After about five minutes, Lao Zhang typed the photos of the weight, density and specifications of gold coins and sent them to my mailbox. Lin Muxia called up the emergency mailboxes of the police city bureaus, Tiannan city bureaus and five sub-bureaus in major cities through intelligence. These are special personnel who receive the emails 24 hours a day. While editing the mail, I sighed with my heart, which is somewhat like killing a chicken and killing a cow, but it is worthwhile to give an account to the dead.

It took me nearly twenty minutes to type the last word.
Lin Muxia had a look at her so-called way, "Ling Yu is getting better and better. You don’t need me anymore."
There seems to be something in it. I froze and my heart twitched as if it were tightened. Her meaning can’t stand scrutiny … Will I leave when I am full-fledged?
No way! In case this day comes, I decided to dress up as a pig!
Then I was going to send a mass fashion, and the hand shook and accidentally clicked the wrong one. I panicked and said, "Sister Kobayashi, what should I do?"
"I can’t help but boast." Lin Muxia gave me a white look. She held the mouse, flipped her left hand and five fingers, and quickly took the automatic backup of the previous text in the encryption buffer. When she finished sending the group, she blamed, "Be careful when you are so bold."
"There is no such grand mass urgent email object or provincial police? I’m excited for the first time about the big girl’s sedan chair. "I bury my face in other people’s ignorance and emerge with a strange smile." Sister Xiao Lin, do you think I can’t do without you or need you? "
Lin Muxia Nai said, "Well, you are a troublesome guy."
I said to myself, Ling Yu and Ling Yu, you’re so ashamed. You fooled her into giving up the idea of leaving again in this way.
At this time, my mobile phone was ringing when Lao Jiang picked it up. He said stupidly, "Ling Yu has a female agent of Banana Rain who called die. She said that Zhang Eryu has returned to her post and Qiao Qiqi can return to her place for nearly a month. It is the season exchange period, and there are many fashion shows without her."
"Yu Yan?" I think a little bit about the strong way, "Do you just reply that she wants immediate interests or wants to worry about Qiao Qiqi forever? If it is the former, die will immediately close the case and send Qiao Qiqi to Banana Rain and never intervene in this matter again. If it is the latter, tell her not to rush to wait for the case to be broken and return to Zhao safely."
"enough domineering!"
Lao Jiang hung up and sent me a short message "Done" within a few minutes.
It’s five o’clock in the city bureau. Lao Zhang, Lao Xiao and others packed their things respectively. Lin Muxia and I said goodbye to everyone and went back to die. It was a red light at an intersection in the city center. I waited patiently for the green light to light up, especially when there was a lot of people and traffic in the class. At this moment, Lin Muxia suddenly patted me on the shoulder. She rushed forward and angered her mouth. "Ling Yu, look at that old man!"
Looking down her line of sight, I noticed an old man who crossed the road obliquely. He was red-faced and carrying a bottle in his hand. He moved slowly and made people think that he might count down the car at any time, so he didn’t scratch the old man.
I was shocked by humanity. "The old birthday girl ate arsenic and died. It’s dangerous enough to cross the road obliquely when it’s a red light, and she’s still drunk."
"Do you think he looks familiar?" Lin Muxia watched the drunken old man move.
"Jianghu boxing crazy?" I shook my head and denied, "I don’t like it. I’ve never seen a boxer wearing sunglasses … Wait, is that an old man who died?"
Hey! I really don’t want to go into details. I have experienced many old people who have something to do and nothing to do. Their fresh images have their own characteristics. At present, this old man who looks like a dead man is really similar!
"This seems to be an old man who has died. He is going to have an accident like this!" Lin Muxia pushed the door, and she quickly said, "I’ll save him."
I didn’t stop her, driver. I can’t leave the car at the moment.
Soon Lin Muxia approached the drunk old man only one meter away. At the same time, a large car crashed towards two people, and my heart instantly reached my throat. The drunk old man wandered out of the step and looked up to fill the wine. He seemed to be aware of the danger. Lin Muxia accelerated his speed and put his arms around the drunk old man. The cart roared several times and the bottle fell to pieces. Many people also had car accidents and stopped to wait and see. When Lin Muxia and the drunk old man got up safely, the crowd was filled with regret.
I said to myself, what is the mentality of these birds?
Several traffic policemen came near and took them to the side of the road to ask the drunk old man to dress up as a dead pig. He lay on Lin Muxia’s shoulder and pretended to sleep! The traffic police and we saw that the drunken old man was a man eager to save lives, and Lin Muxia rushed ahead faster.
When the green light came on, I parked my car across the road and saw Lin Muxia raise my hand and show my certificate, and then the traffic police helped me to carry the drunk old man to this side and pull the door. The drunk old man was carried to the back seat, and I saw an object in the broken left lens as deep * * I didn’t expect to see the doomed old man encounter this time in the past year!
Lin Muxia thanked the traffic police, and she said, "This doomed old man wants to kill the rhythm!"
"Don’t pretend to sleep and wake up quickly." I saw his eyelids move and urged, "Where is home?"
"The old man is only three minutes drunk at most." The doomed old man sat up straight and touched his sunglasses. "The dolls sound so familiar. Do you dare to ask me if I have a connection?"
I snickered, "I’ll show you two words."
"oh! Die Ling Yu, Lin Muxia? " The old man stroked his beard and laughed again and again. "What a coincidence today."
He’s too busy to show up on the busy street. I wondered, "What do you want to do today?"
"alas! There was a young man in the east of the city who heard an acquaintance say that the old man was accurate, so he invited me to come home and give him a long-term hospital bed. "The old man who died spread his hand. He was depressed." When three copper coins were settled, the young man will die in a fucking quarter of an hour. The old man divined the truth with principles and resolutely refused to welcome people. Then I pulled a shit and searched for a bottle of good wine. Kung Fu was so fucking breath. The young man brought a kitchen knife and drove me out. The old man almost died! "
Boy, the old man who broke his life was taken home to tell his fortune, and his mother was killed by mistake. It’s strange that he didn’t fight hard with you!
I suppressed a smile and said, "Mao, every time you have a bad luck!" "
"Carry out the evil divination to the end!" The old man who died assumed an inscrutable posture. He put his head in my ear and said, "Lingling remembers giving you a peach blossom robbery last year. What about the result? I was curious because I couldn’t see through the fog of this robbery. "
"Pure personal * *! Can tell! " My heart says you are joking with Lin Muxia. No matter how small we talk, we can’t compete with her extraordinary hearing. If she knows about the charming past in Lhasa, it will be horrible to think about it!
"I understand your difficulties."
The doomed old man turned his face to Lin Muxia and rolled his throat. "I don’t know why I feel a little itchy when I see you. I feel too kind. Lingling and Xia Xia want a bowl of divination?"
"Come on, I don’t want to be a monk because I know there’s nothing good." I started the driveway. "I’ll give you a ride where your home is."
The doomed old man pouted, and he shook his head and said, "I have moved. Now I am located in Sanqing Street in the west of the city. The signboard of this shop is called Banxianpu."
It’s just that we have to return to die East Street in the west of the city. It’s not far from Sanqing Street. The old man and Lin Muxia talked about last year’s trip to Miaojiang. He was crying. "Xia Xia, when you were like a water flood, you changed your mind into a dragon. Do you remember what happened in the end?"
Lin Muxia raised her finger and said to me, "Of course, because of his hard life."
"Your life is not soft. You are a fire attribute but a water attribute, and it is the hardest life of heavy water!" Deadly old man (turn his dignified way: "It is difficult for you two to get along with each other day and night, and it is difficult for men and women to derive their feelings. If you have not become a climate for each other, you will think that fire and water will be emotional as soon as possible, and you will cross each other through the robbery. However, mutual love robbery is the most difficult kind of robbery, which can easily make people disappear. If you get through this hurdle, you will be like a boat, and everyone will be inseparable. "
Chapter five hundred Sugar-coated haws cause a bloody case!
"Don’t worry about the old man who died." Lin Muxia smiled at her. "Ling Yu and I do have colleagues, brothers-in-law and sister Ling Yu, don’t you think?"
I clenched the steering wheel and my heart ached, "Yes!"
"Oh, hehe, that’s so old-fashioned." The old man shook his head and he was amazed. "Fire and water are extreme, but they are also the easiest to attract each other. Lingling and Xia Xia don’t even think about it at all. Hey, I smell the orchid cake. Sanqing Street is coming, right?"
"Nose belongs to a dog". I disdain that I just drove into Sanqing Street. I didn’t expect him to perceive Sanqing Street so quickly. It is a street in the west of the city that has not been baptized by modernization. It is quite retro and flows along the ancient Tiannan style. In ancient times, it was near Tiannan West Gate and was named by Zhejiang Sanqing, the ancestor of Zhejiang three families. Today, this street has become a Taobao place, like antique shops can be seen everywhere.
About 50 meters ahead, I saw a small facade, wooden doors and signs on the east side of the road, which smelled of primitive simplicity. The old man Banxianpu Sanqing Street was unique, but the door was deserted, and a stake was erected at the door with a flag that said "Banxianpu", which shook with the breeze.
I stopped in the driveway. "Here we are!"
Lin Muxia, an old man who died, helped him to the store door. At this time, a child under the age of ten ran out of Banxianpu. "Master, you are back! I’m candied haws! "
"greedy! The teacher almost became a sugar gourd! " The doomed old man touched the child’s head and said, "This is a small nail picking up a beggar at the door at the beginning of the year. Don’t look at him now. He was freezing to death at that time. I figured he had a mentoring relationship! Life is also mysterious. I have been looking forward to it for many years. In my later years, I received a good seedling. In just three months, he actually learned fifty hexagrams. When he went to the coffin, he turned into a day and three hundred elephants will surely inherit it. "
I hold my fist and say, "Congratulations!"
The scene of harmony between the youngest and the youngest is quite touching. Lin Muxia and I didn’t stay any longer and returned to die Ning’s second goods to secretly protect Zhang Yuyu’s office. Lao Jiang couldn’t fight so that he could pick up medicinal materials with Lin Wan Wan. When we came back, Lao Jiang said stupidly, "Pick me and I’m going to fall asleep."
"Today is a leisure class. Everything is waiting for the news from the local police." Lin Muxia entered the clues and conjectures obtained today into her brain for backup. She and Lin Wan Wan got into Cruze.
I’m still worried about the words that the old man killed his car, flapping Jiang Tianci’s shoulder and saying, "Lao Jiang, go ahead with your car. I have something to do."
"Good" He couldn’t wait to turn into the military cross-country and left.
I walked into the lounge, Qiao Qiqi went to the sofa and was still asleep, but I didn’t want to sit on the other side of the coffee table. I suddenly lost my mind. Is Lin Muxia really as good as her performance? Now I feel scalp pins and needles like a hornet’s nest. I’m restless. I just dig out a disc and insert it into a dvd to watch it. I don’t disturb Qiao Qiqi’s sleep. I’m quiet and devoted myself to the plot. An hour passed quickly. However, when "end" appeared, I was out of control and thought of the old man who died. Maybe it’s really fate for each other, but there seems to be a saying that "my life is up to me."
I took a deep breath when I unplugged the plug and came to the hospital. The old man only said a few words at that time, so I decided to drive to Banxianpu in Sanqing Street.
When I turned into Sanqing Street, I saw a red Cruze parked in front of Banxianpu! It seems to be Lin Muxia! I quickly poured the car out of Sanqing Street and took out a telescope to peep at the license plate number. Wan didn’t expect Lin Muxia to come looking for a broken old man? Does she think the same as me? This means that Lin Muxia and I are deliberately distancing themselves from each other.