At the same time, I rubbed my ears and got redder.

When Shinohara handed the food to Jing Jiayuan, Jing Jiayuan obediently took it over the past few months. He had recovered from anorexia, and he did not reject the food in his hand and ate it.
Song Xue aside quietly looked at JingGuYuan.
For such a senior, she worships him. At the moment, watching him eating food is quiet and elegant.
Look at his appearance and handsome to the point where people and gods are angry.
Immediately swallowed saliva.
This ….. Let her how to live such a dog!
The key is how long this Jing Jiayuan is taller and more handsome than in the program!
There are small fish along the way, and there is such a handsome guy following it, which is simply an enemy.
Song Xue thought so in his heart, and then he suddenly thought of a serious thing after that happy day.
"Wait a minute. How did Xiaoyu Jing Jiayuan get here?" Song Xue suddenly asked.
At the same time, I prayed in my heart that it must not be like that.
"When he finished, he got the sign and guessed I was Penang," Shinohara said simply.
Song Xue expression suddenly collapsed and faded to the naked eye.
Are they really CP? ! !
When she asked this, she felt that something was wrong, and Xiao Yu CP came to that …
Did he come to rob her?
Is the good day over?
Song Xue mentality collapsed and looked at that after eating, Shinohara fish was close to Jingjiayuan and suddenly didn’t want to rest. "Let’s go and I’ll go in with you."
How did Shinohara’s arm look like Shuai Neng when she took a deep breath and held it fair and square? Is she that kind of person who will give in to face value?
So even if this handsome guy robbed her today, she had to try to get it back.
"Fish … your CP just came. Will you tell him what we discussed these two days?" Song Xue pitifully took her wrist and begged.
"To discuss things? What is it? " When Jing Guyuan looked at Xiao Yu’s arm, Song Xue suddenly became alert.
When Shinohara fish saw him rubbing his forehead like this, it probably explained that "Song Xue said he wanted to change a CP, but I didn’t agree."
When I heard the first half of the sentence, Jing Guyuan had frowned slightly.
After hearing the second half of the sentence, the frown slowed down again, and even the corners of the lips were bent, which made it look more pleasant.
"Well, our group CP is quite good," Jing Jiayuan said happily.
Song Xue "…"
She is not the kind of person who will give up easily. "Jing Jiayuan, I gave you the fried cake, and your fish is mine. Otherwise, we will take the opportunity to change the CP for both of you, okay?" I’m with the small fish group, and you’re with my CP group. These days, I think I can get along well with the small fish. We eat hot pot together and sleep in a bed … "
Jingjiayuan "…"
He bent his lips, and when Song Xue promised, he said with emotion, "I’ll pay you back later if I don’t change your fried cake."
Song Xue "…"
"Jing Jia Yuan Zhen, you can consider that my CP is still quite capable. You and he can definitely get along well. The main reason is that I get along well with Xiaoyu." Song Xue continued to fudge. "It’s good that the four of us have a smoother trip and we exchanged!"
"I also hit it off with Xiaoyu," said Jing Jiayuan leisurely.
"I can tease the little fish!" Song Xue talks about his advantages.
"I can, too," said Jing Jiayuan.
"I can sing and tell stories to Xiaoyu while chatting." Song Xue continued.
"I can write songs for her." Jing, comparison and Jiayuan said seriously.
Song Xue "…"
"I have lessons to raise small fish!" Song Xue suddenly thought of his only advantage to go out immediately
Jingjiayuan "…"
He’s gone
Song Xue is very happy to see Jing Jiayuan’s silence, snapping his fingers and continuing, "You can’t do it, so you can see that the small fish follow me and drink spicy food. I can raise her well. You can’t do it. Why don’t I give you RM 300 and let me talk to the small fish group CP?"
Shinohara fish looked at the two "primary school students" bickering in front of him with great interest, but something was wrong.
Wait, Song Xue, this line sounds familiar.
It’s like the line "I’ll give you ten thousand, you stay away from my home" in the general manager’s article.
Shinohara fish suddenly messy.
Before two people Biao more terrible lines.
Interrupt the two people quickly. "Okay, okay, now we’re discussing these things. Let’s finish them first. Don’t wave here."
Song Xueyuan had to struggle again, but he heard Jing Jiayuan ask, "Did you two finish it today?"
Shinohara fish shook his head and said, "This is my first scenic spot. After that, there are four Song Xue and two."
"Then let’s finish it first. Listen to you, there are many places to go. It would be better to finish it as soon as possible." Jingjiayuan said.
"All right, let’s finish first." Song Xue also knew the priorities and nodded his approval.
The three entered the Tianhou Palace together.
Jing Jiayuan has made up his mind to help Song Xue finish it quickly.
After all, we can get the clue of her CP position and get rid of this "competitor" after finding her CP.
Before he came, he also heard about his fellow guest Song Xue and her CP.
This couple is married. If the couple brings her to her boyfriend, she won’t harm their world.
With this in mind, Jing Jiayuan was also very active in helping the two people complete it.
Instead of Shinohara, he talked to the camera Kan Kan about "this Tianhou Palace is quite worth visiting. These building materials departments were transported from China to Penang more than 100 years ago."
"There are three hometown of overseas Chinese in China: Guangdong, Fujian and Hainan. Look here, it says that Qiongzhou Guild Hall is the old name of Haikou. This Tianhou Palace was built after Hainan people came to Penang."
"The architecture here is very distinctive and well-preserved. It can’t be seen that it has a history of more than 100 years. It retains the Chinese elements and is a typical Nanyang Chinese style architecture."
"Tianhou Palace is the goddess Mazu. In addition, Quanzhou, Fujian, China, Shantou, Guangzhou and other places have the largest Tianhou Palace in Mazu Tempel, and the Tianhou Palace in Quanzhou, Fujian …"
Song Xue looked at it slightly. "Before I watched the live broadcast, I was very impressed with Jing Jiayuan. Now it’s really amazing that he can recite all the tour guide words …"
Shinohara fish nodded. "Yes, this man is a schoolmaster. He can remember his lines by reading them once, and it is also very fast."
Song Xue pie pie some frustration, she lost ten percent again "I don’t like back but I got good grades in sports! I think it will still be the women’s basketball team of our school. "
Shi Xiaoyu held back a smile. "Do you know Lin Yufei?"
Song Xue shook his head. "I don’t know why?"
"I suggest you two become sworn brothers and sisters when you get to know each other later."
Song Xue is full of question marks. What is this brain circuit? Why should we become sworn brothers and sisters?
Jing Jiayuan soon finished the explanation for Shi Xiaoyu and planned the most reasonable route according to the rest.
When Shinohara fish looked at the route, he thought it would be much more efficient. "Brother Yan, the innkeeper, also planned the route for us before coming out, but he forgot the route when he saw the delicious food before, so he had to take many detours less when planning again."
Song Xue, on the other hand, is not traveling. There are so many rules and regulations. How boring it is to finish.
She’s not interested, but she’d better be a little follower behind them.
Anyway, even if Jing Jiayuan comes, Xiaoyu can’t dump her. She’s with Xiaoyu!
With the help of Jing Jiayuan, they finished the day very quickly.

Sue, the little coward, the round sad Mimi sticks to the wall and moves her almond eyes in, sparkly and puzzling.

This is her temporary cave!
Can you break in just because you are good-looking?
Also against the customer to create air conditioning!
What do you mean?
Su Yuan kicked a pebble lightly and rolled into the fire, splashing some sparks.
Leopard rewelding cool look at Su Yuan knife-shaped eyebrows frowning slightly.
Su Yuanxing’s eyes slowly enlarge.
Are you kidding me? He’s not happy yet.
"I said that whoever borrows fire to keep warm should have a borrowing attitude, you know?"
Anyway, the big leopard can’t understand Mandarin, so she can just spit it out.
So think Su Yuan mood suddenly wonderful a lot.
"Hey, it’s not impossible for you to keep warm here. Please be polite. This is my cave!"
Su Yuan’s small waist and fierce milk have a proud illusion!
Leopard rewelding looked at the little female in front of her and bent her lips.
It’s not time to secretly send yourself bamboo shoes last night, female
This is his cave.
Leopard rewelding tao ears don’t mind hanging eyes to continue to deal with the dinner in his hand-an adult short bijuu (wild roe)
Su Yuan’s blinking big leopard, what was that look just now?
Mao seems to covet him more!
Too much, she didn’t want him to pollute the cave, and she didn’t know where she got the courage. Su Yuan suddenly shouted, "Don’t do this!"
Leopard rewelding looked up and wondered how fat the little female was. Is this ordering yourself?
Su Yuan, the sharp eyes of the leopard rewelding, pointed to the cave mouth and pointed to the prey in the hands of a leopard.
"Can you go to the mouth of the cave to deal with that? It will be difficult to deal with the blood."
The water roots in my bamboo tubes are not enough to wash the floor.
Leopard rewelding eyes light a slight flash seems to be white what moment actually got up and carrying short bijuu goes to the mouth of the cave.
Su Yuan is happy to look at Leopard rewelding. The big leopard is not so difficult to get along with.
"Hey, I didn’t tell you to go out. Just do it at the door."
See leopard rewelding almost out of the mouth of the cave also kept Su Yuan hurriedly stood on tiptoe light shout.
Leopard rewelding steps paused, leaned over and shua shua several short bijuu bore broken belly.
Su Yuan quickly turned around. This is really not her affectation. It takes courage to watch the slaughter on the spot!
She silently took out a yam from the system, went to the bamboo tube and washed it. She put on a twig and went back to the fire to bake yam.
Just sitting cross-legged in a leopard rewelding came back with the wild roe deer handled.
Su Yuan’s consciousness gave way to Leopard rewelding. Leopard rewelding gave her a look and didn’t speak.
Followed by silence.
Su Yuan slowly roasted yam with a little flame on the edge.
Leopard rewelding moves easily and skillfully to bake wild roe deer.
Su Yuan was puzzled to see that the leopard rewelding was absolutely proficient in barbecue among the people.
But isn’t he usually out of touch with fire?
A strong smell of meat gradually wafted in the cave.
Su Yuan consciously swallowed saliva, silently picked up the baked yam, and carefully took a little bite with his fingertips.
There seems to be a light ringing in my ear. Su Yuan turns his head and looks at it. The leopard’s face is cold and the side face is coated with a thin glow by the fire, which seems to be not so real.
He has a good nose!
The outline of the jaw line is also perfect, and there is a small pit slightly
Su Yuan remembers that there was a saying that he called it a beautiful man’s pit.
Leopard rewelding suddenly turned his head and looked at each other.
Su Yuan, like a pupil caught by the squad leader for doing something bad, immediately tried to hide his ears.
She’s not peeking!
She just stopped by!
"Well, do you eat this?"
Su Yuan doesn’t know what he thinks. Anyway, he stretched out his hand and handed half baked yam to Leopard rewelding.
Let Su Yuan didn’t expect that it was Leopard rewelding who pulled a leg and handed it back to himself.
"Ah, this is enough for me. You eat!"
Su Yuanshi is a little careful. She doesn’t know when she will be so easily satisfied. Perhaps a little kindness here will be magnified!
Leopard rewelding didn’t take it back.
Su Yuan was afraid that he would quickly pick up his leg in an instant.
Leopard rewelding stopped watching her eat.
Su Yuan found that although he ate quickly, he was a little elegant, and Cheng Jing was so quiet that she was embarrassed to make a sound.
Okay, she’s used to eating slowly. She’s always gentle.
I don’t know if I’m hungry, but Su Yuan actually thinks that the barbecue technique of Leopard rewelding is very good, which is a little better than Aro’s barbecue.
I was thinking that Leopard rewelding had finished eating and got up and strode out of the cave with a white miserable skeleton.
Su Yuan chewed and lived, so she left?
Somehow Su Yuan was a little worried about the heavy rain. Why did the big leopard sleep in the tree?
No matter how strong you are, you really can’t spend the night in the wind and rain, can you?
Do you want it yourself?
I was thinking that the figure of Leopard rewelding was back. The mouth of the cave quickly dumped her head. Su Yuan could see the splash.
Bao Su has a short dark blue hair, which is miraculously stylish without the help of Teacher Tony.

What a dog!

Duke can’t accuse Malygos of’ being a demigod and losing his integrity to this point’ because the former Blue Dragon Wang Gan and Duke want to do the same thing after spring to weaken the enemy’s war potential.
Marigos only came to contain him, Duke.
Huge and thick ice blocks the outside world from the bottom of the cave.
Marigos is absolutely dominant there, and frost elements exclude arcane elements from entering, let alone sending them to the door.
Even if Duke tried to save them, he couldn’t save Nahok and them.
Almost at the same time, cries for help sounded everywhere in Duke’s magic letter network, surrounded by the ice cap glacier area, and the whole allied front was reported to have been raided by the Scourge.
Most of them were raided by a famous [fortress observer] Gargoyle group. These dark magical creatures with high-speed flying ability were covered by storms and blizzards, and directly crossed the frontline defensive territory and raided the second-line allied positions.
Not only that, countless ice bridges extend from the cliffs in the ice cap glacier area to form slide-like grooves sewn by ten corpses, and the hateful sewing monsters flew directly to various positions of the alliance along these ice slides.
Direct near-attack, throwing this kind of fatness over and forcing the allied forces to fight melee, which is why Arthas’ raid was called a great success.
"fight back! Fight back! Press the enemy back! " Even if the alliance commanders screamed at the top of their lungs
Arthas deliberately made it impossible to see anything five meters away. What is the end of the queue in snowstorm weather is an extravagant hope. Fortunately, the support of the alliance communication network has not been destroyed, otherwise the situation may become worse.
Even so, forced to fight a close hand-to-hand combat, it is conceivable that the losses of the Coalition forces will not burn this time.
Rao is a grim-faced Duke. The words squeezed out of his teeth are still admiring the enemy. "Arthas did a good job!"
The alliance position is in a state of turmoil.
"I can’t keep it!" There are union soldiers shouting
Alliance commanders shouted "retreat!" Retreat! "
"no! We’re not leaving! The league honor! " As soon as the lead recruit finished speaking, his boss slapped him in the face.
"Idiot! If everyone dies, this place will become undead, which in turn will increase the burden on the alliance in the future! Trap your comrades! Go! Everybody go! Don’t break! How much can you run! " The second lieutenant of the alliance made a vicious order
"So … what about you, sir?" The recruit is a bit at a loss.
"Someone has to collect the body."
"Collect the body?"
"Little useless talk! Get out of here! Don’t get in the way here! " Alliance second lieutenant kicked the recruits’ ass and even scolded and beat them away.
Watching the recruits disappear behind the snow, the Alliance Lieutenant windproof lighter lit a cigarette, but it lit and went out.
"Alas, brothers …" He saw a lot of wobbly figures, each of whom was wearing shiny silver armor, and the pattern of the lion’s head in Phnom Penh on a blue background was so conspicuous. However, these used to be more ferocious than familiar faces.
Some people are missing half a face, some people are hanging their heads because their throats are bitten off by half, and they have more limbs. They can’t drag their broken bodies to crawl and drag out shocking blood stains.
Magic signal machine in front of the alliance second lieutenant picked up the receiver "hello! The frontline n567 position Lieutenant John Gannard calls Shan Ying. "
"Shan Ying, please speak when you hear n567!" In the magic mirror, a picture of the head of an alliance female soldier lights up.
"The n567 position has been lost. I let the last batch of soldiers leave this position. I am the last living person. If you don’t want this place to become a paradise for the dead, please fire at me as soon as possible."
Alliance sister paused for a long time before trembling voice answered, "Shan Ying Bai … Does Lieutenant Gannard have any last words?"
"Long live the alliance!" Gently say that finish this sentence is not much older than the recruits. The second lieutenant of the League was torn by his former comrades and dragged back.
The female soldier saw the face of the Union Lieutenant from beginning to end with a faint smile until the last moment.
Three minutes later, the artillery position in the rear area of n567 position rang with violent rumbling and violent artillery fire, which instantly flooded the whole position and broke down all humanoid objects in the whole position …
At this moment, Duke’s Heart Lake is simply full of ups and downs. The League has not eaten this for a long time, and it has been detrimental to the’ historical’ memory league campaign.
Compared with the victory, the loss is almost negligible.
This makes Duke the whole league involuntarily enter an almost blind optimism.
Arthas taught them a good lesson today.
Duke doesn’t know how many soldiers will be lost in this raid, but it’s definitely over 10 thousand
This is the biggest single combat loss since Duke was commander of the alliance.
It is not enough to write down the history of war when all the allies remember to learn.
"Did you get hit in the face?" Duke with a wry smile.
Here comes Onyxia. Her ultra-high temperature [deep breath] burns the thick ice.
Add Duke fire magic, which is a little better than Marigos.
The speed of the ice layer in the pit of the arena is decreasing with the naked eye. However, everyone knows that according to this rhythm, when they forced Malygos to escape, the bodies of the first league warriors in milhouse would have been cold.
Duke foresaw that when they reached the bottom of the hole, they probably wouldn’t even receive the body.
Arthas’ vengefulness will definitely strengthen these warriors and put them in the ice crown fortress to wait for the arrival of the Coalition forces.
Maybe there will be another lich named milhouse * Mana Storm …
Just when Duke was a little paranoid, suddenly there was a piercing scream on the ice.

"The abbot! Abbot! Well, we have lost the relic of the earthquake temple! " Another man rushed out.

See the forehead of the abbot of Qingshan Temple.
The veins stood out have burst with fierce color.
"Damn it! Hurry up and chase! Be sure to get it back before you enter Tianshu Temple! "
As the other voice falls
A group of people have jumped up and drove Xiangyun in the direction of Jiang Feng.
This time, I poured out of the temple.
All the monks in Qingshan Temple are tracking in the direction of Jiang Feng’s departure with weapons.
However, they are not far away.
Jiang Feng Zhan Zun reappeared in front of Qingshan Temple.
Jiang Feng hit a ha ha face with a smile. "A group of old things are fighting with me!"
"I’m afraid it’s not good. I think the abbot of Qingshan Temple is still helpful to us." Yang Yunshui said slowly.
Jiang Feng smell speech but laughed.
"It’s not good people who benefit each other. We’ll go to Tianshu Temple if we change the east and west!"
As Jiang Feng voice falls.
Zhan Zun Yang Yunshui will be executed immediately.
Soon the three men also turned into a streamer and hurried in the direction of Tianshu Temple.
A long time has passed.
Jiang Feng they arrived at Qingshan Temple.
I have seen a lot of people gathered in front of the door, and the strength of both sides is facing each other.
"Abbot of Qingshan Temple, what do you mean!"
"Day tree abbot misunderstood! This time we came to look for Jiang … "The abbot of Qingshan Temple said half.
Suddenly realized that something was wrong.
Never expose Jiang Feng’s identity and immediately say "looking for the man to take them away"
One day tree temple abbot leng.
I haven’t recovered for a long time. How can I find them here?
"joke! How can our Tianshu Temple have the person you are looking for! "
"This ….." The abbot of Qingshan Temple is also very surprised. It is reasonable to say that Jiang Feng has already arrived.
I didn’t find a trace.
At this moment
See Tianshu Temple suddenly burst into a fire.
I don’t know who shouted, "The abbot of Qingshan Temple is coming to take the sacred tree of Tianshu Temple!"
As soon as this word comes out,
It can be said that it scared many people.
The abbot of Tianshu Temple glared at him even more. "You … are so hateful! Give it to me! "
Qingshan temple abbot leng one.
He was very familiar with Jiang Fengyin just now.
Angry and furious, I want to catch Nai, and I have been entangled by the abbot of Tianshu Temple.
"The abbot has something to say. The little boy stole things."
"Bullshit! I think it’s you who stole! "
At that time, two groups of monks fought and became a group.
"end of chapter"
Chapter one thousand six hundred and sixteen Strange monks
As long as they fight and get together again,
Jiang Feng has taken many people into Tianshu Temple.
At this time, they have changed their clothes, all dressed as monks.
"I’m afraid it’s not good! They fought in case we were found to be cheating … "
Yang Yun’s bravery is relatively small
Looking at the distance, Xu Zheng is constantly fighting, and several groups of people shrink their heads.
"There is nothing to be afraid of in seeking wealth and danger!"
Jiang Fenggen ignored Yang Yunshui.
A line of people quickly rushed to Tianshu Temple Shanding.
Suddenly a sound came.
Jiang Feng several people are quite small steps to look around and find a monk glaring behind him.
"What’s going on? There’s a fierce battle ahead. How did you get cold feet?"
Jiang Feng mind fast rotation.
Sip your dry lips. "The abbot said that the other party was too strong. Let me go to the treasure house to get something!"
Treasure house! ?

Du Feng couldn’t help saying, "Good sword trick". When the wrist shakes the broadsword and the sword of two people shakes hard, more than four people suddenly move their hands and hold the hilt to stab Du Feng again from different directions. Du Feng is frightened to withdraw the knife, and the blade will come out like a horse to practice flashing. The four people just bullied and saw that this trick was sharper than the one who dared to give birth hard and stopped the offensive and forced to retreat.

The man in black who finally appeared was suddenly attacked by Du Feng, but he didn’t think much of his feet. A recruit, Dapeng spread his wings and jianfeng, attacked Du Feng’s gate again.
The sword shadow pervades Du Feng’s whole body, making it impossible for him to avoid the stagnation of Du Feng’s unfinished knife. He forced his mouth to clean and jerk the sword. A trick of "raising a fire to start a prairie fire", the tip of the sword collided with the tip of the sword, and the strength swept through the dust, and each other gave a squeak. A harrier turned over and landed firmly in anger.
His eyes were cold and he drank a lot. Four men in black had just retired, and the man in black was also a sword shaking to find a good opportunity to raid again.
"Wait" four people attacked Du Feng and retreated. Zhang Yu shouted, "After playing for a moment, Du Feng finally guessed the identity of the bearer." Shen Chaoyang, the famous sword gate, I hate you. Are you going to kill me? "
The men in black were shocked after hearing this. It seems unbelievable that Du Feng saw through and robbed four men in black. Some men in black were stunned and took the lead. Men in black were all standing still and leading men in black. A cold hum no longer concealed my hand and tore off the mask, revealing a familiar face. It was indeed Zhao-yang Shen.
Xue Sanping’s fight was in full swing, but Du Feng’s words made two men in black pull hands. At this time, they had retreated to Zhao Yang’s side. Xue Sanping stared round-eyed and reluctantly muttered, "Just stop playing." He was upset, but he couldn’t be brave enough to go to a distance of three feet from Du Feng.
Zhao-yang Shen’s outspoken identity was exposed. He didn’t argue what to sneer at. "My younger brother Shen Chaozhuo was killed by a sharp knife, and the master of Putian Dao didn’t seem to be able to kill my younger brother. There is you."
Du Feng shook his head with a wry smile and said, "Brother Shen is wrong about the arrest. How can you tell me that your younger brother is going to kill him because of his hatred?"
"The reason is that you know that my younger brother has this thing that can kill him." Zhao-yang Shen didn’t listen to Du Feng’s explanation of Du Feng’s name with a look of anger. His cousin Shen Zhenfeng was dead with Du Feng’s knife, so he can understand that Shen Chaozhuo can be killed by Du Feng. But today, in addition to taking revenge on Shen Chaozhuo, he wants to find the facade of a famous sword. He is more confident that he can beat Du Feng than his cousin Shen Zhenfeng, who was sentenced to a famous sword door.
Du Feng doesn’t know Zhao-yang Shen’s mind. He secretly complains that the second swordsman of the famous sword gate should do things so thoughtlessly and indiscriminately.
And the sword door feud Du Feng naturally can’t resolve it, but now it’s not necessary to fight with them for being wronged. "I also checked your teacher younger brother’s case. I didn’t kill him. There are people behind the scenes who use saber. Maybe there are people in the Central Plains, just like the man who competed with us last night. Does Shen Xiong know him? Doesn’t he also have high swordsmanship? "
Zhao-yang Shen Zheng also hesitated. He has always been like a fire. honest and frank died abnormally because he was brothers and sisters, and because Du Feng lost Shen Zhenfeng, he insulted his name. He didn’t want to retaliate so much. He knew that Du Feng was their rival and had revenge on his brother. He found Du Feng.
Xue Sanping heard that he laughed a few times and said, "It’s a pity that you are also called the Three Musketeers of Jianmen. This mind has no indiscriminate killing." The tone is hard and full of irony
I heard that Zhao-yang Shen was furious and scolded me, but you can’t bring my famous sword door. A pair of eyes are red and red, and you will send it. Next to him, a famous sword disciple with a long face and small eyes is busy pulling Zhao-yang Shen’s arm path. "Second martial brother, don’t get angry. We are really reckless."
Zhao-yang shen said angrily, "How dare we be reckless, fourth teacher younger brother? Don’t you die in vain …" He wanted to say that he defeated Shen Zhenfeng, the traitor insulted my name, but when the words came to his mouth, he suddenly felt uncomfortable and changed his mind. "It’s fair for us to wait."
Stop the old man named Hao Neng, the original name of Jianmen. He listened to Shen Chaoyang stubbornly and said with a wry smile, "Second martial brother, it is really wrong for us to start work with our credentials. As I said before, you just won’t listen to us. Even if we take revenge, we should be aboveboard."
After hearing this, Zhao-yang Shen felt more reasonable. He thought that if Du Feng was killed here in this way, it would not be better to provoke the court name Jianmen in the future than to know that he was too impulsive and impulsive before, but he just went back and hesitated for a moment. He said, "We can’t take advantage of you with many people, but I can’t help but avenge my teacher’s younger brother." He wants to worry about the Jianghu rules and handle things later.
Everyone thought too much about this Zhao-yang Shen without being startled, but Du Feng didn’t feel that Zhao-yang Shen was stupid. Instead, he felt that he had a lot of brains. Naturally, he could leave his name clean in this way, and he was not afraid of the government looking for another project in the future.
At this time, Zhao-yang Shen is interested in trying Du Feng’s business, which may help him to solve a crux in his heart. In those days, Shen Zhenfeng’s famous sword door was finally crushed, and he was still not angry until now. Unfortunately, Shen Zhenfeng left and compared it in other ways, but with Du Feng, he could compare it.
Hao Neng listened in distress and asked, "Second Martial Brother, why can’t you turn around?"
Zhao-yang Shen stared at him, but he didn’t recognize his stupid heart. The thing is that you can’t turn the corner.
Hao can not think deeply about fuels in the previous step, saying, "Hao, the second-generation brother of the famous Jianmenmen, has seen the second martial brother of Du Kuai Xue, and his sexuality is a little straight. Please forgive me."
Du Feng and Xue Sanping saluted Hao Neng, but they all returned to the ceremony. They also thought that the fourth teacher younger brother Hao Neng was tactful.
See the eyes of Zhao-yang Shen Du Feng way "Shen Xiong righteous word draw revenge eager to blame him please believe me, I will find out the murderer in the shortest time and bring him to justice Shen Chaozhuo" Du Feng don’t want to create more troubles at this time, lowered his posture tone is very polite.
Hao Neng said, "We appreciate Du’s intention of catching the fast, but we are bound to kill the murderer ourselves. We can’t take him so cheap." The implication is to make the murderer suffer.
Du Feng gave a cold shiver and said, "This Hao Neng is too cruel."
"The murderer caught is also a dead end. Hao Xiong can rest assured that the yamen will enforce the law impartially, but even if you kill people privately, you’d better not be impulsive." Du Feng consciously woke up.
Hao Neng smiled slightly. "Then please, Du is catching fast."
These words let Zhao-yang Shen compete, but they also gave him a step. However, after thinking repeatedly, he always resisted the warlike heart. "Is Du Kuai confident? But you can’t rule out the fact that the murderer didn’t have it before. If the murderer finds out that it’s really not Du Kuai’s, I’ll offer a humble apology. If it’s delayed for a long time, things will not end today. I, Zhao-yang Shen, will find Du Kuai. At that time, it’s life and death," he said.
Du Feng’s face sank and said, "Good depends on Shen Xiong."
Xue Sanping was suspicious of Shen Chaoyang’s actions, thinking that the appearance of famous swordsmen today was not only because of Shen Chaozhuo, but also because of Shen Zhenfeng. "Shen Chaoyang, are you even interested in this?"
Shen Chaoyang looked at Xue Sanping with disdain. In his eyes, Xue Sanping was just a thief and many years younger than him. He didn’t look at him very much. "What does this have to do with you?"
Xue Sanping changed color and reached out and pointed to Shen Chaoyang. "Don’t be shameless. Seriously, don’t I take you here?"
Shen Chaoyang said, "What, is it that the great thief Xue has turned to being a fast catcher?"
"Madness" Xue Sanping was furious. Suddenly, in situ, the ghosting people floated out and slapped Zhao-yang Shen.
Chapter 22 Two Killers
Suddenly, Zhao-yang Shen reacted quickly, and the sword stabbed Xue Sanping in the palm of his hand. Suddenly, a huge force came out of the sword body, and Zhao-yang Shen felt that the sword body seemed to be hit by a big stone on the hilt. It was not surprising that suddenly, he barely stabilized the sword body and looked at Xue Sanping again. He had returned to his original place and said coldly, "I will teach you a lesson first."
A bunch of brothers in the famous sword gate looked at each other and were stunned. Zhao-yang Shen was livid. No one knew better than him which hand Xue Sanping had just taken. At this time, I really couldn’t accept that Xue Sanping was older than him, but his strength was as good as his. I can say that his qualifications were not as good as Xue Sanping’s. At that time, Zhao-yang Shen’s face changed. I really couldn’t bear this tone. The sword wanted to attack Du Feng again. Suddenly, I had a cold drink. "That’s enough. Today’s important things can’t
Hao Neng heard the words and grabbed Shen Chaoyang. Shen Chaoyang glared and said, "What a court arrest rack!"
Du Feng cold way "I don’t say the second time"
Zhao-yang Shen heard that the veins stood out suddenly and violently, and his eyes almost burst into flames. Hao Neng looked at the trail. "This matter can’t be too big. If Du Arrest doesn’t pursue our attack on him, forget it. If we don’t know how to advance and retreat, it will really provoke the government and teacher younger brother. I also heard that if Du Arrest comes from Shenji House, if it offends Shenji House deeply, I am afraid that we will go to jail."
Shen Chaoyang’s sword door is a shock in his heart. Although it is a famous school, how can he fight against the court? Anyone who knows Shen Chaoyang’s sword door is even more taboo. When he knows Shen Chaoyang’s sword door three musketeers for a special moment, he long exports and looks at his eyes in a sulk. Du Fengchen said, "Take care of the court and wait for me. You are amazing, but I won’t break my word today. If Du Kuai can’t find out the murderer in a week, my sword will come to greet you."
Du Feng heart way is really a stubborn donkey cold way "anytime"
Zhao-yang shen a cold hum squint Xue Sanping snap turned a few flashing people have disappeared in the woods.
Hao Neng whispered awkwardly, "Second Brother, forgive me for being reckless."
Du Feng didn’t say that Hao Neng gave a wry smile, gave a deep bow to his fuels, and then left in a hurry with several teachers.
After several people left, Du Feng and Xue Sanping continued on their way for a while. Xue Sanping said, "Thank you for your brother Du just now. I was a little rude and didn’t suppress my anger."
Du Fengdao "Come here?"
Xue Sanping said, "That Zhao-yang Shen wasn’t simple. Just now, I was attacked by him with the advantage of flying skill. Although it seems that I occupied the wind, it is extremely dangerous. If his mind reacts quickly and turns the blade around, my palm can’t take advantage of it, but it may be hit hard by him. Brother Du just now, if he speaks from time to time, he is afraid of another fierce fight, but he will offend the famous sword gate when he is delayed."
Du Feng laughed. "Are you afraid of being accused of sword?"
Xue Sanping said, "I’m alone and afraid of him. If they piss me off, it’s hard for you."
Du Fengdao said, "The feud with the famous sword gate is true. I don’t want him to come so early."
Xue Sanping didn’t understand the true meaning of this sentence with a smile. "Do you still need to find out about the case of Shen Chaozhuo?"
Du Fengdao said, "Of course, this is my duty, and the feud with the famous sword gate is different."
Xue Sanping said, "I’m ashamed to argue. Well, I think that Shen is guilty this time."
Du Fengnai shook his head and said, "Zhao-yang Shen is a man who speaks frankly."
Xue Sanping said, "If you are in the mood, you can praise others, but they may hate you very much."
Du Fengdao: "I’d like them to call me that."
Xue Sanping shook his head and smiled. "If they know how to be grateful and this case is broken by you, then the famous swordsman in the future may respectfully call you a god hunter."
"They love how I don’t have time for them to care about these." Du Feng said, and Xue Sanping, who was not to be outdone, followed by this effort. Both of them tried their best and wanted to have a competition, and they could no longer be distracted.
After a while, Du Feng and Xue Sanping entered a locust tree forest and saw a group of people running near along a Yang path. They were already soaked in sweat. Cheng Ying was amazed when he saw Xin Da. He thought that there were at least ten miles from Nanjing. Did they come here on foot? It’s hard to imagine!

You are kidding! Can this silkworm see the male and female? It’s not like he’s such a small animal. A guy doesn’t have any protrusions. Can you tell? Why do you think these two carnivores are the same?

"If a newly born ice silkworm can’t tell the male from the female, but it can be distinguished when it is an adult." Baili Mo Xu seems to have seen through Xiaowu’s patience. He explained that "Wang remembers that the first and ninth sections of the female ice silkworm’s abdomen have four milky white dots, while the first and ninth sections of the abdomen have a triangular black penetration point."
"So it is!" Xiaowu is becoming more and more admired for his master’s erudition. It seems that those who are always masters are really not in vain. "But are these two adults?"
"Adult this is male" thyme devoted to hot talk has distinguished male from female. He grabbed the mother’s small arms palm and pulled out a dagger in his heart. In his hand, the male ice-cold snow silkworm drew an ice-cold snow silkworm’s ass and spat out a sigh of relief, forming a white protective cover around him.
However, the ice-cold snow silkworm is famous for being cute. How can it be faster than a hundred miles of enthusiasm? When it exhales, its fingers have been stained with its ass and blood is dripping.
Baili Mo Xu scratched his own hand again and again, mixing his blood, ice, snow and silkworm blood together, and at the same time ordering Xiaowu to "put that in your hand in front of it, or this shield will not understand the contract of Wang Fa Ta"
Xiaowu hurriedly did as the ice-cold snow silkworm did. Although the wine had not yet woken up, she could see that it was her wife who was dangling in front of her eyes. She didn’t feel any danger again, so she removed the protective cover and made a smooth contract.
Because of the ice-spirit snow silkworm, the two of them easily passed out in the fight in front of the mountain. The three great beasts have all awakened to see the hundred miles of strange heat, which is the envy of the enemy when they meet each other. But before they rushed to get drunk, the two ice-spirit snow silkworms had already started the protection mode. Hundred miles of strange heat and small arms swaggered off the mountain to make the three great beasts cry.
Xiaowu understood that after the contract between the Lord and Gong Bingpo Snow Silkworm, she could not only control it, but also control her wife. The mother obviously obeyed her husband and took care of Xiaowu holding it as soon as she heard the protection order.
It’s so cool to watch the three big beasts beaten by Xiaowu. Without these two ice-cold snow silkworms, they were seriously injured in their calves and limped when they walked. Don’t want to walk out of Shenglong Snow Mountain so easily.
A hundred miles behind the mountain, Mo Xu took this pair of cute beasts into himself, and Xiao Wu took a flying beast together and went back to the side to report to the "Hundred Miles" who had been in bed for two days.
In a short time, the two men walked out of the report room again, and the military doctor was called in. Of course, this time, it was really a hundred miles away, and the military doctor had to deal with it. It was not his cold, but his whole body was injured, especially his calf.
After the military doctor left, he looked at the secret letter with the wind for two days. Xiao Wu was rushing to decoct medicine. He shook his fan and thought about the military doctor’s words. He was secretly worried that the military doctor said that if the Lord didn’t take a good rest, something would happen sooner or later.
In fact, he also knows that many of the injuries of the main body have not really healed, but they are dead. This time, against the three great beasts, new injuries have been added. When the main body on the snowy mountain undressed, he felt that the crisscross scars were shocking.
Alas, princess, if you know what the Lord has done, you will not hate him any more, will you? Xiaowu sighs and sighs that he has become sentimental recently. It seems that feelings are really grinding.
Looking at the boiling medicine juice in the medicine jar, he was glad that he and the Lord were calm these two days, otherwise it would be great if the Lord was really going to kill the enemy.
Half an hour later, Xiao Wu walked into the room with the medicine juice, but he saw a calm face of thyme devoted to the heat, where his eyebrows frowned and his fingers clenched and he was sending out a chill.
"Your report took medicine." Xiao Wu was suspicious. What happened after a while? Is there any bad news in the secret letter that the Lord received?
"Put it there first" is full of ice and cold.
"Your highness, let’s drink it while it’s hot!" Xiaowu can feel that the sovereign is not only angry but also furious. What happened? Did something happen to the princess? Or is the princess ill? But if the princess has a victim, she should make arrangements immediately instead of sulking here.
"hey!" Bailimo Xu impatiently took the medicine bowl and gulped it down. Forget it. What’s the matter with gas? I’m afraid I’ll be in trouble if I don’t see her again!
"Did someone bully the princess, Your Majesty?" Seeing Li Mo Xu drinking medicine, Xiao Wu dared to ask questions.
"Bully her? Who dares bully her? Now she can be very powerful! " Thyme Mo Xu said this when the body temperature was significantly reduced. Xiaowu couldn’t help but feel hitched.
Emma, did the princess provoke peach blossoms? Someone covets the princess? At the thought of this, Xiaowu suddenly got a little confused, so it’s vinegar! It’s really a big thing that the princess provoked the peach blossom. When Shouwangchengri hit on her in the capital, the Lord was secretly jealous, and there were butterflies and bees so soon after leaving the princess of the capital. No wonder the Lord is jealous!
Thinking about Xiao Wu’s mouth, I dare not say that. He pretended to be surprised. "Very bad? Maybe someone loves the princess and secretly supports her? "
"Heart of love? ! Support her? " A hundred miles away gave Xiaowu a cold look. "You think it’s quite simple!"
Simple? Is it more complicated for Xiaowu to be stunned? He secretly looked at the expression of a hundred miles away, and secretly wondered if the princess had moved on. Impossible! Is this too fast? Besides, I left the report two days ago, and the secret letter from there didn’t reach half a sentence!
Is it love at first sight between the princess and people? Bah! Bah! Bah! I’m a crow mouth! Am I cursing the Lord? Besides, if it’s really a princess, may the Lord be sulking at this time? The Lord must go and destroy that man! Then what the hell is going on? Xiaowu felt that his head was not enough. He glanced at it for a long time. Can the Lord stop playing charades? I can’t guess!
"A fox appeared in her garden. It is said that it is a spiritual beast with a high level of cultivation. Wang guessed that it might be a spiritual fox." Li Mo Xu said something with a cold face.
"ah? ! Maybe they fought this princess Linghu? !” Xiaowu was shocked by Linghu, but the King of the Spirit Beast not only cultivated high, but also was said to be very smelly and proud. How did it end up in the Princess Garden? Princess, is she okay?
"She beat Linghu." Baili Mo Xu’s face stinks. "She sprayed Linghu with tea and slapped Linghu."
"What?" Xiaowu opened his mouth and his eyes were full of incredible princess. Did that loser princess actually hit Linghu? Is this true? Then Xiaowu thought of something: "Did the fox hurt the princess?"
"Linghu made a contract with her." A hundred miles devoted to the heat directly poured Xiao Wu Lei.
Oh, my God, the world is completely fantastic! The loser princess hit the Beastmaster, and as a result, she heard that the super-arrogant and smelly-tempered Linghu not only didn’t have to pay back the contract with the princess, but what happened? Is Linghu a masochist?
Xiaowu was just about to speak when he was one leng. Suddenly there was a loud noise in the east, like a landslide, a volcanic eruption and the roar of the sea. You could feel the earth shaking in the distance.
"Not good!" Li Mo Xu grabbed his coat and jumped out of bed. Xiao Wu also ran out. Was it the enemy who attacked the granary or the powder magazine? But this sound seems to be a little far away and wrong!
The two men rushed out of the house and saw the sky in the east was dark red, and a mass of gray clouds kept gathering like flashing things. In the clouds, flocks of birds started to flee.
The sky seems to be getting lower and lower, and the dark red is getting deeper and deeper, which makes people feel more and more depressed. Suddenly, the clouds explode and a dazzling colorful light penetrates through the clouds and shoots around, and then the seven-color light turns into a pure blue light, which is like a sword and cuts straight at the earth.
"The sky is different! The night has changed! " A hundred miles away from the hot face changed and there was a bad feeling in my heart. I immediately summoned the golden retriever to fly to the light splitting place. Chapter 225 What is so good to him? !
"Your Majesty!" Small arms a surprised hurriedly call out their flying beast with thyme devoted to hot behind fly to the night haze.
The two men moved forward in tandem like two flashes and flew to the place where the light was emitted. They put on their coats temporarily and missed the hunt.
The blue light guides the golden-haired beast sitting in a hundred miles to fly quickly into the eastern night haze and come to a barren mountain alone, and then Xiaowu sits in Kunpeng and arrives.
The top of this barren mountain is somewhat square, as if it had been leveled by the immortal magic. The low clouds in the dark red sky are all over this place, and the blue light is constantly splitting at the top of the mountain.
"There is something strange". After Bai Li Mo Xu and the small military commander put the flying beast into a hidden cluster of trees, "this blue light seems to contain great energy and power."
"Your majesty, you mean this light is an energy source?" Xiaowu scratched his head a little puzzled. Look, this light is very strong. If it is hit, I’m afraid there is no way out, right? Even if it contains the mind, who dares to absorb it?
"Wang’s previous practice has reached level 15, and after the blood clot, the meridians have expanded and become stronger, and the practice has reached level 17. Although you are far away, you can feel the mind in that blue light."
"Report that you don’t go to absorb? Isn’t this more conducive to your cultivation? " Xiaowu can’t help but be proud of the Lord. This is the rhythm of becoming a god!

"I didn’t expect Captain Lin to be so young and handsome, and Mana and I have been friends for a long time. By chance, we met Mana in an interesting way and told me that a friend of hers would arrive here in the next few days, but I was a little embarrassed to meet each other. After all, the orthodox wise man is a deceptive business compared with the fortune teller." The purple girl smiled and plucked the strings, and after a scale was issued, the surrounding clouds and lights surged.

When the clouds gradually calmed down, Lin momo suddenly found that the two of them had a delicate living room curtain decorated with pink crystals and the living room was next to the fragrant boudoir.
The beautiful woman in purple leans on the goose yellow sofa and puts on a lazy look, especially when she smiles and reveals two charming dimples, which makes people feel cute and fascinated.
"Dare to ask miss name? Mana said that let me go to the porch to find someone to sit in my bar for a while and find out some news and immediately come over to meet the young lady. "Lin momo’s purple dress beauty motioned to sit down, but the shoulder macaw stared at the beauty and it was quite pretty. Now the image is a beautiful parrot.
"Ha’s family lives in seclusion and has a name that I can’t remember. Captain Lin can call me a purple witch or simply call Zixuan, because this is the porch world." The purple beauty smiles and looks at Lin momo’s delicate feet dangling, which is very eye-catching.
"Zixuan? That’s a good name. I’m here to find out about the specific situation of the Ten Thousand Gods Organization and the whereabouts of the Red Storm caused by the forces of the Second Galaxy Wooden House. "Lin momo is not at all polite to ask three questions and take out five goose down bags at the same time.
"oh! Why are you so boring? Since a friend introduced me to Zixuan, it’s not easy for someone to talk about Captain Lin. It seems that people will swallow you. It seems that I am beautiful first? " Zixuan fiddled with the strings and dared to tease the handsome captain.
"Beauty is also a first-class beauty even if it is not around the hallucinogenic agent Miss Zixuan." Lin momo only pops up a wisp of blue pink in the living room, and then the blue pink cancels out and disappears.
"Ha ha, captain Lin is really good at talking! I’m so jealous that Mana has such a handsome captain, and I’m alone with others. My heart is tangled. If I tell you the news department, I don’t know if I will meet you again. My mother said that I should find a good man to marry while I was young. "Zixuan’s cheeks turned red after saying this, but she was not embarrassed that the hallucinogenic drug was caught.
At the moment, Zixuan looked at Lin momo with a bright eye like a little girl who found her beloved toy.
"Since Miss Zixuan is a fortune teller, I might as well divine a feeling." Lin momo is not in a hurry to ask questions at this moment. It seems that it is not easy for Zixuan, a difficult character, to get information from her.
"Yeah, why didn’t I think I should have a good divination?" Zixuan plucked the crystal pipa and it was full of rhythmic scales, which seemed to fly to the middle timbre living room and cause vibration
Lin momo was a little surprised. Zixuan suddenly closed her eyes and frowned. She quickly plucked the strings, and waves of gorgeous brilliance revolved around the crystal pipa. The spiritual level seemed to be a mysterious wave.
"Ding …" The sound stopped Zixuan and looked puzzled at Lin momo.
"how about it? Is there a result in divination? " Lin momo felt funny in his heart. Playing the crystal pipa for divination may be called a great pioneering work in the interstellar age.
"You are an ominous person. Your blood is full of ominous. Because of the bumpy hours, it is full of lotus flower disasters. It seems that something is guarding you …" Zixuan seems to have a lot to say, but he swallowed it abruptly and finally smiled indifferently.
"It’s a little accurate, but this feeling?" Lin momo just heard a taste, and as a result, Zixuan’s beauty kept silent.
"Hee hee, of course, not finished! Mom said it’s best not to get involved with men like you, because it will make women exhausted and miserable. Captain Lin wants to get information from me? Please allow Zixuan to make a trivial request. You must find a chatting partner and can find someone in this world to meet my requirements. I’m willing to tell all the details about the organization of gods or the wooden house, but if you want to find the red storm, let’s give up your thoughts before it’s too late! Nowadays, organizations looking for the red storm don’t count. I haven’t heard of any organization that succeeded in hiding the red storm deeply. "Zixuan raised the bar and glanced at the macaw with malicious intent. Her eyes made quite a shudder.
"Er, bitch, you’ve always looked at my old man like this for years. The mirror teacher is so worthless that any guy can see through me." It’s quite angry and flapping its wings.
"Humming parrot, I won’t forget your eyes in my life." Zixuan raised his hand and hit two screens. The screen showed Damon and Subaba.
Lin momo’s pupil is miniature, and I realized that the so-called Caesar Six-Star Building is a star cruise ship, but it is too cleverly hidden. I’m afraid it would still be in the dark if it were not for the achievements in source capability.
"Captain Lin, when you help me find a chat partner, you two belong to play with me. Don’t worry, I will treat them well. This is the first time to contact the Li family. Maybe it’s a good topic!" Purple porch charming smiled and waved Lin momo trance back to Caesar’s six-star building at the entrance of the star cruise ship for control to the top.
"Pretty Master, can you give me a suggestion on where to find a chat partner for the soothsayer?" Lin momo felt very difficult. Mana said that she would contact a beautiful woman in the porch world, but she didn’t say that the beautiful woman still had requirements.
Lin momo can easily analyze the information given by the bar owner to find someone to Caesar’s six-star building, because those places don’t look like beautiful women. It seems that the residents in the porch world are either hermits or older monks, so Zixuan’s request becomes a bit difficult.
"Jie Jie, call me a master at you. I’ll give you an opinion. My little girl is looking for someone who listens to her nagging all day. This person may not be human, and his ethnic life can meet the requirements. You should be able to gain something by taking a trip to the Jinlanxing flower garden." I muttered a lot in Lin momo’s ear.
After listening to a long speech, Lin momo’s face became strange. This cymbidium flower bed was moved after the destruction of cymbidium. The family said it was a family, but it was the whole ethnic group
Jinlanxing people are good at playing with flowers and plants. They are evolved from plants, and the deformed monsters are worthy of being called thieves by Morgan. They have been coveting a treasure in the garden for a long time. He encouraged Lin Sisuo to "take it".
"alas! I’m not a thief, but it’s bound to go to Jinlanxing Garden. "Lin momo walked to the back of the town.
Zixuan fingers around her hair to see Lin momo figure is not a sigh and a low tone sings "the Milky Way in three thousand, the fate of a turning point in history, the shadow appears who can see clearly behind? Who can see clearly that human culture can hide in the middle of the body … "
The first volume of glory! Ten years about Chapter 473 Moisturize
The sun shines on the porch world. It’s really a quiet town. It’s like a hermit village where all kinds of people live. Lin momo has met sloppy bar owners and likes to complain about other people’s mirror image teachers. There is also a beautiful female diviner, Zixuan, who wants to enter the garden to look for Jinlanxing. People don’t know what race it will be.
Lin momo just stepped into the flower bed and felt very fresh. Perhaps it is because the content of free cosmic energy in the flower bed is slightly higher than that outside that it is refreshing.
"Hey, you stepped on my skirt!" Feet suddenly to sweet female Lin momo curious bowed their heads and watched.
I saw a tomato face looking up at the bold intruder. This is probably Jinlanxing. She has a tomato-like head, a eggplant-like body and a vine attached to it.
Lin momo quickly moved his left foot, and it is difficult to find an alien friend because she is too much like stacking fruits and vegetables together.
In the flower garden, slender flowers and plants creep up and raise their bodies, and soon many tomato faces are exposed.
Many people in the trumpet Jinlanxing are curious to look at people. Perhaps the young children of Jinlanxing have never seen human beings. It is too cold and cheerless for anyone to come to the flower garden to disturb the life of Jinlanxing people.
"Big guy, what can I do for you?" A slightly green tomato face leaned in. Judging from the sound, he may be a male. These Jinlanxing people inherit some characteristics of human beings. Men and women are very obvious and make it an interstellar standard language.
"Hello, a friend of mine lives in Caesar’s six-star building and feels lonely. She wants to find someone to chat with her every day, and I am a captain of a star cruise ship drifting around. I will try my best to help my friend solve the problem before I leave here." Momo Lin said, crouching down. Jinlanxing people are less than knees tall.
"Chat? We Jinlanxing people like peace, we like to enjoy sunshine and rain and dew. Chatting is really a kind of talking about things. We are not lonely or lonely. We can share all the joy if we are rooted together. "At first, the tomato face toyed with her vines and stems and looked up to respond.
"eh? Don’t you want to know the outside world at all? Don’t want to know about humans? I need a Jinlanxing person to help me. Maybe it will be helpful for you to bring a gift. "Lin momo magically took out five delicate vials from the sink, which contained five concentrations of tears of Asha, orange, yellow, cyan, green and purple.
Lin momo sat down in the flower bed and tapped the orange bottle, then poured out a drop of liquid. In an instant, five meters of flowers and grass in Fiona Fang were nourished and the plants became full of vitality.
"Look how he did it?" Some Jinlanxing people leaned in curiously. They covered their tiny mouths and showed unbelievable eyes.
"Hehe, it’s very simple. This is the mysterious life energy hidden in Asha’s tears, which has many benefits for plants, but I don’t guarantee that it will be suitable for Jinlanxing people to put on makeup in your garden. But since the gift has been taken out, I don’t intend to take it back and sincerely hope to get help from Jinlanxing friends." Lin Sisuo put the small bottle in front of him. Jinlanxing people just saw that Asha’s tears are severe in orange. They really want to know what effects his four colors have, but they can’t take this gift for nothing.
Most of the Jinlanxing people gathered together. They stared at Lin momo with longing eyes and looked a little embarrassed at Captain Phantom of the Opera.
Two minutes later, Lin momo couldn’t afford to see the tears of orange Asha, so he quickly made the tears of yellow Asha.
After Lin momo’s pure source ability, he still retains the plant communication ability. Yellow flowers surround the ground, and there is indeed a strain hidden on the ground. After a little induction, it can be found that the strain emits hidden energy fluctuations for the outside world to detect it.
The pretty world seems to dare not mess around and encourage others to do things, but this parrot can feel the strain and deserves the title of Grade 9 Mirror Master.
After the yellow sand tears were watered, the ground had a little germination. Of course, this was Lin momo’s feeling through the source ability. A little life was born eager to gain strength.
Lin momo secretly looked at the germination state of the strain, and then he moved blue and green tears at the same time
Green Yasha tears are pure life energy, which can be planted to increase vitality without rendering. Other four colors of Yasha tears are different, not to promote the crazy growth of plants, but to soothe and consolidate the life energy characteristics, which is unwise to blindly promote the growth potential of plants.
Pretty pretty struggled to flap his wings and get rid of the muzzle. He was very angry with Linxi Suoli’s behavior, but the strange sight in the flower garden attracted the attention of the ninth-grade mirror artist.
Asha tears benefit all the grass and flowers in the whole garden and stretch their limbs for a few minutes to grow a circle
Lin momo was surprised to see that the budding strain growing on the ground finally took root and germinated after being moistened. According to the understanding of fungi, this fungus must be a giant when it grows up, and its appearance can accelerate the condensation of free elements in the universe, and the Cymbidium aureum people form some kind of protection mechanism.
"Great, the strain has finally taken root." Jinlanxing people sing and dance, and they have thousands of reasons to be happy.
"Ha ha, our strain has come back to life." The old man Jin Lanxing staggered back a few steps and sat down on the pure white mushroom umbrella cover. He tried it by luck. I didn’t expect Asha’s tears to be so magical
"There is also the last bottle of Yasha tears to contribute to the growth of bacteria!" Lin momo gently poured out purple Yasha tears and communicated briefly through the strain. Once this guy takes root and has strong vitality, purple Yasha tears just play a role in forcing catalysis and will not cause overgrowth.
Tears of purple sand suddenly rose a few centimeters in the flower bed and then rose at a faster speed. About fifteen minutes later, an arched "hillside" has been formed.
"Dear guest, thank you for solving our problem. We are willing to send a team of Jinlanxing girls to chat with your friends every day. Besides, there are some fruits to send." The old man Jinlanxing stood up again on crutches. He seemed to be very young and his voice was much louder.
Lin momo smiled, and the scenery in the flower garden was more beautiful. At first, I thought of visiting the flower garden in order to get some plants unique to the porch world to go back for cultivation. Now I don’t want to sell them.
These Jinlanxing people are simple and kind, and they send out thank-you gifts to surprise Lin momo. There are actually several precious cosmic plants.
It’s no wonder that the free universe in the flower garden can be so much more than the outside. It seems that it’s mostly the credit of the lantern.

If it were another man, Zherong would have rushed in and fought hard with him, but that man was Huangfushi, a man with broken sleeves. Zherong understood that Qingyan should be very safe with him …

It wasn’t until the hotel courtyard that Huang Fushi took the Ling Shinohara sword in one hand that he deeply realized Huang Fushi’s shocking love!
This can’t help but surprise Zherong. Is this Huangfushi or did he ever know that Huangfushi? Never close to women. He has a soft spot for your words?
But Qingyan’s active cuddling made him suddenly realize what had really happened to them.
This made Zherong feel confused and lost.
Being alone, a familiar ring came from behind.
"What’s wrong with being alone?"
Zherong suddenly looked back at Huangfushi and appeared behind him like a ghost.
Face hanging scorn laughing look HuangFuShi blunt ZheRong recruit waved "open cold iron also have absence, if I just stabbed a sword here, you have said goodbye to me at this time? Ha ha "
Zherong a sullen canthus flashed a cruel bloodthirsty mans "how dare you find yourself? Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you? Have you forgotten what happened in goddess peak the day before yesterday? "
HuangFuShi bosom laugh "ha ha ha zhe rong brother you want to kill me and will wait until now? I finally understand one thing. You won’t kill me anymore. Haha, don’t. I didn’t know that you followed me all the way to kill me. Qian Qian absolutely won’t wait until now if you start work. "
Zherong glared coldly at Huangfu Shiqiang and endured his anger. He said word for word, "Not killing you before doesn’t mean not killing you now. Not killing you now doesn’t mean not killing you in the future. You will never know what is my next move. You will never know who the killer is?"
"Aye, aye, you played tongue twisters with me?" Huangfushi put his hand on Zherong’s shoulder with a smile on his face. He had every reason to do so because how close they were many years ago.
But at the moment, where does Zherong have any idea to catch up with him? I shrugged my shoulders and arched my annoying elbows. "It seems that you are in a good mood!"
Look up at the hanging round full moon HuangFuShi face is full of intoxication "er ok! You won’t understand my mood at the moment. It’s the joy of the first man and the pride of the first man. "
Zherong hated him before, and now he hates him even more! I can’t wait to kill him on the spot immediately.
However, since Huangfushi has no longer broken sleeves, everything is a mistake. What reason is there to go to the murderer again?
And this is more involved in an important person-Qingyan.
I can see that Qingyan likes Huangfushi very much, so he can’t kill Huangfushi because he doesn’t want her to be hurt any more. If she likes him, she will protect him unconditionally, including that annoying Huangfushi!
With a bitter smile, Zherong secretly sneered at me. A killer who is known as a ruthless killer has such a kind side. Kind? Hmm …
Shake, shake, splash, water drops, and Zherong will lose his hands behind him and turn around and go east along the river.
Huangfushi looked at him inexplicably, understood his indifference, and chased him in three steps and two steps, shouting, "Hey, brother, you haven’t told me what you’ve been following me these days? Let me ask you, is the inscription nearby? Hey, I’m talking to you! "
Zhe Rong suddenly paused and turned around. "Don’t follow me again. I want to say a word to you now. Please be kind to Yincui gorge. If you let her suffer any injustice, I will spare you first!" Farewell! "
After that, he left with a kiss-xiu, and went on the waves resolutely.
I’m obsessed with Huangfushi’s riverside doubts. This guy is really amazing. He knows everything I say tacitly to Qingyan … Look at his doormat … Does he like Qingyan, too?
Manic and restless running all the way on Zherong River.
He was depressed, he wanted to shout, he wanted to vent, he wanted to kill …
"pattering!" He seems to vent all his resentment on the shallow river beach with heavy steps.
Suddenly a vague figure caught his eye and made him nervous.
A dead woman in red has appeared on the foggy river!
Oh, no, not a female corpse! She can move. She’s crawling slowly! She is walking on the river, and she is walking slowly towards the river center step by step.
Did you run into a female ghost who fell into the water?
Rubbed her eyes hard. The woman at the far end of her eyes sank deeper and deeper. The water gradually passed her knees, her lower abdomen and her chest …
She has a good figure and a beautiful face. She is wearing a red Chinese-style chest covering.
It’s her! Lingxiao!
At that moment, the river has not passed her head, and there are ripples on the whole river.
There is no longer a moment’s hesitation. Zherong suddenly jumped into the river. He struggled to go to the middle reaches of the river. In his heart, he would have scolded Huangfushi for thousands of times. If he hadn’t suffered, he would have thrown himself into the river.
Having identified the position, he plunged into the chaotic and dim river at the bottom of the water and groped all the way.
Finally, he felt a touch of long hair, and then his arms clasped tightly around that mass of Youzi tender body, and he felt that the lover in his arms resisted Zherong’s struggle to hit her acupoints and directly stunned her, and then Zherong’s feet struggled to swim towards the river. One hundred and forty-third we are both unhappy — to the sky’s end
Stick Ling Xiao’s back, his left hand passed through her armpit, put his arm around her chest, and his right hand paddled rapidly towards the river bank.
The floodplain is gradually showing that the water is not so deep, but it is certain that they are out of danger.
Zherong tensed his nerves and finally relaxed. At this time, he realized a little strange.
His left palm is covered with a soft and elastic meat ball, and his elbow is squeezing another soft foreign body.
Even a gentleman like Zherong has a ripple in his heart.
He and Ling Xiao are so close that they can clearly distinguish each other’s breathing and heartbeat. If she leans her head against Zherong’s shoulder, Zherong’s cheeks and even her lips will touch the wet and fragrant long hair, which makes Zherong’s breathing almost stagnant.
Call a sin in secret. Sin holds her chest. The left hand moves slightly away from that sensitive part, but the elbow will still touch it inadvertently …

"If I die, I won’t drink Meng Po Tang, and I won’t drink it." Feather said softly.

“?” Ling mo pupil heard turned to look at feather pastor.
"Because I don’t want to forget you, I have forgotten Fengluo and I don’t want to forget you again." Feather said sadly.
This fox has a sweet mouth.
(Nonsense, can I brush my teeth with honey early every day? The fox says)
Wow, fox, you are too extravagant. Jujube honey or Sophora japonica honey? Chocolate asks)
I take a sip of royal jelly and spit it out to piss you off. Chocolate makes you abuse me. I haven’t had a beautiful woman OO for a long time, said the fox.
So it was decided that everyone would return to hades together the next day.
Everyone was ready early the next morning. It’s been a long time.
Feather contact curiously ask ling mo pupil "where the hell is hades? Is hades hell? Is there a Nai Bridge? Is there Meng Po Tang? Is there ten floors? " She shuddered at the thought of the place where ghosts were tortured in the ten levels of hell
"Almost, just like what you’ve heard of" Ling Mo patted her on the shoulder "but Meng Po is not an old woman but a stunning beauty."
"Really?" Feather Zhen immediately wants to meet Meng Po and Meng Potang, saying that Chinese and black and white often have seen themselves as two charming and handsome guys!
Beauty? The fox Mo Yan’s eyes are as bright as a light bulb, which means there are beautiful women to see? There must be a lot of hell beauties. Maybe but OO?
Xiaoxi and Brahma Xuan are also very happy. Brahma Xuan is also contemplating that when he goes back this time, he must report his marriage to the ghost king together with Shura. If you can hold a grand wedding together with Ling Mo Pupil and Yu Zi Li.
Have a piano heart and gloomy eyes, not happy at all.
Everyone can see what it is that most people are white, but no one wants to discover it
Feather pastor wanted to go over and talk and laugh with Qin Xin, but he just walked beside Qin Xin and didn’t wait for his mouth to open, but Qin Xin went to talk to Xiaoxi like he didn’t see it. His face was very embarrassed.
Ling Mo’s pupil was very distressed to see the uncomfortable sample of Feather Beard. He walked over and gently stopped Feather Beard with fragrant shoulders. Feather Beard turned his head and smiled warmly. He simply said, "Don’t pay attention to her, but she will be in a bad mood in a few days."
But Qin Xin is very kind to Zi Li. What’s to yourself?
Feather pastor nodded no longer to self-defeating.
"It’s time," Van Gogh said to Ling Mo’s pupil in a low voice.
"Well," Ling Mo nodded, and his cohesive force called "black and white headhunter!"
With the two clouds of smoke, a handsome guy in white and a handsome guy hanging ink appeared in front of everyone. They took two steps to salute respectfully with their fuels. "Please refer to the Shura adults in the Temple of the Divine King."
Ling Mo-tong nodded. "It’s been a long time. We’re going back to hades now, but because some friends are not hades but guests, I want you to make a passage to the underworld so that we can pass together."
The two headhunters quickly promised "Yes, sir!"
They hit the door to the underworld together in front of everyone’s eyes. Shura Shenjun turned around and smiled, "Please!" He took the feather and went in first.
So this is the way to the underworld! Feather Zhen is surprised to see that there are many people on this road besides them, and each of them is dragged by a ghost pawn with a thick chain around his neck, crying and shouting.
"They are …?" Feather Zhen said in a trembling voice that she clung to Ling Mo’s pupil arm and almost needed it physically.
"Ghosts, they are all ghosts," Ling Mo said flatly. "They cried because they missed all their relatives and places of life. Remember when I just took you to hell, you cried and shouted."
"Then what didn’t respond at all?" Feather Zhen saw several ghosts very silent.
"That’s because some of them have suffered a lot, and they have not left their lovers at all, and they are already disheartened." Ling Mo said calmly.
"What about them?" Feather pastor asked curiously.
"After paying their debts in hell, they wait for a reincarnation," chimed in Van Gogh.
"This is like telling the truth!" Feather pastor can’t help sighing.
After walking for a while, everyone and many ghosts took different paths. "Aren’t we with those ghosts?" Feather asked
"No, they’re going to hell for trial. We’ll take another road and go straight to hades," said Ling Mo-tong.
"Oh, I see." Feather pastor nodded.
After walking for a while, they passed a bridge, and now many ghosts from the temple over there lined up to go to the bridge.
"This is the ghost in Naiqiao Hell who has paid off his debts and entered a reincarnation after crossing this bridge. He has to be reborn, but he is not necessarily a human being." Ling Mo said gently.
So this is Nai Bridge. Since there is Nai Bridge, Meng Po and Meng Potang said?
Seems to see the feather Zhen mind ling mo pupil raised his head and shouted, "Meng Chuge, please come out and a friend of mine wants to see you."
At the other end of the bridge, a very delicate reply came, "Hey, is this the Temple of the Divine King?"
With this moving sound, a very moving and beautiful figure appeared at the bridge head, seeing a snow-white girl standing by the bridge, a silver shawl, white teeth, jade face and lips. Although no powder was applied, it was still difficult to hide that peerless charm.
"This is Meng Po?" Feather Qian and Zi Li, Mo Yan’s eyes are getting bigger than a big one. Is Meng Po not an old woman? But a beautiful girl?
Ling Mo Pupil couldn’t help but feel a little funny when he saw their surprise. "Meng Chuge is what you said. The Meng Po underworld is responsible for cooking soup for those ghosts who are about to enter reincarnation. After drinking it, they will forget the memories of their previous lives. However, there are very few clever ghosts who don’t forget to secretly pour out or spit out Meng Po’s soup. However, this problem has been solved in the underworld and we will strengthen management in the future. What makes her Meng Po an old woman because she is white and always turns her back on those ghosts? But it’s right to call her Meng Po for her age!"
Meng Po and Meng Po Tang?

Meng Yudong looked at his sister Zhan Longhai with a face of expectation. She couldn’t say anything about refusing.

"Well, I’ll do you a favor. How about this lunch at noon?" He know how much Meng Yudong stubborn personality and mouth to say
"Thank you, Mr. Zhan. Let’s look at the other room first!" I don’t think his room must be high-end, and it won’t be cheap at market price. If he rents it to them cheaply, she owes him another favor.
"Said call me Aaron too diagnosis" ZhanLonghai eyebrow stressed to her.
Meng Yudong didn’t respond and said, "I’ll ask the waiter to come and order!"
After dinner, Zhan Longhai took them to the house to see the two sets of Meng Xiaodong, and they were not satisfied. She clearly wanted to see Zhan Longhai’s set.
However, the rent in the first set is not very expensive in winter and winter, and the residential environment is also good, and it is also very close to Meng Yu’s winter class.
"I don’t want to live here." Meng Xiaodong pulled a face. "Elder sister, let’s go and see Aron’s room. You live in such a high-end room but let me live in such a shabby hut." Meng Xiaodong said with special grievances.
Zhan Longhai really wants to give this little girl a big ear and smoke to see if she speaks human words. It’s really not easy for Meng Yudong to have such a sister who can endure it until now.
"Well, I’ll go and see my place first and then you decide," said Zhan Longhai, looking at the silent Meng Yudong.
Meng Yudong knows her sister very well. If she is not satisfied, even if she rents it, she will not come to live. She has a headache and looks at Zhan Longhai and then nods.
Zhan Longhai, a small two-bedroom apartment, is separated by a street next to the office building of the government of Hetang District. The environment of the middle and high-end community is also quite good. The most important thing is that the security of the community here is very good, and security patrols are carried out 24 hours a day, and people entering and leaving are also strictly audited.
Meng Xiaodong was very interested and chose a favorite room.
When my sister entered the room, Zhan Longhai tried to tell her, "The security here is good. I will say hello to the building security. No one can come in or out except your sister, even if she brings people herself, so you don’t worry that your sister will bring people around. It’s a 24-hour video surveillance here, and you can know that your sister is late."
Meng Yudong will definitely see him. She doesn’t know him well, but she has only met him several times. Besides, he is a friend of Cheng Dongyang and Tang Kexin. Why would she be so helpful?
"Mr. Zhan, we are not familiar with each other, and I know that the rent here is not cheap and we can’t afford it." The worst thing is that she can let her sister still live there, and she will explain it to Cheng Dongyang again.
"This room here is also for your sister to live in, and it can also make the room a little popular. I am not selling it to you or selling it to Dongyang. If you bring your sister to live with him, he will definitely not be happy. He must be grateful to me for handling a trouble for him."
"Why do you want to help me like this?" She’s not stupid. He talks to coax her. He helps himself.
Zhan Longhai, a vendor, said, "Some people say I am a bad person, but I really care what that person thinks of me. I want her to know that I am not a bad person. Will you give me a chance?"
Memories flooded in last night, and her face turned slightly red. "I was drunk and I couldn’t be true."
"So you remember what happened last night. Your sister did this to you. You gave her a room to look for winter and winter. I really don’t understand you." Zhan Longhai looked at her with some love.
"She is the only sister. My mother is ill now. Xiaodong is that I don’t have many relatives left. She is too young to be sensible. I am her sister. I want to take care of her." She said, "Thank you for the rent. Come at the market price!"
"Well, can you promise me to do three things and rent 1000 a month?" He knew that she was short of money and she wouldn’t take the initiative to ask Cheng Dongyang for money. He really didn’t want her life to be too difficult.
"I can’t promise you" Meng Yudong face a change want to also don’t want to refuse.
"I promise that the three things I asked you to do must be something you can do." Zhan Longhai threatened in Chapter 113.
"I still can’t promise you," he said, and this man didn’t feel good to her. She knew that she was invincible. He wanted to stay away. "Thank you, Mr. Zhan. I’ll take my sister and find another room to live in!"
"Will there be such a good environment in his place?" Zhan Longhai was really defeated by her. This woman is really difficult to fix. "You can rest assured that your sister lives here, can’t you?" Dongdong, I want you to help me with three things, which must be within your ability and will not make you suffer. Is that ok? I, Zhan Longhai, said to do it, can’t you let me be a good person? "
"You are already a good man. You saved me yesterday," Meng Yudong said with gratitude.
"Then can’t you let me be a good person again?" Zhan Longhai winked at her. "Be a friend to help, or you can invite me to dinner again."
His expression is sincere. Meng Yudong is really difficult.
"Elder sister, I really like it here, so let’s rent it, okay?" Meng Xiaodong came out and begged, "It’s also very close to the unit. I can come back after work every day and buy food and cook by myself. The kitchen here looks great!"
Meng Yudong smiled at her cooking unless the sun came out in the west. She said, "Well, I can promise you three things, but I can do them."
He nodded at ease and said, "since it’s so late, I’ll treat you to dinner."
Meng Yudong thought that he had done himself such a big favor and said, "No, you helped me, but I’ll invite you!" "
"At noon, you have invited beautiful women to dinner." Zhan Longhai laughed. "Let’s go and have dinner."
"Let me treat you!" He did himself a big favor, and there is no reason to let him treat himself to dinner.
Seeing that she is so persistent, he doesn’t want to talk about this girl’s self-esteem. "Well, I want to eat hot pot today. What do two beautiful women think?"
"Hot pot is good. I like hot pot, too." Meng Xiaodong said with a smile.
Meng Yudong is lucky that she can’t eat spicy food. "Let’s eat hot pot," she said. "Mr. Zhan must have a familiar shop. Take us there!"
"Call me Aaron" This time Zhan Longhai can’t be serious enough to see her.
She was so nervous that he helped herself so much that she couldn’t be polite enough. She nodded "Aaron"
Meng Xiaodong face slightly heavy with a light.
Zhan Longhai finally smiled and gave them the door "Let’s go, two beauties"
"Thank you" Meng Xiaodong is very intimate, holding her sister’s hand and smiling at Zhan Longhai.
Zhan Longhai took them to eat in a famous health hotpot restaurant in Binhai. The bottom of the pot is famous for its health and health. Meng Xiaodong has been here several times and likes the taste here. I am very familiar with ordering when I sit down.
In a short time, the fragrant hot pot was served with hot and sour fish on one side and health mushrooms on the other.