And finally formed a black day.

The ambient temperature rises rapidly in this process.
At the same time, Tam’s super magic Bijyudama was released.
Huge golden energy ball amazing speed toward the purgatory black dragon flew past.
And the black dragon in purgatory looked at the huge golden energy ball and his eyes were very calm.
Then a huge flame wall appeared in front of the black dragon in purgatory.
Super magic Bijyudama collided with this huge black wall.
The terrorist explosion suddenly sounded.
But soon the amazing scene appeared.
See those who should be scattered everywhere energy was covered by these black flames.
Domineering is famous for its magical power, which was swallowed up by these black flames.
Tam has always devoured other people’s energy, but it has never been devoured by others.
The first time I saw this scene, Tam suddenly froze.
And when Tam was dumbfounded, a huge black flame flew directly towards Tam.
Dark skills, purgatory breath!
With dragon skills, the breath is horrible, and it’s horrible.
In this flame, Tam felt the death threat for a long time
But at this moment, Tam suddenly felt an even hotter flame ringing around him.
"I can’t lose to you playing with fire."
Field exhibition … Nirvana fire!
A man bathed in golden flames stood in front of Tam.
And that must be able to hold a huge golden sword in his hand.
This sword is covered with a lot of nirvana fire.
And can continue to have a pair of wings like a phoenix on the back.
You must be able to hold the flaming blade in your hand with both hands and blow out purgatory breath toward the black dragon and cut it down.
The collision of two flames instantly produced an amazing explosion.
The fire that can devour Tam’s magical spirit and purgatory is actually the fire of nirvana of Fanai Luyuan at this time.
At that time, the two sides were deadlocked.
However, there is a big gap between Lu Yuan’s total grade and purgatory Black Dragon.
Although his nirvana fire is not lost to purgatory fire, the black dragon purgatory fire
But the eye battle has become a spiritual competition between him and the black dragon in purgatory.
And his spiritual power is not as much as that of the black dragon in purgatory.
There is no way that Lu Yuan can press it with one knife.
Combined with purgatory, the black dragon purgatory fire was also dragged to the ground.
The terrorist explosion rang again.
With that smoke from the explosion ov.
A huge pothole with a diameter of more than 100 meters appeared in front of everyone.
And the expression of the black dragon in purgatory still hasn’t changed much.
But at this time, Liu Yuan not only sweated on his forehead, but also his eyes became somewhat interfered.
This collision alone put a great load on him, sharingan.
If that fight continues.
Lu Yuanfa imagined how much he would pay.
The strength of a white-gold beast in its heyday is beyond Liu Yuan’s expectation.
Chapter 679 Double-pole flow, Nirvana purgatory door
Whether it is Nirvana Fire or Purgatory Black Dragon Purgatory Fire is a kind of flame law.
And it is not the pure flame law.
Purgatory fire combines the laws of fire and darkness.
The fire of Lu Yuan’s nirvana combines the laws of fire and life.
Both of them are flame forces that combine various laws.
The power of nature is not comparable to the general law.
Tam’s magical power is a very overbearing energy.
However, there is still no way to resist the devouring power of the other side against the purgatory fire of the Black Dragon.