"I know that it’s no wonder that you are alive this time. It’s also your chance that I have a magic Yun Dan here. Eat it."

A purple god Danxia suddenly flew out of the hall, and it was wrapped in the law of numbers, and its vitality was very extraordinary.
Xiao Zhanhuo answered Shen Dan’s heart with great joy and hurriedly proffering flaming, "Thank you, bodhi old zu Ci Dan"
"You go."
The sound said
"It’s the bodhi old zu"
Xiao Zhanhuo got up and respectfully retreated. He was already wet with cold sweat and almost collapsed on the spot.
In addition to the ancestral temple, he breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the magic Yun Dan in the palm of his hand. "The bodhi old zu personally rewarded the magic Yun Dan, which can make my blood directly pure. Although it can’t reach the level of the magic cousin, the clan can surpass 90% in one fell swoop!"
This magic Yun Dan came out from the ancestors of Xiao clan, and it is pure blood for later generations. It is more precious than millions of years, but it has only been rewarded to hundreds of people.
And this magic Yun Dan won’t be effective until he eats the first one.
Xiao Zhanhuo was so excited that he swallowed Dan directly and flew to his residence.
After he returned to his residence, he went to visit Xiao Yu first, and then returned to the house to refine the efficacy of the magic Yun Dan.
Three days passed quickly.
Xiao Yu didn’t wander around the room, quietly waiting for the divine spirit to sweep out from time to time to explore the mystery of this Xiao family headquarters.
It’s ridiculous that his descendants of the Xiao family have no feelings for this so-called Xiao family, which makes Xiao Yu’s face laugh.
"Is Master Tian ever ready?"
Suddenly there came a sound outside the door, and a guard respectfully asked outside.
This guard is a third-step strong man named Xiao Duan, who is specially arranged by Xiao Tianshan to guide Xiao Yu to practice and protect Xiao Yu, but Xiao Yu is powerful and this guard is simply dispensable in his eyes.
But Xiao Yulai is also hiding the strength, and he is too lazy to refuse Xiao Tianshan’s arrangement.
Xiao Yu walked out of the room and said, "Stop escorting us."
Xiao Duan nodded and immediately took Xiao Yu to fly to the distance and said, "Master Tian, I have found out that this time, a total of 500 people participated in the blood baptism. In addition to the 100 people in the central world, there are four hundred people in the surrounding star field. When you get to the Holy Blood Hall, it is up to you to enter everything."
"Oh, five hundred people?"
Xiao Yu’s eyebrows jumped. This number is really scary. It is worthy of being an ancient family. It would be terrible if there were so many masters attending a baptism.
It is no wonder that the Xiao clan can last forever. It seems that besides guarding the ancestors of the Xiao clan, there are also many talented people!
They were very fast for half an hour, and then they came to a huge hall. It was thick and tall, and it looked dark. The head of a huge man opened wide, forming a secluded door.
There are dozens of strong guards in front of the door. The lowest is the second ladder master. The first few people are the third ladder strong.
"What are you doing here?"
Xiao Yu two people just arrived when someone stopped them HeWen mouth.
Xiao Jie said with his fist, "I was ordered to bring my young master to attend the blood baptism!"
"Master? Which young master? " qR1
A guard looked puzzled Xiao Yu and Xiao Duan.
Xiao Duan said, "This is Xiao Tian. Master Xiao is the nephew of the great elder."
"What joke?"
The guard suddenly frowned and said, "It’s less than 50 years since he was born to take part in the blood baptism. How can he be born less than 50 years ago?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Often grow old
Xiao Yu fuels and says, "It’s a coincidence that I was born far away and never attended the blood baptism."
These guards looked at one of Xiao Yuzhong with deeper doubts and said, "You’d better say it’s true. Otherwise, if we find that you are a pastime, even if you have the support of the elders, we will be more prostrate. This blood baptism will be greatly discounted and ineffective if you come back after 50 years old, and it will be as ineffective if you participated once before. Have you thought it over?"
Xiao Yu nodded and said, "I am willing to bear all the consequences!"
"Well, you go in."
These guards were finally released.
Xiao Yu, who intercepted the outside, strode into the hall.
That a few guards also whisper obviously for Xiao Yu one hundred don’t believe it.
After Xiao Yu entered the hall, he saw that hundreds of people had been built in the house. Most of them were the highest spiritual realm, but the god seventh heaven.
They are under 50 years old and can cultivate to such a state, and they also rely on the family’s various panacea to pile up the state.
Unlike Xiao Yu, who has gone through an all-out war every time he is promoted, it is no accident that he can achieve the second step of God in such a short time.
How many times I almost died is far from being comparable to these greenhouse flowers.
After Xiao Yu came in, hundreds of people in the hall frowned and looked surprised and confused at Xiao Yu.
"This person is deeply cultivated and also comes to participate in the blood baptism?"
These Xiao brothers are surprised.
Even the elders who guard here are all looking down at Xiao Yushen. Xiao Yuxiu has reached the second step, which is no weaker than them, and he is also under 50 years old. This seems incredible to them.
"The brothers don’t know such as call? Which genius is it? "
An elder asked before, looking weird.
"Xiao Tian came from a foreign land and got an initiation from a senior by chance, which gave her the second-step strength," Xiao Yu said with fuels.
"It turns out that it is no wonder that it is so horrible to get the enlightenment from the predecessors. !”
These elders suddenly showed envy and jealousy one by one, and those younger brothers were all jealous. They were enlightened by an elder and directly reached the second step. This is how many years of penance it will take. If they are allowed to practice by themselves, they may not reach the second step for a generation.
And this Xiao Tian has easily become a second-class peerless master without any effort. This whole Xiao family can rank the number, and even those days have the strength to compete.
Many younger brothers are reluctant to part with their complicated eyes, and Xiao Yushen seems to think that one day they can also get a direct enlightenment from a senior.
And at this time,
A cold voice suddenly came from outside, saying, "It’s certainly a blockbuster to get the enlightenment from the predecessors, but no matter how high others fix it, they won’t be able to fix it themselves. If there is no exception, they will stop at the third step for life."
They all turned around and looked at Zheng, and suddenly there was an uproar.
"It always grows old!"
"I often grow old-fashioned astrology, which is extremely mysterious and unique, and I have great power in knowing people!"
"Is this blood baptism actually presided over by Chang Changlao?"
"Who is the boy who often grows behind the old? So powerful that you already have the strength of God’s realm! He is always valued by the old and always valued, and his qualifications are extraordinary! "
The younger brothers talked about it in succession, and they all showed a burst of envy and reverence.
Xiao Yu looked back and saw a middle-aged man in a star robe striding forward. The momentum was misty and the extraordinary seemed to fit in with his destiny. Every move was filled with heaven and earth, and Gankun made people feel small at first glance, as if they were abandoned by heaven and earth.
This feeling is extremely weird and terrible.
Xiao Yuwei micro eyebrow XuanGong running this feeling instantaneous dissipation again look at the middle-aged man but never the slightest strange.
"The second ladder astrologer is neither bad nor bad."
Xiao Yu mouth low smile.
The astrologer was followed by a teenager, who didn’t even look at him. He killed so many masters that he couldn’t dump the teenager for a few blocks.
Don’t say that this young man is this astrologer, and he will disappear in one breath.
Xiao Yu back eyes look calm no longer see.
As the astrologer and the boy came here, several elders immediately greeted them respectfully and said, "See growing old often!" "