At the same time, I rubbed my ears and got redder.

When Shinohara handed the food to Jing Jiayuan, Jing Jiayuan obediently took it over the past few months. He had recovered from anorexia, and he did not reject the food in his hand and ate it.
Song Xue aside quietly looked at JingGuYuan.
For such a senior, she worships him. At the moment, watching him eating food is quiet and elegant.
Look at his appearance and handsome to the point where people and gods are angry.
Immediately swallowed saliva.
This ….. Let her how to live such a dog!
The key is how long this Jing Jiayuan is taller and more handsome than in the program!
There are small fish along the way, and there is such a handsome guy following it, which is simply an enemy.
Song Xue thought so in his heart, and then he suddenly thought of a serious thing after that happy day.
"Wait a minute. How did Xiaoyu Jing Jiayuan get here?" Song Xue suddenly asked.
At the same time, I prayed in my heart that it must not be like that.
"When he finished, he got the sign and guessed I was Penang," Shinohara said simply.
Song Xue expression suddenly collapsed and faded to the naked eye.
Are they really CP? ! !
When she asked this, she felt that something was wrong, and Xiao Yu CP came to that …
Did he come to rob her?
Is the good day over?
Song Xue mentality collapsed and looked at that after eating, Shinohara fish was close to Jingjiayuan and suddenly didn’t want to rest. "Let’s go and I’ll go in with you."
How did Shinohara’s arm look like Shuai Neng when she took a deep breath and held it fair and square? Is she that kind of person who will give in to face value?
So even if this handsome guy robbed her today, she had to try to get it back.
"Fish … your CP just came. Will you tell him what we discussed these two days?" Song Xue pitifully took her wrist and begged.
"To discuss things? What is it? " When Jing Guyuan looked at Xiao Yu’s arm, Song Xue suddenly became alert.
When Shinohara fish saw him rubbing his forehead like this, it probably explained that "Song Xue said he wanted to change a CP, but I didn’t agree."
When I heard the first half of the sentence, Jing Guyuan had frowned slightly.
After hearing the second half of the sentence, the frown slowed down again, and even the corners of the lips were bent, which made it look more pleasant.
"Well, our group CP is quite good," Jing Jiayuan said happily.
Song Xue "…"
She is not the kind of person who will give up easily. "Jing Jiayuan, I gave you the fried cake, and your fish is mine. Otherwise, we will take the opportunity to change the CP for both of you, okay?" I’m with the small fish group, and you’re with my CP group. These days, I think I can get along well with the small fish. We eat hot pot together and sleep in a bed … "
Jingjiayuan "…"
He bent his lips, and when Song Xue promised, he said with emotion, "I’ll pay you back later if I don’t change your fried cake."
Song Xue "…"
"Jing Jia Yuan Zhen, you can consider that my CP is still quite capable. You and he can definitely get along well. The main reason is that I get along well with Xiaoyu." Song Xue continued to fudge. "It’s good that the four of us have a smoother trip and we exchanged!"
"I also hit it off with Xiaoyu," said Jing Jiayuan leisurely.
"I can tease the little fish!" Song Xue talks about his advantages.
"I can, too," said Jing Jiayuan.
"I can sing and tell stories to Xiaoyu while chatting." Song Xue continued.
"I can write songs for her." Jing, comparison and Jiayuan said seriously.
Song Xue "…"
"I have lessons to raise small fish!" Song Xue suddenly thought of his only advantage to go out immediately
Jingjiayuan "…"
He’s gone
Song Xue is very happy to see Jing Jiayuan’s silence, snapping his fingers and continuing, "You can’t do it, so you can see that the small fish follow me and drink spicy food. I can raise her well. You can’t do it. Why don’t I give you RM 300 and let me talk to the small fish group CP?"
Shinohara fish looked at the two "primary school students" bickering in front of him with great interest, but something was wrong.
Wait, Song Xue, this line sounds familiar.
It’s like the line "I’ll give you ten thousand, you stay away from my home" in the general manager’s article.
Shinohara fish suddenly messy.
Before two people Biao more terrible lines.
Interrupt the two people quickly. "Okay, okay, now we’re discussing these things. Let’s finish them first. Don’t wave here."
Song Xueyuan had to struggle again, but he heard Jing Jiayuan ask, "Did you two finish it today?"
Shinohara fish shook his head and said, "This is my first scenic spot. After that, there are four Song Xue and two."
"Then let’s finish it first. Listen to you, there are many places to go. It would be better to finish it as soon as possible." Jingjiayuan said.
"All right, let’s finish first." Song Xue also knew the priorities and nodded his approval.
The three entered the Tianhou Palace together.
Jing Jiayuan has made up his mind to help Song Xue finish it quickly.
After all, we can get the clue of her CP position and get rid of this "competitor" after finding her CP.
Before he came, he also heard about his fellow guest Song Xue and her CP.
This couple is married. If the couple brings her to her boyfriend, she won’t harm their world.
With this in mind, Jing Jiayuan was also very active in helping the two people complete it.
Instead of Shinohara, he talked to the camera Kan Kan about "this Tianhou Palace is quite worth visiting. These building materials departments were transported from China to Penang more than 100 years ago."
"There are three hometown of overseas Chinese in China: Guangdong, Fujian and Hainan. Look here, it says that Qiongzhou Guild Hall is the old name of Haikou. This Tianhou Palace was built after Hainan people came to Penang."
"The architecture here is very distinctive and well-preserved. It can’t be seen that it has a history of more than 100 years. It retains the Chinese elements and is a typical Nanyang Chinese style architecture."
"Tianhou Palace is the goddess Mazu. In addition, Quanzhou, Fujian, China, Shantou, Guangzhou and other places have the largest Tianhou Palace in Mazu Tempel, and the Tianhou Palace in Quanzhou, Fujian …"
Song Xue looked at it slightly. "Before I watched the live broadcast, I was very impressed with Jing Jiayuan. Now it’s really amazing that he can recite all the tour guide words …"
Shinohara fish nodded. "Yes, this man is a schoolmaster. He can remember his lines by reading them once, and it is also very fast."
Song Xue pie pie some frustration, she lost ten percent again "I don’t like back but I got good grades in sports! I think it will still be the women’s basketball team of our school. "
Shi Xiaoyu held back a smile. "Do you know Lin Yufei?"
Song Xue shook his head. "I don’t know why?"
"I suggest you two become sworn brothers and sisters when you get to know each other later."
Song Xue is full of question marks. What is this brain circuit? Why should we become sworn brothers and sisters?
Jing Jiayuan soon finished the explanation for Shi Xiaoyu and planned the most reasonable route according to the rest.
When Shinohara fish looked at the route, he thought it would be much more efficient. "Brother Yan, the innkeeper, also planned the route for us before coming out, but he forgot the route when he saw the delicious food before, so he had to take many detours less when planning again."
Song Xue, on the other hand, is not traveling. There are so many rules and regulations. How boring it is to finish.
She’s not interested, but she’d better be a little follower behind them.
Anyway, even if Jing Jiayuan comes, Xiaoyu can’t dump her. She’s with Xiaoyu!
With the help of Jing Jiayuan, they finished the day very quickly.