Sue, the little coward, the round sad Mimi sticks to the wall and moves her almond eyes in, sparkly and puzzling.

This is her temporary cave!
Can you break in just because you are good-looking?
Also against the customer to create air conditioning!
What do you mean?
Su Yuan kicked a pebble lightly and rolled into the fire, splashing some sparks.
Leopard rewelding cool look at Su Yuan knife-shaped eyebrows frowning slightly.
Su Yuanxing’s eyes slowly enlarge.
Are you kidding me? He’s not happy yet.
"I said that whoever borrows fire to keep warm should have a borrowing attitude, you know?"
Anyway, the big leopard can’t understand Mandarin, so she can just spit it out.
So think Su Yuan mood suddenly wonderful a lot.
"Hey, it’s not impossible for you to keep warm here. Please be polite. This is my cave!"
Su Yuan’s small waist and fierce milk have a proud illusion!
Leopard rewelding looked at the little female in front of her and bent her lips.
It’s not time to secretly send yourself bamboo shoes last night, female
This is his cave.
Leopard rewelding tao ears don’t mind hanging eyes to continue to deal with the dinner in his hand-an adult short bijuu (wild roe)
Su Yuan’s blinking big leopard, what was that look just now?
Mao seems to covet him more!
Too much, she didn’t want him to pollute the cave, and she didn’t know where she got the courage. Su Yuan suddenly shouted, "Don’t do this!"
Leopard rewelding looked up and wondered how fat the little female was. Is this ordering yourself?
Su Yuan, the sharp eyes of the leopard rewelding, pointed to the cave mouth and pointed to the prey in the hands of a leopard.
"Can you go to the mouth of the cave to deal with that? It will be difficult to deal with the blood."
The water roots in my bamboo tubes are not enough to wash the floor.
Leopard rewelding eyes light a slight flash seems to be white what moment actually got up and carrying short bijuu goes to the mouth of the cave.
Su Yuan is happy to look at Leopard rewelding. The big leopard is not so difficult to get along with.
"Hey, I didn’t tell you to go out. Just do it at the door."
See leopard rewelding almost out of the mouth of the cave also kept Su Yuan hurriedly stood on tiptoe light shout.
Leopard rewelding steps paused, leaned over and shua shua several short bijuu bore broken belly.
Su Yuan quickly turned around. This is really not her affectation. It takes courage to watch the slaughter on the spot!
She silently took out a yam from the system, went to the bamboo tube and washed it. She put on a twig and went back to the fire to bake yam.
Just sitting cross-legged in a leopard rewelding came back with the wild roe deer handled.
Su Yuan’s consciousness gave way to Leopard rewelding. Leopard rewelding gave her a look and didn’t speak.
Followed by silence.
Su Yuan slowly roasted yam with a little flame on the edge.
Leopard rewelding moves easily and skillfully to bake wild roe deer.
Su Yuan was puzzled to see that the leopard rewelding was absolutely proficient in barbecue among the people.
But isn’t he usually out of touch with fire?
A strong smell of meat gradually wafted in the cave.
Su Yuan consciously swallowed saliva, silently picked up the baked yam, and carefully took a little bite with his fingertips.
There seems to be a light ringing in my ear. Su Yuan turns his head and looks at it. The leopard’s face is cold and the side face is coated with a thin glow by the fire, which seems to be not so real.
He has a good nose!
The outline of the jaw line is also perfect, and there is a small pit slightly
Su Yuan remembers that there was a saying that he called it a beautiful man’s pit.
Leopard rewelding suddenly turned his head and looked at each other.
Su Yuan, like a pupil caught by the squad leader for doing something bad, immediately tried to hide his ears.
She’s not peeking!
She just stopped by!
"Well, do you eat this?"
Su Yuan doesn’t know what he thinks. Anyway, he stretched out his hand and handed half baked yam to Leopard rewelding.
Let Su Yuan didn’t expect that it was Leopard rewelding who pulled a leg and handed it back to himself.
"Ah, this is enough for me. You eat!"
Su Yuanshi is a little careful. She doesn’t know when she will be so easily satisfied. Perhaps a little kindness here will be magnified!
Leopard rewelding didn’t take it back.
Su Yuan was afraid that he would quickly pick up his leg in an instant.
Leopard rewelding stopped watching her eat.
Su Yuan found that although he ate quickly, he was a little elegant, and Cheng Jing was so quiet that she was embarrassed to make a sound.
Okay, she’s used to eating slowly. She’s always gentle.
I don’t know if I’m hungry, but Su Yuan actually thinks that the barbecue technique of Leopard rewelding is very good, which is a little better than Aro’s barbecue.
I was thinking that Leopard rewelding had finished eating and got up and strode out of the cave with a white miserable skeleton.
Su Yuan chewed and lived, so she left?
Somehow Su Yuan was a little worried about the heavy rain. Why did the big leopard sleep in the tree?
No matter how strong you are, you really can’t spend the night in the wind and rain, can you?
Do you want it yourself?
I was thinking that the figure of Leopard rewelding was back. The mouth of the cave quickly dumped her head. Su Yuan could see the splash.
Bao Su has a short dark blue hair, which is miraculously stylish without the help of Teacher Tony.