Tu Yan’s tail swept a touch of ridicule, and I have already made a judgment on what the leopard shiner and the leopard are. The leopard family should wake up and see the truth that this time is different. "You have worked for the beast king city for 20 years to do three things. Are you sure that the third thing is to find the leopard shiner and the leopard?"

The leopard crown’s lips moved and stopped talking. The old clan looked unhappy and squinted. "It’s really a good temper to kill the warrior. Do you have to promise such a small thing? Is this forced to leave the king?"
Tu chuckled and ignored the old words of Han nationality.
The leopard crown is not very comfortable in his heart, but he is more afraid that the two of them will say, "That’s the temper of the old tu. I think it’s better for you to go to the Xiaoshan tribe again."
Leopard crown will look to the four people. "You didn’t do a good job to meet the leopard, and what help did the leopard bring back the prey of the Xiaoshan tribe together? Just make up for the disadvantages before. Ok, go now."
The four of them are dying. You know, the last thing they want to go to is the Whistling Mountain Tribe, but a few people didn’t show respect and answered’ Yes’ and then withdrew.
Tu also got up and gracefully wiped her mouth. "I’m finished."
"Oh, then you go." Leopard Crown is very accommodating.
When Tu figure walks out of the cave, the old clan can endure, "Wang, you are too used to him!"
The leopard crown is cheerful. "I can’t beat him when he’s old. Why don’t you find someone better to treat him?"
The old leopard family turned his eyes angrily and remembered that he couldn’t escape from the wrath of the mountain god. Leopard Shika was distressed and smoked. Leopard Shika’s cub was so good. It was bloody and powerful. If the cub was still alive, Tu wouldn’t dare to be so presumptuous!
The leopard Shiyou is also a good one, but it’s a pity that he was injured. Recently, he has to take good care of the leopard family, and then the leader will look at Shiyou. No matter what Shena and other assistants are, the three brothers are not afraid of not making a slaughter.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Reform through labor
The leopard clan is always dissatisfied with glancing at the leopard crown, and he will not care much about this cub if he listens to him.
"There are a few guys sneaking outside the leopard rewelding tribe. Do you want to" Pickup made a gesture of wiping his neck.
Leopard rewelding is helping uncle Qingshi to polish the axle together. He didn’t even lift a eyebrow eye when he heard that he didn’t want to die, so he didn’t blame them.
Pickup got the message and smiled, "I’ll take care of it."
Picard jumped away a few days ago. I was lucky to get a tiger. Bapei Eminem has tanned the tiger skin. It’s shiny and slippery. It’s not so beautiful. Alo likes it. He thinks he might get her a Shuang Yi and a cover, or change the mat.
A giant tree was sent to’ meet’ Bao Shenna and Bao, a four-person team, and hesitated. They had been wandering around Xiao Shan tribe for two days, but they didn’t have the courage to ask questions.
"Why don’t you go home? Leopard, they might have gone back. "
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, it must be a mistake with us. We didn’t just stay here."
"You said that Bao Shenna and Bao can’t do anything."
"bah, don’t talk nonsense."
Four people move neatly over their arms. On a hot day, they feel a biting cold in their backs.
Four people’s eyes for a pair of seconds to determine the withdrawal, but then a mass at the right hypochondrium full of sound from behind a few people to "go? Where do you want to go? Come and stay. "
In an instant, four people were surrounded by a dozen people led by pickup trucks.
"Gee, two stars and two stars are not bad. Why are the warriors in Beastmaster City as numerous and crisp as Chinese cabbage? I’ll give you two stars, Lu and Nita, to practice. Don’t thank me too much."
Lu and Nita’s eyes are bright. Although they didn’t wake up for a long time, their fighting spirit is not weak at all. Leopard rewelding said that fighting with warriors stronger than himself can improve themselves as quickly as possible. "Come and win us, and you can live. If you don’t, you will be left as bait."
The orcs of the two stars in Wangcheng were angry and afraid, and stood firm. "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, we accidentally came to your tribal territory. We are not bad beasts, and we have no bad intentions towards your tribe."
Pickup out his ears "oh? What do you think of us as babies who know nothing? There is no bad heart for the orcs in Wangcheng to come to Xiaoshan tribe? Ha ha ha this is really the funniest joke I have heard this year. "
After that, Pickup pointed to the other two orcs in the city and turned their heads to the people who brought him. "You are welcome to leave these two to you."
Blink of an eye and fight the two-star warriors in Wangcheng. When they see the situation, they can’t control it themselves. Without saying anything, they turn around and run away. Mom, this Xiaoshan tribe is really a demon.
Lu and Nita can’t watch and immediately turn into a beast and chase it.
Half an hour later
"Please forgive me, warrior. Please forgive me. We have never done anything to hurt your tribe."
"Warriors, we just want to make a living in the Beastmaster City, not the core of the nobility. We can join the Xiaoshan tribe."
Lu and Nita sobbed at the corners of their mouths. "Hey, how do you get to two stars?"
To tell the truth, these two levels are not as good as the few good seedlings that have not awakened in the Xiaoshan tribe.
The orc of Wangcheng "Did we say that we could spare one of us?"
Lu: "That depends on whether the news you said has been given to us."

Balot didn’t mean to bend around, and he said simply and neatly, "I heard that your Chinese symphony orchestra is in trouble. Please stop your small moves immediately. This is not what gentlemen should do!"

"Huh?" The other end of the voice asked doubtfully, "Mr. Balot, who told you this?"
Balot glanced at Wu Liang and asked, "By the way, what’s your name?"
Wu Liangyu remembered that he had signed up before.
It seems that Balot didn’t just say that he had a bad memory.
So he repeated "My name is Wu Liang"
"Oh," Balot nodded and said, "A man named Liang Wu told me."
Wu Liangyi almost fainted on her forehead!
He forgot that the English people put their first names before their surnames. He called himself Wu Liang Baluot, and it was only natural that he should be named Wu.
Great, even the name is upside down. The opposite side can tell who is the ghost!
Sure enough, it took a long time for the man opposite to be puzzled and asked, "Who is Liang Wu? What a strange name! "
Balot thought for a moment and said, "No matter who he is, you are always damaging the reputation of the Royal Symphony Orchestra. David, I don’t think you are right!"
"Hehe, Mr. Ballot, please calm down." The man named David at the other end smiled and said, "I think you must have misunderstood that the order to close the concert hall was not reached by us, but by the Ministry of National Defense, which asked the Prime Minister and the Chinese Premier to come here to watch the performance tomorrow. The Ministry of National Defense will close here and deploy security measures, and there is no way for us to wronged our Chinese friends."
"Oh, is that so?" Balot scratched his head again, and his claws looked shaky with a few hairs left.
Then he hung up neatly and shrugged at Wu Liang. "I’m sorry, I think I really can’t help you, because it’s the request of the Ministry of National Defense, not the Royal Symphony Orchestra."
"Department of Defense?" Wu Liang left the pie mouth. If it was really the Ministry of National Defense, wouldn’t they even agree to the normal requirement of being familiar with the site?
I’m afraid there must be some people fanning the flames.
But if there is any evidence for this, he can’t tell Balot, so he scratched his head and looked at Tiejiyang gloomily.
Tie Jiyang understood what he meant and immediately got up to say goodbye to Master Balot.
But just then, a breeze blew through the window and blew some papers off Balot’s desk.
"Oh, let me help you!" Wu Liang saw that it was difficult for Balot to bend over and immediately squatted down to help him pick up the paper.
"Huh?" Just then, his eyes swept across the falling paper and found many symbols that interested him very much.
"Mr. Balot, is this an opera?" Wu Liang asked curiously.
Balot is a world-famous music master, and it is normal that his manuscript paper is covered with music notation.
But it’s not normal. Balot is famous for his symphony. When did he start writing operas?
Although symphony and opera both originated in the west and rose with the Renaissance, there is still a big difference between them.
First of all, the symphony has no lyrics, and it is a magnificent orchestral performance to tell a scene of "story"; But the opera itself is a drama, and its lyrics are lines
The symphony has no actors, and the music is all it has; However, opera needs actors to perform music to make the audience understand what it contains.
Although the two have something in common occasionally, the world has never heard of a musician who can create symphonies and operas at the same time.
Like Baloter, he may also be creative in opera, but his influence in opera industry is much worse than that in his symphony industry. At least so far, he has not heard of any famous operas coming out.
Wu Liang’s face showed an unexpected expression when he saw that Balot’s manuscript paper turned out to be an opera score.
Balot seems to be very concerned about being seen by Wu Liang, and his face flashed a little embarrassed. He explained, "My symphony creation has encountered some bottlenecks, and I want to break through the obstacles I have encountered by trying him."
So that’s it!
On the one hand, Wu Liang was frank and admired by Balot, and on the other hand, he was shocked by his spirit of never dying to learn.
He is already a world-famous "symphony king", but he still feels dissatisfied and seeks a breakthrough. Think again that he seems to have suffered from "unification dependence" after he has unified himself …
I can’t help blushing at the thought of this Wu Liang
Fortunately, I am still clamoring to be a "singing god" every day, but compared with other people’s real masters, my self-control and enterprising spirit are really not enough!
What is the most frightening thing in this world?
Is that people who are better than you work harder than you!
Wu Liang really felt that his face was burning and he couldn’t help but burst into hot.
He looked at Balot and said sincerely, "Mr. Balot, you are so old and you have been pursuing progress. Compared with you, the younger generation is really ashamed!"
Balot glanced at him and saw sincerity in his eyes.
This made Balot feel very satisfied, so he nodded and encouraged Wu Liangdao. "We have an English proverb called’ I’m never too old to learn’. No matter how old you are, you should strive to make progress. If you don’t make progress, the world will perish. You must remember this truth."
"Thank you, Mr. Ballot." Wu Liang nodded respectfully at this.
Turning his head, he asked curiously, "Does Mr. Na Ba Lott think that studying opera can help you make further progress in your symphony?"
Ballot frowned and said seriously, "Opera, like symphony, originated in the 1820s and 1930s. They have a lot in common. My teacher, Mr. Jiafeite, once told me that I might as well learn from opera when I encounter obstacles in studying symphony. I have been doing this all these years to promote my continuous progress."
Wu Liang found that when it came to these academic issues, Balot seemed to be a different person.
Before those grumpy, urchin-like characters are gone, at this time he finally appeared that kind of "master" style that met Wu Liang’s expectations.
It seems that the ancients were right. "If you don’t go crazy, you won’t survive." Without this spirit, it is estimated that you can’t create a character like Balot.
At this moment, he suddenly thought of his own "creation" of the song "Butterfly Lovers"
He is curious to know what kind of evaluation this piece of music can get in the mind of a master like Balot.
So Wu Liang summoned up his courage and said to Balot, "Master Balot actually brought a new song to our Chinese Symphony Orchestra this time. I wonder if you are interested in helping us correct it?"
"New?" On hearing this sentence, Balot immediately flashed a light in his eyes and asked, "Really? You said that Xin is the song that you will perform tomorrow?"
"Yes," Wu Liang respectfully replied.
"But …" Balot hesitated and asked, "I’m not going to attend the performance of this song. I’m afraid I can’t hear it."
"I can give you a performance here," Wu Liang said, "if you don’t mind."
"here?" Balot frowned. "This is a leak. Do your officials agree with you?"
"No," Wu Liang replied proudly, "I am the creator of this song. I can say it."
"You?" Balot gave him a surprised look at such a young symphony composer?
Well, actually, he once founded a symphony orchestra at a younger age, and he was a little surprised and showed a calm look.
"Well, then, you can play a piece now, and I’ll see if you can give some guidance." Ballot certainly has the right to say such a thing. It seems that he is willing to give guidance to Wu Liang, which is already a junior.
I don’t know how many people in the symphony industry are eager to get his comments, but I haven’t even met him yet!
I was very happy to see Balot agree with Wu Liang. I quickly looked around and asked Balot, "Excuse me, master, do you have a sogeum here?"
"I have to wait for you." Balot got up and trembled and went to another room, presumably to get Sogeum.
When Balot left the real estate and Jiyang, he took a puzzled look at Wu Liang and asked, "Aren’t you in a hurry to solve the symphony orchestra? Why are you still in the mood to play sogeum here?"
Wu Liang replied, "It’s a rare opportunity to get the personal guidance of Master Balot, which is much more important than solving the symphony orchestra!"

What a dog!

Duke can’t accuse Malygos of’ being a demigod and losing his integrity to this point’ because the former Blue Dragon Wang Gan and Duke want to do the same thing after spring to weaken the enemy’s war potential.
Marigos only came to contain him, Duke.
Huge and thick ice blocks the outside world from the bottom of the cave.
Marigos is absolutely dominant there, and frost elements exclude arcane elements from entering, let alone sending them to the door.
Even if Duke tried to save them, he couldn’t save Nahok and them.
Almost at the same time, cries for help sounded everywhere in Duke’s magic letter network, surrounded by the ice cap glacier area, and the whole allied front was reported to have been raided by the Scourge.
Most of them were raided by a famous [fortress observer] Gargoyle group. These dark magical creatures with high-speed flying ability were covered by storms and blizzards, and directly crossed the frontline defensive territory and raided the second-line allied positions.
Not only that, countless ice bridges extend from the cliffs in the ice cap glacier area to form slide-like grooves sewn by ten corpses, and the hateful sewing monsters flew directly to various positions of the alliance along these ice slides.
Direct near-attack, throwing this kind of fatness over and forcing the allied forces to fight melee, which is why Arthas’ raid was called a great success.
"fight back! Fight back! Press the enemy back! " Even if the alliance commanders screamed at the top of their lungs
Arthas deliberately made it impossible to see anything five meters away. What is the end of the queue in snowstorm weather is an extravagant hope. Fortunately, the support of the alliance communication network has not been destroyed, otherwise the situation may become worse.
Even so, forced to fight a close hand-to-hand combat, it is conceivable that the losses of the Coalition forces will not burn this time.
Rao is a grim-faced Duke. The words squeezed out of his teeth are still admiring the enemy. "Arthas did a good job!"
The alliance position is in a state of turmoil.
"I can’t keep it!" There are union soldiers shouting
Alliance commanders shouted "retreat!" Retreat! "
"no! We’re not leaving! The league honor! " As soon as the lead recruit finished speaking, his boss slapped him in the face.
"Idiot! If everyone dies, this place will become undead, which in turn will increase the burden on the alliance in the future! Trap your comrades! Go! Everybody go! Don’t break! How much can you run! " The second lieutenant of the alliance made a vicious order
"So … what about you, sir?" The recruit is a bit at a loss.
"Someone has to collect the body."
"Collect the body?"
"Little useless talk! Get out of here! Don’t get in the way here! " Alliance second lieutenant kicked the recruits’ ass and even scolded and beat them away.
Watching the recruits disappear behind the snow, the Alliance Lieutenant windproof lighter lit a cigarette, but it lit and went out.
"Alas, brothers …" He saw a lot of wobbly figures, each of whom was wearing shiny silver armor, and the pattern of the lion’s head in Phnom Penh on a blue background was so conspicuous. However, these used to be more ferocious than familiar faces.
Some people are missing half a face, some people are hanging their heads because their throats are bitten off by half, and they have more limbs. They can’t drag their broken bodies to crawl and drag out shocking blood stains.
Magic signal machine in front of the alliance second lieutenant picked up the receiver "hello! The frontline n567 position Lieutenant John Gannard calls Shan Ying. "
"Shan Ying, please speak when you hear n567!" In the magic mirror, a picture of the head of an alliance female soldier lights up.
"The n567 position has been lost. I let the last batch of soldiers leave this position. I am the last living person. If you don’t want this place to become a paradise for the dead, please fire at me as soon as possible."
Alliance sister paused for a long time before trembling voice answered, "Shan Ying Bai … Does Lieutenant Gannard have any last words?"
"Long live the alliance!" Gently say that finish this sentence is not much older than the recruits. The second lieutenant of the League was torn by his former comrades and dragged back.
The female soldier saw the face of the Union Lieutenant from beginning to end with a faint smile until the last moment.
Three minutes later, the artillery position in the rear area of n567 position rang with violent rumbling and violent artillery fire, which instantly flooded the whole position and broke down all humanoid objects in the whole position …
At this moment, Duke’s Heart Lake is simply full of ups and downs. The League has not eaten this for a long time, and it has been detrimental to the’ historical’ memory league campaign.
Compared with the victory, the loss is almost negligible.
This makes Duke the whole league involuntarily enter an almost blind optimism.
Arthas taught them a good lesson today.
Duke doesn’t know how many soldiers will be lost in this raid, but it’s definitely over 10 thousand
This is the biggest single combat loss since Duke was commander of the alliance.
It is not enough to write down the history of war when all the allies remember to learn.
"Did you get hit in the face?" Duke with a wry smile.
Here comes Onyxia. Her ultra-high temperature [deep breath] burns the thick ice.
Add Duke fire magic, which is a little better than Marigos.
The speed of the ice layer in the pit of the arena is decreasing with the naked eye. However, everyone knows that according to this rhythm, when they forced Malygos to escape, the bodies of the first league warriors in milhouse would have been cold.
Duke foresaw that when they reached the bottom of the hole, they probably wouldn’t even receive the body.
Arthas’ vengefulness will definitely strengthen these warriors and put them in the ice crown fortress to wait for the arrival of the Coalition forces.
Maybe there will be another lich named milhouse * Mana Storm …
Just when Duke was a little paranoid, suddenly there was a piercing scream on the ice.

If it were another man, Zherong would have rushed in and fought hard with him, but that man was Huangfushi, a man with broken sleeves. Zherong understood that Qingyan should be very safe with him …

It wasn’t until the hotel courtyard that Huang Fushi took the Ling Shinohara sword in one hand that he deeply realized Huang Fushi’s shocking love!
This can’t help but surprise Zherong. Is this Huangfushi or did he ever know that Huangfushi? Never close to women. He has a soft spot for your words?
But Qingyan’s active cuddling made him suddenly realize what had really happened to them.
This made Zherong feel confused and lost.
Being alone, a familiar ring came from behind.
"What’s wrong with being alone?"
Zherong suddenly looked back at Huangfushi and appeared behind him like a ghost.
Face hanging scorn laughing look HuangFuShi blunt ZheRong recruit waved "open cold iron also have absence, if I just stabbed a sword here, you have said goodbye to me at this time? Ha ha "
Zherong a sullen canthus flashed a cruel bloodthirsty mans "how dare you find yourself? Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you? Have you forgotten what happened in goddess peak the day before yesterday? "
HuangFuShi bosom laugh "ha ha ha zhe rong brother you want to kill me and will wait until now? I finally understand one thing. You won’t kill me anymore. Haha, don’t. I didn’t know that you followed me all the way to kill me. Qian Qian absolutely won’t wait until now if you start work. "
Zherong glared coldly at Huangfu Shiqiang and endured his anger. He said word for word, "Not killing you before doesn’t mean not killing you now. Not killing you now doesn’t mean not killing you in the future. You will never know what is my next move. You will never know who the killer is?"
"Aye, aye, you played tongue twisters with me?" Huangfushi put his hand on Zherong’s shoulder with a smile on his face. He had every reason to do so because how close they were many years ago.
But at the moment, where does Zherong have any idea to catch up with him? I shrugged my shoulders and arched my annoying elbows. "It seems that you are in a good mood!"
Look up at the hanging round full moon HuangFuShi face is full of intoxication "er ok! You won’t understand my mood at the moment. It’s the joy of the first man and the pride of the first man. "
Zherong hated him before, and now he hates him even more! I can’t wait to kill him on the spot immediately.
However, since Huangfushi has no longer broken sleeves, everything is a mistake. What reason is there to go to the murderer again?
And this is more involved in an important person-Qingyan.
I can see that Qingyan likes Huangfushi very much, so he can’t kill Huangfushi because he doesn’t want her to be hurt any more. If she likes him, she will protect him unconditionally, including that annoying Huangfushi!
With a bitter smile, Zherong secretly sneered at me. A killer who is known as a ruthless killer has such a kind side. Kind? Hmm …
Shake, shake, splash, water drops, and Zherong will lose his hands behind him and turn around and go east along the river.
Huangfushi looked at him inexplicably, understood his indifference, and chased him in three steps and two steps, shouting, "Hey, brother, you haven’t told me what you’ve been following me these days? Let me ask you, is the inscription nearby? Hey, I’m talking to you! "
Zhe Rong suddenly paused and turned around. "Don’t follow me again. I want to say a word to you now. Please be kind to Yincui gorge. If you let her suffer any injustice, I will spare you first!" Farewell! "
After that, he left with a kiss-xiu, and went on the waves resolutely.
I’m obsessed with Huangfushi’s riverside doubts. This guy is really amazing. He knows everything I say tacitly to Qingyan … Look at his doormat … Does he like Qingyan, too?
Manic and restless running all the way on Zherong River.
He was depressed, he wanted to shout, he wanted to vent, he wanted to kill …
"pattering!" He seems to vent all his resentment on the shallow river beach with heavy steps.
Suddenly a vague figure caught his eye and made him nervous.
A dead woman in red has appeared on the foggy river!
Oh, no, not a female corpse! She can move. She’s crawling slowly! She is walking on the river, and she is walking slowly towards the river center step by step.
Did you run into a female ghost who fell into the water?
Rubbed her eyes hard. The woman at the far end of her eyes sank deeper and deeper. The water gradually passed her knees, her lower abdomen and her chest …
She has a good figure and a beautiful face. She is wearing a red Chinese-style chest covering.
It’s her! Lingxiao!
At that moment, the river has not passed her head, and there are ripples on the whole river.
There is no longer a moment’s hesitation. Zherong suddenly jumped into the river. He struggled to go to the middle reaches of the river. In his heart, he would have scolded Huangfushi for thousands of times. If he hadn’t suffered, he would have thrown himself into the river.
Having identified the position, he plunged into the chaotic and dim river at the bottom of the water and groped all the way.
Finally, he felt a touch of long hair, and then his arms clasped tightly around that mass of Youzi tender body, and he felt that the lover in his arms resisted Zherong’s struggle to hit her acupoints and directly stunned her, and then Zherong’s feet struggled to swim towards the river. One hundred and forty-third we are both unhappy — to the sky’s end
Stick Ling Xiao’s back, his left hand passed through her armpit, put his arm around her chest, and his right hand paddled rapidly towards the river bank.
The floodplain is gradually showing that the water is not so deep, but it is certain that they are out of danger.
Zherong tensed his nerves and finally relaxed. At this time, he realized a little strange.
His left palm is covered with a soft and elastic meat ball, and his elbow is squeezing another soft foreign body.
Even a gentleman like Zherong has a ripple in his heart.
He and Ling Xiao are so close that they can clearly distinguish each other’s breathing and heartbeat. If she leans her head against Zherong’s shoulder, Zherong’s cheeks and even her lips will touch the wet and fragrant long hair, which makes Zherong’s breathing almost stagnant.
Call a sin in secret. Sin holds her chest. The left hand moves slightly away from that sensitive part, but the elbow will still touch it inadvertently …

Tang Luoling beside also stare big eyes quietly waiting for his answer.

If this is not a fool, he looks at the big plate of Yuzhu autumn bamboo shoots. "I will tell you unless you send me this plate of autumn bamboo shoots!" "
It’s just a plate of autumn bamboo shoots!
There’s nothing to do. She’s not without materials.
Never YanDuan that plate of Yuzhu autumn bamboo shoots "you come with me! I’ll take you to see my parents. "
Tang Luoling looked at each other in a fierce day. This little guy actually took them to see his parents?
Yunlie took her by the hand. "Never take the lead."
Never take to see the two of them are willing to follow their own nature also happy.
He hasn’t seen a stranger for too long, and his parents have been reluctant to leave. He can also stay here and not leave Yuzhulin.
Follow Jueyan’s left turn and right turn, and finally reach the destination.
In front of them are several wooden houses, surrounded by bamboo forests and sprinkled with sunshine. Outside the wooden houses, there are several vegetable fields planted with vegetables, which are well cared for and full of vitality.
Never stop. "My dad is desperate. My mom’s name is Hongfeng. Now my mom is ill. If you go in, just don’t talk too loudly, otherwise my dad will be angry."
Tang Luoling wants to know what kind of master he is in Yuzhu forest, and why he will be punished in Yuzhu forest, especially the sinner in the valley of unfeeling.
Into the wooden house, Tang Luoling saw the bamboo couch girl with a full head of Chinese hair like a 70-year-old woman
Keep beside her is a man in his twenties. After the three of them entered the room, his eyes were sharp as a knife and he fell on the three of them. Chapter 78 Make a scene in the Valley of Desperate Love.
"Who are you? Be good at the forbidden area of Yuzhulin! "
Men speak with cold meaning.
Jueyan was greeted immediately. "Dad, they are children. Please come back. They just cooked Yuzhu autumn bamboo shoots in Yuzhu forest. They like it very much. Please invite them to come. Please don’t be angry. Just come with anger."
It’s impossible to look at this child alone and say that you don’t feel bad.
Because he was conceived in his wife Hongfeng’s stomach for forty years before he came alive.
In these forty years, he has made his son live, and even more, he has searched all over the mainland for pills that can prolong his life.
"Since you brought them back, let them go to your room."
Never lonely waved at him and didn’t say anything. Her eyes returned to the bed.
Tang Luoling suddenly said, "Do you know that Madam is poisoned?"
"What did you say? Maple is poisoned? How is it possible? "
Three questions in a row made the lonely glacier face finally have a different reaction.
Even Jue Yan was shocked by Tang Luoling’s words and directly dropped the dish in his hand. "Sister, how can my mother be poisoned?"
Tang Luoling glanced at them. "Just because your father is not poisoned doesn’t mean that she can’t tell when she is not poisoned. But now you can see that her face is very white. This kind of white is not normal. It is close to the dead zombie white!"
I am so lonely that I get up. "What poison is in my wife?"
"This needs to be checked."
As he spoke, Tang Luoling came to the huafa woman and reached for her pulse.
This check Tang Luoling couldn’t help but look cold. "Your wife has been poisoned every year, and it takes fifteen years to calculate a poison."
Fifteen years?
Wouldn’t it be that Hongfeng was poisoned after Jueyan was born?
But who will poison Hongfeng in this forbidden area of Yuzhulin?
It suddenly occurred to me that a person never shook his fist alone. Over the years, two school sisters, Hongye, will come here to see them, and every time she will be very kind to Hongfeng and even take some to make up for it.
But …
Now someone tells him that red leaves are poisoning red maple?
I looked at Tang Luoling alone. "Can my wife be cured of poison?"
"The general solution to mixing drugs is to know her sequence, but one thing can be known: your wife must be an old woman like aging drugs. If you say that without aging drugs, you won’t become so old. After all, your wife’s strength is the strength of six Wuxian!"
Tang Luoling actually has a medicine to get rid of the mixed poison of red maple, but she doesn’t want to get rid of it now
One reason is that it is not good for them to help each other rashly without knowing whether they are friends or enemies.
"That can suppress her body poison? Don’t let my wife be so miserable. She likes to stay in the kitchen and cook all kinds of delicious food. That’s her favorite thing … "
People who look at the bed alone have deep affection in their eyes.
Tang Luoling gave him a deep look. "I can suppress her body poison and wake her up, but if you can ensure that she won’t be poisoned again after I let her come?" Once someone poisons your wife to her again, there is really a dead end. Chapter 79 Make a scene in the Valley of Desperate Love.
Tang Luoling’s words are impolite.
Lonely but not angry, I just want to make sure when I feel the trembling of the circle.
He immediately ordered his son to "never take it! Someone’s coming. Stop one! I took the two of them to hide. "
"Dad, I’m going!"
Jueyan quickly slipped out and practiced martial arts at the gate for a pretence.
And absolutely lonely to the two of them is waved and then in Tang Luoling and Yunlie day, nine turn Sirius feet appeared a golden light.
"Don’t talk or come out for a while. The Valley Master won’t find you in this golden circle."
Give them a serious warning and then sit there and wait for someone to come.
Outside, the red leaves came in, and behind her, there was a unique character.

Of course, since it is a big change, business opportunities are everywhere, and there are naturally business opportunities that can make a lot of money.

Those who can seize these business opportunities will be assigned the most delicious cakes this time.
"The price of the right slot has gone up, and the price of the 55-level powder jewelry has also gone up. It seems that the amateur businessman’s reaction speed is really fast." The ghost prodigy and Xiaowen typed and chatted.
"The price of all kinds of challenge eagle-eye medicine for small crystals of gold has also increased," Xiaowen replied by typing.
"It is inevitable that the price of these materials will increase, and there are’ civilian’ forces driving it, but the businessmen have taken the lead, and I just said that those equipment must be analyzed by Canada in the future to get the price increase."
"Few people who know how to fry equipment are businessmen, and most of them are businessmen," typed Tong.
"Then do we need to’ insert’ our hands?"
"The main reason is that these equipment are too low to enter our eyes, but the amount of big talk is different. Unfortunately, the amount of circulation outside has been reduced by half compared with before, and the price is now several million more expensive than before."
"Then we continue to collect materials?"
"Materials are the safest, but profits are also the most deadly," typed Tong.
"If you find that there is absolutely no jewelry in the area, come in seconds," typed Tong.
Xiaowen looked at this sentence and immediately understood it.
When Tong said "extreme", he meant that the scarlet letter was enchanted. Nice orb or badge was double-5′ sex’. What?
The total price of these equipment has to be’ paid’ in nine-figure game coins even when it is not yet over.
"By the way, it seems that not many people have noticed Tong’s 65-level double attack on the left slot." Xiaowen suddenly typed and said.
"Whether the price of the 65-level left slot will increase depends on whether Xinhui will have a higher level of double attack left slot, but from the Korean side, it seems that there are no 7 and 75 levels of double attack left slot." Tong replied.
"That should increase the price?"
"It is said that there will be no trough around level 65, but the output there is estimated to have to increase in price. After all, even after level 8, there is still no substitute for level 65 double attack left Cao left trough for percentage occupations."
"Then I can rest assured."
"This is up to you."
"The price of grade 65 left trough in Shandong No.1 District is unusual, and it has been high all the time, excluding the cold’ door’ occupation"
A moment later, Vivian suddenly sent a message to Tong.
"Shandong District 1?" Tong doesn’t understand why he and Xiaowen have jurisdiction over a dozen districts in Guangdong and one district in Shandong.
"My friend just asked me if there was any change in business opportunities, so I told him, I guess, and then he checked an auction house and found that the price of the left slot didn’t drop much compared with before, but increased." Xiaowen typed and explained.
"It may be that other businessmen in Shandong District 1 beat us to it."
"Is this proof that someone thinks that the price of the left trough will appreciate in the future like me?"
"Maybe," said Tong, not sure.
"Except for those materials that will change the price, the level 65 left slot should also rise because Korea didn’t have a level 7 and level 75 double attack left slot." The judge looked at his warehouse and there was about half a page of double attack left slot with a small smile.
Just then a string of messages rang out from his qq.
"Happy New Year, Judge" This is a message from Khan to the judge.
"Fun with fun" judge immediately replied simply.
"accept my challenge if you want me to be happy."
Although this sentence made the judge unexpected, but before it was slightly closed, the judge stretched his brow at the moment.
Chapter 958 Formulating rules
"You finally challenged me/"replied the judge calmly.
Khan looked at the judge and paused for a while before typing and said, "You know I want to deal with you?"
"I’m not stupid to say the two of us? I grew up wearing the same crotch pants. Although I don’t know if your shit is rare when you pull out your ass, I know that your fart must be smelly. "The judge replied with a little humor.
This passage is ironic in Khan’s view.
"Does the judge know what I do and what I will do against him?" Khan heart some shocked thinking.
But the judge’s words were true. They were brothers until the judge got married.
"You know all about it?" Khan noncommittally typing asked
"I don’t know. I feel that you are hiding something from me, and … you often try to put me in shoes, but Khan, what makes you hostile to me?"
"When did you feel it?" Khan did not answer the judge’s question, but asked another question himself.
"When fighting naughty, you should support me several times, if you are either silent or opposed. From then on, I think you are strange."
The judge continued to type after typing this passage and said, "Come to me and you will be driven to the point of extermination. In fact, if that is the case, at least I can give up on your friendship, but you are firmly on my side when everyone in Gankun has betrayed."
"I shouldn’t continue to put up with you, even if I really can’t, I can quit the game and walk away, but it’s because of this that I’m worried about dnf again. I want you to say that you want to take off the pit, and I’m sure I’ll follow you without saying anything."
Watching the judge send a few words, Khan sighed heavily and then bit his mouth’ lip’ and felt that’ stand’ was not the taste.
Yeah, I was closer than my own brother, but I turned against him.
But Khan felt even worse, not only his friendship but also his dead love.
Khan and Erxiu seem to belong to the same kind of people who are morbidly paranoid about feelings, and the glass of water seems to be held forever.
"You beat me and I’ll tell you all the truth. If you lose to me, we’ll get out of the pit together and die of old age," Khan typed solemnly.

"I thought about you more than once. What did she do? What on earth will Moer like you, love you and pay so much? I still haven’t thought about it until now. "

Finally, Orange can choose to laugh at herself.
He can’t understand what it means to feel, what it means to look at ten thousand years and what it means to be destined …
"And you are even more ridiculous. You just talk about protecting Moer, worrying about her caring for her, but do you know who is protecting who? !”
Orange suddenly turned to the gaunt star LengYu without mercy.
"You know Moer is the guardian. Do you know who she is?"
In a word, Xing Lengyu is like waking up from a big dream and staring at orange in disbelief.
Don’t …
"Oh, yes, it’s you. You don’t believe that she slapped her brother personally …"
Xingtianmo, you can’t be a little more stupid! You might as well be stupid!
The guardian’s blood is bound to live together, and the night vows that a guardian is a lifetime.
I conclude a guardian contract with the blood sacrifice on the full moon night! Willing to be a star from now on, the guardian of Lengyu will never abandon him for life, and he will live with me and die with him!
Everyone’s ears seem to be ringing in a flash, and the firm tone is filled with the truest blood.
"Moer … Moer …" Xing Lengyu felt the sweet and greasy smell in his throat.
"Orange …" Purple light mouth call.
"If the green is dead, the blood sacrifice for the green will be mutually assured destruction." Orange lightly narrated the words that made the red, yellow, blue and purple collapse.
"You … what did you say? !”
"From now on, you are no longer cold friends. You decide what the future will be."
Orange smells cold all over, and the strange smell makes red, yellow, blue and purple hard to accept.
"You don’t need unfaithful people because you are cold."
Orange smiled lightly but was full of contempt.
"Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that the Gongluo operation has always been assigned by your grandfather, including the shooting at the banquet and that Mo Er saved you that night … not Ou Menger!"
"MoEr? You must know which is right! "
Orange Oriental Chu Oriental Bud glanced at each other and turned and stepped away at the same time.
Yue Xuanyi forced himself to calm down. He is worried about him now!
"Well" orange a slight answer let everyone see hope again.
"Where is she? !”
"You are blessed to be dead."
A year later.
France Lingye University University Campus Freshman Class A
"The yo-yo class! Wake up … "
In the last row, a handsome boy’s eyes showed gentle and happy eyes. Although his facial expression was somewhat naive, the smile on his mouth was the most true and beautiful.
"Well … no, I want to sleep again."
The boy’s arms are soft and talking. A petite and lovely girl rubs against the boy’s arms and sleeps comfortably with her eyes closed.
"But we’re going home after school."
The boy watched as he gradually walked into the classroom, and then looked at shrinking his arms. The girl was sleeping soundly and shook her head naively, but her arm around the girl was tight for fear that she would fall out of his arms as soon as she moved.
"Well, it’s only been three minutes now, so you can continue to refuel."
A girl with handsome short hair in the front row turned to tell the time.
She has been used to this situation for less than ten minutes, but she can’t call the sleepy girl in her brother’s arms.
Come on, they’re not going to bring her to study because she doesn’t need to continue studying these college courses, but that girl has been pestering me to experience the good atmosphere on campus and bring her to study. As soon as she came to school for a lesson, she immediately went on a date with Duke Zhou!
No one has suddenly heard another sound in the classroom.
"Chu Youyou hasn’t woken up?"

Wind in the mind at that time, he held the old man’s hand "grandpa".

"hey!" The old general couldn’t help patting his hand and said to Ling Tian, "It’s very kind of you to get along. You are now a senior colonel, right?" I have heard Haikun say that you have done a lot of work and the country has made a lot of contributions. Well done, you are worthy of being our grandson. "
"A few days ago, I often talked to Lao Chang, and he also praised Feng Huabei Military Region by name. This military exercise was very successful. This time, the troops will be trained and the military quality is excellent. It is a good seedling." Huahai Kun was also very excited, and his eyes never left him.
"Ling Tian teaches well." The old general is very proud that their flower family finally has a grandson and is so outstanding that he inherits his father’s quality.
"It’s the wind who is willing to work hard, and I’ve always honored him." Ling Tian’s mixed feelings found his relatives, and of course he was happy for him, but he was no longer his Ling Tianer when he recognized Hua Jia.
"Feng, this is your uncle and this is your aunt’s name!" The old general pointed to Huahai Kun and Mrs Hua and said
Huahai Kun looked at the wind excitedly and waited for him to call himself an uncle. Chapter 497 She wanted to
"Uncle and aunt" the wind cried.
"hey!" Huahai Kun is busy.
Mrs. Hua should also be busy and say to one side of Hua Zhi, "Zhi Er is quick to call brother."
Hua Zhi looked at the wind and called a "brother" sweetly.
"This is your sister Hua Zhi," said General Hua Lao. "Things are in a hurry today. I’ll take you to meet others at home another day."
"Good" wind still hides his things in his heart, and the joy of family reunion has faded.
"The wind has you almost forty, why are you still alone?" Huahai Kun was very happy that someone at last had a family and was so excellent. "I asked your aunt to find you some men to get married first."
"Uncle, I’m getting married and I have a daughter." The wind said since they got up smoothly.
"You have a daughter?" This incident surprised everyone. The old general was happy that he had a great-grandson, but then he thought it was wrong. "You didn’t get married and have a daughter."
Soldiers are unmarried, but there are taboos, not to mention Feng and senior officers.
"I didn’t know I had a daughter before my grandfather, but I got back together with my girlfriend and now I plan to get married," Feng replied.
Ling day face slightly stiff wind not too impatient.
Huahai Kun doesn’t seem to be surprised. Obviously, he already knows about it. Of course, he is familiar with the commander of the North China Military Region. What he just said is not to test his attitude. Sure enough, this little stubbornness is very old and often gives him a sigh.
General Hua doesn’t think it’s right to listen. I don’t know if I’m pregnant with a child and now I’m back together. What’s going on? He asked, "What family brought it to grandpa one day?"
"Her name is Song Yuanyuan and she knows Cheng Jiadong Dong," said Feng.
"Song Yuanyuan? It won’t be Song Zongzheng’s daughter who was sentence for corruption two years ago, will it? " Mrs. Hua said at the right time
The master also listened and felt that something was wrong. He turned to look at the wind. "What is the wind?"
"It’s not so urgent, but we can talk about it later." Ling Tianshun said.
"This is today, let’s not talk about eating first." Huahai Kun laughed
The wind also knows that if you go on, maybe the master will become bad at Yuanyuan’s impression, and he will only endure it.
After dinner, the master wanted the wind to go home with him. Lingtian agreed and said, "Lingtian, you and your grandfather agree to talk more. I’ll just let the guards pick me up."
Although the wind didn’t agree, he agreed.
All the way back to Hua’s house, he chatted with his master for a while, not only about his experiences over the years, but also took the opportunity to boast about Yuanyuan with his master.
Master is somewhat curious about Yuanyuan. He always feels as if he has seen it, so he said that he must take it to meet him.
Master is too old to stay up too late. When he falls asleep, he meets Mrs. Hua as soon as he goes out.
"Feng, I just cleaned up your room. You sleep for one night first. You see how you want to decorate your room. You tell your aunt that she will arrange it for you," said Mrs. Hua.
"Thank you, Aunt." Feng nodded and went to his room with Mrs. Hua. It was all too soon. He was caught off guard. No, he didn’t expect that he had a new family so soon
Mrs. Hua is still smart enough not to disturb him and leave him alone.
In a short time, Yuanyuan said, "Are you busy?"
"Not busy. What about you?" The wind asked softly.
"I’m very busy. There are many post-editors who haven’t come back to the stage for so long. Many things have kept me busy today." But Yuanyuan is still in a very good mood. "She just took a bath for Fanfan and missed you and kept asking when my father will come back?"
The wind smiled, "Who said it or you said it?"
"It’s both what I said and what I said," Yuanyuan said emotionally.
"I’ll be back in a couple of days," the wind replied.
"Well, I told my mother about us, and my mother quite agreed," Yuanyuan said. "Uncle, my mother has made you suffer a lot! You didn’t even tell me. "
"What injustice? I forgot that "the wind is really not at ease" and "the past is over. Don’t do it again"
"Fan Fan is right next to you, she wants to talk to you." Yuan Yuan listened and was moved to see her daughter looking at herself with big eyes, so she gave her words to her daughter.
"Dad" whoever holds the words will call Dad "Dad misses you"

"She is your brother’s darling" Long Xixi Xuan gently dispelled her doubts.

Dragon sunseeker treasure stare big eyes exaggerated shouted "Yan Yan che? !”
"rude!" Long Xibo nodded her forehead.
Long Xibao looked incredulous. "No way … the man who looks more beautiful than an angel and whose heart is darker than a demon."
Yuan Gungun smell speech hurriedly ran into a bosom friend with a friendly expression and took the hand of Dragon Sunseeker Bao. The two of them played the classic plot of’ villagers see villagers in tears’.
Dragon Sunseeker Bo patted her head with a smile. "Although it is true, you’d better not hear Sunseeker for him."
Dragon Sunseeker Bao looked at Yuan Gungun sympathetically. How did you fall into the fire pit? Yuan Gungun looked back at Dragon Sunseeker Bao with a long face of regrets. Then the two men shook their heads and sighed "Alas …"
Twins are funny. Looking at two funny little women in front of me, it seems that Che’s personality is not very popular.
"By the way that doodle? Do you look like sisters? " Dragon sunseeker treasure asked
Pang Dudu smiled and spit out four words "I am her mother"
Boom Yi Long Sunseeker Bao was struck by thunder … I’m her mother, I’m her mother …
After half a ring, "Bo … Aunt … you are so well maintained that you have a fight with my dance mommy."
Pang Dudu excitedly took the dragon sunseeker treasure hand "really? Really? Hehe, baby, you’re so cute. If you come to our house to play, I’ll cook you delicious food. You’re such an honest and discerning boy. "
The twins looked at Pang Dudu with cold sweat. It was terrible. It was another girl who was spoiled by men … Oh, it shouldn’t be a woman …
President’s office on the top floor of the regiment
"I’m sorry, master." Yas bowed his head and dared not look directly into someone’s cold eyes.
"Don’t tell me I haven’t found it yet." Yan Yanche watched him spit out every word from his thin lips, freezing with cold.
"Sorry …" Yas can say these three words.
"Yas, you should know me well after following me for so long, right?" The tone of Yan Yan is light but chilling.
"I’m sorry, master, but …"
"But you refused her request and chose to go against my orders?" It’s still that undulating tone to play with the thumb leopard ring
Yasi immediately knelt down and touched the floor and issued a "dong" and "I’m sorry, master"
At this moment, there was a mobile phone music in the silent room. Yan Yan looked at the number and pressed the call button.
"Che, your lovely wife is here with me." Long Xiybote has a magnetic voice from the words.
"I’m in the past now," Yan Yan answered with a dull stare.
"By the way, there’s your lively mother-in-law." Dragon Sunseeker Bo looked at the nearby finished medicine and laughed into a pile. Three women touched her forehead.
"Well …" I got a headache and pinched my eyebrows. I picked up the coat on the back of the chair and dialed the number of Yuan Jingliu and walked to the door.
Yas looked at the gate and was relieved. It seems that he found it.
Yas looked at him with indifference. "It’s too early to rest assured that this matter hasn’t passed yet."
Chapter 11 Long Xibao I owe you one.
Yas got up and smiled and shook his head. Some Nai looked at him. "What can I do for you? Can you refuse the rolling request?"
Jas sip sip lips didn’t speak.
"Ah … what a headache!" Yas sighed.
"Don’t worry, you will not only have a headache, but also have a’ flesh ache’ in the near future." Yas’s expression told the truth.
Yas gave him a cold shoulder and stopped talking.
After receiving the message from Dragon Sunseeker, Yan Yan Che arrived at the Dragon Dance at a flying speed. Bang, Yuan Gungun was rudely beaten. When he saw the bearer, he couldn’t help stepping back. Dragon Sunseeker Bao looked at the menacing Yan Yan Che’s consciousness and blocked Yuan Gungun’s front, but Yuan Gungun was even more nervous to hide behind himself.
God, it’s terrible … She is most afraid of his anger …
Long Xibao was distracted and looked at the man behind Yan Yanche. Wow, another man is more beautiful than a woman. Is there any justice in this world? Also let not let people live! See that man is also a face of ups and downs to look straight to roll mom … This is roll dad? ! Can fight with daddy sunseeker …
Yan Yan looked at the chick in front of his wife and revealed a very’ weird’ smile, calling her name "Dragon Sunseeker Treasure" coldly.
Being pointed to a celebrity can’t help shivering. It’s horrible … "How’s Brother Hitcher doing recently? The company should have a house, a wife and a child, right? Ha ha ….. "Someone is not outspoken.
Yan Yanche sneered faintly. "Are you sure you want to be here?"
Dragon Sunseeker Bao hurriedly set up a standard soldier posture, but he didn’t salute and said YES,SIR, and then he gave a face of "I don’t go to hell, who goes to hell?"

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “