Thought of here, Wei Gena kept playing the cold war, shortness of breath and ups and downs in his chest.

"Control the Reichstag and the Prime Minister’s Office to attack the Berlin Gendarmerie Command and the jǐng Inspection Bureau …" Wei Gena’s throat was dry and faltered for a long time before he could barely prove it. "I seem to have guessed something in West Lyme …"
"You guessed it!" Wang Hai rubbed his hands, and even the wine j Ρ ng could suppress his headache. Sitting on the imperial flag at the top of the capitol building, he said, "Our army always forgets our ancestors, Teutonson, and the other guardians have a high attitude, but many times their hearts are higher than the sky, but they always do petty things. Since the army disdains to do what they should do, let the navy do it for them!"
Wang Haidi’s voice just fell and Wei Gena’s head exploded.
Wei Gena couldn’t guess Wang Haidi’s plan, but he knew that he and the navy were following their naval leaders to create German history. How crazy and carefree it was to have their own participation and the navy to dominate the imperial history! to be continued
The second gun tail (3) Germany
I haven’t written a novel for almost half a month. I’m in no state …
"Maybe we missed something …"
On June 6th, a soldier slept all night in the morning in front of the headquarters building of the Army in Berlin. He looked at General Hoffman with ao Hong’s eyes puzzled and felt regretfully after knowing it.
The Germans kept their mouths shut, and almost all the soldiers in the army took revenge on ludendorff’s first batch of extremely hostile naval and army generals with Heidi Selim making a fuss about the Berlin mutiny.
Since Teutonic Forest, the German army has always been not afraid of its opponents. Although the French army is straightforward, they are not tough enough. Although the British army is J and jīng tough, its ideas and tactics are outdated. Although the Russian army is tenacious and brave, its equipment is too poor. Although the Royal Navy is arrogant, there is no reason why the great German army can’t even beat its own ocean fleet. The flagship team is angry with the ocean fleet. Although the blue sea can no longer find a comparable opponent, every soldier keeps in mind the fact that the German navy was separated from the army from Prussian era, little brother.
On the night of the counter-insurgency, the deafening guns in the southwest suburb of Berlin always stimulate the sensitive nerves of the landing soldiers. The soldiers are afraid but uneasy. If ludendorff’s tide is over and Albert and Hindenburg don’t fall, the prestige and potential will reach the peak. Heidi Selim, the German naval god of war, will wait for revenge.
The disgraceful thing has happened again. Max Hoffman will achieve the prestige and potential of the commander-in-chief of the Eastern Army through the naval ares. He will do things according to ludendorff’s orders. The Western Army will stop in the outer suburbs of Berlin and choose to wait and see. The Eastern Army will tacitly quickly pass through the Berlin rebels to deliberately give way to pre-empt the hidden danger of ludendorff, and three blockade lines will be arranged near the army headquarters in one breath.
At night, the German swordsman Hoffman lost the knight’s sword that brought him a lot of shame. He kept the army headquarters safely and thought hard about ways to bridge the contradiction between the navy and the army for fear of damaging his reputation. Army soldiers committed suicide with their backs to ludendorff. The iron cross flag flew high in the old building, holding a semi-new Mao Se rifle. In the night, he tried to stare out his eyes and stare at the dim street lamp and the dead road.
However, the soldiers of the army were red and pale, and they still couldn’t see the figure of sailors wearing navy caps and deep Se. It was not until the next morning that the dark days in Berlin gradually brightened up, including Hoffman’s senior generals, that they figured out something intriguing from the information handed over intermittently.
The weather has changed in Berlin!
This is not the first time that Germany has changed its master in the war. This summer, the contradiction of the Imperial Ministry was covered up by patriotism, and it could no longer stand the long-lasting war and repeatedly destroyed a dazzling palace drama. After the German emperor abdicated and moved away, Germany entered a short-lived era of the Big Three.
Before the Germans can adapt to life without the emperor, it is more strange than the Big Three. After the noisy farce, the German-style é n zh ǔ became angry from embarrassment. The first real person of the ludendorff Army flagrantly shot and killed the conservative leader of the German landlord, Congressman Kang, and the senior official of ZH ǔ f ǔ, and placed under house arrest. The commander-in-chief of the Army, Hindenburg, brought the German-style é n zh ǔ j é ng marrow into full play, thus making Berlin another master.
The army does not want Berlin to change its owners frequently, but they have no reason or position to refuse these changes, because every bloody incident means that the army can get more resources to deeply tap the potential of militarism.
But this time, the army seems unable to take Berlin’s new pattern in stride.
It was before the weather changed in Berlin and the army made a sound!
The first ray of sunshine in midsummer showered Berlin’s lifeless Baroque buildings, which made the dusty flower beds give birth to new colors and colorful colors. The soldiers who waited around the army headquarters all night were dizzy. For the time being, they still couldn’t figure out whether the lack of power to replace the night would have an indelible impact on the army, Germany and the world. It was just staring blankly at the smoky cornflower in front of the army headquarters building, and ordinary Berlin citizens exchanged gossip that they heard from the streets and lanes.
In the counter-insurgency night, thousands of naval sailors took the Berlin Gendarmerie Command and the Berlin jǐng Inspection Bureau without bloodshed, and successfully rescued the members of Congress who were under house arrest by ludendorff and the rebels.
It is said that Selim also gave a speech in front of the gendarmerie headquarters building with a small audience but far-reaching influence. The naval leader declared that the navy would change the situation of the disintegration of the empire and promised that the navy would not take the opportunity to seek special status. It was the guide to find the balance of interests of all political forces in the empire
No one refutes the fact that the arrogant empire of West Lyme is very important. The German army is not present, and the army leader Hindenburg is expected to fall sharply due to the Berlin mutiny and house arrest. Hoffman, the military strongman ludendorff, has enough positions and resumes, but he still lacks extensive influence on the people who run Albert Empire in Berlin. However, the top echelons of his empire, the bourgeoisie, the citizens and the army do not believe in Albert and socialism.
In other words, Heidi Selim, a naval war god, is the most suitable person to save the political situation of the divided empire.
Another source said that Marshal Heidi Selim Hindenburg and the leader of the Workers’ Party Albert had a secret conversation. The Army did not know exactly what Heidi Selim said in the secret talks, let alone what role he and his navy would play in the post-ludendorff era. Se The Army knew that the Workers’ Party was content to leave because the "arbitrator" Selim admitted that the left-wing motherland Party, the second largest party in Congress, was also in high spirits. Because Selim and them reached a limited understanding and promised not to change some systems of the empire, Marshal Hindenburg, on behalf of the Army Headquarters, has not yet reported back the news.
Only then did the army have the initial and most intuitive feeling that the army was ignored.
When Marshal Hindenburg returned to the Army Headquarters, the ex-servicemen of the Army could also comfort themselves that the West Lyme method did what he promised: there would be no balance of interests between Crocker conservatism and Workers’ Party radicalism, and class contradictions were different. However, this illusion was shattered from the moment Marshal Hindenburg excitedly walked with a black SE car with an army license plate.
In the secret conversation, Selim came up with a plan that no one but the royalists could directly reject the peace. According to this proposal, the imperial pending regime was established, and the cabinet republic would completely replace the imperial system and stand on this land to win the parliamentary election. The Workers’ Party would form the zhèng fǔ incarnation cabinet, which had just been pardoned by ludendorff, and Albert, the leader of the Workers’ Party, was elected as the first prime minister of the Republic.
The administration of Selim brought peace to the northwest of the empire, but after all, Germany was in a state of war, including Selim soldiers, industrial trusts and Germany. I can’t believe that the Workers’ Party can form a joint cabinet to stage. Bateman Hollwich left his political legacy and the left-wing motherland party had to return to the stage.
Another principle of the Selim peace plan is that the army does not interfere in politics.
According to this principle, whether the Supreme Command, the Army Headquarters and the Navy Headquarters were abolished and replaced by the German Military Commission, the function of which was equivalent to that of the Imperial Navy and Army Staff, the only link was that the Ministry of National Defense was composed of retired generals in charge of personnel and equipment.
The military commission is composed of nine members. Although the navy has won four places, the position of chairman has been pocketed by the navy, which means that the navy has achieved the equality of the army for the first time in the military commission.
This scheme seems fair, but fairness is the biggest unfairness to the army. After all, the empire of the army has long been self-centered. Of course, Selim has a way to shut the army up because Hindenburg, the chief of staff of the army, will be the first president of the German Republic
This move can be seen as a compromise between Selim and the army. Because he is lying in a hospital bed and half dead, Erpitz never mind getting up and exerting the waste heat to be a famous national leader. Of course, the army can understand that this is Selim’s conspiracy against the army. The Hindenburg army has almost no leader who can compete with Wang Haidi, and there is still a future for the navy. There are German heroes and the three musketeers of Kiel Sea School, as well as the outstanding tactical master hippel.
"Did you accept it?" Hoffman raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the eyebrow eye smile. Hindenburg asked
Hindenburg may be able to see through West Lyme’s open plan, or maybe he is always ambitious and used to being a real J: ng God leader, Marshal Hindenburg, who has made up his mind to resign from the Ministry of Military Affairs and raise his status.
"General Hoffman, that’s my duty!" Hindenburg replied.
The second gun tail (4) is about twenty years old
Parliamentary elections, ludendorff mutiny, and the naval sailors’ counter-insurgency in the first few days of January 1917, Berlin’s political climate was unpredictable, and this fateful drama took place in a dark brig in Berlin’s gendarmerie headquarters.
This is less than 10 square meters. Originally, the detention room was suitable for officers and men of the Imperial Army who violated military discipline. However, in the counter-insurgency campaign that broke out later in the Berlin mutiny, its functions were limited and enlarged, and it became the "prison" of Hindenburg, the commander-in-chief of the army, and the reception room of Heidi Selim, the naval leader.
Before dawn in 5th month, Xileim ended the secret meeting called "Talks with Xileim" by historians. With the pale chandelier lights and repeated echoes, Xileim put forward three peace principles: "National interests are above everything else", "Soldiers do not interfere in politics" and "Long-term peace".
The so-called "national interests are above everything else" means that the country maintained a state of war and won the war before the war was completely over. After the war, the "soldiers did not interfere in politics" army would withdraw from the imperial political life and reorganize the German Defence Force to achieve "long-term peace"

After about five minutes, Lao Zhang typed the photos of the weight, density and specifications of gold coins and sent them to my mailbox. Lin Muxia called up the emergency mailboxes of the police city bureaus, Tiannan city bureaus and five sub-bureaus in major cities through intelligence. These are special personnel who receive the emails 24 hours a day. While editing the mail, I sighed with my heart, which is somewhat like killing a chicken and killing a cow, but it is worthwhile to give an account to the dead.

It took me nearly twenty minutes to type the last word.
Lin Muxia had a look at her so-called way, "Ling Yu is getting better and better. You don’t need me anymore."
There seems to be something in it. I froze and my heart twitched as if it were tightened. Her meaning can’t stand scrutiny … Will I leave when I am full-fledged?
No way! In case this day comes, I decided to dress up as a pig!
Then I was going to send a mass fashion, and the hand shook and accidentally clicked the wrong one. I panicked and said, "Sister Kobayashi, what should I do?"
"I can’t help but boast." Lin Muxia gave me a white look. She held the mouse, flipped her left hand and five fingers, and quickly took the automatic backup of the previous text in the encryption buffer. When she finished sending the group, she blamed, "Be careful when you are so bold."
"There is no such grand mass urgent email object or provincial police? I’m excited for the first time about the big girl’s sedan chair. "I bury my face in other people’s ignorance and emerge with a strange smile." Sister Xiao Lin, do you think I can’t do without you or need you? "
Lin Muxia Nai said, "Well, you are a troublesome guy."
I said to myself, Ling Yu and Ling Yu, you’re so ashamed. You fooled her into giving up the idea of leaving again in this way.
At this time, my mobile phone was ringing when Lao Jiang picked it up. He said stupidly, "Ling Yu has a female agent of Banana Rain who called die. She said that Zhang Eryu has returned to her post and Qiao Qiqi can return to her place for nearly a month. It is the season exchange period, and there are many fashion shows without her."
"Yu Yan?" I think a little bit about the strong way, "Do you just reply that she wants immediate interests or wants to worry about Qiao Qiqi forever? If it is the former, die will immediately close the case and send Qiao Qiqi to Banana Rain and never intervene in this matter again. If it is the latter, tell her not to rush to wait for the case to be broken and return to Zhao safely."
"enough domineering!"
Lao Jiang hung up and sent me a short message "Done" within a few minutes.
It’s five o’clock in the city bureau. Lao Zhang, Lao Xiao and others packed their things respectively. Lin Muxia and I said goodbye to everyone and went back to die. It was a red light at an intersection in the city center. I waited patiently for the green light to light up, especially when there was a lot of people and traffic in the class. At this moment, Lin Muxia suddenly patted me on the shoulder. She rushed forward and angered her mouth. "Ling Yu, look at that old man!"
Looking down her line of sight, I noticed an old man who crossed the road obliquely. He was red-faced and carrying a bottle in his hand. He moved slowly and made people think that he might count down the car at any time, so he didn’t scratch the old man.
I was shocked by humanity. "The old birthday girl ate arsenic and died. It’s dangerous enough to cross the road obliquely when it’s a red light, and she’s still drunk."
"Do you think he looks familiar?" Lin Muxia watched the drunken old man move.
"Jianghu boxing crazy?" I shook my head and denied, "I don’t like it. I’ve never seen a boxer wearing sunglasses … Wait, is that an old man who died?"
Hey! I really don’t want to go into details. I have experienced many old people who have something to do and nothing to do. Their fresh images have their own characteristics. At present, this old man who looks like a dead man is really similar!
"This seems to be an old man who has died. He is going to have an accident like this!" Lin Muxia pushed the door, and she quickly said, "I’ll save him."
I didn’t stop her, driver. I can’t leave the car at the moment.
Soon Lin Muxia approached the drunk old man only one meter away. At the same time, a large car crashed towards two people, and my heart instantly reached my throat. The drunk old man wandered out of the step and looked up to fill the wine. He seemed to be aware of the danger. Lin Muxia accelerated his speed and put his arms around the drunk old man. The cart roared several times and the bottle fell to pieces. Many people also had car accidents and stopped to wait and see. When Lin Muxia and the drunk old man got up safely, the crowd was filled with regret.
I said to myself, what is the mentality of these birds?
Several traffic policemen came near and took them to the side of the road to ask the drunk old man to dress up as a dead pig. He lay on Lin Muxia’s shoulder and pretended to sleep! The traffic police and we saw that the drunken old man was a man eager to save lives, and Lin Muxia rushed ahead faster.
When the green light came on, I parked my car across the road and saw Lin Muxia raise my hand and show my certificate, and then the traffic police helped me to carry the drunk old man to this side and pull the door. The drunk old man was carried to the back seat, and I saw an object in the broken left lens as deep * * I didn’t expect to see the doomed old man encounter this time in the past year!
Lin Muxia thanked the traffic police, and she said, "This doomed old man wants to kill the rhythm!"
"Don’t pretend to sleep and wake up quickly." I saw his eyelids move and urged, "Where is home?"
"The old man is only three minutes drunk at most." The doomed old man sat up straight and touched his sunglasses. "The dolls sound so familiar. Do you dare to ask me if I have a connection?"
I snickered, "I’ll show you two words."
"oh! Die Ling Yu, Lin Muxia? " The old man stroked his beard and laughed again and again. "What a coincidence today."
He’s too busy to show up on the busy street. I wondered, "What do you want to do today?"
"alas! There was a young man in the east of the city who heard an acquaintance say that the old man was accurate, so he invited me to come home and give him a long-term hospital bed. "The old man who died spread his hand. He was depressed." When three copper coins were settled, the young man will die in a fucking quarter of an hour. The old man divined the truth with principles and resolutely refused to welcome people. Then I pulled a shit and searched for a bottle of good wine. Kung Fu was so fucking breath. The young man brought a kitchen knife and drove me out. The old man almost died! "
Boy, the old man who broke his life was taken home to tell his fortune, and his mother was killed by mistake. It’s strange that he didn’t fight hard with you!
I suppressed a smile and said, "Mao, every time you have a bad luck!" "
"Carry out the evil divination to the end!" The old man who died assumed an inscrutable posture. He put his head in my ear and said, "Lingling remembers giving you a peach blossom robbery last year. What about the result? I was curious because I couldn’t see through the fog of this robbery. "
"Pure personal * *! Can tell! " My heart says you are joking with Lin Muxia. No matter how small we talk, we can’t compete with her extraordinary hearing. If she knows about the charming past in Lhasa, it will be horrible to think about it!
"I understand your difficulties."
The doomed old man turned his face to Lin Muxia and rolled his throat. "I don’t know why I feel a little itchy when I see you. I feel too kind. Lingling and Xia Xia want a bowl of divination?"
"Come on, I don’t want to be a monk because I know there’s nothing good." I started the driveway. "I’ll give you a ride where your home is."
The doomed old man pouted, and he shook his head and said, "I have moved. Now I am located in Sanqing Street in the west of the city. The signboard of this shop is called Banxianpu."
It’s just that we have to return to die East Street in the west of the city. It’s not far from Sanqing Street. The old man and Lin Muxia talked about last year’s trip to Miaojiang. He was crying. "Xia Xia, when you were like a water flood, you changed your mind into a dragon. Do you remember what happened in the end?"
Lin Muxia raised her finger and said to me, "Of course, because of his hard life."
"Your life is not soft. You are a fire attribute but a water attribute, and it is the hardest life of heavy water!" Deadly old man (turn his dignified way: "It is difficult for you two to get along with each other day and night, and it is difficult for men and women to derive their feelings. If you have not become a climate for each other, you will think that fire and water will be emotional as soon as possible, and you will cross each other through the robbery. However, mutual love robbery is the most difficult kind of robbery, which can easily make people disappear. If you get through this hurdle, you will be like a boat, and everyone will be inseparable. "
Chapter five hundred Sugar-coated haws cause a bloody case!
"Don’t worry about the old man who died." Lin Muxia smiled at her. "Ling Yu and I do have colleagues, brothers-in-law and sister Ling Yu, don’t you think?"
I clenched the steering wheel and my heart ached, "Yes!"
"Oh, hehe, that’s so old-fashioned." The old man shook his head and he was amazed. "Fire and water are extreme, but they are also the easiest to attract each other. Lingling and Xia Xia don’t even think about it at all. Hey, I smell the orchid cake. Sanqing Street is coming, right?"
"Nose belongs to a dog". I disdain that I just drove into Sanqing Street. I didn’t expect him to perceive Sanqing Street so quickly. It is a street in the west of the city that has not been baptized by modernization. It is quite retro and flows along the ancient Tiannan style. In ancient times, it was near Tiannan West Gate and was named by Zhejiang Sanqing, the ancestor of Zhejiang three families. Today, this street has become a Taobao place, like antique shops can be seen everywhere.
About 50 meters ahead, I saw a small facade, wooden doors and signs on the east side of the road, which smelled of primitive simplicity. The old man Banxianpu Sanqing Street was unique, but the door was deserted, and a stake was erected at the door with a flag that said "Banxianpu", which shook with the breeze.
I stopped in the driveway. "Here we are!"
Lin Muxia, an old man who died, helped him to the store door. At this time, a child under the age of ten ran out of Banxianpu. "Master, you are back! I’m candied haws! "
"greedy! The teacher almost became a sugar gourd! " The doomed old man touched the child’s head and said, "This is a small nail picking up a beggar at the door at the beginning of the year. Don’t look at him now. He was freezing to death at that time. I figured he had a mentoring relationship! Life is also mysterious. I have been looking forward to it for many years. In my later years, I received a good seedling. In just three months, he actually learned fifty hexagrams. When he went to the coffin, he turned into a day and three hundred elephants will surely inherit it. "
I hold my fist and say, "Congratulations!"
The scene of harmony between the youngest and the youngest is quite touching. Lin Muxia and I didn’t stay any longer and returned to die Ning’s second goods to secretly protect Zhang Yuyu’s office. Lao Jiang couldn’t fight so that he could pick up medicinal materials with Lin Wan Wan. When we came back, Lao Jiang said stupidly, "Pick me and I’m going to fall asleep."
"Today is a leisure class. Everything is waiting for the news from the local police." Lin Muxia entered the clues and conjectures obtained today into her brain for backup. She and Lin Wan Wan got into Cruze.
I’m still worried about the words that the old man killed his car, flapping Jiang Tianci’s shoulder and saying, "Lao Jiang, go ahead with your car. I have something to do."
"Good" He couldn’t wait to turn into the military cross-country and left.
I walked into the lounge, Qiao Qiqi went to the sofa and was still asleep, but I didn’t want to sit on the other side of the coffee table. I suddenly lost my mind. Is Lin Muxia really as good as her performance? Now I feel scalp pins and needles like a hornet’s nest. I’m restless. I just dig out a disc and insert it into a dvd to watch it. I don’t disturb Qiao Qiqi’s sleep. I’m quiet and devoted myself to the plot. An hour passed quickly. However, when "end" appeared, I was out of control and thought of the old man who died. Maybe it’s really fate for each other, but there seems to be a saying that "my life is up to me."
I took a deep breath when I unplugged the plug and came to the hospital. The old man only said a few words at that time, so I decided to drive to Banxianpu in Sanqing Street.
When I turned into Sanqing Street, I saw a red Cruze parked in front of Banxianpu! It seems to be Lin Muxia! I quickly poured the car out of Sanqing Street and took out a telescope to peep at the license plate number. Wan didn’t expect Lin Muxia to come looking for a broken old man? Does she think the same as me? This means that Lin Muxia and I are deliberately distancing themselves from each other.

Du Feng couldn’t help saying, "Good sword trick". When the wrist shakes the broadsword and the sword of two people shakes hard, more than four people suddenly move their hands and hold the hilt to stab Du Feng again from different directions. Du Feng is frightened to withdraw the knife, and the blade will come out like a horse to practice flashing. The four people just bullied and saw that this trick was sharper than the one who dared to give birth hard and stopped the offensive and forced to retreat.

The man in black who finally appeared was suddenly attacked by Du Feng, but he didn’t think much of his feet. A recruit, Dapeng spread his wings and jianfeng, attacked Du Feng’s gate again.
The sword shadow pervades Du Feng’s whole body, making it impossible for him to avoid the stagnation of Du Feng’s unfinished knife. He forced his mouth to clean and jerk the sword. A trick of "raising a fire to start a prairie fire", the tip of the sword collided with the tip of the sword, and the strength swept through the dust, and each other gave a squeak. A harrier turned over and landed firmly in anger.
His eyes were cold and he drank a lot. Four men in black had just retired, and the man in black was also a sword shaking to find a good opportunity to raid again.
"Wait" four people attacked Du Feng and retreated. Zhang Yu shouted, "After playing for a moment, Du Feng finally guessed the identity of the bearer." Shen Chaoyang, the famous sword gate, I hate you. Are you going to kill me? "
The men in black were shocked after hearing this. It seems unbelievable that Du Feng saw through and robbed four men in black. Some men in black were stunned and took the lead. Men in black were all standing still and leading men in black. A cold hum no longer concealed my hand and tore off the mask, revealing a familiar face. It was indeed Zhao-yang Shen.
Xue Sanping’s fight was in full swing, but Du Feng’s words made two men in black pull hands. At this time, they had retreated to Zhao Yang’s side. Xue Sanping stared round-eyed and reluctantly muttered, "Just stop playing." He was upset, but he couldn’t be brave enough to go to a distance of three feet from Du Feng.
Zhao-yang Shen’s outspoken identity was exposed. He didn’t argue what to sneer at. "My younger brother Shen Chaozhuo was killed by a sharp knife, and the master of Putian Dao didn’t seem to be able to kill my younger brother. There is you."
Du Feng shook his head with a wry smile and said, "Brother Shen is wrong about the arrest. How can you tell me that your younger brother is going to kill him because of his hatred?"
"The reason is that you know that my younger brother has this thing that can kill him." Zhao-yang Shen didn’t listen to Du Feng’s explanation of Du Feng’s name with a look of anger. His cousin Shen Zhenfeng was dead with Du Feng’s knife, so he can understand that Shen Chaozhuo can be killed by Du Feng. But today, in addition to taking revenge on Shen Chaozhuo, he wants to find the facade of a famous sword. He is more confident that he can beat Du Feng than his cousin Shen Zhenfeng, who was sentenced to a famous sword door.
Du Feng doesn’t know Zhao-yang Shen’s mind. He secretly complains that the second swordsman of the famous sword gate should do things so thoughtlessly and indiscriminately.
And the sword door feud Du Feng naturally can’t resolve it, but now it’s not necessary to fight with them for being wronged. "I also checked your teacher younger brother’s case. I didn’t kill him. There are people behind the scenes who use saber. Maybe there are people in the Central Plains, just like the man who competed with us last night. Does Shen Xiong know him? Doesn’t he also have high swordsmanship? "
Zhao-yang Shen Zheng also hesitated. He has always been like a fire. honest and frank died abnormally because he was brothers and sisters, and because Du Feng lost Shen Zhenfeng, he insulted his name. He didn’t want to retaliate so much. He knew that Du Feng was their rival and had revenge on his brother. He found Du Feng.
Xue Sanping heard that he laughed a few times and said, "It’s a pity that you are also called the Three Musketeers of Jianmen. This mind has no indiscriminate killing." The tone is hard and full of irony
I heard that Zhao-yang Shen was furious and scolded me, but you can’t bring my famous sword door. A pair of eyes are red and red, and you will send it. Next to him, a famous sword disciple with a long face and small eyes is busy pulling Zhao-yang Shen’s arm path. "Second martial brother, don’t get angry. We are really reckless."
Zhao-yang shen said angrily, "How dare we be reckless, fourth teacher younger brother? Don’t you die in vain …" He wanted to say that he defeated Shen Zhenfeng, the traitor insulted my name, but when the words came to his mouth, he suddenly felt uncomfortable and changed his mind. "It’s fair for us to wait."
Stop the old man named Hao Neng, the original name of Jianmen. He listened to Shen Chaoyang stubbornly and said with a wry smile, "Second martial brother, it is really wrong for us to start work with our credentials. As I said before, you just won’t listen to us. Even if we take revenge, we should be aboveboard."
After hearing this, Zhao-yang Shen felt more reasonable. He thought that if Du Feng was killed here in this way, it would not be better to provoke the court name Jianmen in the future than to know that he was too impulsive and impulsive before, but he just went back and hesitated for a moment. He said, "We can’t take advantage of you with many people, but I can’t help but avenge my teacher’s younger brother." He wants to worry about the Jianghu rules and handle things later.
Everyone thought too much about this Zhao-yang Shen without being startled, but Du Feng didn’t feel that Zhao-yang Shen was stupid. Instead, he felt that he had a lot of brains. Naturally, he could leave his name clean in this way, and he was not afraid of the government looking for another project in the future.
At this time, Zhao-yang Shen is interested in trying Du Feng’s business, which may help him to solve a crux in his heart. In those days, Shen Zhenfeng’s famous sword door was finally crushed, and he was still not angry until now. Unfortunately, Shen Zhenfeng left and compared it in other ways, but with Du Feng, he could compare it.
Hao Neng listened in distress and asked, "Second Martial Brother, why can’t you turn around?"
Zhao-yang Shen stared at him, but he didn’t recognize his stupid heart. The thing is that you can’t turn the corner.
Hao can not think deeply about fuels in the previous step, saying, "Hao, the second-generation brother of the famous Jianmenmen, has seen the second martial brother of Du Kuai Xue, and his sexuality is a little straight. Please forgive me."
Du Feng and Xue Sanping saluted Hao Neng, but they all returned to the ceremony. They also thought that the fourth teacher younger brother Hao Neng was tactful.
See the eyes of Zhao-yang Shen Du Feng way "Shen Xiong righteous word draw revenge eager to blame him please believe me, I will find out the murderer in the shortest time and bring him to justice Shen Chaozhuo" Du Feng don’t want to create more troubles at this time, lowered his posture tone is very polite.
Hao Neng said, "We appreciate Du’s intention of catching the fast, but we are bound to kill the murderer ourselves. We can’t take him so cheap." The implication is to make the murderer suffer.
Du Feng gave a cold shiver and said, "This Hao Neng is too cruel."
"The murderer caught is also a dead end. Hao Xiong can rest assured that the yamen will enforce the law impartially, but even if you kill people privately, you’d better not be impulsive." Du Feng consciously woke up.
Hao Neng smiled slightly. "Then please, Du is catching fast."
These words let Zhao-yang Shen compete, but they also gave him a step. However, after thinking repeatedly, he always resisted the warlike heart. "Is Du Kuai confident? But you can’t rule out the fact that the murderer didn’t have it before. If the murderer finds out that it’s really not Du Kuai’s, I’ll offer a humble apology. If it’s delayed for a long time, things will not end today. I, Zhao-yang Shen, will find Du Kuai. At that time, it’s life and death," he said.
Du Feng’s face sank and said, "Good depends on Shen Xiong."
Xue Sanping was suspicious of Shen Chaoyang’s actions, thinking that the appearance of famous swordsmen today was not only because of Shen Chaozhuo, but also because of Shen Zhenfeng. "Shen Chaoyang, are you even interested in this?"
Shen Chaoyang looked at Xue Sanping with disdain. In his eyes, Xue Sanping was just a thief and many years younger than him. He didn’t look at him very much. "What does this have to do with you?"
Xue Sanping changed color and reached out and pointed to Shen Chaoyang. "Don’t be shameless. Seriously, don’t I take you here?"
Shen Chaoyang said, "What, is it that the great thief Xue has turned to being a fast catcher?"
"Madness" Xue Sanping was furious. Suddenly, in situ, the ghosting people floated out and slapped Zhao-yang Shen.
Chapter 22 Two Killers
Suddenly, Zhao-yang Shen reacted quickly, and the sword stabbed Xue Sanping in the palm of his hand. Suddenly, a huge force came out of the sword body, and Zhao-yang Shen felt that the sword body seemed to be hit by a big stone on the hilt. It was not surprising that suddenly, he barely stabilized the sword body and looked at Xue Sanping again. He had returned to his original place and said coldly, "I will teach you a lesson first."
A bunch of brothers in the famous sword gate looked at each other and were stunned. Zhao-yang Shen was livid. No one knew better than him which hand Xue Sanping had just taken. At this time, I really couldn’t accept that Xue Sanping was older than him, but his strength was as good as his. I can say that his qualifications were not as good as Xue Sanping’s. At that time, Zhao-yang Shen’s face changed. I really couldn’t bear this tone. The sword wanted to attack Du Feng again. Suddenly, I had a cold drink. "That’s enough. Today’s important things can’t
Hao Neng heard the words and grabbed Shen Chaoyang. Shen Chaoyang glared and said, "What a court arrest rack!"
Du Feng cold way "I don’t say the second time"
Zhao-yang Shen heard that the veins stood out suddenly and violently, and his eyes almost burst into flames. Hao Neng looked at the trail. "This matter can’t be too big. If Du Arrest doesn’t pursue our attack on him, forget it. If we don’t know how to advance and retreat, it will really provoke the government and teacher younger brother. I also heard that if Du Arrest comes from Shenji House, if it offends Shenji House deeply, I am afraid that we will go to jail."
Shen Chaoyang’s sword door is a shock in his heart. Although it is a famous school, how can he fight against the court? Anyone who knows Shen Chaoyang’s sword door is even more taboo. When he knows Shen Chaoyang’s sword door three musketeers for a special moment, he long exports and looks at his eyes in a sulk. Du Fengchen said, "Take care of the court and wait for me. You are amazing, but I won’t break my word today. If Du Kuai can’t find out the murderer in a week, my sword will come to greet you."
Du Feng heart way is really a stubborn donkey cold way "anytime"
Zhao-yang shen a cold hum squint Xue Sanping snap turned a few flashing people have disappeared in the woods.
Hao Neng whispered awkwardly, "Second Brother, forgive me for being reckless."
Du Feng didn’t say that Hao Neng gave a wry smile, gave a deep bow to his fuels, and then left in a hurry with several teachers.
After several people left, Du Feng and Xue Sanping continued on their way for a while. Xue Sanping said, "Thank you for your brother Du just now. I was a little rude and didn’t suppress my anger."
Du Fengdao "Come here?"
Xue Sanping said, "That Zhao-yang Shen wasn’t simple. Just now, I was attacked by him with the advantage of flying skill. Although it seems that I occupied the wind, it is extremely dangerous. If his mind reacts quickly and turns the blade around, my palm can’t take advantage of it, but it may be hit hard by him. Brother Du just now, if he speaks from time to time, he is afraid of another fierce fight, but he will offend the famous sword gate when he is delayed."
Du Feng laughed. "Are you afraid of being accused of sword?"
Xue Sanping said, "I’m alone and afraid of him. If they piss me off, it’s hard for you."
Du Fengdao said, "The feud with the famous sword gate is true. I don’t want him to come so early."
Xue Sanping didn’t understand the true meaning of this sentence with a smile. "Do you still need to find out about the case of Shen Chaozhuo?"
Du Fengdao said, "Of course, this is my duty, and the feud with the famous sword gate is different."
Xue Sanping said, "I’m ashamed to argue. Well, I think that Shen is guilty this time."
Du Fengnai shook his head and said, "Zhao-yang Shen is a man who speaks frankly."
Xue Sanping said, "If you are in the mood, you can praise others, but they may hate you very much."
Du Fengdao: "I’d like them to call me that."
Xue Sanping shook his head and smiled. "If they know how to be grateful and this case is broken by you, then the famous swordsman in the future may respectfully call you a god hunter."
"They love how I don’t have time for them to care about these." Du Feng said, and Xue Sanping, who was not to be outdone, followed by this effort. Both of them tried their best and wanted to have a competition, and they could no longer be distracted.
After a while, Du Feng and Xue Sanping entered a locust tree forest and saw a group of people running near along a Yang path. They were already soaked in sweat. Cheng Ying was amazed when he saw Xin Da. He thought that there were at least ten miles from Nanjing. Did they come here on foot? It’s hard to imagine!

You are kidding! Can this silkworm see the male and female? It’s not like he’s such a small animal. A guy doesn’t have any protrusions. Can you tell? Why do you think these two carnivores are the same?

"If a newly born ice silkworm can’t tell the male from the female, but it can be distinguished when it is an adult." Baili Mo Xu seems to have seen through Xiaowu’s patience. He explained that "Wang remembers that the first and ninth sections of the female ice silkworm’s abdomen have four milky white dots, while the first and ninth sections of the abdomen have a triangular black penetration point."
"So it is!" Xiaowu is becoming more and more admired for his master’s erudition. It seems that those who are always masters are really not in vain. "But are these two adults?"
"Adult this is male" thyme devoted to hot talk has distinguished male from female. He grabbed the mother’s small arms palm and pulled out a dagger in his heart. In his hand, the male ice-cold snow silkworm drew an ice-cold snow silkworm’s ass and spat out a sigh of relief, forming a white protective cover around him.
However, the ice-cold snow silkworm is famous for being cute. How can it be faster than a hundred miles of enthusiasm? When it exhales, its fingers have been stained with its ass and blood is dripping.
Baili Mo Xu scratched his own hand again and again, mixing his blood, ice, snow and silkworm blood together, and at the same time ordering Xiaowu to "put that in your hand in front of it, or this shield will not understand the contract of Wang Fa Ta"
Xiaowu hurriedly did as the ice-cold snow silkworm did. Although the wine had not yet woken up, she could see that it was her wife who was dangling in front of her eyes. She didn’t feel any danger again, so she removed the protective cover and made a smooth contract.
Because of the ice-spirit snow silkworm, the two of them easily passed out in the fight in front of the mountain. The three great beasts have all awakened to see the hundred miles of strange heat, which is the envy of the enemy when they meet each other. But before they rushed to get drunk, the two ice-spirit snow silkworms had already started the protection mode. Hundred miles of strange heat and small arms swaggered off the mountain to make the three great beasts cry.
Xiaowu understood that after the contract between the Lord and Gong Bingpo Snow Silkworm, she could not only control it, but also control her wife. The mother obviously obeyed her husband and took care of Xiaowu holding it as soon as she heard the protection order.
It’s so cool to watch the three big beasts beaten by Xiaowu. Without these two ice-cold snow silkworms, they were seriously injured in their calves and limped when they walked. Don’t want to walk out of Shenglong Snow Mountain so easily.
A hundred miles behind the mountain, Mo Xu took this pair of cute beasts into himself, and Xiao Wu took a flying beast together and went back to the side to report to the "Hundred Miles" who had been in bed for two days.
In a short time, the two men walked out of the report room again, and the military doctor was called in. Of course, this time, it was really a hundred miles away, and the military doctor had to deal with it. It was not his cold, but his whole body was injured, especially his calf.
After the military doctor left, he looked at the secret letter with the wind for two days. Xiao Wu was rushing to decoct medicine. He shook his fan and thought about the military doctor’s words. He was secretly worried that the military doctor said that if the Lord didn’t take a good rest, something would happen sooner or later.
In fact, he also knows that many of the injuries of the main body have not really healed, but they are dead. This time, against the three great beasts, new injuries have been added. When the main body on the snowy mountain undressed, he felt that the crisscross scars were shocking.
Alas, princess, if you know what the Lord has done, you will not hate him any more, will you? Xiaowu sighs and sighs that he has become sentimental recently. It seems that feelings are really grinding.
Looking at the boiling medicine juice in the medicine jar, he was glad that he and the Lord were calm these two days, otherwise it would be great if the Lord was really going to kill the enemy.
Half an hour later, Xiao Wu walked into the room with the medicine juice, but he saw a calm face of thyme devoted to the heat, where his eyebrows frowned and his fingers clenched and he was sending out a chill.
"Your report took medicine." Xiao Wu was suspicious. What happened after a while? Is there any bad news in the secret letter that the Lord received?
"Put it there first" is full of ice and cold.
"Your highness, let’s drink it while it’s hot!" Xiaowu can feel that the sovereign is not only angry but also furious. What happened? Did something happen to the princess? Or is the princess ill? But if the princess has a victim, she should make arrangements immediately instead of sulking here.
"hey!" Bailimo Xu impatiently took the medicine bowl and gulped it down. Forget it. What’s the matter with gas? I’m afraid I’ll be in trouble if I don’t see her again!
"Did someone bully the princess, Your Majesty?" Seeing Li Mo Xu drinking medicine, Xiao Wu dared to ask questions.
"Bully her? Who dares bully her? Now she can be very powerful! " Thyme Mo Xu said this when the body temperature was significantly reduced. Xiaowu couldn’t help but feel hitched.
Emma, did the princess provoke peach blossoms? Someone covets the princess? At the thought of this, Xiaowu suddenly got a little confused, so it’s vinegar! It’s really a big thing that the princess provoked the peach blossom. When Shouwangchengri hit on her in the capital, the Lord was secretly jealous, and there were butterflies and bees so soon after leaving the princess of the capital. No wonder the Lord is jealous!
Thinking about Xiao Wu’s mouth, I dare not say that. He pretended to be surprised. "Very bad? Maybe someone loves the princess and secretly supports her? "
"Heart of love? ! Support her? " A hundred miles away gave Xiaowu a cold look. "You think it’s quite simple!"
Simple? Is it more complicated for Xiaowu to be stunned? He secretly looked at the expression of a hundred miles away, and secretly wondered if the princess had moved on. Impossible! Is this too fast? Besides, I left the report two days ago, and the secret letter from there didn’t reach half a sentence!
Is it love at first sight between the princess and people? Bah! Bah! Bah! I’m a crow mouth! Am I cursing the Lord? Besides, if it’s really a princess, may the Lord be sulking at this time? The Lord must go and destroy that man! Then what the hell is going on? Xiaowu felt that his head was not enough. He glanced at it for a long time. Can the Lord stop playing charades? I can’t guess!
"A fox appeared in her garden. It is said that it is a spiritual beast with a high level of cultivation. Wang guessed that it might be a spiritual fox." Li Mo Xu said something with a cold face.
"ah? ! Maybe they fought this princess Linghu? !” Xiaowu was shocked by Linghu, but the King of the Spirit Beast not only cultivated high, but also was said to be very smelly and proud. How did it end up in the Princess Garden? Princess, is she okay?
"She beat Linghu." Baili Mo Xu’s face stinks. "She sprayed Linghu with tea and slapped Linghu."
"What?" Xiaowu opened his mouth and his eyes were full of incredible princess. Did that loser princess actually hit Linghu? Is this true? Then Xiaowu thought of something: "Did the fox hurt the princess?"
"Linghu made a contract with her." A hundred miles devoted to the heat directly poured Xiao Wu Lei.
Oh, my God, the world is completely fantastic! The loser princess hit the Beastmaster, and as a result, she heard that the super-arrogant and smelly-tempered Linghu not only didn’t have to pay back the contract with the princess, but what happened? Is Linghu a masochist?
Xiaowu was just about to speak when he was one leng. Suddenly there was a loud noise in the east, like a landslide, a volcanic eruption and the roar of the sea. You could feel the earth shaking in the distance.
"Not good!" Li Mo Xu grabbed his coat and jumped out of bed. Xiao Wu also ran out. Was it the enemy who attacked the granary or the powder magazine? But this sound seems to be a little far away and wrong!
The two men rushed out of the house and saw the sky in the east was dark red, and a mass of gray clouds kept gathering like flashing things. In the clouds, flocks of birds started to flee.
The sky seems to be getting lower and lower, and the dark red is getting deeper and deeper, which makes people feel more and more depressed. Suddenly, the clouds explode and a dazzling colorful light penetrates through the clouds and shoots around, and then the seven-color light turns into a pure blue light, which is like a sword and cuts straight at the earth.
"The sky is different! The night has changed! " A hundred miles away from the hot face changed and there was a bad feeling in my heart. I immediately summoned the golden retriever to fly to the light splitting place. Chapter 225 What is so good to him? !
"Your Majesty!" Small arms a surprised hurriedly call out their flying beast with thyme devoted to hot behind fly to the night haze.
The two men moved forward in tandem like two flashes and flew to the place where the light was emitted. They put on their coats temporarily and missed the hunt.
The blue light guides the golden-haired beast sitting in a hundred miles to fly quickly into the eastern night haze and come to a barren mountain alone, and then Xiaowu sits in Kunpeng and arrives.
The top of this barren mountain is somewhat square, as if it had been leveled by the immortal magic. The low clouds in the dark red sky are all over this place, and the blue light is constantly splitting at the top of the mountain.
"There is something strange". After Bai Li Mo Xu and the small military commander put the flying beast into a hidden cluster of trees, "this blue light seems to contain great energy and power."
"Your majesty, you mean this light is an energy source?" Xiaowu scratched his head a little puzzled. Look, this light is very strong. If it is hit, I’m afraid there is no way out, right? Even if it contains the mind, who dares to absorb it?
"Wang’s previous practice has reached level 15, and after the blood clot, the meridians have expanded and become stronger, and the practice has reached level 17. Although you are far away, you can feel the mind in that blue light."
"Report that you don’t go to absorb? Isn’t this more conducive to your cultivation? " Xiaowu can’t help but be proud of the Lord. This is the rhythm of becoming a god!

A few small-headed, yellow girls ruined his career in front of thousands of opportunities. Maybe it was heaven’s pity that he got it. A teenager will be transformed into a murderous beast. This is a good thing, but he misjudged the situation and he became a prisoner in Yishantang instead. The destruction of his career made him miserable. He could bear it, but being controlled by others was his greatest humiliation. Struggling to survive always made his life worse than death.

But Qianji is still that arrogant Qianji.
He waited for an opportunity to make Guiyishantang hit hard, but he will pay the greatest price. He knows this well, but he doesn’t choose because he knows he is going to die.
Toxins are gradually out of control, and the tendons are lost by one point, and the mouth is bitten by the pain. hn is full of black S blood. On the contrary, it is more and more clear that the arms of the leader of Lingfengtang are firmly tied like iron, and the "creaking" sound of the body teeth on the moonlit night makes people listen to the heart.
The sudden change is feathering and Cen didn’t expect whether there was any yin plot in it. They looked at each other hesitantly for a moment and didn’t see the answer in each other’s face.
But I heard that Jiao Ren nv suddenly chuckled, "Qian Ji, do you really don’t want to solve Y?"
Thousand machine mercilessly grinning "don’t lie to me! Now I want that solution, Y? It is better to be a companion for you and me. "
"How difficult is it for me to drive away your toxins with the ability of practitioners?"
"Hum, of course, you can do it." Thousands of machines’ arms are more and more tightly strapped to her body and sneer at more than "but it’s not a big deal to help fighters! Think I’m the leader of a thousand machines, and you’ve been promoted as a sword tool, and you’re still seeing people? How can I put up with this dog? " He tilted away to binge drink a "what are you two still doing? Kill her for me! "
Word by word, hn is sprayed with poisonous blood, and that face can’t be said to be happy. Although it is still ferocious and feathered, Cen finally knows that the enemy’s mind is true, as he said. How can people who are more profitable do cattle and horses for others? The two teenagers swooped down at each other.
"You, you can block a fighter action now?"
The voice was as cold as a mountain spring, and a thousand machines stepped up their arm strength slightly. However, two weak waters flowed into his arms gently. This strength did not shock his arm, but he felt that his body and blood suddenly agitated and struggled to suppress the toxin, and it was like boiling and burning. Only then did he know that the strength was the power to promote the toxin. He became hoarse and the veins stood out on his forehead. The thick ink and poisonous blood poured out from hn as if the flood had washed away the bank.
Cen first rushed to the crowd, lowered his body and picked up two fantasy blades, which quickly emerged and feathered, and half the residual knives were near the moonlit head. However, they all found that this nv did not seem to sneer at it and struggled. For them, this phenomenon was contrary to common sense and became even more bizarre.
Blood flowed out as three weapons pierced. Two teenagers were in a hurry. hu Dao retreated. The blood was black. S was the blood of thousands of machines. The leader of Lingfengtang fell to the ground and stared with disbelief.
And Jiao Ren nv has disappeared in front.
A chill instantly eroded the spine and went deep into the bone marrow. Teenagers hardly dared to move again. Dangerous breath emerged behind them and enveloped them. Every move was the fuse that triggered the crisis.
A cold ring "Xiang fighters realm is not what you can imagine"
Feather suddenly clenched Cen’s arm and shook his head gently and asked, "If you can’t kill us, is it not a big deal to prove the Xiang fighters?"
Cen didn’t doubt hu’s head and looked at him. He found that his mouth was dark with a smile, which seemed to tell her that there was a yin scheme being formed. Although she was suspicious of hu, she was still silent and didn’t speak.
Moonlight also doesn’t understand the meaning of feathering, but she won’t think about what it means to stretch her sword horizontally in front of her face.
"Don’t you look back?"
"The scenery behind S is beautiful."
"You’d better look back."
"always thinking about the front will miss a lot."
"Are you really not going to look back?"
Even Cen felt that teenagers talked too much and couldn’t help glancing at him. The result was still a face with a strange smile.
The moonlit night was slightly in a trance, and some mysterious words seemed to have hidden a little illusion. She consciously turned around and showed her eyebrows and gently provoked them.
"Ow ~ ~ ~"
Excited, furious, roaring, rolling up on the ground, the fierce beast boy who is tied with vines is shaking his arms and hissing like a tiger. The vines that tied him suddenly scattered and frowned on the moonlit night. The young boy’s hands and feet were carrying the wind, and if the fire ran, thunder suddenly rushed over.
Is this moment feather a pull CenChao rushed out of this painstaking opportunity finally wait.
Moonlight knows that when the sword is split out quickly, the above-mentioned firm but gentle is like a flash. Two teenagers turn around at the same time, and the imaginary blade jia of the ice knife is folded, which just blocks the firm but can’t stop the firm but gentle copious impact force. It is badly shaken out and rolled for weeks, and blood splashes out.
When I look back again, the fierce beast boy has flown overhead, and the palm of his hand has severely pressed the surging heat. lng has blown Jiao Ren nv hair shirt flying in the moonlight, cold hum a left sleeve and waved out to meet the past.
"Bang!" The strength hit the muffled thunder and the strength fled out from the gap in the sleeve palm and set off a dusty moonlit night. At this time, the martial arts capability of the Xiang fighters was unexpectedly knocked back by three feet and two marks were drawn on the ground, and the young man was shocked to rise again. When he fell, a long flame knife cut through the virtual space, and the strength was even more fierce.
"Cut her, cut her." Cen couldn’t help chanting that she was weak and couldn’t get up, so she didn’t feel resentment.
"Who cut who still maybe miles" Feather said forcefully.
The ice crystal sword once again flashed the faint water light, and this green S water light level was exhibited in Fiona Fang Zhangxu land. On the moonlit night, it was cold and leering, and the flame sword fell vertically and fell ha into the ground.
"Water dragon array!"
"Wow!" A splash of water covered the ground, and then a water column burst out, and dozens of water columns broke ground one after another. The white and bright water column smashed the fierce beast teenager’s body with a long knife and was thrown into a higher school by the impact in the water column.
The sword is off the ground, and the moonlit face flashes unnaturally, and the blood gas slowly calms down. She has just entered the realm of Xiang fighters and has not completely improved her strength. Tonight’s World War I will be somewhat reluctant for her.
The water column lost its strength to support and dissipated in half a mile. After a day of glittering and translucent water droplets, it was like the stars shining. This bloody battlefield seemed to be purified.
A figure from the fall hit the ground to expand six feet, and the teenager was still dizzy.
"What did I say?"
"What are you proud of? Then we should hang up. "
But Jiao Ren nv didn’t come to the two teenagers. She glanced back at them coldly. The eyes were divided into disdainful eyes and Cen looked at her in the direction of Ye Zhiqiu in surprise.
"What is it that you kill a man who can’t do martial arts?" Feather cried.
Moonlight sneers at "whoever asked us to kill Ye Zhiqiu should die just because of his Yeats’ long public status".
"Your roots are not nv people!"
"Well, technically I’m nv Jiao Ren."

"What happened here?" The queen mother was in poor health and slept so-so, and she woke up at once at the slightest noise.

On weekdays, when the palace is closed, it is a crow. At most, you can hear some insects chirping and frogs.
But so many people scuffle out of the harem far away, even if it is far away, the queen mother heard it and was full of doubts.
"It’s estimated that something happened somewhere. Isn’t it strange that the Empress Dowager doesn’t worry about what happened when the emperor left? The emperor is ready, "said the vigil mother consolingly. The sound was not very real, and she also went out to have a look to make sure.
But I didn’t want to come back and saw that the queen mother was awakened.
"Come on, help the family to mourn." The queen mother did it. It was bad for the old man to sleep, and his body was broken by the method of poison. After being surprised, he couldn’t sleep anyway.
Dressed up, the queen mother sat down in the main hall and looked at the distance gloomily. "What the hell happened here?"
"Mother how up? Relax, everything is under my control. "The emperor suddenly came in from the outside and said with a smile.
"The emperor? You’re back from the hunting grounds? Why didn’t you tell Ai Jiayi? " The queen mother was surprised and said secretly that she was really relieved.
The emperor smiled like a flower. "My mother just returned to the palace and came back overnight. It’s almost dawn. Let’s have a rest in Harbin!"
The queen mother was confused about "how can you sleep when you come back home for no reason?" What the hell is going on here? "
The emperor took a seat to make a cup of hot tea. "Since Mother can’t sleep, I’ll talk to Mother. Actually, it’s nothing. I knew it early and I was prepared …"
The emperor appeared in Cining Palace naturally because he was afraid that someone would catch the Queen Mother as a chip when he fled for his life, but it was still time for him to come back.
In the afternoon, Lian Yan Jinging and Dong Yuling met the assassin and caught the whole gang. The emperor first dealt with all the palaces and then directly moved troops back to the DPRK.
Of course, it’s impossible to take action suddenly, and it’s definitely not possible to pack things one by one without spending some time.
Seeing that it was already dark, the emperor took people back to the palace just in time to catch Bai Yuan’s siege.
At the same time, Lian Yan Jing and Dong Yuling also came back. They both came directly to the scene of the fight and watched the two sides fight.
Dong Fengling’s eyes saw at a glance that the masked Dong Fu had made a wink at the scene Long Chen, pointing to something.
Long Chen realized that he nodded his head and joined the battle. He was invincible all the way. He stunned the gray man with a trick so that it wouldn’t seem too abrupt before Dong Fu.
And the person who is stunned naturally has someone to bring it so that Dong Fu will not be seen strange.
Lotus Yan Jing squinted at Dong Fu and pretended not to be stunned by Long Chen. She couldn’t help laughing. "I said you’re not worried. Our dad is smart. The man in gray has died so much. Isn’t he still not even hurt?"
"Very well I this is not afraid of accidents? The scene is so messy. "Dong Yuling frowned when he saw this scene.
To be honest, it’s not good. The blood on the body and the residual limbs are really tragic
Dong Fengling rarely sees this kind of battlefield even if he is used to the dead.
People in the modern dark world are fierce, but actually they can’t get such a hard hand.
Many people were injured, but not many actually died.
"Now rest assured!" Lian Yan Jing’s funny heart is chaotic, which is the case.
Dong Fengling nodded with a light smile. "Speaking of which, King Xiang will lose a lot tonight!"
Because the emperor had prepared for this, a group of people really escaped, and few of them were either dead or captured alive. Anyway, they could not go back, which would not reduce the loss for the king of Xiang.
"That’s what you deserve," Lian Yan jiing said lightly. If he didn’t always think about usurping the throne, Sheng Lian Dynasty had to fight for resources every year.
Towards dawn, the whole battlefield was almost cleaned, and it was out of the treasury and carried back to tidy up.
And this night things spread like the wind to all parts of Shengjing and single spark can start a prairie fire spread to all parts of the country.
Everyone who heard the news for the first time was shocked by disbelief.
Stealing the state treasury? This human brain is not funny!
And then you’ll think, who are these people? You’re so bold.
The thief was caught red-handed by the emperor, and almost all of them were caught in the net. Everyone watched the jokes behind the scenes and thought it was simply brain-dead.
Of course, some people will sigh when they joke. Most people are afraid to even think about it!
As soon as Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jing returned to Wangfu, they met a night addiction with glowing eyes.
Because Lian Yan Jing has found what she is looking for, she has been playing with Wangfu silver all the time, and she feels that her life is very beautiful.
"How do you come to Beijing? Is there no silver? " Dong Fengling was curious and said that he always had a good time outside the night addiction. Usually there was no news for a long time, but it was very strange to suddenly appear.
Night addiction hehe smiled. "It’s a good thing I’m here or I’ll miss the show. Did someone really rob the national treasury?"
Night addiction has a preference for all kinds of hexagrams. Suddenly, the whole person is excited to hear such a big thing. Chapter 473 Listen to the excitement.
Dong Yuling can’t laugh or cry. What is this strange excitement?

Feng Ying’s dark eyes are blazing and deeply congealing her.

Night away from the cheeks Tuohong, a pair of water eyes is covered with a layer of mist and stared at him with resentment and resentment.
It’s so charming but not charming.
Phoenix shadow ink mind a charming again didn’t resist the bow to kiss again in the past, but was the night away from the head and evaded his lips and fell on her side face.
He took a deep breath and sniffed the fragrance of her face, and then his lips rubbed her face and looked for her lips bit by bit.
Night away found that this man is too tormenting.
The burning numbness made her feel bad, and she stiffened her neck and begged for mercy.
"Don’t … phoenix shadow ink … don’t do this … are you still burning …"
Not only does it burn, but it hurts. No.
"It’s good to be sweating because of a fever …"
The man continued to rub the magnetic low-alcohol voice on her nose and lip corner and spit it out close to her cheek.
Just sweat?
Leaving my heart at night is a thorough sweat.
What logic is this?
"Don’t you think what I said makes sense?" Men continue to haunt her.
Night away by him has long been breathing disorder, she gasped to avoid while dumb way "yes, because I can cure, I know you are simply looking for death."
The lip flap moves around the cheeks and ears, feeling that the man seems to bend his lips and smile.
At night, I pushed him "Stop it!"
The man finally laughed in a low voice. "I want to know how you made me take medicine after I passed out." Sure enough, you are mouth feeding. "
Let go of her nose and lip angle. The man opened a little distance slightly. Looking at her, her original deep eyes seemed to fall into the flames.
It took a moment for the night to react before he came to him for nothing.
Because of the bitter taste of herbs in her mouth, right?
It’s really cheap, and the reason is high-sounding
She raised her eyebrows at him.
"So I am very satisfied!"
A man’s eyebrow eye bends back and talks big.
Sweat again at night
I gnashed my teeth and thought that such a man should let him have a fever and burn to death.
When Neon Ling woke up again, she found that Zhang Shuo was not walking, but was standing there motionless behind her back.
Doubt in her heart looked ahead through his shoulder and suddenly saw a rich purple in the snow not far ahead.
Although it is dark and the light is not bright, the edges are covered with white snow, and this rare touch of purple is extremely abrupt and eye-catching
Purple petals and yellow pistils bloom enchanting.
It’s snow-capped purple lotus
Neon spirit mind a bump.
It’s a purple lotus that can relieve her toxic snow mountain.
It’s really hard to find a place. Although life and death have long been ignored, neon spirit is still excited at the moment.
It’s this man. What do you mean?
Shouldn’t he be excited and eager to go and pick it?
Watching what it is thinking or hesitating here?
I don’t know what my psychology is, but at that moment, she made a decision and slowly closed her eyes and pretended not to wake up.
For a long time, the man finally moved.
She felt that before he picked up the steps, he bent down and felt that he finally picked the purple lotus and called her "Night away from night …"
She just opened her loose eyes and woke up in ignorance.
"What …"
"What do you think this is?" Zhang Shuo raised the purple lotus in her hand. "You are saved!"
At that moment, she saw the light in Zhang Shuo’s eyes.
As if he had never hesitated before.

Anshun was shocked to see this text message. The hand held the mobile phone tightly and sweated. He blinked gently and said, "Su Moxiao pulled over and I’ll show you something …"

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Par44 Rescue Jinbaxing ()
"What is mysterious!" Su Moxiao pulled over and glanced at the mobile phone handed over by Anshun Tian. His eyes suddenly became serious. He blinked and said, "Lin Zixiao said that Jinbaxing died in 1 ST Street?"
As soon as Lin Shengyan heard Lin Zixiao’s three words, he was thrilled. He immediately leaned over and hooked his hands on the backrest in front and asked, "What did Lin Zixiao say?"
"See for yourself" Su Moxiao handed the phone to him.
Lin Shengyan quickly glanced at this line "Lin Zixiao, what does she mean? Inexplicable! "
"don’t understand"
"Why don’t we go to Death Street for fear that we will shoot in cold blood?" Lin Shengyan didn’t good the spirit say
"I don’t think so!" Anshun frowned seriously and said, "If she is really afraid that we will go to Death Street, then she should not say anything about Death Street, and she seems quite sure that we will go to Death Street before Mu Lian can send a message!"
"She won’t let us go to Death Street, will she? What else do you say? Don’t go as if there is a trap! " Lin Sheng leaned against the back seat with his arms around his chest and disdained to say
"There may be a real trap," Anshun said.
"Then why did she help us?" Questioning Su Moxiao’s coldness
"Maybe I’m embarrassed to take our money. I feel a little guilty. Do you want to wake up and make ourselves feel better?" Lin Shengyan disdain said
"Hey, you are too prejudiced!" Anshun raised his eyebrows.
"Nothing. I’m in a bad mood."
"Good day, don’t stimulate him to be hurt by love!" Su Moxiao caught a glimpse of Lin Shengyan and smiled and said
"Su Moxiao, you little Hu said that I was kind enough to wake you up and you still …" Lin Shengyan was about to jump up and prepare Su Moxiao for a fight, but think about yourself. It really seems that it is because of accepting Lin Zixiao’s actions that I will be so upset and sit down safely. "I’m busy with you. Let’s decide quickly whether we should go to Death Street or Death Twelfth Street."
"Death Street" Anshun said with his eyes closed that he himself had some hesitation. The names Death Street and Death 12th Street both seemed to imply a sense of disaster. But in order to save Jin Ba Xing, they had to go out. If Lin Zixiao didn’t tell him not to go to Death Street, they would definitely hesitate now. Since he always made such a decision in the past, he would never easily change his decision just because a woman spoke!
"What?" Lin Shengyan didn’t quite understand because he thought Anshun just said that there might be a trap in Death Street.
"Death Street may be dangerous, but I can’t believe what that woman said …"
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Par45 Rescue Jinbaxing (3)
Shi Anshun subconsciously felt that both places were not safe, but since they decided to come, they must come. They informed some brothers that they would arrive in about half an hour.
Three people in a row face the street signs of death. Here, the shops on both sides of the silent and desolate road are closed down. All kinds of transferred shops are flawed. Some of them are very yellow and can’t read the handwriting. The street signs are crooked and inserted, but the roadside wind blows with a cool feeling.
"This is really a street of death …" Lin Sheng looked at this place like a place destroyed by death with a faint mouth and couldn’t say how I felt.
"Let’s go!" Anshun day gawk at two eyes before mouth said
So the three men were wary of walking in the street and heard the crow roar, which really hit Lin Sheng along the heart.
"It’s horrible here …" Lin Sheng said with a long face. "Fortunately, I won’t come in if it’s late during the day!"
"Haha, you are too timid. Don’t talk nonsense. Everyone is on high alert. Maybe hidden weapons will fly out at any time!" Anshun laughed at Lin Shengyan a few times and then woke up seriously.
"oh ~"
Three people walked for about a minute before they saw an old man sitting in a rocking chair. He fanned his mouth and said, "Are you three looking for cold blood?"
Three people nodded together.
"Haha, it’s really true that you also came to Death Street …" Speaking of half of the old man, he suddenly stopped talking, and his eyes suddenly became cold and shouted "Die!"
The words sound just fell and a group of people poured out of the store, each with a big knife …
"Miss, you want something!" The man politely handed Lin Zixiao a small box.
Lin Zixiao smiled and said, "Thank you!"
Lin Zixiao took the box and walked out of this store specializing in selling weapons. She searched many stores in B city and finally found this special arrow.
This kind of arrow is not sharp at the tip. It can be said that if the arrow is fired by force, it will cause flesh injury at most, that is, it will stab into the meat a little. However, this kind of arrow is coated with special medicine, which can make people lose their strength for a long time, which is why Lin Zixiao bought this box of arrows.
Naturally, she also bought a bow of her own regular model and a back basket for shooting arrows. She always bought these things, all for the purpose of saving Jinbaxing.
This afternoon, she asked D to conduct a cold-blooded investigation and found that many people died in Death Street. The reason is that there are many specially trained special forces there to kill outsiders.

"That’s not what I meant." Even Fang Zhou sighed faintly. "So I’m not bringing trouble to you? This is a false start-"

"You and I have to say this!" Cui Shaoxi was very unhappy at once. His face sank slightly and he snorted. "If that name is Li, you wouldn’t say that, would you? Don’t say that I confirmed it, even if you don’t confirm it or doubt it, I will definitely not hesitate this ship! "
See even fangzhou looked at his mouth to speak Cui Shaoxi waved his hand and choked back the sour and lost taste at the bottom of my heart and smiled. "All right! If you treat me as a friend, don’t say that. I don’t want to hear it. It makes me sad! Now we are in the same boat and have to think about how to leave! Are you hungry? Let’s eat something first! "
Where can I not be hungry? I was distracted before, but I don’t think I’m hungry for food after hearing what Cui Shaoxi said, and my eyes are staring straight at Cui Shaoxi.
Cui Shaoxi was funny and distressed. He took out the steamed bread wrapped in paper hidden in his arms and smiled. "Look, your eyes are going to glow green! Give me a pad first! "
Lian Fangzhou said, "Thank you!" I grabbed it and ate it with relish, as if it were the most beautiful and delicious food in the world.
Cui Shaoxi smiled and looked at her eyes with tenderness and distress. She took out the small water sac in her arms, unscrewed the lid and handed it to her. "Come and drink some water and eat slowly. Don’t choke!"
Even Fang Zhou’s vague thanks took it and gulped it down. Two people were relieved. The low-paying hunger in the stomach subsided a lot. I was embarrassed to say with smile to Cui Shaoxi, "I am so hungry! These people are so stingy, they just arrest people and can’t bear to stutter! Waiting to starve to death to feed the fish! "
Said Cui Shaoxi also laughed.
He has traveled to the sea several times over the years, and he has heard about these practices of making his business an overseas human trafficker.
In order to save trouble and save food and water, people are usually stunned. It takes less than three days to give people food once. It’s only less than two days. How can there be food?
He didn’t tell Lian Fangzhou this. He said with a smile, "Now you can rest assured that I am here. I promise I won’t make you hungry!"
Even Fang Zhou had a good stomach and enriched the whole person. He asked Cui Shaoxi, "What shall we do?" Do you know where the ship is going? "
Cui Shaoxi sighed and shook his head with a wry smile. "It’s good to be able to mix boats in a hurry. Where can I ask easily?" These-"
He just said thoughtfully, "It doesn’t feel the same to me. It’s not the same as the businessmen. They look rough and rough, and they are afraid they are not good lovers! We have to be careful everywhere! "
"That said?" Lian Fangzhou curled his lips and said, "If he were a good man, he wouldn’t do this kind of human trafficking!"
"Say yes!" Cui Shaoxi couldn’t help laughing and laughed. "You’re not too worried that this ship has three floors, which are extremely wide and tall, and there are many places to hide!" They won’t find it easily! Besides, they won’t count the goods until they reach their destination. When we hide the box in the corner, they may not find you missing. "
"Well, you know me better than me. Just arrange it!" Even Fang Zhou nodded with a smile.
It was a simple sentence, but Cui Shaoxi’s whole heart stirred and trembled. The whole person seemed to eat ginseng fruit and feel comfortable for a while, which made him dare not stare.
Cui Shaoxi unconsciously blurted out, "Fangzhou, I will never let you be frightened by injustice again!"
"Er … thank you …" Even Fang Zhou was not white. How could he suddenly get so excited? He was a little embarrassed and could not bear to refute his kindness. He smiled at random and promised to feel guilty for a while.
Cui Shaoxi Zheng also came to her senses. She was uncomfortable, annoyed and sad. She looked seriously and said, "No matter where the ship will eventually sail, it is sure to dock for supplies in Nanyang. Let’s pay careful attention to the optimistic route and find out their patrol rules. We will try to leave the ship as soon as we dock in Nanyang! I have friends in Nanyang, and it’s very convenient to go back from here because there are many ships sailing from the port to Quanzhou! "
Even fangzhou nodded and said with a smile, "it’s not urgent at the moment. You must be exhausted, right? Let’s take a rest and raise our spirits first! "
Cui Shaoxi smiled and promised to look at her and asked, "Are your hands and feet still numb? Maybe walking? "
Even Fang Zhou’s face can’t help but get hot. At this time, I thought of something. Before he rubbed his legs, he must have been helping himself to activate his veins, but he was really a thief.
"Do not matter! It’s already great! " Even Fangzhou hurriedly laughed and was too embarrassed to go to see Cui Shaoxi.
"That’s good!" Cui Shaoxi smiled and didn’t think much, so they started to drag the wooden box to a lot of goods to hide Cui Shaoxi, and let Lian Fangzhou follow him out to hide all the way through the night cover, stop and go to avoid the patrol eyeliner and come to the bottom room of a cabin.
Cui Shaoxi smiled and said, "It’s the most convenient place to hide, but let’s stay here!"
Even Fang Zhou nodded with a smile. He found a hidden corner to sit in and couldn’t help but take a look at Cui Shaoxi.
In my heart, I secretly felt that in the past, Mr. Cui’s young master was pampered and charming, and Mr. Jia wouldn’t have been wandering outside all these years and even swam to the ocean if it wasn’t for his own reasons! What’s better than home outside? Must have suffered a lot!
I don’t know how he used to know a place like this.
Even Fang Zhou opened her mouth and finally smiled and said nothing. She wanted to ask him how he had been these years. But being a "culprit" is really embarrassing to ask.
Is Cui Shaoxi back a low sigh tone slant head to see her suddenly laughed "over the years are you ok? I heard that your son is three years old? Do you listen? Does it look like you? "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and was about to answer when suddenly the ship shook violently for a few times. She couldn’t help but hold one side panel with low exclamation force.
Cui Shaoxi’s thin lips pursed his eyes and felt his eyebrows for a moment. "The ship has stopped! It’s strange how it stopped at night. I’ve never heard of anything so big that it can dock in the harbor before going to Nanyang! Isn’t this ship Nanyang? Where is that going? "
Cui Shaoxi doesn’t even know Fang Zhou, but they both have a bad feeling when they look at each other.
"If something goes wrong, there will be a demon! Let’s go out and have a look! " Even fangzhou flatly said
"I’ll go and you stay here!" Cui Shaoxi did not hesitate to get up and said, "You are not as familiar as me. If anyone finds out, it will be miserable! It’s much easier for me to take care of you without distraction! "
Where is Lian Fangzhou willing to let him take risks alone? Pull out the bun hairpin and hold it in the palm of your hand. "Stop nagging and lead the way quickly!" I’m afraid I won’t pry any more! Don’t worry, I won’t be a burden to you. You should do whatever you want, regardless of me! And I am not bad at water! "
This last sentence is obviously to prepare for the worst.
Cui Shaoxi heart jump staring at her is always a sigh gives way "good! Then come with me! Be careful! "
The worst result of the big deal is that two people die together, and it doesn’t seem so bad if it really works that way!
The two of them quietly touched out only to find that the deck lights were full. When they looked up, the ship was anchored in a harbor, and the waves were swishing at the beach. The pier was connected with a beach that was not very wide. In the past, there was a black rock, trees and tall mountain shadows in the distance.
At this time, the beach was still missing by the lights of the boat and the moonlight.
Cui Shaoxi’s eyebrows screwed up tightly, and even Fang Zhou’s sleeves were pulled back to the dark.
See Cui Shaoxi close even fangzhou low said "something is wrong! I don’t know what the hell place is here. Look at that pier. It can’t be called a pier! Not even a personal shadow! "
His breath sprayed on his face, blowing his sideburns, and his sideburns trembled slightly. None of them passed over his cheeks, itchy and numb.
Even Fangzhou is not used to being slightly stiff, and her scalp is a little numb. She did not move, but retreated and said in a low voice, "Not only those people on the dock but also those on the deck ran out to play for no reason! I think they must be doing something! Guess what it will be? Don’t-don’t you want to kill people and steal goods! "
Lian Fangzhou’s heart pounded with drama.
"No!" Cui Shaoxi chuckled to himself and comforted him lightly. "The vast expanse of the sea is nobody’s business. If you really want to kill someone, just throw it all into the sea. Why bother?"
"That’s right!" Lian Fangzhou suddenly had a flash of light in his mind. "Do you think they want this island to bury any gold and silver treasures?"
"Ah?" Cui Shaoxi not white how could she have such a strange idea is not easy to say with smile "kui you want to come out! Do you think these people are stupid? If you have gold and silver treasures, where can you hide them? Why should you hide them in such a wild and desolate place? Not a pirate! I’ve heard of-"
Cui Shaoxi’s voice suddenly stopped and his face changed. Even Fang Zhou’s look was extremely scary.
They didn’t speak, but the expression in their eyes was tacit. Are these people really pirates? Did the two of them get lucky?
"No, no, no!" Cui Shaoxi said in a low voice with some uncertainty, "If it’s really pirates, how dare you walk around the port?" I’ve never seen such a bold pirate. Never … "
Even fangzhou is as frightened as a pirate. For her, it means that people who are far away from China suddenly appear alive in front of her eyes, which makes her feel at a loss!
"I don’t think we will be so unlucky …" Lian Fangzhou murmured.
"Look at the beach! Someone is coming! " Cui Shaoxi wry smile suddenly said
Even fangzhou looked at the past conveniently, and it was really far away from seeing people, but the action lights were clear.
A group of people about ten or twenty are coming in the direction of the ship.
The deck burst into cheers in vain.
A gust of wind came faintly with the wind and listened attentively. Cui Shaoxi and even Fangzhou all turned pale as if they had been struck by lightning. They stayed in wait for a while for half a ring and never came to their senses!
Return air island, return air island …
For Cui Shaoxi, who has been abroad for several times, if he doesn’t know this place, but for his own man, he is the deployment envoy of Nanhai County, and even Fangzhou has heard the name of this island several times!
Clutter and heavy footsteps passed by, accompanied by a few laughs and rude jokes. Even a tingle of Fangzhou and Cui Shaoxi hurriedly hid 187. Chapter 187 Escape in the dark.
Both of them were worried and relieved when they went far away. There was a feeling that they were lucky not to die after walking around the ghost gate!
This is a real thief boat!
At this time, the mood has been completely different!