What a dog!

Duke can’t accuse Malygos of’ being a demigod and losing his integrity to this point’ because the former Blue Dragon Wang Gan and Duke want to do the same thing after spring to weaken the enemy’s war potential.
Marigos only came to contain him, Duke.
Huge and thick ice blocks the outside world from the bottom of the cave.
Marigos is absolutely dominant there, and frost elements exclude arcane elements from entering, let alone sending them to the door.
Even if Duke tried to save them, he couldn’t save Nahok and them.
Almost at the same time, cries for help sounded everywhere in Duke’s magic letter network, surrounded by the ice cap glacier area, and the whole allied front was reported to have been raided by the Scourge.
Most of them were raided by a famous [fortress observer] Gargoyle group. These dark magical creatures with high-speed flying ability were covered by storms and blizzards, and directly crossed the frontline defensive territory and raided the second-line allied positions.
Not only that, countless ice bridges extend from the cliffs in the ice cap glacier area to form slide-like grooves sewn by ten corpses, and the hateful sewing monsters flew directly to various positions of the alliance along these ice slides.
Direct near-attack, throwing this kind of fatness over and forcing the allied forces to fight melee, which is why Arthas’ raid was called a great success.
"fight back! Fight back! Press the enemy back! " Even if the alliance commanders screamed at the top of their lungs
Arthas deliberately made it impossible to see anything five meters away. What is the end of the queue in snowstorm weather is an extravagant hope. Fortunately, the support of the alliance communication network has not been destroyed, otherwise the situation may become worse.
Even so, forced to fight a close hand-to-hand combat, it is conceivable that the losses of the Coalition forces will not burn this time.
Rao is a grim-faced Duke. The words squeezed out of his teeth are still admiring the enemy. "Arthas did a good job!"
The alliance position is in a state of turmoil.
"I can’t keep it!" There are union soldiers shouting
Alliance commanders shouted "retreat!" Retreat! "
"no! We’re not leaving! The league honor! " As soon as the lead recruit finished speaking, his boss slapped him in the face.
"Idiot! If everyone dies, this place will become undead, which in turn will increase the burden on the alliance in the future! Trap your comrades! Go! Everybody go! Don’t break! How much can you run! " The second lieutenant of the alliance made a vicious order
"So … what about you, sir?" The recruit is a bit at a loss.
"Someone has to collect the body."
"Collect the body?"
"Little useless talk! Get out of here! Don’t get in the way here! " Alliance second lieutenant kicked the recruits’ ass and even scolded and beat them away.
Watching the recruits disappear behind the snow, the Alliance Lieutenant windproof lighter lit a cigarette, but it lit and went out.
"Alas, brothers …" He saw a lot of wobbly figures, each of whom was wearing shiny silver armor, and the pattern of the lion’s head in Phnom Penh on a blue background was so conspicuous. However, these used to be more ferocious than familiar faces.
Some people are missing half a face, some people are hanging their heads because their throats are bitten off by half, and they have more limbs. They can’t drag their broken bodies to crawl and drag out shocking blood stains.
Magic signal machine in front of the alliance second lieutenant picked up the receiver "hello! The frontline n567 position Lieutenant John Gannard calls Shan Ying. "
"Shan Ying, please speak when you hear n567!" In the magic mirror, a picture of the head of an alliance female soldier lights up.
"The n567 position has been lost. I let the last batch of soldiers leave this position. I am the last living person. If you don’t want this place to become a paradise for the dead, please fire at me as soon as possible."
Alliance sister paused for a long time before trembling voice answered, "Shan Ying Bai … Does Lieutenant Gannard have any last words?"
"Long live the alliance!" Gently say that finish this sentence is not much older than the recruits. The second lieutenant of the League was torn by his former comrades and dragged back.
The female soldier saw the face of the Union Lieutenant from beginning to end with a faint smile until the last moment.
Three minutes later, the artillery position in the rear area of n567 position rang with violent rumbling and violent artillery fire, which instantly flooded the whole position and broke down all humanoid objects in the whole position …
At this moment, Duke’s Heart Lake is simply full of ups and downs. The League has not eaten this for a long time, and it has been detrimental to the’ historical’ memory league campaign.
Compared with the victory, the loss is almost negligible.
This makes Duke the whole league involuntarily enter an almost blind optimism.
Arthas taught them a good lesson today.
Duke doesn’t know how many soldiers will be lost in this raid, but it’s definitely over 10 thousand
This is the biggest single combat loss since Duke was commander of the alliance.
It is not enough to write down the history of war when all the allies remember to learn.
"Did you get hit in the face?" Duke with a wry smile.
Here comes Onyxia. Her ultra-high temperature [deep breath] burns the thick ice.
Add Duke fire magic, which is a little better than Marigos.
The speed of the ice layer in the pit of the arena is decreasing with the naked eye. However, everyone knows that according to this rhythm, when they forced Malygos to escape, the bodies of the first league warriors in milhouse would have been cold.
Duke foresaw that when they reached the bottom of the hole, they probably wouldn’t even receive the body.
Arthas’ vengefulness will definitely strengthen these warriors and put them in the ice crown fortress to wait for the arrival of the Coalition forces.
Maybe there will be another lich named milhouse * Mana Storm …
Just when Duke was a little paranoid, suddenly there was a piercing scream on the ice.