I wanted to think for a moment, and then I came for nothing.

It turned out that he wanted to befriend Ma Xiaoling through my weight!
I felt a little relieved and scared me for a whole afternoon!
"But friends, you have to help me put in a good word in front of Ma Xiaoling, don’t you?"
I said, "That’s fine … I’ll do my best to help you. I can’t guarantee it."
Ge Ershao was very evil and laughed. "If this thing is really done, I will tell you the truth. Don’t look at you failing every day, but your diploma is still safe!"
"Don’t do that!" I said, "That’s not good. I’m not that kind of person. Although I fail classes every day, I’m a principled informant."
Ge Er said less, "My uncle is the principal!"
My horse said, "Look at your sincerity, then I will make a friend of you!" "
At the dinner table, several people immediately looked at me with disdain. "It is really a principled informant!"
Ge Er Shao raised his glass and greeted the horse. "I told you, I’m the best at school and I’m the second best! Come and propose a toast to him. I like to make friends with open people. "
Since the words are so white, I am no longer afraid of my hands and feet, and I will have a few drinks with them immediately.
Dinner is cruel, so naturally, when chatting, they will tell their mixed social experiences one by one, all of which are impassioned.
Seeing that they were so excited, I also picked up a chopstick to point out the country and told the story of lifting a girl classmate’s skirt and peeking at the bottom of the deskmate’s skirt in primary school.
They praised and said, "I can’t see that you are also a storyteller!"
I said modestly, "Men are not brave in those days."
Walked out of the box wobbly ge two less took my hand and tears "Chen Yichuan you really frank! I will tell you to help Ma Xiaoling put in a good word in front of me. After this matter, whoever dares to give you a hard time will be the first to say no! "
I said, "mutual benefit!"
Watching them leave me one by one, walking to the bottom of a tree, squatting and blowing, and then taking a long breath.
I don’t know how long I’ve been holding the bottom of that tree. In a daze, I suddenly felt someone blowing cold air behind his neck.
Turn your head quickly
A figure behind me is a big girl in white with red lips and white teeth.
See me, she seems to be frightened, and she took two steps back.
Who’s this guy?
I haven’t figured out what’s going on yet, and the big girl is very nervous. She suddenly threw herself in front of me and hugged me and shouted "Help!"
Her sudden behavior made me stunned.
In a daze for a moment, she had already jumped into my arms and kept shaking at me, as if she had been frightened a lot.
But look around and see nothing around.
I said, "Girl, are you okay?"
She raised her face full of tears and whispered, "I need help!" "
I can see the girl’s back roughly by shaking the street lamp.
As soon as we met, she hugged me hard. At this moment, her spine was exposed with weak clothes, and Bai Sensen’s ribs clung to my chest.
It was a ghost!
This big girl is Bai Gujing’s stiffening ribs, which makes me breathless!
I woke up from a shivering moment and hurriedly pushed her to smile stiffly. "Girl, you rib …"
When she heard this, she suddenly raised her head. "Rib bone?"
The neck surface is Bai Sensen, a skull and two deep eye holes.
For a moment, she gave me a big mouth, and the tone suddenly became fierce. "I have been a ghost for so many years, and no one has ever dared to say that my chest is small!"
Fuck the dog!
If you don’t fucking say anything, just lean over and hug me. Where do you get the confidence to say you have breasts? !
☆ Chapter 10 Notice
"You have breasts?"
I grinned stiffly at her and said, "Where are you confident?"
"What did you say?"
That will make the girl Bai Gujing tighten her tight gown and cover her ribs. She shouted at me angrily, "Say it again!"
My horse said, "Shameless!"
Yet a Bai Gujing nu!
Her neck skull gnawed at the root and rattled wildly, scolding, "You little bitch, are you laughing at me? You go to hell! ! ! ! !”
She raised her arm, raised her finger, and her sharp nails grew a few inches. The black light came out and there was a chill.

"The people in this land are illiterate and illiterate. I visited many villages and the people talked about it. There are no more than ten people who can read and write in a village, and no more than five people can read and write unless there is a local landlord family.

This is not to mention working in cities, and quite a few of them are illiterate or have limited knowledge of several big characters. The whole observation shows that people are numb and desperate, and they have no resistance. "
Duan Yang, the head of the organization department, also gave his own views.
"Through communication with local people, I think they are either numb and afraid to resist, and it is also a success to resist. They may passively resist or fall into the mountains, and they don’t know that there is a better way to resist. It is meaningless to organize resistance spontaneously.
Moreover, many passive rebels did not attack the local government and the landlord’s powerful forces after their resistance, but continued to bully the weak, rob villages and bully the people. There is no sense of resistance. They are simply evil and cannot achieve positive results. "
Later, some members also gave speeches, and they all said what they saw and thought.
Zhao Yucheng is very optimistic about Xu Tong, a member of the military department, who looks at the problem from different angles 2.
"I think this place is rich in bandits. There is no reason why this area is mountainous and less plain. It is particularly difficult to walk a little deeper. Many passages are enough for one or two people to pass.
I ran to the mountains from time to time and found that there are many mountains, and there are still many valleys suitable for camp mountains and mountain springs. It is not a problem to have enough food to live in a mountain for three or five hundred people. "
Yu-cheng zhao leng leng and then laughed.
"You thought about going to war with Song Jun before we acted?"
"Sooner or later, although the people here are numb, everyone is angry and resentful and hungry. They don’t hate the government and the landlords, but they can’t see the success of resistance. I hope we can let them see hope!"
Xu Tongxiao "positions that sentence how to say it again? Oh! A single spark can start a prairie fire. "
Xu Tong’s words made everyone’s minds accessible, and many people’s minds came alive.
"I think Xu Tong has a point."
Du Qikou, vice president of Jiangxi Branch of Fuxing Association and the most senior member of Fuxing Association here, said, "We are here for armed struggle, but not for doing good deeds. We have to do things and pull up a strong team to fight the situation of Fuxing Association here."
Therefore, we can really choose a reliable base area first, and we must be able to stick to it for a long time. When our strength is not strong enough and our manpower is not enough, we can win more with less, and we can attack Song Jun or the landlord armed forces at any time. "
They discussed this for a while and then turned their attention to Zhao Yucheng.
Zhao Yucheng thought for a while and agreed.
"Without considering him, we should consider the problem of health first, and then we can consider his problem. I think what Xu Tong said is very reasonable. Let’s find a place that can be used as a base and then buy the necessary things."
So for the next two months, they prepared for armed struggle.
Before we set out, everyone wanted to develop farmers in Luling area to fight, but they soon realized that this strategy was dangerous.
Because the Luling area is too close to the Ezhou army, the most powerful and largest army in the Southern Song Dynasty.
Besides, it is not difficult for Luling North and Song Jun in Jiujiang area to mobilize Nanping rebellion.
Once these two armies meet in the south, they can at least pull out more than 100 thousand troops to counter the rebellion, and the troops will be very large, which is beyond the resistance of the newly uprising rebels
In addition, Ganzhou, not far from Luling area, also has a Song imperial army stationed.
It is said that this is because when Ganzhou was also called Qianzhou, there was a civil commotion, which disturbed Zhao Gou’s old mother Zhao Gou and frightened her.
Zhao Gou was furious and wanted to slaughter the residents of Qianzhou. Fortunately, Lai Yuefei begged Zhao Gou to stop, but since then, he has not believed in Qianzhou people and sent troops to station.
In the twenty-second year of Shaoxing, Qianzhou was renamed Ganzhou after the garrison rebellion subsided.
There are Ezhou army in the northwest, Jiujiang army in the north and Qianzhou imperial army in the southeast. If the plain area in this area develops, I’m afraid it will be pacified by the army in the Southern Song Dynasty.
Once the army has a certain foundation, it should immediately enter the mountainous area to operate the mountainous area, fight against the crusade troops in the Southern Song Dynasty through the mountain situation, and at the same time train its own personnel, educate their own personnel to grow and wait for the opportunity.
Can’t stay in the plain area and will soon be able to come to the Southern Song Dynasty regular army to play hardball.
Zhao Yucheng and others are responsible for the implementation of this strategy after it is determined.
Their base area is located in Luoxiao Mountain area in the southwest of Luling.
Chapter 732 Rise up
Luoxiao Mountain area has been inhabited since the early Eastern Han Dynasty.
It’s not that people in the mountains can’t live, and it’s not that fields can’t be cultivated. There are fewer places suitable for human life, and the soil is thinner and less fertile, and it’s difficult to achieve large-scale human settlements with fewer arable places.
Here, a settlement can be scattered to live. From the Eastern Han Dynasty to now, there has been no scale of human settlements. Most areas are still uninhabited forest areas
However, in the Song Dynasty, more and more people entered the mountainous area to be bandits because of tyranny. The bandits actually made this mountainous area more habitable human settlements.
Zhao Yucheng, Xu Tong, Du Qi and others drilled in the mountains for more than two months and found some mountain basins suitable for human habitation.
As far as they can see, two of the five mountain basins are occupied by people, and three are occupied by people. Naturally, these mountain basins are bandits who rely on steep mountains to survive here.
It seems that these bandits don’t live entirely by looting. They also farm land. These mountain basins also have places suitable for farming. These bandits gather and flee to join them. Some people are responsible for farming, while others are responsible for licking blood.
It’s a good feeling. If the mountain area can find a mountain basin and live people, then there is no problem
In addition to these raw areas, they also choose hidden places in the mountains as backup bases. They buy grain in batches and find channels to buy smuggled salt and spears. Some live in places, while others are not needed in the mountains.
This channel is not difficult to find.
In a place full of bandits’ nests, it is not difficult to get private salt and spears, and they can even help get armor and crossbows if they are willing to pay.
It seems that it is not surprising that there are so many bandits in these places and the government has repeatedly suppressed them.
Obviously, officials need bandits, bandits also need officials, and everyone needs each other
After understanding this kind of thing, Zhao Yu’s achievements are even more disdainful to the local government. She feels that the level of local government governance in the Southern Song Dynasty is uneven, but forcing good prostitutes is a uniform and high level.
Soon all the preparations are ready, and Zhao Yucheng and others are ready to awaken the people and light the first fire.
They scattered out into rural areas around the country and contacted villagers by doing small business as businessmen.
Investigate their real living conditions, experience their hard work, and then sell them at a low price, giving them some rice, flour and oil for free.
In addition, Su Yonglin suggested that before they set off, they should generally learn some simple medical skills and master some folk remedies that are very effective in treating headaches and brain fever, and then give treatment to some villagers who are sick but have no money to treat them.
In this way, these scattered members of the people’s revival gradually gained the gratitude and trust of the local people, and they established a relatively good relationship. Zhang San Li Si Wang Er Ma can shout out their names and are quite familiar with each other.
After getting familiar with it, they got more thanks from the villagers by educating the village that they can’t produce young children’s literacy, and their trust in each other further increased.
Just as Fuxing members were preparing to broadcast new ideas and concepts from this aspect, an accident happened.
Last year, there was a general drought in Jiangnan West Road, and grain production was reduced. When Lin ‘an learned of the disaster, it was allowed to reduce agricultural taxes as appropriate to help farmers spend the disaster year.
Naidi officials [as appropriate] have made a super-class reading understanding and misinterpreted the meaning of Lin’ an.
Lin ‘an allowed to reduce agricultural taxes and reduce the burden on the people. This local government seems to be a good time to make up for the loss.
Luling’s finance has become very ugly because of the large and small officials eating and drinking, building large projects, and moving state funds for various reasons. A group of officials are having a headache. What should they do if they send someone to check?
As a result, the court reduced the agricultural tax as appropriate!
Isn’t this a good time to make up for the loss?
The imperial court said that it would be appropriate to reduce it, so if I reduce a hundred pence, I will also reduce a penny. How to reduce it is not my decision?
Therefore, the officials in luling county have been collecting all kinds of exorbitant taxes and miscellaneous fees without reducing taxes, and they have also been calculated, so they can’t pay me less!
We can only make up for the loss after paying it. What will we tell you if you don’t come face to face?
They have a deeper meaning than this one.
Although these unruly people are poor wretches, they can’t squeeze much oil and water, but there are many poor wretches. A poor wretch can squeeze rich oil and water without squeezing one hundred.
They also have land, but if they are ruined by taxation, the land will inevitably be sold.
At that time, some well-known big landlords and local tyrants will send people to buy land at low prices, keep the price down and eat these land departments.
Landlords and gentry eat the land, of course, they will benefit the government. When they are full of food and drink, they can make up for the losses. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of these restless poor people in one breath?
Beat me. it’s just
The county government sent evil tax collectors to the countryside to collect taxes, and they were worried that there was not enough manpower and deterrence. Some unruly people would not pay taxes obediently, so they hired some idlers in the city to follow the countryside together.
Boy, that made a chicken fly a dog to make trouble.
If you don’t want to pay taxes, forget it. Some people who are willing to pay taxes have been tossed about, and their homes are restless rather than ruined.
The tax collectors and the idlers who followed them were as fierce as wolves, tigers and leopards, and dressed in a golden body. The villagers’ bumps with them were considered rebellion and should be punished.
It is a famine year, but the tax collection is more fierce than in the past, which makes many people unable to bear bankruptcy, bankruptcy, escape, death and injury.
Seeing this, Zhao Yucheng could no longer bear it.
He helped himself to send them weapons with his arms in the south loess village of luling county, and surrounded and killed thirteen tax collectors and gangsters who came to collect taxes with more than 90 men in the village.
Thirteen people were hanged and whipped, and then beheaded one by one in front of everyone in the village. Zhao Yucheng addressed the villagers while beheading them.

Thought of here, Wei Gena kept playing the cold war, shortness of breath and ups and downs in his chest.

"Control the Reichstag and the Prime Minister’s Office to attack the Berlin Gendarmerie Command and the jǐng Inspection Bureau …" Wei Gena’s throat was dry and faltered for a long time before he could barely prove it. "I seem to have guessed something in West Lyme …"
"You guessed it!" Wang Hai rubbed his hands, and even the wine j Ρ ng could suppress his headache. Sitting on the imperial flag at the top of the capitol building, he said, "Our army always forgets our ancestors, Teutonson, and the other guardians have a high attitude, but many times their hearts are higher than the sky, but they always do petty things. Since the army disdains to do what they should do, let the navy do it for them!"
Wang Haidi’s voice just fell and Wei Gena’s head exploded.
Wei Gena couldn’t guess Wang Haidi’s plan, but he knew that he and the navy were following their naval leaders to create German history. How crazy and carefree it was to have their own participation and the navy to dominate the imperial history! to be continued
The second gun tail (3) Germany
I haven’t written a novel for almost half a month. I’m in no state …
"Maybe we missed something …"
On June 6th, a soldier slept all night in the morning in front of the headquarters building of the Army in Berlin. He looked at General Hoffman with ao Hong’s eyes puzzled and felt regretfully after knowing it.
The Germans kept their mouths shut, and almost all the soldiers in the army took revenge on ludendorff’s first batch of extremely hostile naval and army generals with Heidi Selim making a fuss about the Berlin mutiny.
Since Teutonic Forest, the German army has always been not afraid of its opponents. Although the French army is straightforward, they are not tough enough. Although the British army is J and jīng tough, its ideas and tactics are outdated. Although the Russian army is tenacious and brave, its equipment is too poor. Although the Royal Navy is arrogant, there is no reason why the great German army can’t even beat its own ocean fleet. The flagship team is angry with the ocean fleet. Although the blue sea can no longer find a comparable opponent, every soldier keeps in mind the fact that the German navy was separated from the army from Prussian era, little brother.
On the night of the counter-insurgency, the deafening guns in the southwest suburb of Berlin always stimulate the sensitive nerves of the landing soldiers. The soldiers are afraid but uneasy. If ludendorff’s tide is over and Albert and Hindenburg don’t fall, the prestige and potential will reach the peak. Heidi Selim, the German naval god of war, will wait for revenge.
The disgraceful thing has happened again. Max Hoffman will achieve the prestige and potential of the commander-in-chief of the Eastern Army through the naval ares. He will do things according to ludendorff’s orders. The Western Army will stop in the outer suburbs of Berlin and choose to wait and see. The Eastern Army will tacitly quickly pass through the Berlin rebels to deliberately give way to pre-empt the hidden danger of ludendorff, and three blockade lines will be arranged near the army headquarters in one breath.
At night, the German swordsman Hoffman lost the knight’s sword that brought him a lot of shame. He kept the army headquarters safely and thought hard about ways to bridge the contradiction between the navy and the army for fear of damaging his reputation. Army soldiers committed suicide with their backs to ludendorff. The iron cross flag flew high in the old building, holding a semi-new Mao Se rifle. In the night, he tried to stare out his eyes and stare at the dim street lamp and the dead road.
However, the soldiers of the army were red and pale, and they still couldn’t see the figure of sailors wearing navy caps and deep Se. It was not until the next morning that the dark days in Berlin gradually brightened up, including Hoffman’s senior generals, that they figured out something intriguing from the information handed over intermittently.
The weather has changed in Berlin!
This is not the first time that Germany has changed its master in the war. This summer, the contradiction of the Imperial Ministry was covered up by patriotism, and it could no longer stand the long-lasting war and repeatedly destroyed a dazzling palace drama. After the German emperor abdicated and moved away, Germany entered a short-lived era of the Big Three.
Before the Germans can adapt to life without the emperor, it is more strange than the Big Three. After the noisy farce, the German-style é n zh ǔ became angry from embarrassment. The first real person of the ludendorff Army flagrantly shot and killed the conservative leader of the German landlord, Congressman Kang, and the senior official of ZH ǔ f ǔ, and placed under house arrest. The commander-in-chief of the Army, Hindenburg, brought the German-style é n zh ǔ j é ng marrow into full play, thus making Berlin another master.
The army does not want Berlin to change its owners frequently, but they have no reason or position to refuse these changes, because every bloody incident means that the army can get more resources to deeply tap the potential of militarism.
But this time, the army seems unable to take Berlin’s new pattern in stride.
It was before the weather changed in Berlin and the army made a sound!
The first ray of sunshine in midsummer showered Berlin’s lifeless Baroque buildings, which made the dusty flower beds give birth to new colors and colorful colors. The soldiers who waited around the army headquarters all night were dizzy. For the time being, they still couldn’t figure out whether the lack of power to replace the night would have an indelible impact on the army, Germany and the world. It was just staring blankly at the smoky cornflower in front of the army headquarters building, and ordinary Berlin citizens exchanged gossip that they heard from the streets and lanes.
In the counter-insurgency night, thousands of naval sailors took the Berlin Gendarmerie Command and the Berlin jǐng Inspection Bureau without bloodshed, and successfully rescued the members of Congress who were under house arrest by ludendorff and the rebels.
It is said that Selim also gave a speech in front of the gendarmerie headquarters building with a small audience but far-reaching influence. The naval leader declared that the navy would change the situation of the disintegration of the empire and promised that the navy would not take the opportunity to seek special status. It was the guide to find the balance of interests of all political forces in the empire
No one refutes the fact that the arrogant empire of West Lyme is very important. The German army is not present, and the army leader Hindenburg is expected to fall sharply due to the Berlin mutiny and house arrest. Hoffman, the military strongman ludendorff, has enough positions and resumes, but he still lacks extensive influence on the people who run Albert Empire in Berlin. However, the top echelons of his empire, the bourgeoisie, the citizens and the army do not believe in Albert and socialism.
In other words, Heidi Selim, a naval war god, is the most suitable person to save the political situation of the divided empire.
Another source said that Marshal Heidi Selim Hindenburg and the leader of the Workers’ Party Albert had a secret conversation. The Army did not know exactly what Heidi Selim said in the secret talks, let alone what role he and his navy would play in the post-ludendorff era. Se The Army knew that the Workers’ Party was content to leave because the "arbitrator" Selim admitted that the left-wing motherland Party, the second largest party in Congress, was also in high spirits. Because Selim and them reached a limited understanding and promised not to change some systems of the empire, Marshal Hindenburg, on behalf of the Army Headquarters, has not yet reported back the news.
Only then did the army have the initial and most intuitive feeling that the army was ignored.
When Marshal Hindenburg returned to the Army Headquarters, the ex-servicemen of the Army could also comfort themselves that the West Lyme method did what he promised: there would be no balance of interests between Crocker conservatism and Workers’ Party radicalism, and class contradictions were different. However, this illusion was shattered from the moment Marshal Hindenburg excitedly walked with a black SE car with an army license plate.
In the secret conversation, Selim came up with a plan that no one but the royalists could directly reject the peace. According to this proposal, the imperial pending regime was established, and the cabinet republic would completely replace the imperial system and stand on this land to win the parliamentary election. The Workers’ Party would form the zhèng fǔ incarnation cabinet, which had just been pardoned by ludendorff, and Albert, the leader of the Workers’ Party, was elected as the first prime minister of the Republic.
The administration of Selim brought peace to the northwest of the empire, but after all, Germany was in a state of war, including Selim soldiers, industrial trusts and Germany. I can’t believe that the Workers’ Party can form a joint cabinet to stage. Bateman Hollwich left his political legacy and the left-wing motherland party had to return to the stage.
Another principle of the Selim peace plan is that the army does not interfere in politics.
According to this principle, whether the Supreme Command, the Army Headquarters and the Navy Headquarters were abolished and replaced by the German Military Commission, the function of which was equivalent to that of the Imperial Navy and Army Staff, the only link was that the Ministry of National Defense was composed of retired generals in charge of personnel and equipment.
The military commission is composed of nine members. Although the navy has won four places, the position of chairman has been pocketed by the navy, which means that the navy has achieved the equality of the army for the first time in the military commission.
This scheme seems fair, but fairness is the biggest unfairness to the army. After all, the empire of the army has long been self-centered. Of course, Selim has a way to shut the army up because Hindenburg, the chief of staff of the army, will be the first president of the German Republic
This move can be seen as a compromise between Selim and the army. Because he is lying in a hospital bed and half dead, Erpitz never mind getting up and exerting the waste heat to be a famous national leader. Of course, the army can understand that this is Selim’s conspiracy against the army. The Hindenburg army has almost no leader who can compete with Wang Haidi, and there is still a future for the navy. There are German heroes and the three musketeers of Kiel Sea School, as well as the outstanding tactical master hippel.
"Did you accept it?" Hoffman raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the eyebrow eye smile. Hindenburg asked
Hindenburg may be able to see through West Lyme’s open plan, or maybe he is always ambitious and used to being a real J: ng God leader, Marshal Hindenburg, who has made up his mind to resign from the Ministry of Military Affairs and raise his status.
"General Hoffman, that’s my duty!" Hindenburg replied.
The second gun tail (4) is about twenty years old
Parliamentary elections, ludendorff mutiny, and the naval sailors’ counter-insurgency in the first few days of January 1917, Berlin’s political climate was unpredictable, and this fateful drama took place in a dark brig in Berlin’s gendarmerie headquarters.
This is less than 10 square meters. Originally, the detention room was suitable for officers and men of the Imperial Army who violated military discipline. However, in the counter-insurgency campaign that broke out later in the Berlin mutiny, its functions were limited and enlarged, and it became the "prison" of Hindenburg, the commander-in-chief of the army, and the reception room of Heidi Selim, the naval leader.
Before dawn in 5th month, Xileim ended the secret meeting called "Talks with Xileim" by historians. With the pale chandelier lights and repeated echoes, Xileim put forward three peace principles: "National interests are above everything else", "Soldiers do not interfere in politics" and "Long-term peace".
The so-called "national interests are above everything else" means that the country maintained a state of war and won the war before the war was completely over. After the war, the "soldiers did not interfere in politics" army would withdraw from the imperial political life and reorganize the German Defence Force to achieve "long-term peace"

Tu Yan’s tail swept a touch of ridicule, and I have already made a judgment on what the leopard shiner and the leopard are. The leopard family should wake up and see the truth that this time is different. "You have worked for the beast king city for 20 years to do three things. Are you sure that the third thing is to find the leopard shiner and the leopard?"

The leopard crown’s lips moved and stopped talking. The old clan looked unhappy and squinted. "It’s really a good temper to kill the warrior. Do you have to promise such a small thing? Is this forced to leave the king?"
Tu chuckled and ignored the old words of Han nationality.
The leopard crown is not very comfortable in his heart, but he is more afraid that the two of them will say, "That’s the temper of the old tu. I think it’s better for you to go to the Xiaoshan tribe again."
Leopard crown will look to the four people. "You didn’t do a good job to meet the leopard, and what help did the leopard bring back the prey of the Xiaoshan tribe together? Just make up for the disadvantages before. Ok, go now."
The four of them are dying. You know, the last thing they want to go to is the Whistling Mountain Tribe, but a few people didn’t show respect and answered’ Yes’ and then withdrew.
Tu also got up and gracefully wiped her mouth. "I’m finished."
"Oh, then you go." Leopard Crown is very accommodating.
When Tu figure walks out of the cave, the old clan can endure, "Wang, you are too used to him!"
The leopard crown is cheerful. "I can’t beat him when he’s old. Why don’t you find someone better to treat him?"
The old leopard family turned his eyes angrily and remembered that he couldn’t escape from the wrath of the mountain god. Leopard Shika was distressed and smoked. Leopard Shika’s cub was so good. It was bloody and powerful. If the cub was still alive, Tu wouldn’t dare to be so presumptuous!
The leopard Shiyou is also a good one, but it’s a pity that he was injured. Recently, he has to take good care of the leopard family, and then the leader will look at Shiyou. No matter what Shena and other assistants are, the three brothers are not afraid of not making a slaughter.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Reform through labor
The leopard clan is always dissatisfied with glancing at the leopard crown, and he will not care much about this cub if he listens to him.
"There are a few guys sneaking outside the leopard rewelding tribe. Do you want to" Pickup made a gesture of wiping his neck.
Leopard rewelding is helping uncle Qingshi to polish the axle together. He didn’t even lift a eyebrow eye when he heard that he didn’t want to die, so he didn’t blame them.
Pickup got the message and smiled, "I’ll take care of it."
Picard jumped away a few days ago. I was lucky to get a tiger. Bapei Eminem has tanned the tiger skin. It’s shiny and slippery. It’s not so beautiful. Alo likes it. He thinks he might get her a Shuang Yi and a cover, or change the mat.
A giant tree was sent to’ meet’ Bao Shenna and Bao, a four-person team, and hesitated. They had been wandering around Xiao Shan tribe for two days, but they didn’t have the courage to ask questions.
"Why don’t you go home? Leopard, they might have gone back. "
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, it must be a mistake with us. We didn’t just stay here."
"You said that Bao Shenna and Bao can’t do anything."
"bah, don’t talk nonsense."
Four people move neatly over their arms. On a hot day, they feel a biting cold in their backs.
Four people’s eyes for a pair of seconds to determine the withdrawal, but then a mass at the right hypochondrium full of sound from behind a few people to "go? Where do you want to go? Come and stay. "
In an instant, four people were surrounded by a dozen people led by pickup trucks.
"Gee, two stars and two stars are not bad. Why are the warriors in Beastmaster City as numerous and crisp as Chinese cabbage? I’ll give you two stars, Lu and Nita, to practice. Don’t thank me too much."
Lu and Nita’s eyes are bright. Although they didn’t wake up for a long time, their fighting spirit is not weak at all. Leopard rewelding said that fighting with warriors stronger than himself can improve themselves as quickly as possible. "Come and win us, and you can live. If you don’t, you will be left as bait."
The orcs of the two stars in Wangcheng were angry and afraid, and stood firm. "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, we accidentally came to your tribal territory. We are not bad beasts, and we have no bad intentions towards your tribe."
Pickup out his ears "oh? What do you think of us as babies who know nothing? There is no bad heart for the orcs in Wangcheng to come to Xiaoshan tribe? Ha ha ha this is really the funniest joke I have heard this year. "
After that, Pickup pointed to the other two orcs in the city and turned their heads to the people who brought him. "You are welcome to leave these two to you."
Blink of an eye and fight the two-star warriors in Wangcheng. When they see the situation, they can’t control it themselves. Without saying anything, they turn around and run away. Mom, this Xiaoshan tribe is really a demon.
Lu and Nita can’t watch and immediately turn into a beast and chase it.
Half an hour later
"Please forgive me, warrior. Please forgive me. We have never done anything to hurt your tribe."
"Warriors, we just want to make a living in the Beastmaster City, not the core of the nobility. We can join the Xiaoshan tribe."
Lu and Nita sobbed at the corners of their mouths. "Hey, how do you get to two stars?"
To tell the truth, these two levels are not as good as the few good seedlings that have not awakened in the Xiaoshan tribe.
The orc of Wangcheng "Did we say that we could spare one of us?"
Lu: "That depends on whether the news you said has been given to us."

And finally formed a black day.

The ambient temperature rises rapidly in this process.
At the same time, Tam’s super magic Bijyudama was released.
Huge golden energy ball amazing speed toward the purgatory black dragon flew past.
And the black dragon in purgatory looked at the huge golden energy ball and his eyes were very calm.
Then a huge flame wall appeared in front of the black dragon in purgatory.
Super magic Bijyudama collided with this huge black wall.
The terrorist explosion suddenly sounded.
But soon the amazing scene appeared.
See those who should be scattered everywhere energy was covered by these black flames.
Domineering is famous for its magical power, which was swallowed up by these black flames.
Tam has always devoured other people’s energy, but it has never been devoured by others.
The first time I saw this scene, Tam suddenly froze.
And when Tam was dumbfounded, a huge black flame flew directly towards Tam.
Dark skills, purgatory breath!
With dragon skills, the breath is horrible, and it’s horrible.
In this flame, Tam felt the death threat for a long time
But at this moment, Tam suddenly felt an even hotter flame ringing around him.
"I can’t lose to you playing with fire."
Field exhibition … Nirvana fire!
A man bathed in golden flames stood in front of Tam.
And that must be able to hold a huge golden sword in his hand.
This sword is covered with a lot of nirvana fire.
And can continue to have a pair of wings like a phoenix on the back.
You must be able to hold the flaming blade in your hand with both hands and blow out purgatory breath toward the black dragon and cut it down.
The collision of two flames instantly produced an amazing explosion.
The fire that can devour Tam’s magical spirit and purgatory is actually the fire of nirvana of Fanai Luyuan at this time.
At that time, the two sides were deadlocked.
However, there is a big gap between Lu Yuan’s total grade and purgatory Black Dragon.
Although his nirvana fire is not lost to purgatory fire, the black dragon purgatory fire
But the eye battle has become a spiritual competition between him and the black dragon in purgatory.
And his spiritual power is not as much as that of the black dragon in purgatory.
There is no way that Lu Yuan can press it with one knife.
Combined with purgatory, the black dragon purgatory fire was also dragged to the ground.
The terrorist explosion rang again.
With that smoke from the explosion ov.
A huge pothole with a diameter of more than 100 meters appeared in front of everyone.
And the expression of the black dragon in purgatory still hasn’t changed much.
But at this time, Liu Yuan not only sweated on his forehead, but also his eyes became somewhat interfered.
This collision alone put a great load on him, sharingan.
If that fight continues.
Lu Yuanfa imagined how much he would pay.
The strength of a white-gold beast in its heyday is beyond Liu Yuan’s expectation.
Chapter 679 Double-pole flow, Nirvana purgatory door
Whether it is Nirvana Fire or Purgatory Black Dragon Purgatory Fire is a kind of flame law.
And it is not the pure flame law.
Purgatory fire combines the laws of fire and darkness.
The fire of Lu Yuan’s nirvana combines the laws of fire and life.
Both of them are flame forces that combine various laws.
The power of nature is not comparable to the general law.
Tam’s magical power is a very overbearing energy.
However, there is still no way to resist the devouring power of the other side against the purgatory fire of the Black Dragon.

This introduction gave Xu Tianlong a surprise. Jingdongge actually brought them five alchemists this time. These people are the best in an alchemist, and they can definitely help Xu Jiadu through this difficult time.

In addition to the five alchemists, Jingdange Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang also brought two refiners.
"Liu Ge Lord, chief steward, it’s really my Xu Gushi rain. Please come inside quickly." Xu Tianlong was overjoyed and led Jingdange and his party to the hospitality hall.
"Xu Guzhu, the alchemists of Jingdongge, including my younger brother, all admire Xu Rengong very much. They volunteered this time, not only to help the Xu family solve their urgent needs, but also to let Xu Rengong guide them in alchemy." Liu Danyang didn’t say much about helping the Xu family, but it sounded like Jingdongge took advantage.
Xu Tianlong didn’t know what to do at the moment. It was Liu Danyang’s words that made him feel incredible. Jingdangge alchemist was the best in the alchemist, and he was still guarding the master of the cabinet. Now he says that he wants to learn alchemy from himself. It always sounds strange.
"Ahem, it’s very kind of Lord Liu Pavilion. This trivial matter is insignificant. Since several Dan teachers want to learn it, I’ll just teach them all." Xu Ren also felt embarrassed. He refined Dan medicine in front of Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang. Others won’t know that these people came to Xujiaxian this time to mean Liu Danyang.
"Little brother, you are too modest. To tell the truth, if it weren’t for too many things in Jingdongge, I would have wanted to learn alchemy from you." Wu Shuang’s face was thick with a smile, but she spoke from the heart. Since she saw Xu Ren’s alchemy with her own eyes and listened to those alchemy theories that she had never heard of before, she finally successfully refined three pills a few days ago and entered the ranks of alchemists. She said that she wanted to come to Xu’s home to learn alchemy with Xu Renxue, and she really meant it.
"Sister Wu talked and laughed. Sister Jingdangge has a lot of work to do. Where do you sometimes come to the Xu family?" Xu Ren pinched a cold sweat in his heart. Fortunately, this sister Wu is a big manager of Jingdangge. She is extremely busy at ordinary times. If she really comes to the Xu family, she is afraid that she will have to walk with her head down every day.
"Well, my sister knows that you are also a busy man, but I still have to make a deal with you. If you refine any Dan medicine again, you must come to Jingdangge to observe my younger brother’s alchemy, which can definitely benefit a lot." Wu Shuang’s remarks are for Xu Renge and several alchemists in Jingdangge. The meaning is obvious, that is, let them learn alchemy from Xu Ren.
"Sister, rest assured that if I want to refine Dan medicine, I will definitely go to Jingdange. In addition, I must know that these Dan teachers want them to listen to me more." Xu Ren smiled and he saw that Jingdange made these individuals look like Xu Jiajie’s urgent need, but there was also a lot of selfishness.
Chapter 30 Refiner
The Xu family Xu Tian Sable defected from the Xu family and took away not only the elder Xu Tianchuan and the elder Xu Tianhu, but also the vast majority of alchemists and refiners, leaving the Xu family in trouble.
However, there is no such thing as an impenetrable wall. Xu Tian mink defected in such a high-profile way that almost the whole Donghua county city was visited by Jingdan Pavilion. Naturally, it was the first time that the owner of the pavilion, Liu Danyang, and the chief steward Wu’s parents brought five alchemists and two refiners to the Xu family to solve the urgent need for Xu Ren.
Xu Ren was very moved by Jingdange’s ability to help the Xu family in times of crisis. Xu Tianlong was so excited that he could hardly tell.
"Xu Xiaodi, they will wait for your Xu family for the time being. Tell Linchen directly if you have anything to send. After I have agreed with them, talking to the Xu family is equivalent to talking to me!" Wu Shuangdao, director of Jingdange
"I’m here to thank Lord Liu Ge and Sister Wu in advance. After this trouble is solved, I will definitely go to Jingdan Pavilion in person." Xu Ren is a kind newspaper reporter. Jingdan Pavilion has helped a lot today. Naturally, he will repay in the future.
"Well, Xu Xian’s nephew, the Xu family, today we won’t delay your handling of clan affairs. Linchen will stay here on my behalf. I am in charge and there are things in the cabinet that need to be dealt with." Liu Danyang must have a lot of things to deal with after knowing that the Xu family has had such a big change, and he will also delay Xu Renshi’s handling here. After the event, he immediately took the chief steward Wu Shuang and prepared to leave.
"As the cabinet owner said, Xu Jiaxian really has a lot of things to deal with, so I won’t leave the cabinet owner and sister Wu much. I’ll come to thank you when it’s over." Xu Ren saluted with fuels and was grateful.
"The younger brother is welcome. What do you say? I think they can refine Dan medicine for the younger brother of the Xu family. They are blessed, and so is Jingdan Pavilion. So the younger brother of this thank-you word has to stop." Wu Shuang, the chief steward of Jingdan Pavilion, looked serious.
"My younger brother listens to my sister" Xu Ren smiled and now he is really happy.
"Well, it’s time for us to leave, too!" Liu Danyang said to Xu Ren and Xu Tianlong, the master of the Xu family, and then Wu Shuang, the chief steward, left the Xu family in tandem.
After Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang left, Xu Ren didn’t talk to these Dan teachers and refiners politely and directly arranged accommodation for them in Xu Jia ‘an, and took them to Dan’s room for the first time.
The Xujiadan room is much smaller and simpler than the Jingdange alchemy room, but it is enough to refine those dirty pills.
It’s not that the Xu family doesn’t want to refine the real high-order elixir, but it’s a pity that Jingdongge holds all the high-order alchemists and there are also two alchemists who will join the Xu family. Of course, if they are willing to pay a lot of money, they can also get the second alchemist, but there are not many second alchemists in Donghua County. Jingdongge will regard it as a treasure. Where can a family please it?
After the five alchemists of Jingdange arrived at Xujiadan Room, Xu Ren did not mention it with them and directly handed a hand roll to Linchen.
It’s hard to say how others treat him, but it’s much more convenient for Linchen to be familiar with the details of alchemy when he has dealt with the main family of Jingdan Pavilion. It’s much more important for him to explain it after Linchen has really improved.
"Master Linchen Dan, we are also predestined friends. This scroll is some of my experiences. You can look at it if you can’t figure it out." Xu Ren told Linchen.
"Don’t worry, I will study hard." Linchen still admires Xu Ren very much. After all, the cabinet owner and the chief steward all say that this person helped them break through the bottleneck of Dandao and made them achieve higher achievements.
Lin Chen read it carefully immediately after he took the scroll. He knew that Xu Ren and Xu Jia were very anxious. Although it was not a big deal for them Dan teachers to refine one Dan medicine, the efficiency of refining Dan medicine was very important because of limited manpower. Xu Ren once refined three Dan medicines in less than half an hour, and the number of each Dan medicine was as many as ten, which was the most important place for Lin Chen to learn.
Some of Xu Ren’s hand scrolls have been told by Lin Chen’s master Liu Danyang, but there are more that make him feel unfamiliar and don’t understand. At the moment, he doesn’t care about any problems. Directly holding Xu Ren is just asking questions.
Xu Ren explained to Linchen one by one that many theories Linchen had never heard of, but he was still willing to believe Xu Ren. After all, Xu Ren was his master, Liu Danyang, and Wu Shuang was very admired.
I have to say that Linchen’s talent in alchemy is really good. Without Xu Rentai’s strength, he has mastered the things in his hand scroll.
Then it is to follow the example and refine Dan medicine as described in Xu Ren’s handwritten book. However, it seems quite simple to say, but it is not easy to do, and Lin Chen is also very nervous.
Good Linchen talent is good, but he didn’t let Xu Ren down. He soon practiced the first batch of Dan medicine, and the aroma was overflowing. Every twelve Dan medicines were smooth and rounded, and the efficacy reached one hundred percent.
Linchen was pleasantly surprised. Although his refining is not even a Dan medicine, it is worthy of his joy that Dan medicine can be refined in such a short time and with such high quality.
Watching Linchen refining Dan medicine, all four Dan teachers stare big eyes one by one. Earlier, Liu Danyang asked them to come to the Xu family, and they were not willing to. Now that little emotion has long since vanished with Linchen’s first furnace of Dan medicine.
Xu Ren looked at Linchen and nodded slightly, and then directly asked Linchen to give him four Dan teachers to explain the hand roll. He didn’t have the time to explain it to everyone.
Linchen spoke carefully enough, and it took a full wick to answer all the questions.
Then there is their own alchemy. With Lin Chen’s successful case, the remaining four alchemists have been convinced of what Xu Ren recorded by hand.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for four alchemists to hand over themselves. Although the quality of Dan medicine is slightly inferior to that of Lin Chen’s refining Dan medicine, the efficacy has reached 90%.
"It seems that everyone knows about it, so I’ll trouble several Dan teachers to refine some Dan medicine. If you can try to refine some Dan medicine sometimes, you may have a special harvest." Xu Ren smiled. He was satisfied with the performance of these people. Liu Danyang said nothing wrong. These Dan teachers are definitely the best among the Dan teachers. If they can really treat Xu Xu Ren, they can be a accommodating person and let them advance to the second alchemist earlier.
"Don’t worry, we will live up to it!" I feel that I have improved a few times, and the spirit of an alchemist has become much better. Everyone feels that it is a big honor to come to Xujialiandian.
Xu Ren told these alchemists a few words and then left the Dan room.
After leaving the alchemy room, Xu Ren found Liu Danyang and sent him two refiners.
These two refiners are not high in rank, and it is not a problem to refine every device, but they can barely refine a spirit device.
Xu Ren gave some advice on the spot after learning about the abilities of two people.
For an alchemist, Xu Ren is ready to train a group of alchemists who are handy by themselves, but the refiner has not yet come to the preparatory office to give directions on the spot.
Good immortals remember the refiners no less than an alchemist. It is not difficult to show these primary refiners.
The refiner needs to cooperate with the spirit to seal the inscription, and then transfer the inscription to the refined weapon or armor. A weapon can be called a weapon with an inscription. If a weapon has three inscriptions, it is.
Lingqi inscriptions require more complicated materials. Generally speaking, the armor containing offensive and defensive weapons of spiritual power is called Lingqi.
Lingqi can only be refined by a master refiner, while higher-level instruments can only be refined by a master refiner.
With Xu Ren’s advice, the two refiners also benefited a lot. They have successively refined every device, but the time spent refining every device is much shorter than usual.
This made the two refiners excited. They knew that Xu Ren’s attainments in alchemy were highly praised by Liu Danyang, the owner of Jingdan Pavilion, and Wu Shuang, the chief steward, but they didn’t expect the refiners to be so good. This was a rare opportunity in their lives.
Xu Ren didn’t stay in the refining room. He had to go to Xiao Jinshan for help. At the same time, he should send more refining materials to Xiao Jinshan. Anyway, his father has promised him to go to the treasure house to pick things, and it’s even worse. In the end, most of these spiritual implements were to enhance the Xu family’s strength
Xiao Jinshan also probably knew the Xu family’s situation. See Xu Ren sent the refiner materials without saying anything, and this guy actually let the little boy try the refiner.
Xu Ren looked at the little girl who was less than ten years old and was still a little girl. He was really afraid that Xiao Jinshan would make the little girl a fierce girl, so it would be hard to find her husband’s family.
Of course, Xu Ren also understands that Xiao Jinshan’s mind is now cultivated by Xiao Xiaoer, so it may also help Xiao Xiaoer to temper his physique with the help of a refining device, which may also help him alleviate some pain caused by the nirvana of Tianfeng. Although Xu Ren loves Xiao Xiaoer dearly, he did not stop Xiao Jinshan from doing so.

Balot didn’t mean to bend around, and he said simply and neatly, "I heard that your Chinese symphony orchestra is in trouble. Please stop your small moves immediately. This is not what gentlemen should do!"

"Huh?" The other end of the voice asked doubtfully, "Mr. Balot, who told you this?"
Balot glanced at Wu Liang and asked, "By the way, what’s your name?"
Wu Liangyu remembered that he had signed up before.
It seems that Balot didn’t just say that he had a bad memory.
So he repeated "My name is Wu Liang"
"Oh," Balot nodded and said, "A man named Liang Wu told me."
Wu Liangyi almost fainted on her forehead!
He forgot that the English people put their first names before their surnames. He called himself Wu Liang Baluot, and it was only natural that he should be named Wu.
Great, even the name is upside down. The opposite side can tell who is the ghost!
Sure enough, it took a long time for the man opposite to be puzzled and asked, "Who is Liang Wu? What a strange name! "
Balot thought for a moment and said, "No matter who he is, you are always damaging the reputation of the Royal Symphony Orchestra. David, I don’t think you are right!"
"Hehe, Mr. Ballot, please calm down." The man named David at the other end smiled and said, "I think you must have misunderstood that the order to close the concert hall was not reached by us, but by the Ministry of National Defense, which asked the Prime Minister and the Chinese Premier to come here to watch the performance tomorrow. The Ministry of National Defense will close here and deploy security measures, and there is no way for us to wronged our Chinese friends."
"Oh, is that so?" Balot scratched his head again, and his claws looked shaky with a few hairs left.
Then he hung up neatly and shrugged at Wu Liang. "I’m sorry, I think I really can’t help you, because it’s the request of the Ministry of National Defense, not the Royal Symphony Orchestra."
"Department of Defense?" Wu Liang left the pie mouth. If it was really the Ministry of National Defense, wouldn’t they even agree to the normal requirement of being familiar with the site?
I’m afraid there must be some people fanning the flames.
But if there is any evidence for this, he can’t tell Balot, so he scratched his head and looked at Tiejiyang gloomily.
Tie Jiyang understood what he meant and immediately got up to say goodbye to Master Balot.
But just then, a breeze blew through the window and blew some papers off Balot’s desk.
"Oh, let me help you!" Wu Liang saw that it was difficult for Balot to bend over and immediately squatted down to help him pick up the paper.
"Huh?" Just then, his eyes swept across the falling paper and found many symbols that interested him very much.
"Mr. Balot, is this an opera?" Wu Liang asked curiously.
Balot is a world-famous music master, and it is normal that his manuscript paper is covered with music notation.
But it’s not normal. Balot is famous for his symphony. When did he start writing operas?
Although symphony and opera both originated in the west and rose with the Renaissance, there is still a big difference between them.
First of all, the symphony has no lyrics, and it is a magnificent orchestral performance to tell a scene of "story"; But the opera itself is a drama, and its lyrics are lines
The symphony has no actors, and the music is all it has; However, opera needs actors to perform music to make the audience understand what it contains.
Although the two have something in common occasionally, the world has never heard of a musician who can create symphonies and operas at the same time.
Like Baloter, he may also be creative in opera, but his influence in opera industry is much worse than that in his symphony industry. At least so far, he has not heard of any famous operas coming out.
Wu Liang’s face showed an unexpected expression when he saw that Balot’s manuscript paper turned out to be an opera score.
Balot seems to be very concerned about being seen by Wu Liang, and his face flashed a little embarrassed. He explained, "My symphony creation has encountered some bottlenecks, and I want to break through the obstacles I have encountered by trying him."
So that’s it!
On the one hand, Wu Liang was frank and admired by Balot, and on the other hand, he was shocked by his spirit of never dying to learn.
He is already a world-famous "symphony king", but he still feels dissatisfied and seeks a breakthrough. Think again that he seems to have suffered from "unification dependence" after he has unified himself …
I can’t help blushing at the thought of this Wu Liang
Fortunately, I am still clamoring to be a "singing god" every day, but compared with other people’s real masters, my self-control and enterprising spirit are really not enough!
What is the most frightening thing in this world?
Is that people who are better than you work harder than you!
Wu Liang really felt that his face was burning and he couldn’t help but burst into hot.
He looked at Balot and said sincerely, "Mr. Balot, you are so old and you have been pursuing progress. Compared with you, the younger generation is really ashamed!"
Balot glanced at him and saw sincerity in his eyes.
This made Balot feel very satisfied, so he nodded and encouraged Wu Liangdao. "We have an English proverb called’ I’m never too old to learn’. No matter how old you are, you should strive to make progress. If you don’t make progress, the world will perish. You must remember this truth."
"Thank you, Mr. Ballot." Wu Liang nodded respectfully at this.
Turning his head, he asked curiously, "Does Mr. Na Ba Lott think that studying opera can help you make further progress in your symphony?"
Ballot frowned and said seriously, "Opera, like symphony, originated in the 1820s and 1930s. They have a lot in common. My teacher, Mr. Jiafeite, once told me that I might as well learn from opera when I encounter obstacles in studying symphony. I have been doing this all these years to promote my continuous progress."
Wu Liang found that when it came to these academic issues, Balot seemed to be a different person.
Before those grumpy, urchin-like characters are gone, at this time he finally appeared that kind of "master" style that met Wu Liang’s expectations.
It seems that the ancients were right. "If you don’t go crazy, you won’t survive." Without this spirit, it is estimated that you can’t create a character like Balot.
At this moment, he suddenly thought of his own "creation" of the song "Butterfly Lovers"
He is curious to know what kind of evaluation this piece of music can get in the mind of a master like Balot.
So Wu Liang summoned up his courage and said to Balot, "Master Balot actually brought a new song to our Chinese Symphony Orchestra this time. I wonder if you are interested in helping us correct it?"
"New?" On hearing this sentence, Balot immediately flashed a light in his eyes and asked, "Really? You said that Xin is the song that you will perform tomorrow?"
"Yes," Wu Liang respectfully replied.
"But …" Balot hesitated and asked, "I’m not going to attend the performance of this song. I’m afraid I can’t hear it."
"I can give you a performance here," Wu Liang said, "if you don’t mind."
"here?" Balot frowned. "This is a leak. Do your officials agree with you?"
"No," Wu Liang replied proudly, "I am the creator of this song. I can say it."
"You?" Balot gave him a surprised look at such a young symphony composer?
Well, actually, he once founded a symphony orchestra at a younger age, and he was a little surprised and showed a calm look.
"Well, then, you can play a piece now, and I’ll see if you can give some guidance." Ballot certainly has the right to say such a thing. It seems that he is willing to give guidance to Wu Liang, which is already a junior.
I don’t know how many people in the symphony industry are eager to get his comments, but I haven’t even met him yet!
I was very happy to see Balot agree with Wu Liang. I quickly looked around and asked Balot, "Excuse me, master, do you have a sogeum here?"
"I have to wait for you." Balot got up and trembled and went to another room, presumably to get Sogeum.
When Balot left the real estate and Jiyang, he took a puzzled look at Wu Liang and asked, "Aren’t you in a hurry to solve the symphony orchestra? Why are you still in the mood to play sogeum here?"
Wu Liang replied, "It’s a rare opportunity to get the personal guidance of Master Balot, which is much more important than solving the symphony orchestra!"

After about five minutes, Lao Zhang typed the photos of the weight, density and specifications of gold coins and sent them to my mailbox. Lin Muxia called up the emergency mailboxes of the police city bureaus, Tiannan city bureaus and five sub-bureaus in major cities through intelligence. These are special personnel who receive the emails 24 hours a day. While editing the mail, I sighed with my heart, which is somewhat like killing a chicken and killing a cow, but it is worthwhile to give an account to the dead.

It took me nearly twenty minutes to type the last word.
Lin Muxia had a look at her so-called way, "Ling Yu is getting better and better. You don’t need me anymore."
There seems to be something in it. I froze and my heart twitched as if it were tightened. Her meaning can’t stand scrutiny … Will I leave when I am full-fledged?
No way! In case this day comes, I decided to dress up as a pig!
Then I was going to send a mass fashion, and the hand shook and accidentally clicked the wrong one. I panicked and said, "Sister Kobayashi, what should I do?"
"I can’t help but boast." Lin Muxia gave me a white look. She held the mouse, flipped her left hand and five fingers, and quickly took the automatic backup of the previous text in the encryption buffer. When she finished sending the group, she blamed, "Be careful when you are so bold."
"There is no such grand mass urgent email object or provincial police? I’m excited for the first time about the big girl’s sedan chair. "I bury my face in other people’s ignorance and emerge with a strange smile." Sister Xiao Lin, do you think I can’t do without you or need you? "
Lin Muxia Nai said, "Well, you are a troublesome guy."
I said to myself, Ling Yu and Ling Yu, you’re so ashamed. You fooled her into giving up the idea of leaving again in this way.
At this time, my mobile phone was ringing when Lao Jiang picked it up. He said stupidly, "Ling Yu has a female agent of Banana Rain who called die. She said that Zhang Eryu has returned to her post and Qiao Qiqi can return to her place for nearly a month. It is the season exchange period, and there are many fashion shows without her."
"Yu Yan?" I think a little bit about the strong way, "Do you just reply that she wants immediate interests or wants to worry about Qiao Qiqi forever? If it is the former, die will immediately close the case and send Qiao Qiqi to Banana Rain and never intervene in this matter again. If it is the latter, tell her not to rush to wait for the case to be broken and return to Zhao safely."
"enough domineering!"
Lao Jiang hung up and sent me a short message "Done" within a few minutes.
It’s five o’clock in the city bureau. Lao Zhang, Lao Xiao and others packed their things respectively. Lin Muxia and I said goodbye to everyone and went back to die. It was a red light at an intersection in the city center. I waited patiently for the green light to light up, especially when there was a lot of people and traffic in the class. At this moment, Lin Muxia suddenly patted me on the shoulder. She rushed forward and angered her mouth. "Ling Yu, look at that old man!"
Looking down her line of sight, I noticed an old man who crossed the road obliquely. He was red-faced and carrying a bottle in his hand. He moved slowly and made people think that he might count down the car at any time, so he didn’t scratch the old man.
I was shocked by humanity. "The old birthday girl ate arsenic and died. It’s dangerous enough to cross the road obliquely when it’s a red light, and she’s still drunk."
"Do you think he looks familiar?" Lin Muxia watched the drunken old man move.
"Jianghu boxing crazy?" I shook my head and denied, "I don’t like it. I’ve never seen a boxer wearing sunglasses … Wait, is that an old man who died?"
Hey! I really don’t want to go into details. I have experienced many old people who have something to do and nothing to do. Their fresh images have their own characteristics. At present, this old man who looks like a dead man is really similar!
"This seems to be an old man who has died. He is going to have an accident like this!" Lin Muxia pushed the door, and she quickly said, "I’ll save him."
I didn’t stop her, driver. I can’t leave the car at the moment.
Soon Lin Muxia approached the drunk old man only one meter away. At the same time, a large car crashed towards two people, and my heart instantly reached my throat. The drunk old man wandered out of the step and looked up to fill the wine. He seemed to be aware of the danger. Lin Muxia accelerated his speed and put his arms around the drunk old man. The cart roared several times and the bottle fell to pieces. Many people also had car accidents and stopped to wait and see. When Lin Muxia and the drunk old man got up safely, the crowd was filled with regret.
I said to myself, what is the mentality of these birds?
Several traffic policemen came near and took them to the side of the road to ask the drunk old man to dress up as a dead pig. He lay on Lin Muxia’s shoulder and pretended to sleep! The traffic police and we saw that the drunken old man was a man eager to save lives, and Lin Muxia rushed ahead faster.
When the green light came on, I parked my car across the road and saw Lin Muxia raise my hand and show my certificate, and then the traffic police helped me to carry the drunk old man to this side and pull the door. The drunk old man was carried to the back seat, and I saw an object in the broken left lens as deep * * I didn’t expect to see the doomed old man encounter this time in the past year!
Lin Muxia thanked the traffic police, and she said, "This doomed old man wants to kill the rhythm!"
"Don’t pretend to sleep and wake up quickly." I saw his eyelids move and urged, "Where is home?"
"The old man is only three minutes drunk at most." The doomed old man sat up straight and touched his sunglasses. "The dolls sound so familiar. Do you dare to ask me if I have a connection?"
I snickered, "I’ll show you two words."
"oh! Die Ling Yu, Lin Muxia? " The old man stroked his beard and laughed again and again. "What a coincidence today."
He’s too busy to show up on the busy street. I wondered, "What do you want to do today?"
"alas! There was a young man in the east of the city who heard an acquaintance say that the old man was accurate, so he invited me to come home and give him a long-term hospital bed. "The old man who died spread his hand. He was depressed." When three copper coins were settled, the young man will die in a fucking quarter of an hour. The old man divined the truth with principles and resolutely refused to welcome people. Then I pulled a shit and searched for a bottle of good wine. Kung Fu was so fucking breath. The young man brought a kitchen knife and drove me out. The old man almost died! "
Boy, the old man who broke his life was taken home to tell his fortune, and his mother was killed by mistake. It’s strange that he didn’t fight hard with you!
I suppressed a smile and said, "Mao, every time you have a bad luck!" "
"Carry out the evil divination to the end!" The old man who died assumed an inscrutable posture. He put his head in my ear and said, "Lingling remembers giving you a peach blossom robbery last year. What about the result? I was curious because I couldn’t see through the fog of this robbery. "
"Pure personal * *! Can tell! " My heart says you are joking with Lin Muxia. No matter how small we talk, we can’t compete with her extraordinary hearing. If she knows about the charming past in Lhasa, it will be horrible to think about it!
"I understand your difficulties."
The doomed old man turned his face to Lin Muxia and rolled his throat. "I don’t know why I feel a little itchy when I see you. I feel too kind. Lingling and Xia Xia want a bowl of divination?"
"Come on, I don’t want to be a monk because I know there’s nothing good." I started the driveway. "I’ll give you a ride where your home is."
The doomed old man pouted, and he shook his head and said, "I have moved. Now I am located in Sanqing Street in the west of the city. The signboard of this shop is called Banxianpu."
It’s just that we have to return to die East Street in the west of the city. It’s not far from Sanqing Street. The old man and Lin Muxia talked about last year’s trip to Miaojiang. He was crying. "Xia Xia, when you were like a water flood, you changed your mind into a dragon. Do you remember what happened in the end?"
Lin Muxia raised her finger and said to me, "Of course, because of his hard life."
"Your life is not soft. You are a fire attribute but a water attribute, and it is the hardest life of heavy water!" Deadly old man (turn his dignified way: "It is difficult for you two to get along with each other day and night, and it is difficult for men and women to derive their feelings. If you have not become a climate for each other, you will think that fire and water will be emotional as soon as possible, and you will cross each other through the robbery. However, mutual love robbery is the most difficult kind of robbery, which can easily make people disappear. If you get through this hurdle, you will be like a boat, and everyone will be inseparable. "
Chapter five hundred Sugar-coated haws cause a bloody case!
"Don’t worry about the old man who died." Lin Muxia smiled at her. "Ling Yu and I do have colleagues, brothers-in-law and sister Ling Yu, don’t you think?"
I clenched the steering wheel and my heart ached, "Yes!"
"Oh, hehe, that’s so old-fashioned." The old man shook his head and he was amazed. "Fire and water are extreme, but they are also the easiest to attract each other. Lingling and Xia Xia don’t even think about it at all. Hey, I smell the orchid cake. Sanqing Street is coming, right?"
"Nose belongs to a dog". I disdain that I just drove into Sanqing Street. I didn’t expect him to perceive Sanqing Street so quickly. It is a street in the west of the city that has not been baptized by modernization. It is quite retro and flows along the ancient Tiannan style. In ancient times, it was near Tiannan West Gate and was named by Zhejiang Sanqing, the ancestor of Zhejiang three families. Today, this street has become a Taobao place, like antique shops can be seen everywhere.
About 50 meters ahead, I saw a small facade, wooden doors and signs on the east side of the road, which smelled of primitive simplicity. The old man Banxianpu Sanqing Street was unique, but the door was deserted, and a stake was erected at the door with a flag that said "Banxianpu", which shook with the breeze.
I stopped in the driveway. "Here we are!"
Lin Muxia, an old man who died, helped him to the store door. At this time, a child under the age of ten ran out of Banxianpu. "Master, you are back! I’m candied haws! "
"greedy! The teacher almost became a sugar gourd! " The doomed old man touched the child’s head and said, "This is a small nail picking up a beggar at the door at the beginning of the year. Don’t look at him now. He was freezing to death at that time. I figured he had a mentoring relationship! Life is also mysterious. I have been looking forward to it for many years. In my later years, I received a good seedling. In just three months, he actually learned fifty hexagrams. When he went to the coffin, he turned into a day and three hundred elephants will surely inherit it. "
I hold my fist and say, "Congratulations!"
The scene of harmony between the youngest and the youngest is quite touching. Lin Muxia and I didn’t stay any longer and returned to die Ning’s second goods to secretly protect Zhang Yuyu’s office. Lao Jiang couldn’t fight so that he could pick up medicinal materials with Lin Wan Wan. When we came back, Lao Jiang said stupidly, "Pick me and I’m going to fall asleep."
"Today is a leisure class. Everything is waiting for the news from the local police." Lin Muxia entered the clues and conjectures obtained today into her brain for backup. She and Lin Wan Wan got into Cruze.
I’m still worried about the words that the old man killed his car, flapping Jiang Tianci’s shoulder and saying, "Lao Jiang, go ahead with your car. I have something to do."
"Good" He couldn’t wait to turn into the military cross-country and left.
I walked into the lounge, Qiao Qiqi went to the sofa and was still asleep, but I didn’t want to sit on the other side of the coffee table. I suddenly lost my mind. Is Lin Muxia really as good as her performance? Now I feel scalp pins and needles like a hornet’s nest. I’m restless. I just dig out a disc and insert it into a dvd to watch it. I don’t disturb Qiao Qiqi’s sleep. I’m quiet and devoted myself to the plot. An hour passed quickly. However, when "end" appeared, I was out of control and thought of the old man who died. Maybe it’s really fate for each other, but there seems to be a saying that "my life is up to me."
I took a deep breath when I unplugged the plug and came to the hospital. The old man only said a few words at that time, so I decided to drive to Banxianpu in Sanqing Street.
When I turned into Sanqing Street, I saw a red Cruze parked in front of Banxianpu! It seems to be Lin Muxia! I quickly poured the car out of Sanqing Street and took out a telescope to peep at the license plate number. Wan didn’t expect Lin Muxia to come looking for a broken old man? Does she think the same as me? This means that Lin Muxia and I are deliberately distancing themselves from each other.

Second, it took decades for Wu Wangshu’s realm to practice to such an extent that it was difficult to imagine.

And the second world is the strongest in the world, which can be called the first in the world.
As far as Wei Yun Yi knows, even the mysterious Dragon and Tiger Mountain Old Tianshi does not have this realm.
This level can fight a battle even in the face of immortals.
Of course it’s a war. Don’t think about it.
What he need to do.
Is to go beyond this realm and achieve one more than stronger. Maybe then it is possible to really stop the immortal.
Such a thought seems to have a chance.
"Let’s take it one step at a time"
At the moment, Wei Yun Yi mumbles that he has done a lot, but who knows this result?
Deceived Kangxi
If you can ruin your fortune every time in these months, you must be afraid of immortals, right?
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as
Shook his head. Wei Yun Yi got rid of other thoughts and continued to practice.
And there is nothing to do in the next few days, not only the welcoming ceremony for Tiandu monarch in a pavilion, but also the fact that Shenwu Hou is about to arrive in the capital.
These natural people have to deal with the emperor, and he doesn’t even need to ask questions.
Of course, there is also the coastal area. It is said that the navy fought several times in the Yuan Dynasty, and the wind and the sea won, but it was somewhat unexpected for Wei Yun.
After all, it’s only been a long time. How long has Big Uncle been able to make the navy master look like this?
However, he is not too worried about this.
Because Wei Yun Yi knows.
Even if Big Uncle annihilates Yuan San Tai, his luck will be limited unless he can directly annihilate the Japanese navy behind the other side.
But when I think about it, I think it is unlikely, so I will let the other party do it.
Another thing is that in recent months, the punishments have submitted a briefing on eucalyptus, and it is found that there are a lot fewer things that chivalrous martial arts violate the ban in the Jianghu. I don’t know what the situation is.
Some ministers will be attributed to the wealth of the people, and there will be no such thing.
These Wei Yun games are glanced at and there is no note.
of course
In this issue, he also gave Zhang Zheng the medicinal liquor for prolonging his life, and rejected the other party’s wish to resign from the throne.
In the imperial court, it is also quite agreed with this decision. After all, it is a bit chilling for a teacher and a great Wei to agree to resign so much.
Let Zhang Zheng stay in this position is to stabilize the heart of the court.
However, Wei Yun Yi also knows that the other party’s hard work will make the old father-in-law more busy and angry, and more important events will come to the cabinet.
Generally speaking, everything that should be done has been done, and nothing important has happened recently.
Even the little brother-in-law Levin is quieter than that.
Everything seems to be calm in general.
Wei Yun thought about it.
In this case, even if the fate rises again, it can’t rise anywhere, can it?
Now, the most important thing to deal with is the return of God to the DPRK.
The other side fought back the grassland in the north after the war, and made the nine departments swear not to invade for ten years. Although with the help of my brother-in-law, this record is quite good.
Therefore, Wei Yun Yi decided to let the people in the capital celebrate again and strike for three days at the same time.
Anyway, there’s nothing important to deal with. It’s better to have a good rest.
Waiting for the arrival of the old Tianshi
This is the only thing he needs to face up to now.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-two God Wuhou back to the Great Wei court!
According to the little Tianshi, from half a month to a month,
Although Wei Yun Yi feels a little slow, there is nothing he can do.
The whereabouts of the other party are not fixed.
Even this time, I want to enter the palace because of the matchmaking in Xiaotian Normal School. If not, Wei Yun Yi thinks that the other party will enter the palace.
Now can wait.
Of course, during this period, he can cultivate his strength as much as possible.
There are many things in the imperial court that need to be taken care of. After all, after all these months of various measures, all aspects are on the right track, so let the minister handle it.
Besides, there is no good way for Wei Yun to continue to curb the fate.
The only thing that made him a little relieved was that he fought in the south.
There are two major projects under way in the imperial court.
Add all kinds of recent things
It has consumed a lot of tax collected after the booth was put into the mu, so as not to let the state treasury have too much money.
This aspect can affect the strength of Wei to a certain extent. Otherwise, according to Wei Yun’s idea, it will skyrocket more than fifty thousand.
It is obvious that doing those things by yourself is still effective.
It’s not that obvious
But how to say it is a comfort to Wei Yun Yi.
But now what he needs to consider is not these, but the return of the warrior to the DPRK.
According to the usual practice, it is the same as before, and the court ministers and the people will welcome it.
In fact, Wei Yun Yi doesn’t want to do this. On the contrary, he doesn’t even have the idea of welcoming people to the meeting, so that he can leave a mean and ungrateful image.
This can also be regarded as affecting one’s prestige and making the ministers and soldiers unhappy.
But the reality is cruel. Almost all the power of an emperor comes from whether he has the army in his hand.
That is to say, are those soldiers loyal to the emperor?
To have the loyalty of the soldiers.
Even if the emperor is cruel, it won’t make any difference.
But if not, it will be dangerous, and the hand strength will be greatly weakened.
Without an army emperor, it is easy to be overthrown. Wei Yun Yi really wants to be a bad king, but he doesn’t want to be a king of subjugation. After all, his original intention is not so.
Therefore, as an emperor, he went to meet those soldiers who were victorious and returned from the northern territory.
The process is as rewarding as the second meeting with my little brother.

"I know that it’s no wonder that you are alive this time. It’s also your chance that I have a magic Yun Dan here. Eat it."

A purple god Danxia suddenly flew out of the hall, and it was wrapped in the law of numbers, and its vitality was very extraordinary.
Xiao Zhanhuo answered Shen Dan’s heart with great joy and hurriedly proffering flaming, "Thank you, bodhi old zu Ci Dan"
"You go."
The sound said
"It’s the bodhi old zu"
Xiao Zhanhuo got up and respectfully retreated. He was already wet with cold sweat and almost collapsed on the spot.
In addition to the ancestral temple, he breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the magic Yun Dan in the palm of his hand. "The bodhi old zu personally rewarded the magic Yun Dan, which can make my blood directly pure. Although it can’t reach the level of the magic cousin, the clan can surpass 90% in one fell swoop!"
This magic Yun Dan came out from the ancestors of Xiao clan, and it is pure blood for later generations. It is more precious than millions of years, but it has only been rewarded to hundreds of people.
And this magic Yun Dan won’t be effective until he eats the first one.
Xiao Zhanhuo was so excited that he swallowed Dan directly and flew to his residence.
After he returned to his residence, he went to visit Xiao Yu first, and then returned to the house to refine the efficacy of the magic Yun Dan.
Three days passed quickly.
Xiao Yu didn’t wander around the room, quietly waiting for the divine spirit to sweep out from time to time to explore the mystery of this Xiao family headquarters.
It’s ridiculous that his descendants of the Xiao family have no feelings for this so-called Xiao family, which makes Xiao Yu’s face laugh.
"Is Master Tian ever ready?"
Suddenly there came a sound outside the door, and a guard respectfully asked outside.
This guard is a third-step strong man named Xiao Duan, who is specially arranged by Xiao Tianshan to guide Xiao Yu to practice and protect Xiao Yu, but Xiao Yu is powerful and this guard is simply dispensable in his eyes.
But Xiao Yulai is also hiding the strength, and he is too lazy to refuse Xiao Tianshan’s arrangement.
Xiao Yu walked out of the room and said, "Stop escorting us."
Xiao Duan nodded and immediately took Xiao Yu to fly to the distance and said, "Master Tian, I have found out that this time, a total of 500 people participated in the blood baptism. In addition to the 100 people in the central world, there are four hundred people in the surrounding star field. When you get to the Holy Blood Hall, it is up to you to enter everything."
"Oh, five hundred people?"
Xiao Yu’s eyebrows jumped. This number is really scary. It is worthy of being an ancient family. It would be terrible if there were so many masters attending a baptism.
It is no wonder that the Xiao clan can last forever. It seems that besides guarding the ancestors of the Xiao clan, there are also many talented people!
They were very fast for half an hour, and then they came to a huge hall. It was thick and tall, and it looked dark. The head of a huge man opened wide, forming a secluded door.
There are dozens of strong guards in front of the door. The lowest is the second ladder master. The first few people are the third ladder strong.
"What are you doing here?"
Xiao Yu two people just arrived when someone stopped them HeWen mouth.
Xiao Jie said with his fist, "I was ordered to bring my young master to attend the blood baptism!"
"Master? Which young master? " qR1
A guard looked puzzled Xiao Yu and Xiao Duan.
Xiao Duan said, "This is Xiao Tian. Master Xiao is the nephew of the great elder."
"What joke?"
The guard suddenly frowned and said, "It’s less than 50 years since he was born to take part in the blood baptism. How can he be born less than 50 years ago?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Often grow old
Xiao Yu fuels and says, "It’s a coincidence that I was born far away and never attended the blood baptism."
These guards looked at one of Xiao Yuzhong with deeper doubts and said, "You’d better say it’s true. Otherwise, if we find that you are a pastime, even if you have the support of the elders, we will be more prostrate. This blood baptism will be greatly discounted and ineffective if you come back after 50 years old, and it will be as ineffective if you participated once before. Have you thought it over?"
Xiao Yu nodded and said, "I am willing to bear all the consequences!"
"Well, you go in."
These guards were finally released.
Xiao Yu, who intercepted the outside, strode into the hall.
That a few guards also whisper obviously for Xiao Yu one hundred don’t believe it.
After Xiao Yu entered the hall, he saw that hundreds of people had been built in the house. Most of them were the highest spiritual realm, but the god seventh heaven.
They are under 50 years old and can cultivate to such a state, and they also rely on the family’s various panacea to pile up the state.
Unlike Xiao Yu, who has gone through an all-out war every time he is promoted, it is no accident that he can achieve the second step of God in such a short time.
How many times I almost died is far from being comparable to these greenhouse flowers.
After Xiao Yu came in, hundreds of people in the hall frowned and looked surprised and confused at Xiao Yu.
"This person is deeply cultivated and also comes to participate in the blood baptism?"
These Xiao brothers are surprised.
Even the elders who guard here are all looking down at Xiao Yushen. Xiao Yuxiu has reached the second step, which is no weaker than them, and he is also under 50 years old. This seems incredible to them.
"The brothers don’t know such as call? Which genius is it? "
An elder asked before, looking weird.
"Xiao Tian came from a foreign land and got an initiation from a senior by chance, which gave her the second-step strength," Xiao Yu said with fuels.
"It turns out that it is no wonder that it is so horrible to get the enlightenment from the predecessors. !”
These elders suddenly showed envy and jealousy one by one, and those younger brothers were all jealous. They were enlightened by an elder and directly reached the second step. This is how many years of penance it will take. If they are allowed to practice by themselves, they may not reach the second step for a generation.
And this Xiao Tian has easily become a second-class peerless master without any effort. This whole Xiao family can rank the number, and even those days have the strength to compete.
Many younger brothers are reluctant to part with their complicated eyes, and Xiao Yushen seems to think that one day they can also get a direct enlightenment from a senior.
And at this time,
A cold voice suddenly came from outside, saying, "It’s certainly a blockbuster to get the enlightenment from the predecessors, but no matter how high others fix it, they won’t be able to fix it themselves. If there is no exception, they will stop at the third step for life."
They all turned around and looked at Zheng, and suddenly there was an uproar.
"It always grows old!"
"I often grow old-fashioned astrology, which is extremely mysterious and unique, and I have great power in knowing people!"
"Is this blood baptism actually presided over by Chang Changlao?"
"Who is the boy who often grows behind the old? So powerful that you already have the strength of God’s realm! He is always valued by the old and always valued, and his qualifications are extraordinary! "
The younger brothers talked about it in succession, and they all showed a burst of envy and reverence.
Xiao Yu looked back and saw a middle-aged man in a star robe striding forward. The momentum was misty and the extraordinary seemed to fit in with his destiny. Every move was filled with heaven and earth, and Gankun made people feel small at first glance, as if they were abandoned by heaven and earth.
This feeling is extremely weird and terrible.
Xiao Yuwei micro eyebrow XuanGong running this feeling instantaneous dissipation again look at the middle-aged man but never the slightest strange.
"The second ladder astrologer is neither bad nor bad."
Xiao Yu mouth low smile.
The astrologer was followed by a teenager, who didn’t even look at him. He killed so many masters that he couldn’t dump the teenager for a few blocks.
Don’t say that this young man is this astrologer, and he will disappear in one breath.
Xiao Yu back eyes look calm no longer see.
As the astrologer and the boy came here, several elders immediately greeted them respectfully and said, "See growing old often!" "