Second, it took decades for Wu Wangshu’s realm to practice to such an extent that it was difficult to imagine.

And the second world is the strongest in the world, which can be called the first in the world.
As far as Wei Yun Yi knows, even the mysterious Dragon and Tiger Mountain Old Tianshi does not have this realm.
This level can fight a battle even in the face of immortals.
Of course it’s a war. Don’t think about it.
What he need to do.
Is to go beyond this realm and achieve one more than stronger. Maybe then it is possible to really stop the immortal.
Such a thought seems to have a chance.
"Let’s take it one step at a time"
At the moment, Wei Yun Yi mumbles that he has done a lot, but who knows this result?
Deceived Kangxi
If you can ruin your fortune every time in these months, you must be afraid of immortals, right?
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as
Shook his head. Wei Yun Yi got rid of other thoughts and continued to practice.
And there is nothing to do in the next few days, not only the welcoming ceremony for Tiandu monarch in a pavilion, but also the fact that Shenwu Hou is about to arrive in the capital.
These natural people have to deal with the emperor, and he doesn’t even need to ask questions.
Of course, there is also the coastal area. It is said that the navy fought several times in the Yuan Dynasty, and the wind and the sea won, but it was somewhat unexpected for Wei Yun.
After all, it’s only been a long time. How long has Big Uncle been able to make the navy master look like this?
However, he is not too worried about this.
Because Wei Yun Yi knows.
Even if Big Uncle annihilates Yuan San Tai, his luck will be limited unless he can directly annihilate the Japanese navy behind the other side.
But when I think about it, I think it is unlikely, so I will let the other party do it.
Another thing is that in recent months, the punishments have submitted a briefing on eucalyptus, and it is found that there are a lot fewer things that chivalrous martial arts violate the ban in the Jianghu. I don’t know what the situation is.
Some ministers will be attributed to the wealth of the people, and there will be no such thing.
These Wei Yun games are glanced at and there is no note.
of course
In this issue, he also gave Zhang Zheng the medicinal liquor for prolonging his life, and rejected the other party’s wish to resign from the throne.
In the imperial court, it is also quite agreed with this decision. After all, it is a bit chilling for a teacher and a great Wei to agree to resign so much.
Let Zhang Zheng stay in this position is to stabilize the heart of the court.
However, Wei Yun Yi also knows that the other party’s hard work will make the old father-in-law more busy and angry, and more important events will come to the cabinet.
Generally speaking, everything that should be done has been done, and nothing important has happened recently.
Even the little brother-in-law Levin is quieter than that.
Everything seems to be calm in general.
Wei Yun thought about it.
In this case, even if the fate rises again, it can’t rise anywhere, can it?
Now, the most important thing to deal with is the return of God to the DPRK.
The other side fought back the grassland in the north after the war, and made the nine departments swear not to invade for ten years. Although with the help of my brother-in-law, this record is quite good.
Therefore, Wei Yun Yi decided to let the people in the capital celebrate again and strike for three days at the same time.
Anyway, there’s nothing important to deal with. It’s better to have a good rest.
Waiting for the arrival of the old Tianshi
This is the only thing he needs to face up to now.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-two God Wuhou back to the Great Wei court!
According to the little Tianshi, from half a month to a month,
Although Wei Yun Yi feels a little slow, there is nothing he can do.
The whereabouts of the other party are not fixed.
Even this time, I want to enter the palace because of the matchmaking in Xiaotian Normal School. If not, Wei Yun Yi thinks that the other party will enter the palace.
Now can wait.
Of course, during this period, he can cultivate his strength as much as possible.
There are many things in the imperial court that need to be taken care of. After all, after all these months of various measures, all aspects are on the right track, so let the minister handle it.
Besides, there is no good way for Wei Yun to continue to curb the fate.
The only thing that made him a little relieved was that he fought in the south.
There are two major projects under way in the imperial court.
Add all kinds of recent things
It has consumed a lot of tax collected after the booth was put into the mu, so as not to let the state treasury have too much money.
This aspect can affect the strength of Wei to a certain extent. Otherwise, according to Wei Yun’s idea, it will skyrocket more than fifty thousand.
It is obvious that doing those things by yourself is still effective.
It’s not that obvious
But how to say it is a comfort to Wei Yun Yi.
But now what he needs to consider is not these, but the return of the warrior to the DPRK.
According to the usual practice, it is the same as before, and the court ministers and the people will welcome it.
In fact, Wei Yun Yi doesn’t want to do this. On the contrary, he doesn’t even have the idea of welcoming people to the meeting, so that he can leave a mean and ungrateful image.
This can also be regarded as affecting one’s prestige and making the ministers and soldiers unhappy.
But the reality is cruel. Almost all the power of an emperor comes from whether he has the army in his hand.
That is to say, are those soldiers loyal to the emperor?
To have the loyalty of the soldiers.
Even if the emperor is cruel, it won’t make any difference.
But if not, it will be dangerous, and the hand strength will be greatly weakened.
Without an army emperor, it is easy to be overthrown. Wei Yun Yi really wants to be a bad king, but he doesn’t want to be a king of subjugation. After all, his original intention is not so.
Therefore, as an emperor, he went to meet those soldiers who were victorious and returned from the northern territory.
The process is as rewarding as the second meeting with my little brother.