"The abbot! Abbot! Well, we have lost the relic of the earthquake temple! " Another man rushed out.

See the forehead of the abbot of Qingshan Temple.
The veins stood out have burst with fierce color.
"Damn it! Hurry up and chase! Be sure to get it back before you enter Tianshu Temple! "
As the other voice falls
A group of people have jumped up and drove Xiangyun in the direction of Jiang Feng.
This time, I poured out of the temple.
All the monks in Qingshan Temple are tracking in the direction of Jiang Feng’s departure with weapons.
However, they are not far away.
Jiang Feng Zhan Zun reappeared in front of Qingshan Temple.
Jiang Feng hit a ha ha face with a smile. "A group of old things are fighting with me!"
"I’m afraid it’s not good. I think the abbot of Qingshan Temple is still helpful to us." Yang Yunshui said slowly.
Jiang Feng smell speech but laughed.
"It’s not good people who benefit each other. We’ll go to Tianshu Temple if we change the east and west!"
As Jiang Feng voice falls.
Zhan Zun Yang Yunshui will be executed immediately.
Soon the three men also turned into a streamer and hurried in the direction of Tianshu Temple.
A long time has passed.
Jiang Feng they arrived at Qingshan Temple.
I have seen a lot of people gathered in front of the door, and the strength of both sides is facing each other.
"Abbot of Qingshan Temple, what do you mean!"
"Day tree abbot misunderstood! This time we came to look for Jiang … "The abbot of Qingshan Temple said half.
Suddenly realized that something was wrong.
Never expose Jiang Feng’s identity and immediately say "looking for the man to take them away"
One day tree temple abbot leng.
I haven’t recovered for a long time. How can I find them here?
"joke! How can our Tianshu Temple have the person you are looking for! "
"This ….." The abbot of Qingshan Temple is also very surprised. It is reasonable to say that Jiang Feng has already arrived.
I didn’t find a trace.
At this moment
See Tianshu Temple suddenly burst into a fire.
I don’t know who shouted, "The abbot of Qingshan Temple is coming to take the sacred tree of Tianshu Temple!"
As soon as this word comes out,
It can be said that it scared many people.
The abbot of Tianshu Temple glared at him even more. "You … are so hateful! Give it to me! "
Qingshan temple abbot leng one.
He was very familiar with Jiang Fengyin just now.
Angry and furious, I want to catch Nai, and I have been entangled by the abbot of Tianshu Temple.
"The abbot has something to say. The little boy stole things."
"Bullshit! I think it’s you who stole! "
At that time, two groups of monks fought and became a group.
"end of chapter"
Chapter one thousand six hundred and sixteen Strange monks
As long as they fight and get together again,
Jiang Feng has taken many people into Tianshu Temple.
At this time, they have changed their clothes, all dressed as monks.
"I’m afraid it’s not good! They fought in case we were found to be cheating … "
Yang Yun’s bravery is relatively small
Looking at the distance, Xu Zheng is constantly fighting, and several groups of people shrink their heads.
"There is nothing to be afraid of in seeking wealth and danger!"
Jiang Fenggen ignored Yang Yunshui.
A line of people quickly rushed to Tianshu Temple Shanding.
Suddenly a sound came.
Jiang Feng several people are quite small steps to look around and find a monk glaring behind him.
"What’s going on? There’s a fierce battle ahead. How did you get cold feet?"
Jiang Feng mind fast rotation.
Sip your dry lips. "The abbot said that the other party was too strong. Let me go to the treasure house to get something!"
Treasure house! ?