finished, he got the sign and guessed I was Penang," Shinohara said simply.
Song Xue expression suddenly collapsed and faded to the naked eye.
Are they really CP? ! !
When she asked this, she felt that something was wrong, and Xiao Yu CP came to that …
Did he come to rob her?
Is the good day over?
Song Xue mentality collapsed and looked at that after eating, Shinohara fish was close to Jingjiayuan and suddenly didn’t want to rest. "Let’s go and I’ll go in with you."
How did Shinohara’s arm look like Shuai Neng when she took a deep breath and held it fair and square? Is she that kind of person who will give in to face value?
So even if this handsome guy robbed her today, she had to try to get it back.
"Fish … your CP just came. Will you tell him what we discussed these two days?" Song Xue pitifully took her wrist and begged.
"To discuss things? What is it? " When Jing Guyuan looked at Xiao Yu’s arm, Song Xue suddenly became alert.
When Shinohara fish saw him rubbing his forehead like this, it probably explained that "Song Xue said he wanted to change a CP, but I didn’t agree."
When I heard the first half of the sentence, Jing Guyuan had frowned slightly.
After hearing the second half of the sentence, the frown slowed down again, and even the corners of the lips were bent, which made it look more pleasant.
"Well, our group CP is quite good," Jing Jiayuan said happily.
Song Xue "…"
She is not the kind of person who will give up easily. "Jing Jiayuan, I gave you the fried cake, and your fish is mine. Otherwise, we will take the opportunity to change the CP for both of you, okay?" I’m with the small fish group, and you’re with my CP group. These days, I think I can get along well with the small fish. We eat hot pot together and sleep in a bed … "
Jingjiayuan "…"
He bent his lips, and when Song Xue promised, he said with emotion, "I’ll pay you back later if I don’t change your fried cake."
Song Xue "…"
"Jing Jia Yuan Zhen, you can consider that my CP is still quite capable. You and he can definitely get along well. The main reason is that I get along well with Xiaoyu." Song Xue continued to fudge. "It’s good that the four of us have a smoother trip and we exchanged!"
"I also hit it off with Xiaoyu," said Jing Jiayuan leisurely.
"I can tease the little fish!" Song Xue talks about his advantages.
"I can, too," said Jing Jiayuan.
"I can sing and tell stories to Xiaoyu while chatting." Song Xue continued.
"I can write songs for her." Jing, comparison and Jiayuan said seriously.
Song Xue "…"
"I have lessons to raise small fish!" Song Xue suddenly thought of his only advantage to go out immediately
Jingjiayuan "…"
He’s gone
Song Xue is very happy to see Jing Jiayuan’s silence, snapping his fingers and continuing, "You can’t do it, so you can see that the small fish follow me and drink spicy food. I can raise her well. You can’t do it. Why don’t I give you RM 300 and let me talk to the small fish group CP?"
Shinohara fish looked at the two "primary school students" bickering in front of him with great interest, but something was wrong.
Wait, Song Xue, this line sounds familiar.
It’s like the line "I’ll give you ten thousand, you stay away from my home" in the general manager’s article.
Shinohara fish suddenly messy.
Before two people Biao more terrible lines.
Interrupt the two people quickly. "Okay, okay, now we’re discussing these things. Let’s finish them first. Don’t wave here."
Song Xueyuan had to struggle again, but he heard Jing Jiayuan ask, "Did you two finish it today?"
Shinohara fish shook his head and said, "This is my first scenic spot. After that, there are four Song Xue and two."
"Then let’s finish it first. Listen to you, there are many places to go. It would be better to finish it as soon as possible." Jingjiayuan said.
"All right, let’s finish first." Song Xue also knew the priorities and nodded his approval.
The three entered the Tianhou Palace together.
Jing Jiayuan has made up his mind to help Song Xue finish it quickly.
After all, we can get the clue of her CP position and get rid of this "competitor" after finding her CP.
Before he came, he also heard about his fellow guest Song Xue and her CP.
This couple is married. If the couple brings her to her boyfriend, she won’t harm their world.
With this in mind, Jing Jiayuan was also very active in helping the two people complete it.
Instead of Shinohara, he talked to the camera Kan Kan about "this Tianhou Palace is quite worth visiting. These building materials departments were transported from China to Penang more than 100 years ago."
"There are three hometown of overseas Chinese in China: Guangdong, Fujian and Hainan. Look here, it says that Qiongzhou Guild Hall is the old name of Haikou. This Tianhou Palace was built after Hainan people came to Penang."
"The architecture here is very distinctive and well-preserved. It can’t be seen that it has a history of more than 100 years. It retains the Chinese elements and is a typical Nanyang Chinese style architecture."
"Tianhou Palace is the goddess Mazu. In addition, Quanzhou, Fujian, China, Shantou, Guangzhou and other places have the largest Tianhou Palace in Mazu Tempel, and the Tianhou Palace in Quanzhou, Fujian …"
Song Xue looked at it slightly. "Before I watched the live broadcast, I was very impressed with Jing Jiayuan. Now it’s really amazing that he can recite all the tour guide words …"
Shinohara fish nodded. "Yes, this man is a schoolmaster. He can remember his lines by reading them once, and it is also very fast."
Song Xue pie pie some frustration, she lost ten percent again "I don’t like back but I got good grades in sports! I think it will still be the women’s basketball team of our school. "
Shi Xiaoyu held back a smile. "Do you know Lin Yufei?"
Song Xue shook his head. "I don’t know why?"
"I suggest you two become sworn brothers and sisters when you get to know each other later."
Song Xue is full of question marks. What is this brain circuit? Why should we become sworn brothers and sisters?
Jing Jiayuan soon finished the explanation for Shi Xiaoyu and planned the most reasonable route according to the rest.
When Shinohara fish looked at the route, he thought it would be much more efficient. "Brother Yan, the innkeeper, also planned the route for us before coming out, but he forgot the route when he saw the delicious food before, so he had to take many detours less when planning again."
Song Xue, on the other hand, is not traveling. There are so many rules and regulations. How boring it is to finish.
She’s not interested, but she’d better be a little follower behind them.
Anyway, even if Jing Jiayuan comes, Xiaoyu can’t dump her. She’s with Xiaoyu!
With the help of Jing Jiayuan, they finished the day very quickly.

Sue, the little coward, the round sad Mimi sticks to the wall and moves her almond eyes in, sparkly and puzzling.

This is her temporary cave!
Can you break in just because you are good-looking?
Also against the customer to create air conditioning!
What do you mean?
Su Yuan kicked a pebble lightly and rolled into the fire, splashing some sparks.
Leopard rewelding cool look at Su Yuan knife-shaped eyebrows frowning slightly.
Su Yuanxing’s eyes slowly enlarge.
Are you kidding me? He’s not happy yet.
"I said that whoever borrows fire to keep warm should have a borrowing attitude, you know?"
Anyway, the big leopard can’t understand Mandarin, so she can just spit it out.
So think Su Yuan mood suddenly wonderful a lot.
"Hey, it’s not impossible for you to keep warm here. Please be polite. This is my cave!"
Su Yuan’s small waist and fierce milk have a proud illusion!
Leopard rewelding looked at the little female in front of her and bent her lips.
It’s not time to secretly send yourself bamboo shoes last night, female
This is his cave.
Leopard rewelding tao ears don’t mind hanging eyes to continue to deal with the dinner in his hand-an adult short bijuu (wild roe)
Su Yuan’s blinking big leopard, what was that look just now?
Mao seems to covet him more!
Too much, she didn’t want him to pollute the cave, and she didn’t know where she got the courage. Su Yuan suddenly shouted, "Don’t do this!"
Leopard rewelding looked up and wondered how fat the little female was. Is this ordering yourself?
Su Yuan, the sharp eyes of the leopard rewelding, pointed to the cave mouth and pointed to the prey in the hands of a leopard.
"Can you go to the mouth of the cave to deal with that? It will be difficult to deal with the blood."
The water roots in my bamboo tubes are not enough to wash the floor.
Leopard rewelding eyes light a slight flash seems to be white what moment actually got up and carrying short bijuu goes to the mouth of the cave.
Su Yuan is happy to look at Leopard rewelding. The big leopard is not so difficult to get along with.
"Hey, I didn’t tell you to go out. Just do it at the door."
See leopard rewelding almost out of the mouth of the cave also kept Su Yuan hurriedly stood on tiptoe light shout.
Leopard rewelding steps paused, leaned over and shua shua several short bijuu bore broken belly.
Su Yuan quickly turned around. This is really not her affectation. It takes courage to watch the slaughter on the spot!
She silently took out a yam from the system, went to the bamboo tube and washed it. She put on a twig and went back to the fire to bake yam.
Just sitting cross-legged in a leopard rewelding came back with the wild roe deer handled.
Su Yuan’s consciousness gave way to Leopard rewelding. Leopard rewelding gave her a look and didn’t speak.
Followed by silence.
Su Yuan slowly roasted yam with a little flame on the edge.
Leopard rewelding moves easily and skillfully to bake wild roe deer.
Su Yuan was puzzled to see that the leopard rewelding was absolutely proficient in barbecue among the people.
But isn’t he usually out of touch with fire?
A strong smell of meat gradually wafted in the cave.
Su Yuan consciously swallowed saliva, silently picked up the baked yam, and carefully took a little bite with his fingertips.
There seems to be a light ringing in my ear. Su Yuan turns his head and looks at it. The leopard’s face is cold and the side face is coated with a thin glow by the fire, which seems to be not so real.
He has a good nose!
The outline of the jaw line is also perfect, and there is a small pit slightly
Su Yuan remembers that there was a saying that he called it a beautiful man’s pit.
Leopard rewelding suddenly turned his head and looked at each other.
Su Yuan, like a pupil caught by the squad leader for doing something bad, immediately tried to hide his ears.
She’s not peeking!
She just stopped by!
"Well, do you eat this?"
Su Yuan doesn’t know what he thinks. Anyway, he stretched out his hand and handed half baked yam to Leopard rewelding.
Let Su Yuan didn’t expect that it was Leopard rewelding who pulled a leg and handed it back to himself.
"Ah, this is enough for me. You eat!"
Su Yuanshi is a little careful. She doesn’t know when she will be so easily satisfied. Perhaps a little kindness here will be magnified!
Leopard rewelding didn’t take it back.
Su Yuan was afraid that he would quickly pick up his leg in an instant.
Leopard rewelding stopped watching her eat.
Su Yuan found that although he ate quickly, he was a little elegant, and Cheng Jing was so quiet that she was embarrassed to make a sound.
Okay, she’s used to eating slowly. She’s always gentle.
I don’t know if I’m hungry, but Su Yuan actually thinks that the barbecue technique of Leopard rewelding is very good, which is a little better than Aro’s barbecue.
I was thinking that Leopard rewelding had finished eating and got up and strode out of the cave with a white miserable skeleton.
Su Yuan chewed and lived, so she left?
Somehow Su Yuan was a little worried about the heavy rain. Why did the big leopard sleep in the tree?
No matter how strong you are, you really can’t spend the night in the wind and rain, can you?
Do you want it yourself?
I was thinking that the figure of Leopard rewelding was back. The mouth of the cave quickly dumped her head. Su Yuan could see the splash.
Bao Su has a short dark blue hair, which is miraculously stylish without the help of Teacher Tony.

Meng Yudong looked at his sister Zhan Longhai with a face of expectation. She couldn’t say anything about refusing.

"Well, I’ll do you a favor. How about this lunch at noon?" He know how much Meng Yudong stubborn personality and mouth to say
"Thank you, Mr. Zhan. Let’s look at the other room first!" I don’t think his room must be high-end, and it won’t be cheap at market price. If he rents it to them cheaply, she owes him another favor.
"Said call me Aaron too diagnosis" ZhanLonghai eyebrow stressed to her.
Meng Yudong didn’t respond and said, "I’ll ask the waiter to come and order!"
After dinner, Zhan Longhai took them to the house to see the two sets of Meng Xiaodong, and they were not satisfied. She clearly wanted to see Zhan Longhai’s set.
However, the rent in the first set is not very expensive in winter and winter, and the residential environment is also good, and it is also very close to Meng Yu’s winter class.
"I don’t want to live here." Meng Xiaodong pulled a face. "Elder sister, let’s go and see Aron’s room. You live in such a high-end room but let me live in such a shabby hut." Meng Xiaodong said with special grievances.
Zhan Longhai really wants to give this little girl a big ear and smoke to see if she speaks human words. It’s really not easy for Meng Yudong to have such a sister who can endure it until now.
"Well, I’ll go and see my place first and then you decide," said Zhan Longhai, looking at the silent Meng Yudong.
Meng Yudong knows her sister very well. If she is not satisfied, even if she rents it, she will not come to live. She has a headache and looks at Zhan Longhai and then nods.
Zhan Longhai, a small two-bedroom apartment, is separated by a street next to the office building of the government of Hetang District. The environment of the middle and high-end community is also quite good. The most important thing is that the security of the community here is very good, and security patrols are carried out 24 hours a day, and people entering and leaving are also strictly audited.
Meng Xiaodong was very interested and chose a favorite room.
When my sister entered the room, Zhan Longhai tried to tell her, "The security here is good. I will say hello to the building security. No one can come in or out except your sister, even if she brings people herself, so you don’t worry that your sister will bring people around. It’s a 24-hour video surveillance here, and you can know that your sister is late."
Meng Yudong will definitely see him. She doesn’t know him well, but she has only met him several times. Besides, he is a friend of Cheng Dongyang and Tang Kexin. Why would she be so helpful?
"Mr. Zhan, we are not familiar with each other, and I know that the rent here is not cheap and we can’t afford it." The worst thing is that she can let her sister still live there, and she will explain it to Cheng Dongyang again.
"This room here is also for your sister to live in, and it can also make the room a little popular. I am not selling it to you or selling it to Dongyang. If you bring your sister to live with him, he will definitely not be happy. He must be grateful to me for handling a trouble for him."
"Why do you want to help me like this?" She’s not stupid. He talks to coax her. He helps himself.
Zhan Longhai, a vendor, said, "Some people say I am a bad person, but I really care what that person thinks of me. I want her to know that I am not a bad person. Will you give me a chance?"
Memories flooded in last night, and her face turned slightly red. "I was drunk and I couldn’t be true."
"So you remember what happened last night. Your sister did this to you. You gave her a room to look for winter and winter. I really don’t understand you." Zhan Longhai looked at her with some love.
"She is the only sister. My mother is ill now. Xiaodong is that I don’t have many relatives left. She is too young to be sensible. I am her sister. I want to take care of her." She said, "Thank you for the rent. Come at the market price!"
"Well, can you promise me to do three things and rent 1000 a month?" He knew that she was short of money and she wouldn’t take the initiative to ask Cheng Dongyang for money. He really didn’t want her life to be too difficult.
"I can’t promise you" Meng Yudong face a change want to also don’t want to refuse.
"I promise that the three things I asked you to do must be something you can do." Zhan Longhai threatened in Chapter 113.
"I still can’t promise you," he said, and this man didn’t feel good to her. She knew that she was invincible. He wanted to stay away. "Thank you, Mr. Zhan. I’ll take my sister and find another room to live in!"
"Will there be such a good environment in his place?" Zhan Longhai was really defeated by her. This woman is really difficult to fix. "You can rest assured that your sister lives here, can’t you?" Dongdong, I want you to help me with three things, which must be within your ability and will not make you suffer. Is that ok? I, Zhan Longhai, said to do it, can’t you let me be a good person? "
"You are already a good man. You saved me yesterday," Meng Yudong said with gratitude.
"Then can’t you let me be a good person again?" Zhan Longhai winked at her. "Be a friend to help, or you can invite me to dinner again."
His expression is sincere. Meng Yudong is really difficult.
"Elder sister, I really like it here, so let’s rent it, okay?" Meng Xiaodong came out and begged, "It’s also very close to the unit. I can come back after work every day and buy food and cook by myself. The kitchen here looks great!"
Meng Yudong smiled at her cooking unless the sun came out in the west. She said, "Well, I can promise you three things, but I can do them."
He nodded at ease and said, "since it’s so late, I’ll treat you to dinner."
Meng Yudong thought that he had done himself such a big favor and said, "No, you helped me, but I’ll invite you!" "
"At noon, you have invited beautiful women to dinner." Zhan Longhai laughed. "Let’s go and have dinner."
"Let me treat you!" He did himself a big favor, and there is no reason to let him treat himself to dinner.
Seeing that she is so persistent, he doesn’t want to talk about this girl’s self-esteem. "Well, I want to eat hot pot today. What do two beautiful women think?"
"Hot pot is good. I like hot pot, too." Meng Xiaodong said with a smile.
Meng Yudong is lucky that she can’t eat spicy food. "Let’s eat hot pot," she said. "Mr. Zhan must have a familiar shop. Take us there!"
"Call me Aaron" This time Zhan Longhai can’t be serious enough to see her.
She was so nervous that he helped herself so much that she couldn’t be polite enough. She nodded "Aaron"
Meng Xiaodong face slightly heavy with a light.
Zhan Longhai finally smiled and gave them the door "Let’s go, two beauties"
"Thank you" Meng Xiaodong is very intimate, holding her sister’s hand and smiling at Zhan Longhai.
Zhan Longhai took them to eat in a famous health hotpot restaurant in Binhai. The bottom of the pot is famous for its health and health. Meng Xiaodong has been here several times and likes the taste here. I am very familiar with ordering when I sit down.
In a short time, the fragrant hot pot was served with hot and sour fish on one side and health mushrooms on the other.

Ji Dong pushed the inner door, and his face suddenly became ugly again. Behind the door, it was not a room, but a small courtyard. There was not much about 20 square meters, and there was a pool of about 10 square meters on one side of the 20 square meters. I don’t know what it was. When I looked up, I could see the stars at night, which was obviously not a place to sleep.

"Xuan Si, how did you get a room? It’s nonsense, "said Ji Dong, walking back to the room with a slight anger.
Chen Sixuan said, "Ji Dong, we are lovers and we can’t live apart any more? Otherwise, how can we prove that we are together like my father? It is not difficult for my father and the people there to find out my whereabouts after I return to Dongmucheng. We have to live in a room, Mr. Ji Dong. I am not afraid of a girl. What are you afraid of? "
Ji Dong is really afraid of living in a room. Think about it. His heart beats faster and his eyes twinkle. Ji Dong flatly said, "No, this is absolutely not possible. I am pretending that your boyfriend is not real. How can you get married after you live in a room with me like this? I can’t ruin your reputation. "
Chen Sixuan bowed their heads and said lightly, "Ji Dong, is it a joke to talk to you before you and me? Well, I will solemnly repeat to you that I will never marry anyone else in my life except you. What does it matter to me? "
Ji Dong listened to Chen Sixuan’s words and couldn’t help but feel speechless at the moment.
Chen Sixuan sighed, "Ji Dong, I will never make it difficult for you. I can always live in a small courtyard in your house. It’s not like we haven’t slept in the wind." As she spoke, she had already gone out.
Ji Dong quickly followed out. "Xuan Si should be me in the hospital. Go to the room."
Chen Sixuan heart andao my house plan how to implement? Looking at Ji Dong light way "Ji Dong existing two ways to choose for you, either I live outside you live inside or I live with you inside, I don’t promise to ask you so much? I’m not that fragile.
In the face of Chen Sixuan’s sudden toughness, Ji Dong couldn’t help but feel numb. His brain spun rapidly and weighed the pros and cons carefully. He had to return to his room. It was better for her to live outside than for two people to live together. It was really unbearable for her to be a girl in the hospital.
Pull the curtain Ji Dong wants to see how Chen Sixuan lives in the courtyard. In his imagination, Chen Sixuan sits cross-legged and practices in the courtyard at most. Chapter four hundred and fifty Hot spring temptation.
Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong, was surprised to see that Chen Sixuan was squatting by the pool with a foot of ten square meters after practicing drawing curtains in the hospital. What seemed to be hit was accompanied by steaming water.
What’s she doing?
Ji Dong went out of the back door probe again and asked Chen Sixuan doubtfully, "Xuan Si, what are you doing there?"
Chen Sixuan also don’t answered "water! I chose this hotel because of its characteristics. The hot springs here are the best in Dongmucheng Hotel, and the bubbles are very comfortable. "
As she spoke, she got up and took off her coat to reveal the clothes inside. Fortunately, it is late autumn. After all, their clothes are not too few, but watching Chen Sixuan undress, Ji Dong suddenly got a fright. "Xuan Si, do you want to take a bath in the courtyard?"
Chen Sixuan look back to reveal a strange look on his face. "I’m in the hospital. What can’t I take a bath in the hot spring pool? Ji Dong, why don’t you come? Now that you are my lover, I don’t mind if you want to come together, "she said, her face was reddish, but her hands had taken off her clothes with a faint smile."
Ji Dong almost fled the door and pulled all the curtains as quickly as possible. In the process of pulling the curtains, he did his own stunt to scare the snake. It is conceivable how flustered he is now.
Chen Sixuan looked at the door and burst into a smile. She deliberately said "coward". Her voice was not small, and Ji Dong could definitely hear it.
As she spoke, she really took off her clothes and looked at the steaming pool in front of her. Chen Sixuan looked up at the sky and secretly prayed for the evil god. If you really want me to fulfill my promise to you, it will be a heavy rain later.
Pray that Chen Sixuan’s silver teeth bite and finally pick up the body, and finally cover the slender light span and step into the pool to make a series of water sounds.
In Ji Dong’s dull room, the back is facing the window, and the curtains over there are light colors. Although you can’t see the real scene outside after pulling, it is no problem to see some shadows under the moonlight.
Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Ji Dong tried to tell himself not to think about it, but now he has lost control of his thoughts.
There is a window partition! Chen Sixuan is taking a bath outside, and he is in the room. His ear is very reminiscent of what Chen Sixuan said before. Ji Dong, come along! Such a simple sentence is absolutely earth-shaking.
Ji Dong felt that his blood was boiling constantly, especially when the water kept ringing outside, and his brain was out of control, imagining Chen Sixuan’s touching reality.
How come… Ji Dong’s wry smile grew stronger. Isn’t this night more tormented than yesterday? He is now hoping that Chen Sixuan can take a bath faster and faster.
Sitting on the ground, Ji Dong kept meditating in his heart that the color of South Amitabha Buddha is, is, is …
As it turns out, girls can never take a bath too fast. Worse, Chen Sixuan came here with Ji Dong for a purpose, that is, to seduce him.
Chen Sixuan didn’t have any confidence in this point, but this confidence was brought to him by Ji Dong. She knew that she was not unattractive to Ji Dong when she saw Ji Dong being defeated and fleeing yesterday. Before this, her confidence was naturally sufficient today.
Soaking in the hot spring water, the hot spring soaks into the body, which gradually relaxes Chen Sixuan’s original tense mood. It is really a wonderful enjoyment to soak in the hot spring, especially when this kind of open-air hot spring looks at the stars and the moon in the sky.
It seems that it’s really right to choose this place. From the point of view of flame, it’s her first time to come here, but this physical memory has a good memory of it. Now it seems that this is indeed a correct choice. Soaking in a slightly hot hot spring makes the body feel as if the bones and muscles are relaxed, and even the spirit is relaxed. Chen Sixuan is no longer so nervous.
Although Chen Sixuan didn’t know that Ji Dong missed Amitabha in her room, she knew that her plan was still effective when she saw Ji Dong pulling the curtains so hard.
It’s hard for her to catch the past life belief and make her feel a little calmer, but there is a Chen Sixuan sound in her ear.
"Ji Dong, could you please throw me the big towel in the room? I’m almost finished. "
Don’t you know how tempting you are when Ji leaves and almost spits out a mouthful of blood without killing yourself like this?
In the face of such a stunning Ji Dong who is absolutely energetic, can’t fight, can’t scold, and can’t escape, he feels really miserable now. He has already considered whether to give up the bottle of wine and get out of here quickly.
Severe breathing a few Ji Dong just got up and walked aside again, grabbed the big towel and came to the door to pull a gap. With the previous memory, he shook his hand and threw the big towel out.
"Thank you" Chen Sixuan’s beautiful sound was followed by a burst of water, which immediately reminded Ji Dong of a beautiful bathing picture.
"Ji Dong, you really don’t come to bubble? Oh, this pool is very big, and there is no problem for two people. Otherwise, I will not let you see what you shouldn’t see by soaking in a towel. "
Poof-two lines of nosebleeds finally gushed out of Ji Dong’s nose out of control.
Chen Sixuan is getting up from the pool at this time and looking at the direction of the door. Suddenly, I was surprised to see the blood jet.
Is almost the first blunt come over.
"Ji Dong, what’s the matter with you?" Eager to exclaim, Chen Sixuan had already rushed to the door near.
"Don’t come here …" Ji Dong shouted that Chen Sixuan had already rushed to him and it was too late to shout anything.
Chen Sixuan was in front of Ji Dong and clearly saw that Ji Dong’s nose flowed like two small red snakes, and blood rushed out. He just took a big towel to help him wipe it, but he completely ignored his embarrassment at this time. The so-called heart is chaotic. At this time, she really didn’t tempt Ji Dong. I think it was the most direct reaction because of seeing Ji Dong’s nose spurting blood, but it was like this that the first reaction brought Ji Dong the greatest impact.
I can’t even look at it … When Chen Sixuan handed me the towel, her perfect charming body presented the absolute golden ratio in front of Ji Dong. The ratio of leg length to body was just 1.61 waterfall, and there were at least some dark green hair hanging freely behind her. The white, rich and tender skin on her chest was like tender tofu, and the drops were rolling like crystal drops.
What comes out of the water like a hibiscus is an insult to Chen Sixuan’s beauty. It is difficult to express it in words. In previous lives, Ji Dong always thought that girls look better in clothes than in no clothes, because good clothes and decorations can improve a person’s temperament. However, this kind of thinking is that Chen Sixuan’s body is uncomfortable in front of him. Even when he was with the flame, Ji Dong never saw the flame and didn’t wear clothes. It can be said that Chen Sixuan was the first girl who admitted to meeting him. This stimulation made Ji Dong’s nosebleed unstoppable and continued to erupt.
"You …" Ji Dong suddenly closed his eyes and pushed out at the same time, trying to push Chen Sixuan out from the door.

I was very nervous after hearing Huangfu Zhantian’s words, and the old man’s expression suddenly loosened.

"I didn’t expect you to be able to introduce yourself with so many pieces of iron. I’m the head of the clan now. You can call me Sakura. Well, since you’re here yourself, you’re not afraid that I’ll kill you. In that case, tell me your plan! Otherwise, I will give you the iron piece of our inferno! " Sakura ghost light way
"This is not in a hurry, let you see something first!" Huangfu Zhantian shook his head and said, "With that, his body’s Raytheon Qi suddenly surged, and a powerful ancient monty breath burst out from his body. It was desolate and primitive, and full of magic gas. The appearance of Tianmo Armor set off his body like a statue from an ancient troll, but Tianmo Armor had an inexplicable connection in some places on this day. Section 1796: Demon spokesperson.
"This is …!" Sakura ghost couldn’t keep calm after seeing this celestial fiend armor of Huangfu Zhantian. The whole person suddenly got up from his seat and his eyes were full of incredible expressions. When he reached Huangfu Zhantian’s side, he shook his hands and touched it toward Huangfu Zhantian’s celestial fiend armor.
Looking at Sakura’s ghost expression, suspection.i Zhantian is very understanding. After all, there has been no trace of the strong treasures in their clan. Now he suddenly appears in front of him, and he can keep calm before he has a ghost.
"Yes, what you see is your heavenly demon armor!" Any suspection.i war day light way
"Yes, this is our heavenly demon armor, but how can this be in your hands?" Sakura ghost immediately came out from the excitement after hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, and looked at this suspection.i Zhantian Tianjiao Jia’s eyes burning way
"That’s a long story, Jane. You should know that!" Any suspection.i Zhantian will recover the heavenly fiend armor to the body and ask Sakura Ghost [
See any suspection.i war days will fiend armor back to the body sakura ghost opened his mouth to say something, but when he heard any suspection.i war days say the word Jane, his body suddenly looked up at any suspection.i war days and asked, "Do you know fiend’s adult? Is this heavenly fiend armor given to you by an adult fiend? No wonder there are fewer and fewer strong demons in our day. It turned out that O ‘Lord abandoned us. Whoops …! "
Huangfu Zhantian looked at that crying like a child. Sakura suddenly had a head and two big ones. What’s this and what’s this? Why are you crying?
"Come on, don’t cry, you fiend adults didn’t abandon you because he was controlled by the strong protoss, so there was no way to return to the clan, and fiend Jane gave me the fiend armor, hoping that I could find a way to lift his seal. When I helped Jane lift the seal, your fiend adults would come back." Huangfu Zhantian was at a loss and looked at it and cried, and Sakura quickly explained.
"Really? Is everything you say true? " Sakura ghost wiped away the tears in her eyes after hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian and then excitedly caught suspection.i Zhantian hand and asked
Caught by this old guy’s hand, suspection.i war, as a sudden, there was a bad cold, but he couldn’t hit this old guy again. When he could suppress the bad cold in his heart, he comforted him, "Of course, otherwise, can you take the initiative to integrate with me?" Heavenly fiend armor has its own spirit. If it hadn’t been given to me by Jane, I wouldn’t have been accepted by Heavenly fiend armor. Can I let go now? "
"Sorry, sorry!" Sakura Ghost saw that he was actually holding Huangfu Zhantian’s hand, but he was in a better mood at this time. Today is really a double happiness. Not only did he get the news of the ghost inn, but he also got the news of the fiend’s adult to be born again, so their inferno can no longer be as depressed as it is now. Now young people are getting worse and worse.
"Thank you. Thank you so much. If you hadn’t brought the news of the fiend’s adult, the inferno would have been like this all day. It is estimated that in a few years, the inferno will really decline." Sakura Ming thanked Huangfu Zhantian.
"Chief of the clan, you are not so polite. Since O Jane believes me so much, of course I can’t be careless. And I already know where to find a way to remove the seal of O Jane. When the matter of the Ghost Inn is over, we will release O Jane and fulfill my original promise!" HuangFuZhanTian sincere way indeed if it weren’t for the heavenly fiend A HuangFuZhanTian may have met those dangers before and died? So he wanted to perfunctory, but now he really wants to release the fiend Jane.
"Well, thank you. Anyway, thank you. Since you are the spokesperson of the fiend’s adult, we didn’t give you the iron piece of the inferno. I hope that after you enter the ghost inn, you can bring out something that belongs to our inferno. We will be very grateful." Sakura is still very excited
"Come on, if this piece of iron appears in my body, the protoss will not be so polite that day. If you let them go, it will not be worth the loss. The patriarch’s adult, you’d better send the strong in your family to follow me into the ghost inn. Besides, the piece of iron is also held by the strong in your family, and it can’t be revealed that I am very familiar with your inferno. Just consider it as a transaction. What do you think?" Any suspection.i war day discussion way
"Well, that’s a good idea. It’s settled. I’ll send a strong man to go to the ghost inn with you to get something!" Sakura ghost after hearing any suspection.i war days hesitated a just said
"Well, now that things have been finalized, I’ll be leaving, or those guys in your family will probably not leave me alone!" Any suspection.i zhantian a little afraid afraid of sample way
Looking at the expression of Huangfu Zhantian, Sakura suddenly criticized, "They haven’t let you go yet. If you make efforts, I’m afraid those young guys in our family are not your opponents, so Lin Fanyu can compete with you!"
Hearing Sakura’s words, Huangfu Zhantian smiled modestly. He knew that the old man said that Lin Fanyu was probably the spiritual leader of the younger generation in the inferno this day. Forget it. It’s best not to meet this guy one by one. After all, he doesn’t want to expose all his cards because of an emotional struggle. This is not a wise practice.
"The younger generation will be leaving now! When the time comes, I will inform my predecessors to send someone to come here. You can take this jade Jane. When the time comes, I will send someone directly to Tianyu City. I will always send someone to Tianyu City. "Any suspection.i Zhantian handed the jade Jane to Sakura Ghost Road.
"Well, go ahead and tell Jill before you go!" Sakura ghost with the wave way
After leaving Sakura’s ghost courtyard, Huangfu Zhantian’s figure flashed toward the outside, but no trace of Sakura’s son was found. The inferno clan is too big on this day. Where should I find her? Forget it. Just find someone to bring her a message.
Thought of here suspection.i war day then conveniently took a day inferno young people.
"Hello, can you give a message to Sakura Jill for me and tell her that I’m leaving first!" Any suspection.i Zhantian kindly asked the young man [
"Hum!" The man took a look at Huangfuzhantian and then turned away with a cold hum, ignoring Huangfuzhantian, which made Huangfuzhantian Zhang, a monk, puzzled. He didn’t want to think that he had defeated the leader of others and that they could give you a good look. Section 1797: Lin Fanyu
Day inferno turf wandering for a long time no one spoke to him, which made Huangfu Zhantian very angry. When he decided not to tell Sakura Jill, the old man Sakura Ming would definitely tell her.
After making this decision, Huangfu Zhantian was ready to go out, but at this time, the road idiocy problem was made again for a long time, but she never found the road that Sakura Jill took him to.
Just as Huangfu Zhantian was flying around like a fly, a faint sound entered his ear.
"I am waiting for you in the martial arts field!" There are seven words, but they are full of strong confidence.
Hearing this, suspection.i war, as in the heart, suddenly gave a wry smile. Did it come after all or didn’t hide? They should not react as soon as they came out from Sakura, but they should die and die, and they have made the mistake of being caught red-handed [
He didn’t want to go here, but he thought that if he didn’t go there, there would be no way to attract Sakura’s attention. Now the inferno has ignored himself all day. I don’t know when I can get out on my own. What’s more, people still have that powerful light door. If there is no special way to lift it, I’m afraid it’s impossible to break their own strength, and even if they can break it, they will definitely not be able to get out. Because they are crazy, the inferno must be particularly terrible. I want to go to Huangfu Zhantian and decide to see a new generation of spiritual leaders
Just when Huangfu Zhantian was ready to go, he found that he didn’t know where that damn arms drill was.
"Who can take me to the martial arts field?" Huangfu Zhantian shouted that he didn’t want to ask those pretentious guys any more. He shouted out directly. I’m afraid that guy named Lin Fanyu would definitely let people show him the way. After that, Huangfu Zhantian just sat there and absorbed the aura here. The aura concentration here has reached ten times. Huangfu Zhantian certainly can’t miss this opportunity.
Sure enough, as expected by Huangfu Zhantian, one day soon, the inferno boy came to Huangfu Zhantian and saw Huangfu Zhantian cross-legged and cultivated there. His anger suddenly surged up, and a dark magic snake swung towards Huangfu Zhantian and bit hard.

Package grownup like rubbed the childish way "am I wrong? But it’s not right. Just now, I saw my mother smile strangely. "Liancheng smiled brightly and reached out to flick his forehead." You must have misread the fact that my mother always smiles and is friendly. How can you show any strange smiles? "

"Mother, I guess dad must have been calculated by you, otherwise he wouldn’t have chased us until now." Speaking of this bag of raven eyes, he added, "Can dad be calculated by his mother to say that he is too worried about his mother? If dad chases our mother, will he be better to dad?"
Liancheng raised his eyebrows and said, "Didn’t I treat your dad well enough?" The little guy is so clever that he must have thought of something.
Bao looked at her seriously and said, "Dad must have done something to make Mother angry, or Mother wouldn’t have left home with her bag overnight." Liancheng squatted down with her eyes shining and stared at the little guy for a moment without saying anything or moving. After a while, she suddenly chuckled, "People are big!" As she said, she also reached out and pinched her tender face. This is what she used to do in recent years. Before this year, every time she pinched her cheeks like this, she blinked her eyes and smiled at Mimi. But after a year, she felt that she had grown up and it was too hard to be pinched by her mother. So he learned to avoid it. Of course, it is natural for him to avoid it, otherwise he was afraid that her mother would not be happy and say that he was proud and charming.
How can he not know that this little idea is priceless?
Whenever he seems to avoid her clutches at will, she will catch people and pinch them both.
This is a small "punishment"
"Mother, I have grown up!" Bao looked at Lao Niang with resentment.
Liancheng laughed happily and his tender face pinched his eyebrows. "Where did you grow up? Is it age or height? " With smiling eyes and tightly locked eyes, she slowly approached and nodded thoughtfully. "It’s a little taller than last year, but even if you grow up to be as tall as your dad, it’s my son, okay?" Pack a little head. She grinned and continued, "Since it’s my son, I can pinch your face whenever I want. Why not?" This is a joke, so it seems that she is idle to chat and have fun!
"Can that mother pinch her face in private like this?" Bao Chao hong kui they saw the eye small way
A good mother cried and laughed, pointing to the little man in front of her. "Ha, ha, ha. Bao blushed. Mother Bao actually knew that she blushed. Ha, ha, ha! Are you trying to make your mother laugh? Just how old a kid knows to blush hahaha! " Jane doe, a child of her own, naturally knew it, but she just couldn’t help laughing. The little guy was so funny that she knew that she had to meet him at an early age and asked her not to pinch his face in front of others.
"Mother …"
Bao Bao’s old lady’s face became more and more red with laughter. She couldn’t help but throw herself in her mother’s arms and bury her head in Liancheng’s shoulders. Grandma said angrily, "Bao is a man and a woman. Don’t laugh like that!"
Liancheng immediately stopped laughing and nodded again and again. "Good mother stopped laughing. Mother Bao is a man who knows he is shy!" Picking up the bag, she looked at the river and saw the charm of a big ship coming along the river towards their party. "When the boat comes, we can go to Lingyue in a few days." Bao said a sentence, and she called Hongkui Crimson Lotus members to prepare to board the boat.
"Shall we wait for Dad?" Bao Palian walked shoulder to shoulder in front of them. "Dad should be chasing us!"
"Well, if he hasn’t arrived in an hour, leave him alone!" The ship was moored at the ferry and Liancheng and his party boarded the ship.
The so-called Liulindu at the ferry crossing here is naturally because there are many willows on the shore, especially here. Not only are there many willows, but each willow is thick and deep-rooted. In April, the wind blows across the green wicker and dances with it, as if waving to people and nodding and smiling at them. Always looking at the shore is full of vitality and green makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.
Cross your legs and sit on the deck together like magic, and suddenly there is a jasper shaw in your hand.
"Mother, are you going to play music?" Bao blinked his eyes and stared at the jade flute in his mother’s hand. He was eager to say, "Bao hasn’t heard the mother play music yet!" " Liancheng touched her hair and smiled. Judo "Mother will blow it to you now" and she tried the audition of Jasper Xiao Fang’s lips and blew a song.
As the flute music rises, all the people on the boat will look down and think deeply, and accompany her to play the flute and fall into the artistic conception.
The flute is soft and graceful, slowly flowing, short and circuitous, and sometimes like a mountain stream lingering around a stone, and then continues to flow.
Bao is young, but he listens carefully to the fact that his mother plays the tune. It is good to hear that he leans his head with one hand and looks at the tune. His mother looks quiet and seems to be macro. They are also addicted to the artistic conception brought by Xiao Qu.
At the end of a song, it took a while for everyone to recover from the wonderful music. "My mother plays really well, and I have to learn to play music."
"Good mother will teach my bag if she has it." Liancheng lovingly caressed his hair and laughed Mimi tunnel
Bao’s face immediately floated up and smiled happily. "Can dad play music, too?"
"Yes, your dad can not only play music but also play the piano very well!" I think of a man’s elegant eyes when he plays the piano and plays the song. He can’t help but be soft enough to drop water into his bag. His face is full of respect and his eyes are bright and childish. "Dad and mother are both very good at it. They must learn to play the piano and grow up to be like dad and mother."
"Well, mother believes that Bao’s dream will come true, and we believe that Bao will be more powerful than mother and father one day." Liancheng smiles like a flower and her eyes are soft and her tone is especially gentle.
Bao listened to her and nodded her head heavily. "Will Bao Bao disappoint Mother and Dad?"
"Good" Liancheng smiled with a comfortable face
I sipped my mouth and thought about it. I blinked my eyes and said, "Mother Bao still wants to hear you play music." How can I refuse to ask for it? In this way, she picked up the jade flute and blew several songs one after another until she was thirsty.
"Smelly little have you done this to your mother?" Liancheng put jade flute instantly with a touch of blue tall and straight figure, and fell firmly on the deck. "Go to the charm and play with them, and don’t pester your mother." When you go to kiss your wife, the man directly picks up his son and throws it in front of the charm, and he is not afraid that his son will fall into the gurgling river.
Liancheng got up and gouged out like a man. "Are you Bao’s father?"
"Of course," the man came close to her with an apology. "I heard you never stop in the flute for a moment. How can you eat it?" He loved kissing his wife but was not ungrateful by her. Think about it!
Wrapped in the charm, the tender face in her arms did not give birth to any dissatisfaction.
It’s that he forgot that there was a baby in his mother’s belly after listening to the music.
"How does it taste?" Being hugged by a man, I can’t wait for the man to answer his mouth and smile. "It’s very comfortable, right?"
Huangfuyi smiled naively. "You also asked my husband that he was poured with cold water and caught fire!" Then he raised his hand and pinched Liancheng Xiu’s pretty nose, soft eyes and soft words. "I didn’t mean to cheat you. Think about it. It is impossible for Jack to leave Haiyan."
"But have you ever thought about it?" Liancheng looked at his eyes with a trace of worry and said slowly, "Jack can’t accept his current gender, so it may not be a good thing for him to be with Haiyan."
"Don’t accept? Now, he is a daughter and the eldest daughter of a family, and Haiyan Media is marrying a princess. If she can live long-term away from the island of forgetting her worries, we will do our best to help her and her family and Haiyan and Jiao Ren get rid of it. "Huangfuyijun’s face is dignified and slightly heavy." But she can’t live long-term and Jiao Ren’s life is far longer than ours. Do you think she will understand when we all leave her alone? Can you be at ease without our friends around her? "
Liancheng listened to what he said, lip-synching for a long time.
Yes, can Jack live this life well without their friends and the Jiao Ren family?
What does innocence do to play tricks on people and give them a woman’s body? Even if he becomes Jiao Ren, isn’t it good to give him a male body?
If he were a man, he wouldn’t be entangled in sex and wouldn’t exclude himself from his bones-Jiao Ren.
"I don’t know how Jack is now. I’m worried that he and Haiyan are facing each other. I’m even more worried that he will do something irrational. If so, do you think he will be treated as a monster by the Jiao Ren family?" Jack’s temperament is priceless, and he knows that fellow well. He is unruly and occasionally makes a racket, just like a naive child. Wouldn’t it be fatal if he was heard by a willing heart because of his mouth?
It is because of revenge that the fellow died miserably. It is her duty to protect him and keep him safe when he wears it here.

After 500 years, Huo Xuan, a ling fox, didn’t enjoy much affection since he was born, because the number of ling foxes was small and the male fox and the female fox rarely stayed together. Huo Xuan met his mother when he was a child, never met Dad, and was expelled from the house by his mother only three months after weaning.

In fact, even when my mother was around, Huo Xuan was forced to practice every day, and she was beaten black and blue by her mother. This was almost cruel training. Huo Xuan had already achieved a high level of cultivation at an early age, but her mother forced her to be independent and cruel to her, which made her lack of love and even less understand how to get along with others.
Fire Xuan It seems that the law of the jungle in this world speaks by strength, and you can do whatever you want in Cangxi. It doesn’t matter if you don’t, but now you meet Meow and Meow’s mother, and it feels that things seem to have changed.
I can see that Muhuan is really kind to Meow Meow, unlike some people who just use Meng Chong as a fun toy for chatting. This should be the reason why Meow or Nini is loyal to this woman.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with Muhuan except being a waste material. On this short-term relationship, Huo Xuan will see that she is a woman who is sensitive and sincere, and she must not be sad when she is around her.
It’s that Linghu was used to being free and loose since childhood, and suddenly asked it to conclude a contract with others to become a contract beast. It’s a little hard for the fire Xuan to accept it for a while. Tianma Xing is used to fighting and killing, and suddenly he has to be partial to a corner with a woman hiding in this unknown town. It’s too dull to think about it, but he’s humbled but lonely for a hundred years. How can he give up when he finally meets a little beast he is interested in?
Fire Xuan legs upright there to see meow meow and MuHuan tail gently dangling doing the hardest decision in my life.
Meow meow just wanted to say something, but MuHuan stopped her. She didn’t want the fire Xuan to make a choice against her will because of Meow meow’s "threat". Meow meow seems to have lost her mother’s meaning. She buried her head in MuHuan’s chest and exposed her dark eyes to watch the fire Xuan quietly.
This moment is not long, but it seems that after a long time, everyone has chosen silence to see if the miracle will happen.
Finally, the fire Xuan’s tail stopped shaking. It looked at Muhuan and picked up two front paws and bowed deeply to Muhuan. "My wife and mother are willing to be your contract beast to protect you from now on!"
"Have you thought it over?" Muhuan still look pale.
"Think clearly!" Fire Xuan nodded
"Aren’t you afraid I’ll get you into trouble? I’m a loser. "
"Grandpa, I have never been afraid of trouble! I am afraid of trouble! " Fire Xuan is naturally arrogant
"If you want to stay behind, you can’t call yourself grandpa in front of us. Can you do that?" Muhuan frowned.
"No problem," Fire Xuan answered quickly. "Then I don’t have to call you master?"
"Of course, but you can call me mother like Meow and Nini." Muhuan smiled cunningly.
"Say it again!" Fire Xuan fox face this quick pull into a horse face will claw again before MuHuan "contract nonsense is really not so much"
"I wonder if the girl has this honor?" Before MuHuan nodded aside, the man pulled out a dagger as thin as a Zen wing, which obviously meant to help this man and a beast complete the contract ceremony, although he couldn’t understand what MuHuan and the fire Xuan said to see. This fire Xuan obviously decided the contract.
"Mom, I’ll do it." Some people don’t trust a master with a bad history and are interested in this Linghu. Who knows if he will take advantage of it?
"Let him help you, if you don’t mind my husband’s kindness. After all, this man is bound to have to. Without his comity, this fox can’t belong to me." Muhuan stopped it with a faint sentence.
I have to say that Muhuan is Cong, and this man is no match for Fire Xuan, no matter how severe he is. Otherwise, he would have directly made the Fire Xuan, which is so tortuous? Now that he’s out to help, take the opportunity to test him and see what he’s going to do. I believe that if he really dares to play tricks in front of the fire Xuan, the fire Xuan will not easily let go of the girl in Chapter 221!
Muhuan stretched out his forefinger generously and looked her in the eye with a glamourous smile. Only two fingers carefully twisted her finger, which seemed to be a rare treasure dagger. The finger was gently cut and grabbed the fire claw, and then a little blood was squeezed out. Then, after mixing the blood of one person and one beast, Muhuan and the fire Xuan eyebrows were drawn, and a symbol was read in the mouth, "My blood and my blood entered into a contract to share weal and woe!"
This symbol immediately gave off bursts of golden light and split into two paths, which flew to the eyebrows of Mu and Huo Xuan respectively, and sank into the head of a man and a beast together with blood stains. This deja vu scene actually made Mu Huan somewhat absent until the man smiled and said, "Congratulations to the girl". Mu Huancai came to her senses and suppressed the bitterness in her heart because of memories. She blessed the man again. "Thank you for your success!"
Fire Xuan had robbed Meow Meow and jumped into the corner of the garden, not knowing what to say.
The man looked down at Muhuan’s mouth and bent an evil smile. "I didn’t expect this to happen after chasing this Linghu for more than a year. As a result, the girl was so charming that she lost her heart!"
After that, the man looked at the crowd again. "Meeting is predestined relationship. Today, this Linghu broke into the girl’s garden uninvited and damaged the trees in the girl’s garden. However, it is a beautiful thing to witness the girl Linghu conclude a contract with her own eyes. This is a great event to celebrate. I wonder if the girl can let Xiaobai share your joy?"
MuHuan one leng never dreamed that this man is so thick-skinned. What is he now if he says that he was a fire Xuancai and didn’t leave? This man is not only a master, but also must have a lot to condescend to make friends with himself. He’s up to something?
Sogeum and O also have the same question. It’s a little more wary to look at men’s eyes. Sogeum secretly pulls his clothes and gives them a look. O walks knowingly. "This man just thanked you for helping my mother to successfully conclude a contract with Linghu. Isn’t this a kind of sharing? My mother has been pregnant for a long time and should rest. Please come back! "
This is a way to drive people away, but the man’s face hasn’t changed at all. He ignores Ah and stares at Mu Huan deeply. "Girl, please prepare thin wine in taoranju tonight and invite the girl and the two to be there or be square!"
Say that finish before MuHuan talk man smartly turned around and hands a recruit "small white walking"
"It’s male!" Small white fart Dian fart with men behind two people just roared off.
"What a narcissist! What makes you think we’ll go?" Sogeum discontentedly small murmured at two people back made a face.
"Princess, this person can’t be underestimated. Turn back to Soul Dan, but the most famous Dan medicine in Cangxi mainland-each royal family can have up to three pills when it’s not needed, but this person actually fed Meow Meow one pill at first hand, which makes people doubting his identity and his cultivation is also very high. It doesn’t seem to be cold." Ah said here, he suddenly realized that he had said the wrong name and hurriedly stopped.
"When he left just now, he told me that he knew that you and I were not husband and wife." Muhuan automatically ignored a certain name and looked up at Sogeum and Ah. "It seems that even the Hongmen banquet tonight, we have to go and see which one he sang."
"No wonder he kept calling you a girl, but she had already seen the clue." Sogeum suddenly realized and looked up at the back of the garden. "He and the little white caught this fire. The Xuan must have hidden the back tree so far. You can see from the lip that we are talking. This person must be very tall."
"I didn’t expect the biggest disadvantage of this garden to be that if the high-ranking people in the back mountain came to spy, they would choose to hide there until summer when the trees are lush. Isn’t it more difficult to find?" O frown secretly worried about locking the courtyard before coming back and looking at MuHuan and Sogeum. "I don’t know if this person is an enemy or a friend. Will it be Xilin sent?"
"I don’t think his accent is like Xilin people." Mu Huan also recognized that this male accent is more like Snowman because he likes music. "And if he is really Xilin Paigen, there is no need to be repetitive with us, either arresting people directly or killing people directly, and he won’t watch my fire mysterious contract in this garden and the back of the mountain. But where is it absolutely safe? Isn’t there an assassin in the palace, too? Now with the fire Xuan, maybe it won’t be so easy for someone to easily hide in the back to spy. "
"The princess is right. Unless we completely hide in a deserted place, there will be hidden dangers. But I really can’t imagine that this person wants us to make friends. He is very interested in the princess. His eyes are not obscene, but they are not like the love rat that the princess said." Sogeum thinks carefully. Although this man looks evil and laughs evil, his eyes are clear and not like bad people.
"If it’s true that they chased this Linghu for more than a year but gave up so easily," Ah shook his head. "If he wants to rob us hard, the two of us are not his opponents."
"He is afraid that it should be the fire Xuan. Even if he is very high, it is not necessarily higher than the fire Xuan. Otherwise, their master and servant will need wine to trap the fire Xuan?" MuHuan looked at the garden and made meow meow heart xuan could not help feeling almost "this is god’s will! I didn’t expect meow meow to bring me such a great god. "
"Yes, I didn’t expect the princess to get such a good reward for saving meow on that day. I have to say that everything is destined to have this fire Xuan to accompany the princess around, so there is no problem." Sogeum also agrees with this statement. "It is this fire Xuan that has a bad temper and needs to be well adjusted … taught after the princess."
"Sogeum can’t wait to spend more time on this matter. I think it will merge with us." Muhuan looked at the sky. "It’s still a while before sunset. You go and prepare for it. I’ll ask Fire Xuan."
"good!" O sogeum and recede to tidy up the garden MuHuan shouted meow meow first into the room fire xuan bounded jumped in, tail wrapped in meow meow one red and one white really good-looking.

Heavy Li mercilessly beat a table, hate that call her teeth.

Zangjian and discretion at this time said a sentence "is he now this body also want to the battlefield? Killed by white wolf cavalry and flying wolf tiejun, it is better for me to kill you now and give you a good time. "
"What did you say?" Heavy Li Jianmei phoenix eyes really sharp.
Heavy purple just wanted to find a wall to kill himself. These two people are friends but also enemies!
Zang Jiangang will stop Big Brother, not because of his kindness, but because he thinks Second Brother is his opponent and can kill himself.
Suddenly, Li clenched his fist and loosened up, and his expression was no longer angry. "If I retreat because of this minor injury, I am not worthy of attaching importance to my family."
"Hum! Do you still dare to call yourself family-oriented? "Zangjian laughed darkly.
"Poof-"A knife stuck to his neck, and the blade sank into the wall, and the handle was trembling.
Everyone stopped looking at the man who threw out his beloved nod, but he saw his face open. The halberd Shang Dao returned to his hand and returned to the shape of an oil-paper umbrella with a flick of his hand.
Stay up all night and walk into the snow outside.
The figure is ethereal
"Heavy Li, I order you to take heavy Lin Yuwei into the imperial city, young master-live to see people die and see corpses."
Lift my feet white clothes across the snow he paused "heavy purple lieutenant ZangJian road go …"
Heavy li leng for a moment fuels answered "yes! Big brother "
Heavy purple’s dumbfounded eyes glanced at the white snow outside. "This snow even buried bloody tonight."
"Hum!" Zangjian heard heavy purple insidious smile several muttered, "Little Lord dispersed his aura by himself. I don’t know if it is the lucky person who can get the favor of little Lord! ?”
He licked the corners of his mouth
This battle is getting more and more interesting.

In the wreckage of Bailiyi, I feel this wet and cold air slowly transpiration from the ground, and the bloody taste comes with transpiration.
My heart was depressed, but I didn’t expect that I would push myself to the battlefield one day because of my love words, but he flatly regretted it
The cold fire lit up the bloody night.
Suddenly, in the silent night, the drums beat across the sky.
Bai Liyi hasn’t reacted yet. What’s going on? Yunyong over there has already rushed over to stay before coming to the front without giving a direct way: "The temple is not good! Heavy Lin Yuwei sent troops. "
Bailiyi didn’t speak, just twisted her eyebrows.
Heavy Lin Yuwei will attack early is expected. 567 Chapter 567 Smile and help the battlefield (3)
But I didn’t expect it to come so soon.
After all, they also lost many soldiers! ? Can attack without being affected at all?
This is really not good news
Their troops will face the battlefield before they are adjusted to Peicheng, which is bound to be unstable!
"go! Follow me to Chengtou to see "Baili Yi didn’t think much and immediately walked towards the wall.
Cloud chung should be a is with thyme taken away.
All the leading figures on the other side of the wall have gathered together.
Bailiyi Chengtou looked at the group of white clothes as heavy as snow and Lin Yuwei in the snow, but he was surprised that the leader was actually heavy. The man who disappeared from the palace at night turned out to have fled back long ago.
A glimpse of the purple robe with a double-feather knife is heavy purple.
Listen to her healthy and energetic towards the tower drink "coward hurry up to aunt I roll out-! Why is the short man now a little puss-head? Isn’t it very arrogant in the past few times? "
Bai Liyi took her eyes back and looked at the person who was full of anger because of heavy purple’s words. "What is General Yun like?"
"Unfavorable to play" Yun Yong’s brief words are chilling, but his little body has limited explosive power. heavy purple continued, "Something is wrong! Just after the defeat, he immediately rushed to declare war. "
"At the end of the will, even this war is weird," said a middle-aged man who was slightly older.
That’s Yunyong’s father, a general. Yunyan has never lost in the battlefield for years! But I didn’t expect to be defeated by Chongjiabao.
He was so arrogant that he vowed to come back for revenge.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “