Tu Yan’s tail swept a touch of ridicule, and I have already made a judgment on what the leopard shiner and the leopard are. The leopard family should wake up and see the truth that this time is different. "You have worked for the beast king city for 20 years to do three things. Are you sure that the third thing is to find the leopard shiner and the leopard?"

The leopard crown’s lips moved and stopped talking. The old clan looked unhappy and squinted. "It’s really a good temper to kill the warrior. Do you have to promise such a small thing? Is this forced to leave the king?"
Tu chuckled and ignored the old words of Han nationality.
The leopard crown is not very comfortable in his heart, but he is more afraid that the two of them will say, "That’s the temper of the old tu. I think it’s better for you to go to the Xiaoshan tribe again."
Leopard crown will look to the four people. "You didn’t do a good job to meet the leopard, and what help did the leopard bring back the prey of the Xiaoshan tribe together? Just make up for the disadvantages before. Ok, go now."
The four of them are dying. You know, the last thing they want to go to is the Whistling Mountain Tribe, but a few people didn’t show respect and answered’ Yes’ and then withdrew.
Tu also got up and gracefully wiped her mouth. "I’m finished."
"Oh, then you go." Leopard Crown is very accommodating.
When Tu figure walks out of the cave, the old clan can endure, "Wang, you are too used to him!"
The leopard crown is cheerful. "I can’t beat him when he’s old. Why don’t you find someone better to treat him?"
The old leopard family turned his eyes angrily and remembered that he couldn’t escape from the wrath of the mountain god. Leopard Shika was distressed and smoked. Leopard Shika’s cub was so good. It was bloody and powerful. If the cub was still alive, Tu wouldn’t dare to be so presumptuous!
The leopard Shiyou is also a good one, but it’s a pity that he was injured. Recently, he has to take good care of the leopard family, and then the leader will look at Shiyou. No matter what Shena and other assistants are, the three brothers are not afraid of not making a slaughter.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Reform through labor
The leopard clan is always dissatisfied with glancing at the leopard crown, and he will not care much about this cub if he listens to him.
"There are a few guys sneaking outside the leopard rewelding tribe. Do you want to" Pickup made a gesture of wiping his neck.
Leopard rewelding is helping uncle Qingshi to polish the axle together. He didn’t even lift a eyebrow eye when he heard that he didn’t want to die, so he didn’t blame them.
Pickup got the message and smiled, "I’ll take care of it."
Picard jumped away a few days ago. I was lucky to get a tiger. Bapei Eminem has tanned the tiger skin. It’s shiny and slippery. It’s not so beautiful. Alo likes it. He thinks he might get her a Shuang Yi and a cover, or change the mat.
A giant tree was sent to’ meet’ Bao Shenna and Bao, a four-person team, and hesitated. They had been wandering around Xiao Shan tribe for two days, but they didn’t have the courage to ask questions.
"Why don’t you go home? Leopard, they might have gone back. "
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, it must be a mistake with us. We didn’t just stay here."
"You said that Bao Shenna and Bao can’t do anything."
"bah, don’t talk nonsense."
Four people move neatly over their arms. On a hot day, they feel a biting cold in their backs.
Four people’s eyes for a pair of seconds to determine the withdrawal, but then a mass at the right hypochondrium full of sound from behind a few people to "go? Where do you want to go? Come and stay. "
In an instant, four people were surrounded by a dozen people led by pickup trucks.
"Gee, two stars and two stars are not bad. Why are the warriors in Beastmaster City as numerous and crisp as Chinese cabbage? I’ll give you two stars, Lu and Nita, to practice. Don’t thank me too much."
Lu and Nita’s eyes are bright. Although they didn’t wake up for a long time, their fighting spirit is not weak at all. Leopard rewelding said that fighting with warriors stronger than himself can improve themselves as quickly as possible. "Come and win us, and you can live. If you don’t, you will be left as bait."
The orcs of the two stars in Wangcheng were angry and afraid, and stood firm. "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, we accidentally came to your tribal territory. We are not bad beasts, and we have no bad intentions towards your tribe."
Pickup out his ears "oh? What do you think of us as babies who know nothing? There is no bad heart for the orcs in Wangcheng to come to Xiaoshan tribe? Ha ha ha this is really the funniest joke I have heard this year. "
After that, Pickup pointed to the other two orcs in the city and turned their heads to the people who brought him. "You are welcome to leave these two to you."
Blink of an eye and fight the two-star warriors in Wangcheng. When they see the situation, they can’t control it themselves. Without saying anything, they turn around and run away. Mom, this Xiaoshan tribe is really a demon.
Lu and Nita can’t watch and immediately turn into a beast and chase it.
Half an hour later
"Please forgive me, warrior. Please forgive me. We have never done anything to hurt your tribe."
"Warriors, we just want to make a living in the Beastmaster City, not the core of the nobility. We can join the Xiaoshan tribe."
Lu and Nita sobbed at the corners of their mouths. "Hey, how do you get to two stars?"
To tell the truth, these two levels are not as good as the few good seedlings that have not awakened in the Xiaoshan tribe.
The orc of Wangcheng "Did we say that we could spare one of us?"
Lu: "That depends on whether the news you said has been given to us."