This introduction gave Xu Tianlong a surprise. Jingdongge actually brought them five alchemists this time. These people are the best in an alchemist, and they can definitely help Xu Jiadu through this difficult time.

In addition to the five alchemists, Jingdange Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang also brought two refiners.
"Liu Ge Lord, chief steward, it’s really my Xu Gushi rain. Please come inside quickly." Xu Tianlong was overjoyed and led Jingdange and his party to the hospitality hall.
"Xu Guzhu, the alchemists of Jingdongge, including my younger brother, all admire Xu Rengong very much. They volunteered this time, not only to help the Xu family solve their urgent needs, but also to let Xu Rengong guide them in alchemy." Liu Danyang didn’t say much about helping the Xu family, but it sounded like Jingdongge took advantage.
Xu Tianlong didn’t know what to do at the moment. It was Liu Danyang’s words that made him feel incredible. Jingdangge alchemist was the best in the alchemist, and he was still guarding the master of the cabinet. Now he says that he wants to learn alchemy from himself. It always sounds strange.
"Ahem, it’s very kind of Lord Liu Pavilion. This trivial matter is insignificant. Since several Dan teachers want to learn it, I’ll just teach them all." Xu Ren also felt embarrassed. He refined Dan medicine in front of Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang. Others won’t know that these people came to Xujiaxian this time to mean Liu Danyang.
"Little brother, you are too modest. To tell the truth, if it weren’t for too many things in Jingdongge, I would have wanted to learn alchemy from you." Wu Shuang’s face was thick with a smile, but she spoke from the heart. Since she saw Xu Ren’s alchemy with her own eyes and listened to those alchemy theories that she had never heard of before, she finally successfully refined three pills a few days ago and entered the ranks of alchemists. She said that she wanted to come to Xu’s home to learn alchemy with Xu Renxue, and she really meant it.
"Sister Wu talked and laughed. Sister Jingdangge has a lot of work to do. Where do you sometimes come to the Xu family?" Xu Ren pinched a cold sweat in his heart. Fortunately, this sister Wu is a big manager of Jingdangge. She is extremely busy at ordinary times. If she really comes to the Xu family, she is afraid that she will have to walk with her head down every day.
"Well, my sister knows that you are also a busy man, but I still have to make a deal with you. If you refine any Dan medicine again, you must come to Jingdangge to observe my younger brother’s alchemy, which can definitely benefit a lot." Wu Shuang’s remarks are for Xu Renge and several alchemists in Jingdangge. The meaning is obvious, that is, let them learn alchemy from Xu Ren.
"Sister, rest assured that if I want to refine Dan medicine, I will definitely go to Jingdange. In addition, I must know that these Dan teachers want them to listen to me more." Xu Ren smiled and he saw that Jingdange made these individuals look like Xu Jiajie’s urgent need, but there was also a lot of selfishness.
Chapter 30 Refiner
The Xu family Xu Tian Sable defected from the Xu family and took away not only the elder Xu Tianchuan and the elder Xu Tianhu, but also the vast majority of alchemists and refiners, leaving the Xu family in trouble.
However, there is no such thing as an impenetrable wall. Xu Tian mink defected in such a high-profile way that almost the whole Donghua county city was visited by Jingdan Pavilion. Naturally, it was the first time that the owner of the pavilion, Liu Danyang, and the chief steward Wu’s parents brought five alchemists and two refiners to the Xu family to solve the urgent need for Xu Ren.
Xu Ren was very moved by Jingdange’s ability to help the Xu family in times of crisis. Xu Tianlong was so excited that he could hardly tell.
"Xu Xiaodi, they will wait for your Xu family for the time being. Tell Linchen directly if you have anything to send. After I have agreed with them, talking to the Xu family is equivalent to talking to me!" Wu Shuangdao, director of Jingdange
"I’m here to thank Lord Liu Ge and Sister Wu in advance. After this trouble is solved, I will definitely go to Jingdan Pavilion in person." Xu Ren is a kind newspaper reporter. Jingdan Pavilion has helped a lot today. Naturally, he will repay in the future.
"Well, Xu Xian’s nephew, the Xu family, today we won’t delay your handling of clan affairs. Linchen will stay here on my behalf. I am in charge and there are things in the cabinet that need to be dealt with." Liu Danyang must have a lot of things to deal with after knowing that the Xu family has had such a big change, and he will also delay Xu Renshi’s handling here. After the event, he immediately took the chief steward Wu Shuang and prepared to leave.
"As the cabinet owner said, Xu Jiaxian really has a lot of things to deal with, so I won’t leave the cabinet owner and sister Wu much. I’ll come to thank you when it’s over." Xu Ren saluted with fuels and was grateful.
"The younger brother is welcome. What do you say? I think they can refine Dan medicine for the younger brother of the Xu family. They are blessed, and so is Jingdan Pavilion. So the younger brother of this thank-you word has to stop." Wu Shuang, the chief steward of Jingdan Pavilion, looked serious.
"My younger brother listens to my sister" Xu Ren smiled and now he is really happy.
"Well, it’s time for us to leave, too!" Liu Danyang said to Xu Ren and Xu Tianlong, the master of the Xu family, and then Wu Shuang, the chief steward, left the Xu family in tandem.
After Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang left, Xu Ren didn’t talk to these Dan teachers and refiners politely and directly arranged accommodation for them in Xu Jia ‘an, and took them to Dan’s room for the first time.
The Xujiadan room is much smaller and simpler than the Jingdange alchemy room, but it is enough to refine those dirty pills.
It’s not that the Xu family doesn’t want to refine the real high-order elixir, but it’s a pity that Jingdongge holds all the high-order alchemists and there are also two alchemists who will join the Xu family. Of course, if they are willing to pay a lot of money, they can also get the second alchemist, but there are not many second alchemists in Donghua County. Jingdongge will regard it as a treasure. Where can a family please it?
After the five alchemists of Jingdange arrived at Xujiadan Room, Xu Ren did not mention it with them and directly handed a hand roll to Linchen.
It’s hard to say how others treat him, but it’s much more convenient for Linchen to be familiar with the details of alchemy when he has dealt with the main family of Jingdan Pavilion. It’s much more important for him to explain it after Linchen has really improved.
"Master Linchen Dan, we are also predestined friends. This scroll is some of my experiences. You can look at it if you can’t figure it out." Xu Ren told Linchen.
"Don’t worry, I will study hard." Linchen still admires Xu Ren very much. After all, the cabinet owner and the chief steward all say that this person helped them break through the bottleneck of Dandao and made them achieve higher achievements.
Lin Chen read it carefully immediately after he took the scroll. He knew that Xu Ren and Xu Jia were very anxious. Although it was not a big deal for them Dan teachers to refine one Dan medicine, the efficiency of refining Dan medicine was very important because of limited manpower. Xu Ren once refined three Dan medicines in less than half an hour, and the number of each Dan medicine was as many as ten, which was the most important place for Lin Chen to learn.
Some of Xu Ren’s hand scrolls have been told by Lin Chen’s master Liu Danyang, but there are more that make him feel unfamiliar and don’t understand. At the moment, he doesn’t care about any problems. Directly holding Xu Ren is just asking questions.
Xu Ren explained to Linchen one by one that many theories Linchen had never heard of, but he was still willing to believe Xu Ren. After all, Xu Ren was his master, Liu Danyang, and Wu Shuang was very admired.
I have to say that Linchen’s talent in alchemy is really good. Without Xu Rentai’s strength, he has mastered the things in his hand scroll.
Then it is to follow the example and refine Dan medicine as described in Xu Ren’s handwritten book. However, it seems quite simple to say, but it is not easy to do, and Lin Chen is also very nervous.
Good Linchen talent is good, but he didn’t let Xu Ren down. He soon practiced the first batch of Dan medicine, and the aroma was overflowing. Every twelve Dan medicines were smooth and rounded, and the efficacy reached one hundred percent.
Linchen was pleasantly surprised. Although his refining is not even a Dan medicine, it is worthy of his joy that Dan medicine can be refined in such a short time and with such high quality.
Watching Linchen refining Dan medicine, all four Dan teachers stare big eyes one by one. Earlier, Liu Danyang asked them to come to the Xu family, and they were not willing to. Now that little emotion has long since vanished with Linchen’s first furnace of Dan medicine.
Xu Ren looked at Linchen and nodded slightly, and then directly asked Linchen to give him four Dan teachers to explain the hand roll. He didn’t have the time to explain it to everyone.
Linchen spoke carefully enough, and it took a full wick to answer all the questions.
Then there is their own alchemy. With Lin Chen’s successful case, the remaining four alchemists have been convinced of what Xu Ren recorded by hand.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for four alchemists to hand over themselves. Although the quality of Dan medicine is slightly inferior to that of Lin Chen’s refining Dan medicine, the efficacy has reached 90%.
"It seems that everyone knows about it, so I’ll trouble several Dan teachers to refine some Dan medicine. If you can try to refine some Dan medicine sometimes, you may have a special harvest." Xu Ren smiled. He was satisfied with the performance of these people. Liu Danyang said nothing wrong. These Dan teachers are definitely the best among the Dan teachers. If they can really treat Xu Xu Ren, they can be a accommodating person and let them advance to the second alchemist earlier.
"Don’t worry, we will live up to it!" I feel that I have improved a few times, and the spirit of an alchemist has become much better. Everyone feels that it is a big honor to come to Xujialiandian.
Xu Ren told these alchemists a few words and then left the Dan room.
After leaving the alchemy room, Xu Ren found Liu Danyang and sent him two refiners.
These two refiners are not high in rank, and it is not a problem to refine every device, but they can barely refine a spirit device.
Xu Ren gave some advice on the spot after learning about the abilities of two people.
For an alchemist, Xu Ren is ready to train a group of alchemists who are handy by themselves, but the refiner has not yet come to the preparatory office to give directions on the spot.
Good immortals remember the refiners no less than an alchemist. It is not difficult to show these primary refiners.
The refiner needs to cooperate with the spirit to seal the inscription, and then transfer the inscription to the refined weapon or armor. A weapon can be called a weapon with an inscription. If a weapon has three inscriptions, it is.
Lingqi inscriptions require more complicated materials. Generally speaking, the armor containing offensive and defensive weapons of spiritual power is called Lingqi.
Lingqi can only be refined by a master refiner, while higher-level instruments can only be refined by a master refiner.
With Xu Ren’s advice, the two refiners also benefited a lot. They have successively refined every device, but the time spent refining every device is much shorter than usual.
This made the two refiners excited. They knew that Xu Ren’s attainments in alchemy were highly praised by Liu Danyang, the owner of Jingdan Pavilion, and Wu Shuang, the chief steward, but they didn’t expect the refiners to be so good. This was a rare opportunity in their lives.
Xu Ren didn’t stay in the refining room. He had to go to Xiao Jinshan for help. At the same time, he should send more refining materials to Xiao Jinshan. Anyway, his father has promised him to go to the treasure house to pick things, and it’s even worse. In the end, most of these spiritual implements were to enhance the Xu family’s strength
Xiao Jinshan also probably knew the Xu family’s situation. See Xu Ren sent the refiner materials without saying anything, and this guy actually let the little boy try the refiner.
Xu Ren looked at the little girl who was less than ten years old and was still a little girl. He was really afraid that Xiao Jinshan would make the little girl a fierce girl, so it would be hard to find her husband’s family.
Of course, Xu Ren also understands that Xiao Jinshan’s mind is now cultivated by Xiao Xiaoer, so it may also help Xiao Xiaoer to temper his physique with the help of a refining device, which may also help him alleviate some pain caused by the nirvana of Tianfeng. Although Xu Ren loves Xiao Xiaoer dearly, he did not stop Xiao Jinshan from doing so.