Burying his face behind his balls, "It’s really embarrassing to the elders in Jiangdong … I can’t pull it!"

Who is the bearer? It’s South Lichuan after camouflage, but … His face is sweaty because he came in a hurry, and the dressing powder on his face has been eroded by sweat, revealing him …
Even if you are sweating, you are still a real beauty and full of sports passion!
Look at the heavy eyebrows, the enchanting face, and the clever and earnest eyes really petrify everyone around you …
But what is even more frightening is that Song Yuanhang, the first wealthy businessman in South Lebanon, has seen it several times and naturally recognized it at a glance. This is chapter 91 of 91. Am I not as stupid as this?
But what is even more frightening is that Song Yuanhang, the first wealthy businessman in South Lebanon, has seen it several times and naturally recognized who it is at a glance!
"Your majesty?"
South Lichuan heard his voice and pushed him "you bastard! You actually want to take away my month! "
Zhuge Yue was the first time to hear South Lichuan burst into swearing consternation, and at the same time he couldn’t help but smile with a slight bend in his lips.
This is what she knows. Nan Lichuan is stupid but true!
"What is your month?" Song Yuanhang looked at Nan Lichuan in disbelief and then glanced at Zhuge Yue. It suddenly occurred to him that some time ago my father had said that the female name after the establishment of the emperor was Feng Qingyue. He still felt a little strange when he heard the word "Qingyue" and didn’t take it to heart …
But I didn’t expect it to be …
Thinking of this, his eyes are dark and bottomless …
Zhuge Yue walked in the previous step. "Song Yuanhang, you guessed that I was the queen of the dynasty. You can’t trap me here!"
She was about to cross Song Yuanhang and walk to Nanlichuan, but suddenly one hand reached out and held her tightly!
Her side face saw Song Yuanhang sneer at "you and I will let you go like this? Even if I let you go, I’m sure you’ll be doomed. This stupid emperor will definitely punish me. Can he have a girl like you? By … "
His face showed a grim, vicious and secretive expression. "Today, the Six Sovereigns have been itching to move. I might as well dedicate this silly emperor to him so that I can not only escape punishment, but also get you …"
Before he finished, his belly was suddenly hit by something heavy, followed by Zhuge Yue watching him being pushed out by Nan Lichuan’s head far away!
"No matter what you want to do, I don’t want this throne! But I will never allow you to take away the month! " South Lichuan looked up with a white face and a red face, so his eyes were bright and he looked at Song Yuanhang’s eyes firmly!
Song Yuanhang was knocked to the ground by his head with a staggered, and he got up and gnashed his teeth. "You are really dead! Come on, I’m going to show consideration for the past and hand you over directly to Six Sovereigns to see if he treats you like this. Now it seems that I must torture you and make your life hell! You are stupid! "
Just then, he has drawn his sword and the bright sword reflects the cold light!
ZhuGeYue threw themselves in front of south Lichuan "want to kill him? Ok! Step on my body! "
Song Yuanhang shook his hand. "I can’t believe Qingyue. Am I not as stupid as this?"
Zhuge Yue laughed. "Yes … you are really not as stupid as this one. You are too stupid to have a beautiful and rich life. You can have two fathers all over the world, but you have to live forever. You are hopeless in hatred!"
The word "hopeless" deeply hurt Song Yuanhang. "I am the most pitiful person!"
"You are not the most pitiful, you are the most pathetic!"
"good! Ok! Ok! Since you want to be with this stupid emperor so much, I will be you! " Song Yuanhang’s sword is sharp and quick to stab Zhuge Yue and Nan Lichuan!
"Miss Black Fire Princess Ten" Riding a Rouge Tiger Mountain Ghost Princess asks you to come … 9 Chapter 9 Playing is love and scolding.
"good! Ok! Ok! Since you want to be with this stupid emperor so much, I will be you! " Song Yuanhang’s sword is sharp and quick to stab Zhuge Yue and Nan Lichuan!
His sword is priceless. It can definitely pierce two people at one stroke!
Jiang Qinghua’s balls and XuanYuanJin were all taken aback, but Song Yuanhang’s speed was so fast that it happened in an instant, and they simply stopped it!
At this moment, a disdainful figure suddenly fell from the sky and stopped the two people as fast as flash!
Zhuge Yue blurted out "The night is like a stranger-"without thinking about three words.
The man’s sword in front of him has been opposed to Song Yuanhang’s sword, and he doesn’t lose at all.
He turned around and smiled a little stiff. "It’s me."
Zhuge Yue’s eyes are a little dim and it’s thunder.
Song Yuanhang was suppressed by thunder layers and couldn’t move at all!
He shouted, "What are you losers still doing?"
Then all the guards around embraced Zhuge Yue and Nanlichuan and surrounded them with three layers inside and three layers outside!

A spoiled daughter-in-law boundless man smiled and said, "Why don’t I see the emperor another day and ask for you?"

"ask what?" Jane doe blinked and stared at the man with curiosity.
Huangfuyi smiled clearly. "Ask the emperor what his mood is!"
"You …" Liancheng face a red gouge out his one eye no longer take a reason a uber.
Two people clean up the body bed bedding has also been changed by the girl.
"I’m going to sleep!" Be carried back to bed by a man and lie down together. Close your eyes and whisper. Chapter 38 Joy.
He is overbearing and gentle, but he is more possessive than spoil, which makes her heart soft and can drip water. He is so tired. He yawned gracefully with his mouth open, and his body was sleepy and sleepy.
She soon fell into a sweet sleep.
The next morning, there was a steaming meal on the table, but the man was not in the room.
"Empress … eats …" The little bag is neatly dressed, and she is sitting beside her with a finger table, eating black and rolling her eyes.
I hugged her and kissed Liancheng, and soon I made up my bed.
"When Bao was hungry for a while, Mom gave Bao a meal, but what about Dad?" Mo Qing Mo Yu Shi washed and dressed jane doe picked up her son again and walked to the door and asked softly with a smile.
Bao blinked his eyes and said, "Dad … Come …" The chubby little hand pointed to the door and looked up and saw that the man with fairy posture was wearing a blue robe and carrying a bowl of hot soup was coming towards the door.
"Boss, I want to have breakfast with you!" Jack ran into the yard at random and shouted at the sight of Liancheng.
Without waiting for jane doe to speak, the man’s cold voice has been raised. "There is no big kitchen for you and you are not hungry!"
"Boss, your husband owes training!" Jack looked accused.
Liancheng smiled and shook his head. "All right, let’s just talk about coming into the house together!"
"Or the boss is good to me." Jack walked into the room with Huangfuyi behind him.
Looking at a table of exquisite dishes, Jack swallowed saliva and asked tentatively, "Boss, did he make all these dishes and this bowl of soup in your husband’s hand?"
The answer is naturally Liancheng nodded affirmatively.
"Yi is a good cook. He cooked almost every meal when I was pregnant with a bag."
Jack looked like a monster staring at HuangFuYi "HuangFuYi are you? Is the prince of the Zhou Dynasty more distinguished than one person and ten thousand people, or is the ancient man who cooks in Junyuan? "
"I’ll feed the bag, and you can eat it quickly, so as not to be ashamed to eat it clean for a while." Huangfuyi simply ignored her judo for his wife.
After holding the bag, he glanced at Jack obliquely. "After this one time, it’s still the same. Do you remember your own meals in the hospital?"
Is it stupid for him to eat in the big kitchen if he doesn’t eat with a more delicious and caring meal?
Jack condescended and picked up chopsticks and moved.
"You are still not a woman? Wolf down your food and be careful! " Seeing that his wife hasn’t eaten much, a vulgar woman keeps stuffing food into her mouth with chopsticks. That’s not to mention that the bowl in front of her is full.
Men are extremely disgusted and despised!
"Always a man!" Jack stared at Huangfuyi angrily, "Besides, women are always with you!"
Liancheng knows that Jack rejects the present body. After all, as he said, he is a real man in his bones, not a woman or a bend. As a result, he must be annoyed to hear being called by women again and again. Although there is a woman outside, he just can’t accept the fact. I hope it will be a long time before he can …
With a sigh, she looked at her own man seriously and said, "Yi Jack, whether we are talking about appearance or tolerance, you are just as an an and a man. He died because of revenge for me. Don’t treat her like a woman but like a man in the future!"
Huangfuyi looked at Jack after listening to her words, but Jack ignored him when he was eating vegetables and drinking soup roots.
"Know" back to Liancheng, a man didn’t say much, carefully and gently feed the bag and drink rice porridge.
After dinner, Jack left the main courtyard and Yee Meng and his party and went to the military school to be busy. He told the porter to prepare the carriage and prepare to go back to Hou Fu.
"You go to work, I’ll just have a bag to accompany you." Seeing a man riding in a carriage with a smile on his face, "I won’t get lost, I won’t never go back, and I won’t just disappear. You really don’t have to look at me so nervous all the time."
Huangfuyi stretched out his long arm and took his wife and children in his arms. "Being with you is the most important thing for me. Let’s put it aside for the time being."
"All right, whatever!" Liancheng Bao’s tender face kissed her for a moment, and an enlarged handsome face was put in front of her. "And here" The man pointed his finger at his face and tasted "You can’t be partial!"
Bao pushed the man with his paws before Liancheng moved. "The empress is Bao!" Round eyes, wide eyes, serious expression, waxy sound in the car.
"This is my wife. What do you mean? Go away! " Pat the bag with a small paw, and a good dad sells Meng to his kiss wife. "Wife, you are me. Take a closer look. I look much better than the stinky bag. You should like me more, love me more and love the stinky bag appropriately!" Then he pointed to his handsome face. "Wife … you haven’t kissed me for a long time!"
One of the old men is still jealous of the child. Besides, what do you mean you haven’t kissed him for a long time?

But now let Han Chen a little headache is that this tiger Wolf demon body is too tough to even be able to fight against his five-printed precious weapon royal magic golden gun, which is really incredible.

Han Chen will not be afraid. Although the tiger’s head is very severe, the head of Warcraft is much more fragile than other places, so Han Chen is also ready to attack the big guy’s head.
On second thought, Han Chen is also a smile. Although the wolf demon is tough, its brain is very fragile and the strength of Warcraft has not reached a certain level, so their wisdom is far from the same level as that of human beings. In a sense, even those who practice adult monster beast wisdom can not be compared with human beings.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Han Chen is slowly carrying a vitality, then wandering around the major meridians of the body and finally condensing his eyebrows.
Suddenly, the tiger’s head and the magic wolf roared, and the roaring wolf’s eyes were mixed with it, which sounded terrible.
"Well, leave it to me." Han Chen said lightly, but his face remained the same.
All over the sky, the gun shadow keeps flashing, and the huge tiger wolf Pang Dahu keeps biting Han Chen, and every time Han Chen is narrowly escaping from the past.
At this time, it seems that Han Chen and the tiger demon wolf have reached a stalemate. However, every time Han Chen avoids the tiger demon wolf, the pike will cross the road at the same time. Of course, it seems that some parts of the tiger demon wolf are not very hard. There are several times when Han Chen attacked the tiger demon wolf, and the blood is constantly infiltrating, which is very shocking.
Just like that, Han Chen didn’t get hurt again after fighting for more than ten rounds. On the other hand, the tiger’s head and the wolf appeared many scars, and the deep red blood portrayed the lotus flowers on the ground, which was very enchanting.
At this time, Han Chen is also short of breath. Obviously, the battle just now seems to consume a lot of physical strength, but at this time, the corners of his mouth are slightly raised. Han Chen is also a smile. Although the battle just now consumed a lot, Han Chen also benefited a lot, because this real bloody battle also inspired Han Chen’s great strength or a bloody battle will really inspire Han Chen’s potential.
Long breathe a sigh of relief Han Chen also will royal magic golden gun cross chest earth vitality instantaneous drum gun body.
Booming a Han Chen is also to raise the pike with thick vitality and input it into the royal magic gold gun body. At this time, the golden gun body with thick red vitality is also very strange.
A deep voice came out of Han Chen’s throat: "The Golden Gun, the Magic Seven and the Magic Three".
Thick red vitality fluctuates constantly and condenses into a shape that is a pike. At this time, Han Chen’s eyebrows are dripping and sweat is constantly flowing, and his face is slightly pale. This is a situation of excessive vitality. It seems that Han Chen has reached the limit, but he still insists on it.
However, it didn’t last long before it was broken by an explosion.
Suddenly, a ten-foot golden gun mountain roared by, and then Han Chen suddenly fell to the ground. It seemed that the general smile was to fall to the ground, but suddenly an illusory figure flashed and caught Han Chen’s body. It was Ling Lao.
"Are you all right, little guy?" Asked ling Lao also smiled and seemed to admire Han Chen’s strength. "You didn’t expect that you were so powerful that you could cast a magic-bending seven-style third style and this power has reached a very strong level."
"Alas, it’s still making fun of me." Han Chen nai laughed and then coughed wildly, but then things made Han Chen and Ling Lao feel ten words.
"Roar" suddenly the tiger demon Wolf sound is also resounding through Han Chen and Li Yuanhao ears, and they are horrified, but it seems that the sound is just a death warrant note.
"It seems that you this little guy is out of luck or do you want me to make moves?" Ling old stereo.
Han Chen closed his eyes and ignored Ling Lao, then quickly recuperated his vitality, and then found himself without his injury except for his whole body.
"It’s okay. I can still deal with him. Even if I can’t talk, we can still escape smoothly," Han Chen said.
"Well, that’s it." Ling Lao shrugged his shoulders and didn’t say anything that could be defeated smoothly, but now it is.
"Roar" At this time, the sound of that tiger-headed magic wolf is full of anger, just like trying to swallow Han Chen.
At this time, Han Chen looked at the tiger demon wolf vigorously, and shook his head slightly after seeing the tiger demon wolf covered in blood again. It seems that he overestimated himself. It seems that he should practice well in the future.
The flash from the sky is to split the tiger’s head and the wolf’s body. Just for a moment, the tiger’s head and the wolf fell to the ground and died
Looking at this sudden accident, Han Chen frowned slightly and said to Ling Lao beside him, "What’s going on?"
Gently shook his head and Ling Lao also said, "Maybe someone helped us secretly." Then Han Chen looked at the dead tiger-headed wolf and smiled. It happened so suddenly.
"Let’s go," said Ling Lao.
"There seems to be a situation, etc." Han Chen also slowly walked into the body of the tiger demon wolf and suddenly a dark black bead flashed on his forehead.
Ling Lao’s eyes flashed at the black bead and he was surprised and said, "Is this Er Danzhu?"
See more ling old nodded and admitted after Han Chen is also happily said, "this turned out to be Dan Zhu? I didn’t expect this beast to be so mutated and condensed into Danzhu. "
"Ha ha yes, but we are also lucky. If it weren’t for the help of mysterious experts, we might have escaped." Han Chen said with a bitter smile.
"Dan Zhu is a nuclear variant of Warcraft, which is divided into nine-one, the lowest and the highest. The treasure cultivated under unnatural conditions of Warcraft is amazing in effect. It can be distinguished by color. Dan Zhu is white, black, blue, green, yellow, purple, red and purple, and nine is color." Ling Lao said slowly and immediately looked at Han Chen.

"That’s not what I meant." Even Fang Zhou sighed faintly. "So I’m not bringing trouble to you? This is a false start-"

"You and I have to say this!" Cui Shaoxi was very unhappy at once. His face sank slightly and he snorted. "If that name is Li, you wouldn’t say that, would you? Don’t say that I confirmed it, even if you don’t confirm it or doubt it, I will definitely not hesitate this ship! "
See even fangzhou looked at his mouth to speak Cui Shaoxi waved his hand and choked back the sour and lost taste at the bottom of my heart and smiled. "All right! If you treat me as a friend, don’t say that. I don’t want to hear it. It makes me sad! Now we are in the same boat and have to think about how to leave! Are you hungry? Let’s eat something first! "
Where can I not be hungry? I was distracted before, but I don’t think I’m hungry for food after hearing what Cui Shaoxi said, and my eyes are staring straight at Cui Shaoxi.
Cui Shaoxi was funny and distressed. He took out the steamed bread wrapped in paper hidden in his arms and smiled. "Look, your eyes are going to glow green! Give me a pad first! "
Lian Fangzhou said, "Thank you!" I grabbed it and ate it with relish, as if it were the most beautiful and delicious food in the world.
Cui Shaoxi smiled and looked at her eyes with tenderness and distress. She took out the small water sac in her arms, unscrewed the lid and handed it to her. "Come and drink some water and eat slowly. Don’t choke!"
Even Fang Zhou’s vague thanks took it and gulped it down. Two people were relieved. The low-paying hunger in the stomach subsided a lot. I was embarrassed to say with smile to Cui Shaoxi, "I am so hungry! These people are so stingy, they just arrest people and can’t bear to stutter! Waiting to starve to death to feed the fish! "
Said Cui Shaoxi also laughed.
He has traveled to the sea several times over the years, and he has heard about these practices of making his business an overseas human trafficker.
In order to save trouble and save food and water, people are usually stunned. It takes less than three days to give people food once. It’s only less than two days. How can there be food?
He didn’t tell Lian Fangzhou this. He said with a smile, "Now you can rest assured that I am here. I promise I won’t make you hungry!"
Even Fang Zhou had a good stomach and enriched the whole person. He asked Cui Shaoxi, "What shall we do?" Do you know where the ship is going? "
Cui Shaoxi sighed and shook his head with a wry smile. "It’s good to be able to mix boats in a hurry. Where can I ask easily?" These-"
He just said thoughtfully, "It doesn’t feel the same to me. It’s not the same as the businessmen. They look rough and rough, and they are afraid they are not good lovers! We have to be careful everywhere! "
"That said?" Lian Fangzhou curled his lips and said, "If he were a good man, he wouldn’t do this kind of human trafficking!"
"Say yes!" Cui Shaoxi couldn’t help laughing and laughed. "You’re not too worried that this ship has three floors, which are extremely wide and tall, and there are many places to hide!" They won’t find it easily! Besides, they won’t count the goods until they reach their destination. When we hide the box in the corner, they may not find you missing. "
"Well, you know me better than me. Just arrange it!" Even Fang Zhou nodded with a smile.
It was a simple sentence, but Cui Shaoxi’s whole heart stirred and trembled. The whole person seemed to eat ginseng fruit and feel comfortable for a while, which made him dare not stare.
Cui Shaoxi unconsciously blurted out, "Fangzhou, I will never let you be frightened by injustice again!"
"Er … thank you …" Even Fang Zhou was not white. How could he suddenly get so excited? He was a little embarrassed and could not bear to refute his kindness. He smiled at random and promised to feel guilty for a while.
Cui Shaoxi Zheng also came to her senses. She was uncomfortable, annoyed and sad. She looked seriously and said, "No matter where the ship will eventually sail, it is sure to dock for supplies in Nanyang. Let’s pay careful attention to the optimistic route and find out their patrol rules. We will try to leave the ship as soon as we dock in Nanyang! I have friends in Nanyang, and it’s very convenient to go back from here because there are many ships sailing from the port to Quanzhou! "
Even fangzhou nodded and said with a smile, "it’s not urgent at the moment. You must be exhausted, right? Let’s take a rest and raise our spirits first! "
Cui Shaoxi smiled and promised to look at her and asked, "Are your hands and feet still numb? Maybe walking? "
Even Fang Zhou’s face can’t help but get hot. At this time, I thought of something. Before he rubbed his legs, he must have been helping himself to activate his veins, but he was really a thief.
"Do not matter! It’s already great! " Even Fangzhou hurriedly laughed and was too embarrassed to go to see Cui Shaoxi.
"That’s good!" Cui Shaoxi smiled and didn’t think much, so they started to drag the wooden box to a lot of goods to hide Cui Shaoxi, and let Lian Fangzhou follow him out to hide all the way through the night cover, stop and go to avoid the patrol eyeliner and come to the bottom room of a cabin.
Cui Shaoxi smiled and said, "It’s the most convenient place to hide, but let’s stay here!"
Even Fang Zhou nodded with a smile. He found a hidden corner to sit in and couldn’t help but take a look at Cui Shaoxi.
In my heart, I secretly felt that in the past, Mr. Cui’s young master was pampered and charming, and Mr. Jia wouldn’t have been wandering outside all these years and even swam to the ocean if it wasn’t for his own reasons! What’s better than home outside? Must have suffered a lot!
I don’t know how he used to know a place like this.
Even Fang Zhou opened her mouth and finally smiled and said nothing. She wanted to ask him how he had been these years. But being a "culprit" is really embarrassing to ask.
Is Cui Shaoxi back a low sigh tone slant head to see her suddenly laughed "over the years are you ok? I heard that your son is three years old? Do you listen? Does it look like you? "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and was about to answer when suddenly the ship shook violently for a few times. She couldn’t help but hold one side panel with low exclamation force.
Cui Shaoxi’s thin lips pursed his eyes and felt his eyebrows for a moment. "The ship has stopped! It’s strange how it stopped at night. I’ve never heard of anything so big that it can dock in the harbor before going to Nanyang! Isn’t this ship Nanyang? Where is that going? "
Cui Shaoxi doesn’t even know Fang Zhou, but they both have a bad feeling when they look at each other.
"If something goes wrong, there will be a demon! Let’s go out and have a look! " Even fangzhou flatly said
"I’ll go and you stay here!" Cui Shaoxi did not hesitate to get up and said, "You are not as familiar as me. If anyone finds out, it will be miserable! It’s much easier for me to take care of you without distraction! "
Where is Lian Fangzhou willing to let him take risks alone? Pull out the bun hairpin and hold it in the palm of your hand. "Stop nagging and lead the way quickly!" I’m afraid I won’t pry any more! Don’t worry, I won’t be a burden to you. You should do whatever you want, regardless of me! And I am not bad at water! "
This last sentence is obviously to prepare for the worst.
Cui Shaoxi heart jump staring at her is always a sigh gives way "good! Then come with me! Be careful! "
The worst result of the big deal is that two people die together, and it doesn’t seem so bad if it really works that way!
The two of them quietly touched out only to find that the deck lights were full. When they looked up, the ship was anchored in a harbor, and the waves were swishing at the beach. The pier was connected with a beach that was not very wide. In the past, there was a black rock, trees and tall mountain shadows in the distance.
At this time, the beach was still missing by the lights of the boat and the moonlight.
Cui Shaoxi’s eyebrows screwed up tightly, and even Fang Zhou’s sleeves were pulled back to the dark.
See Cui Shaoxi close even fangzhou low said "something is wrong! I don’t know what the hell place is here. Look at that pier. It can’t be called a pier! Not even a personal shadow! "
His breath sprayed on his face, blowing his sideburns, and his sideburns trembled slightly. None of them passed over his cheeks, itchy and numb.
Even Fangzhou is not used to being slightly stiff, and her scalp is a little numb. She did not move, but retreated and said in a low voice, "Not only those people on the dock but also those on the deck ran out to play for no reason! I think they must be doing something! Guess what it will be? Don’t-don’t you want to kill people and steal goods! "
Lian Fangzhou’s heart pounded with drama.
"No!" Cui Shaoxi chuckled to himself and comforted him lightly. "The vast expanse of the sea is nobody’s business. If you really want to kill someone, just throw it all into the sea. Why bother?"
"That’s right!" Lian Fangzhou suddenly had a flash of light in his mind. "Do you think they want this island to bury any gold and silver treasures?"
"Ah?" Cui Shaoxi not white how could she have such a strange idea is not easy to say with smile "kui you want to come out! Do you think these people are stupid? If you have gold and silver treasures, where can you hide them? Why should you hide them in such a wild and desolate place? Not a pirate! I’ve heard of-"
Cui Shaoxi’s voice suddenly stopped and his face changed. Even Fang Zhou’s look was extremely scary.
They didn’t speak, but the expression in their eyes was tacit. Are these people really pirates? Did the two of them get lucky?
"No, no, no!" Cui Shaoxi said in a low voice with some uncertainty, "If it’s really pirates, how dare you walk around the port?" I’ve never seen such a bold pirate. Never … "
Even fangzhou is as frightened as a pirate. For her, it means that people who are far away from China suddenly appear alive in front of her eyes, which makes her feel at a loss!
"I don’t think we will be so unlucky …" Lian Fangzhou murmured.
"Look at the beach! Someone is coming! " Cui Shaoxi wry smile suddenly said
Even fangzhou looked at the past conveniently, and it was really far away from seeing people, but the action lights were clear.
A group of people about ten or twenty are coming in the direction of the ship.
The deck burst into cheers in vain.
A gust of wind came faintly with the wind and listened attentively. Cui Shaoxi and even Fangzhou all turned pale as if they had been struck by lightning. They stayed in wait for a while for half a ring and never came to their senses!
Return air island, return air island …
For Cui Shaoxi, who has been abroad for several times, if he doesn’t know this place, but for his own man, he is the deployment envoy of Nanhai County, and even Fangzhou has heard the name of this island several times!
Clutter and heavy footsteps passed by, accompanied by a few laughs and rude jokes. Even a tingle of Fangzhou and Cui Shaoxi hurriedly hid 187. Chapter 187 Escape in the dark.
Both of them were worried and relieved when they went far away. There was a feeling that they were lucky not to die after walking around the ghost gate!
This is a real thief boat!
At this time, the mood has been completely different!

Heavy Li mercilessly beat a table, hate that call her teeth.

Zangjian and discretion at this time said a sentence "is he now this body also want to the battlefield? Killed by white wolf cavalry and flying wolf tiejun, it is better for me to kill you now and give you a good time. "
"What did you say?" Heavy Li Jianmei phoenix eyes really sharp.
Heavy purple just wanted to find a wall to kill himself. These two people are friends but also enemies!
Zang Jiangang will stop Big Brother, not because of his kindness, but because he thinks Second Brother is his opponent and can kill himself.
Suddenly, Li clenched his fist and loosened up, and his expression was no longer angry. "If I retreat because of this minor injury, I am not worthy of attaching importance to my family."
"Hum! Do you still dare to call yourself family-oriented? "Zangjian laughed darkly.
"Poof-"A knife stuck to his neck, and the blade sank into the wall, and the handle was trembling.
Everyone stopped looking at the man who threw out his beloved nod, but he saw his face open. The halberd Shang Dao returned to his hand and returned to the shape of an oil-paper umbrella with a flick of his hand.
Stay up all night and walk into the snow outside.
The figure is ethereal
"Heavy Li, I order you to take heavy Lin Yuwei into the imperial city, young master-live to see people die and see corpses."
Lift my feet white clothes across the snow he paused "heavy purple lieutenant ZangJian road go …"
Heavy li leng for a moment fuels answered "yes! Big brother "
Heavy purple’s dumbfounded eyes glanced at the white snow outside. "This snow even buried bloody tonight."
"Hum!" Zangjian heard heavy purple insidious smile several muttered, "Little Lord dispersed his aura by himself. I don’t know if it is the lucky person who can get the favor of little Lord! ?”
He licked the corners of his mouth
This battle is getting more and more interesting.

In the wreckage of Bailiyi, I feel this wet and cold air slowly transpiration from the ground, and the bloody taste comes with transpiration.
My heart was depressed, but I didn’t expect that I would push myself to the battlefield one day because of my love words, but he flatly regretted it
The cold fire lit up the bloody night.
Suddenly, in the silent night, the drums beat across the sky.
Bai Liyi hasn’t reacted yet. What’s going on? Yunyong over there has already rushed over to stay before coming to the front without giving a direct way: "The temple is not good! Heavy Lin Yuwei sent troops. "
Bailiyi didn’t speak, just twisted her eyebrows.
Heavy Lin Yuwei will attack early is expected. 567 Chapter 567 Smile and help the battlefield (3)
But I didn’t expect it to come so soon.
After all, they also lost many soldiers! ? Can attack without being affected at all?
This is really not good news
Their troops will face the battlefield before they are adjusted to Peicheng, which is bound to be unstable!
"go! Follow me to Chengtou to see "Baili Yi didn’t think much and immediately walked towards the wall.
Cloud chung should be a is with thyme taken away.
All the leading figures on the other side of the wall have gathered together.
Bailiyi Chengtou looked at the group of white clothes as heavy as snow and Lin Yuwei in the snow, but he was surprised that the leader was actually heavy. The man who disappeared from the palace at night turned out to have fled back long ago.
A glimpse of the purple robe with a double-feather knife is heavy purple.
Listen to her healthy and energetic towards the tower drink "coward hurry up to aunt I roll out-! Why is the short man now a little puss-head? Isn’t it very arrogant in the past few times? "
Bai Liyi took her eyes back and looked at the person who was full of anger because of heavy purple’s words. "What is General Yun like?"
"Unfavorable to play" Yun Yong’s brief words are chilling, but his little body has limited explosive power. heavy purple continued, "Something is wrong! Just after the defeat, he immediately rushed to declare war. "
"At the end of the will, even this war is weird," said a middle-aged man who was slightly older.
That’s Yunyong’s father, a general. Yunyan has never lost in the battlefield for years! But I didn’t expect to be defeated by Chongjiabao.
He was so arrogant that he vowed to come back for revenge.

"She is your brother’s darling" Long Xixi Xuan gently dispelled her doubts.

Dragon sunseeker treasure stare big eyes exaggerated shouted "Yan Yan che? !”
"rude!" Long Xibo nodded her forehead.
Long Xibao looked incredulous. "No way … the man who looks more beautiful than an angel and whose heart is darker than a demon."
Yuan Gungun smell speech hurriedly ran into a bosom friend with a friendly expression and took the hand of Dragon Sunseeker Bao. The two of them played the classic plot of’ villagers see villagers in tears’.
Dragon Sunseeker Bo patted her head with a smile. "Although it is true, you’d better not hear Sunseeker for him."
Dragon Sunseeker Bao looked at Yuan Gungun sympathetically. How did you fall into the fire pit? Yuan Gungun looked back at Dragon Sunseeker Bao with a long face of regrets. Then the two men shook their heads and sighed "Alas …"
Twins are funny. Looking at two funny little women in front of me, it seems that Che’s personality is not very popular.
"By the way that doodle? Do you look like sisters? " Dragon sunseeker treasure asked
Pang Dudu smiled and spit out four words "I am her mother"
Boom Yi Long Sunseeker Bao was struck by thunder … I’m her mother, I’m her mother …
After half a ring, "Bo … Aunt … you are so well maintained that you have a fight with my dance mommy."
Pang Dudu excitedly took the dragon sunseeker treasure hand "really? Really? Hehe, baby, you’re so cute. If you come to our house to play, I’ll cook you delicious food. You’re such an honest and discerning boy. "
The twins looked at Pang Dudu with cold sweat. It was terrible. It was another girl who was spoiled by men … Oh, it shouldn’t be a woman …
President’s office on the top floor of the regiment
"I’m sorry, master." Yas bowed his head and dared not look directly into someone’s cold eyes.
"Don’t tell me I haven’t found it yet." Yan Yanche watched him spit out every word from his thin lips, freezing with cold.
"Sorry …" Yas can say these three words.
"Yas, you should know me well after following me for so long, right?" The tone of Yan Yan is light but chilling.
"I’m sorry, master, but …"
"But you refused her request and chose to go against my orders?" It’s still that undulating tone to play with the thumb leopard ring
Yasi immediately knelt down and touched the floor and issued a "dong" and "I’m sorry, master"
At this moment, there was a mobile phone music in the silent room. Yan Yan looked at the number and pressed the call button.
"Che, your lovely wife is here with me." Long Xiybote has a magnetic voice from the words.
"I’m in the past now," Yan Yan answered with a dull stare.
"By the way, there’s your lively mother-in-law." Dragon Sunseeker Bo looked at the nearby finished medicine and laughed into a pile. Three women touched her forehead.
"Well …" I got a headache and pinched my eyebrows. I picked up the coat on the back of the chair and dialed the number of Yuan Jingliu and walked to the door.
Yas looked at the gate and was relieved. It seems that he found it.
Yas looked at him with indifference. "It’s too early to rest assured that this matter hasn’t passed yet."
Chapter 11 Long Xibao I owe you one.
Yas got up and smiled and shook his head. Some Nai looked at him. "What can I do for you? Can you refuse the rolling request?"
Jas sip sip lips didn’t speak.
"Ah … what a headache!" Yas sighed.
"Don’t worry, you will not only have a headache, but also have a’ flesh ache’ in the near future." Yas’s expression told the truth.
Yas gave him a cold shoulder and stopped talking.
After receiving the message from Dragon Sunseeker, Yan Yan Che arrived at the Dragon Dance at a flying speed. Bang, Yuan Gungun was rudely beaten. When he saw the bearer, he couldn’t help stepping back. Dragon Sunseeker Bao looked at the menacing Yan Yan Che’s consciousness and blocked Yuan Gungun’s front, but Yuan Gungun was even more nervous to hide behind himself.
God, it’s terrible … She is most afraid of his anger …
Long Xibao was distracted and looked at the man behind Yan Yanche. Wow, another man is more beautiful than a woman. Is there any justice in this world? Also let not let people live! See that man is also a face of ups and downs to look straight to roll mom … This is roll dad? ! Can fight with daddy sunseeker …
Yan Yan looked at the chick in front of his wife and revealed a very’ weird’ smile, calling her name "Dragon Sunseeker Treasure" coldly.
Being pointed to a celebrity can’t help shivering. It’s horrible … "How’s Brother Hitcher doing recently? The company should have a house, a wife and a child, right? Ha ha ….. "Someone is not outspoken.
Yan Yanche sneered faintly. "Are you sure you want to be here?"
Dragon Sunseeker Bao hurriedly set up a standard soldier posture, but he didn’t salute and said YES,SIR, and then he gave a face of "I don’t go to hell, who goes to hell?"

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “

According to the scene, the one who destroyed

"Come on, no matter what chariots. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t be worse than what I put in the clock of heaven and earth. "
According to the scene, the one who destroyed the chariot was probably the broken halberd that Fang Yun met. Now that you have got the most powerful halberd, you don’t have to participate in the battle for the wreckage of the car. So as not to be greedy, you will lose big because of small.
Fang Yun knows, however, that there is a "Hall of All Demons" and the Emperor’s Prince and his party hidden in the dark.
The wind swings, Fang Yun without hesitation to another direction.
"Dragon saliva Gentiana!"
"Chaos tung skin!"
"Yin and Yang stretch grass …"
Fang Yun is constantly collecting the medicinal materials here.
"This time, or try to collect enough. Otherwise, out of here, I’m afraid I can’t find it again! It’ s too pale to have a prescription, but there is no material, but it’ s a very troublesome thing. "
Fang Yun frowned slightly while collecting medicinal materials. The value of "Tai Cang Shen Ding" is far above the general ancient instruments. But one problem that he has to face is that it is impossible for him to find so many places with ancient materials.
Besides, there are many strong people here. A conflict, a fight, can easily make this place, devastated. Besides, so many people are staring. It’s impossible for Fang Yun to sweep the whole piece away.
After all, no one is stupid who can cultivate to the realm of six or seven products of Tianchong. Probably, just seeing some bare spots, I guess someone got the formula of the ancient God Dan.
Suddenly, Wu Guang flashed in my mind, and Fang Yun suddenly had to laugh: "Hey! I actually ignored such a simple fact. " A breeze blew, and another flower disappeared out of thin air. Only this time, not only the roots, stems, flowers and leaves on the surface were collected, but even a piece of soil disappeared.
At the same time, just below a mountain peak, there was a newly transplanted herb.
Transplanting the exotic flowers and herbs in the ancient small world into the universal clock of heaven and earth, and establishing a medicine garden. Use the time of "the clock of heaven and earth" to accelerate energy, breed continuously and cultivate herbs! This is Fang Yun’s solution.
The so-called incoming fans, onlookers see clearly. Fang Yun kept thinking about how to collect more herbs, but ignored the simplest fact. With a complete space, Fang Yun can cultivate itself in it.
The concentration of primordial energy in the Middle Ages and the Near Ages is no longer suitable for cultivating ancient plants and medicinal materials. However, this is not a problem. Fang Yun can completely create an ancient environment in it.
"Ha, ha, ha, unexpectedly, I also made such a low-level mistake. Fortunately, I reacted in time. "
Da3 Yun4 smiled and relaxed completely. Now, really speaking, as long as he cultivates the medicine garden. There can be no one here who has gained more than him.
Sometimes, the harvest of killing is not necessarily the biggest!