Du Feng couldn’t help saying, "Good sword trick". When the wrist shakes the broadsword and the sword of two people shakes hard, more than four people suddenly move their hands and hold the hilt to stab Du Feng again from different directions. Du Feng is frightened to withdraw the knife, and the blade will come out like a horse to practice flashing. The four people just bullied and saw that this trick was sharper than the one who dared to give birth hard and stopped the offensive and forced to retreat.

The man in black who finally appeared was suddenly attacked by Du Feng, but he didn’t think much of his feet. A recruit, Dapeng spread his wings and jianfeng, attacked Du Feng’s gate again.
The sword shadow pervades Du Feng’s whole body, making it impossible for him to avoid the stagnation of Du Feng’s unfinished knife. He forced his mouth to clean and jerk the sword. A trick of "raising a fire to start a prairie fire", the tip of the sword collided with the tip of the sword, and the strength swept through the dust, and each other gave a squeak. A harrier turned over and landed firmly in anger.
His eyes were cold and he drank a lot. Four men in black had just retired, and the man in black was also a sword shaking to find a good opportunity to raid again.
"Wait" four people attacked Du Feng and retreated. Zhang Yu shouted, "After playing for a moment, Du Feng finally guessed the identity of the bearer." Shen Chaoyang, the famous sword gate, I hate you. Are you going to kill me? "
The men in black were shocked after hearing this. It seems unbelievable that Du Feng saw through and robbed four men in black. Some men in black were stunned and took the lead. Men in black were all standing still and leading men in black. A cold hum no longer concealed my hand and tore off the mask, revealing a familiar face. It was indeed Zhao-yang Shen.
Xue Sanping’s fight was in full swing, but Du Feng’s words made two men in black pull hands. At this time, they had retreated to Zhao Yang’s side. Xue Sanping stared round-eyed and reluctantly muttered, "Just stop playing." He was upset, but he couldn’t be brave enough to go to a distance of three feet from Du Feng.
Zhao-yang Shen’s outspoken identity was exposed. He didn’t argue what to sneer at. "My younger brother Shen Chaozhuo was killed by a sharp knife, and the master of Putian Dao didn’t seem to be able to kill my younger brother. There is you."
Du Feng shook his head with a wry smile and said, "Brother Shen is wrong about the arrest. How can you tell me that your younger brother is going to kill him because of his hatred?"
"The reason is that you know that my younger brother has this thing that can kill him." Zhao-yang Shen didn’t listen to Du Feng’s explanation of Du Feng’s name with a look of anger. His cousin Shen Zhenfeng was dead with Du Feng’s knife, so he can understand that Shen Chaozhuo can be killed by Du Feng. But today, in addition to taking revenge on Shen Chaozhuo, he wants to find the facade of a famous sword. He is more confident that he can beat Du Feng than his cousin Shen Zhenfeng, who was sentenced to a famous sword door.
Du Feng doesn’t know Zhao-yang Shen’s mind. He secretly complains that the second swordsman of the famous sword gate should do things so thoughtlessly and indiscriminately.
And the sword door feud Du Feng naturally can’t resolve it, but now it’s not necessary to fight with them for being wronged. "I also checked your teacher younger brother’s case. I didn’t kill him. There are people behind the scenes who use saber. Maybe there are people in the Central Plains, just like the man who competed with us last night. Does Shen Xiong know him? Doesn’t he also have high swordsmanship? "
Zhao-yang Shen Zheng also hesitated. He has always been like a fire. honest and frank died abnormally because he was brothers and sisters, and because Du Feng lost Shen Zhenfeng, he insulted his name. He didn’t want to retaliate so much. He knew that Du Feng was their rival and had revenge on his brother. He found Du Feng.
Xue Sanping heard that he laughed a few times and said, "It’s a pity that you are also called the Three Musketeers of Jianmen. This mind has no indiscriminate killing." The tone is hard and full of irony
I heard that Zhao-yang Shen was furious and scolded me, but you can’t bring my famous sword door. A pair of eyes are red and red, and you will send it. Next to him, a famous sword disciple with a long face and small eyes is busy pulling Zhao-yang Shen’s arm path. "Second martial brother, don’t get angry. We are really reckless."
Zhao-yang shen said angrily, "How dare we be reckless, fourth teacher younger brother? Don’t you die in vain …" He wanted to say that he defeated Shen Zhenfeng, the traitor insulted my name, but when the words came to his mouth, he suddenly felt uncomfortable and changed his mind. "It’s fair for us to wait."
Stop the old man named Hao Neng, the original name of Jianmen. He listened to Shen Chaoyang stubbornly and said with a wry smile, "Second martial brother, it is really wrong for us to start work with our credentials. As I said before, you just won’t listen to us. Even if we take revenge, we should be aboveboard."
After hearing this, Zhao-yang Shen felt more reasonable. He thought that if Du Feng was killed here in this way, it would not be better to provoke the court name Jianmen in the future than to know that he was too impulsive and impulsive before, but he just went back and hesitated for a moment. He said, "We can’t take advantage of you with many people, but I can’t help but avenge my teacher’s younger brother." He wants to worry about the Jianghu rules and handle things later.
Everyone thought too much about this Zhao-yang Shen without being startled, but Du Feng didn’t feel that Zhao-yang Shen was stupid. Instead, he felt that he had a lot of brains. Naturally, he could leave his name clean in this way, and he was not afraid of the government looking for another project in the future.
At this time, Zhao-yang Shen is interested in trying Du Feng’s business, which may help him to solve a crux in his heart. In those days, Shen Zhenfeng’s famous sword door was finally crushed, and he was still not angry until now. Unfortunately, Shen Zhenfeng left and compared it in other ways, but with Du Feng, he could compare it.
Hao Neng listened in distress and asked, "Second Martial Brother, why can’t you turn around?"
Zhao-yang Shen stared at him, but he didn’t recognize his stupid heart. The thing is that you can’t turn the corner.
Hao can not think deeply about fuels in the previous step, saying, "Hao, the second-generation brother of the famous Jianmenmen, has seen the second martial brother of Du Kuai Xue, and his sexuality is a little straight. Please forgive me."
Du Feng and Xue Sanping saluted Hao Neng, but they all returned to the ceremony. They also thought that the fourth teacher younger brother Hao Neng was tactful.
See the eyes of Zhao-yang Shen Du Feng way "Shen Xiong righteous word draw revenge eager to blame him please believe me, I will find out the murderer in the shortest time and bring him to justice Shen Chaozhuo" Du Feng don’t want to create more troubles at this time, lowered his posture tone is very polite.
Hao Neng said, "We appreciate Du’s intention of catching the fast, but we are bound to kill the murderer ourselves. We can’t take him so cheap." The implication is to make the murderer suffer.
Du Feng gave a cold shiver and said, "This Hao Neng is too cruel."
"The murderer caught is also a dead end. Hao Xiong can rest assured that the yamen will enforce the law impartially, but even if you kill people privately, you’d better not be impulsive." Du Feng consciously woke up.
Hao Neng smiled slightly. "Then please, Du is catching fast."
These words let Zhao-yang Shen compete, but they also gave him a step. However, after thinking repeatedly, he always resisted the warlike heart. "Is Du Kuai confident? But you can’t rule out the fact that the murderer didn’t have it before. If the murderer finds out that it’s really not Du Kuai’s, I’ll offer a humble apology. If it’s delayed for a long time, things will not end today. I, Zhao-yang Shen, will find Du Kuai. At that time, it’s life and death," he said.
Du Feng’s face sank and said, "Good depends on Shen Xiong."
Xue Sanping was suspicious of Shen Chaoyang’s actions, thinking that the appearance of famous swordsmen today was not only because of Shen Chaozhuo, but also because of Shen Zhenfeng. "Shen Chaoyang, are you even interested in this?"
Shen Chaoyang looked at Xue Sanping with disdain. In his eyes, Xue Sanping was just a thief and many years younger than him. He didn’t look at him very much. "What does this have to do with you?"
Xue Sanping changed color and reached out and pointed to Shen Chaoyang. "Don’t be shameless. Seriously, don’t I take you here?"
Shen Chaoyang said, "What, is it that the great thief Xue has turned to being a fast catcher?"
"Madness" Xue Sanping was furious. Suddenly, in situ, the ghosting people floated out and slapped Zhao-yang Shen.
Chapter 22 Two Killers
Suddenly, Zhao-yang Shen reacted quickly, and the sword stabbed Xue Sanping in the palm of his hand. Suddenly, a huge force came out of the sword body, and Zhao-yang Shen felt that the sword body seemed to be hit by a big stone on the hilt. It was not surprising that suddenly, he barely stabilized the sword body and looked at Xue Sanping again. He had returned to his original place and said coldly, "I will teach you a lesson first."
A bunch of brothers in the famous sword gate looked at each other and were stunned. Zhao-yang Shen was livid. No one knew better than him which hand Xue Sanping had just taken. At this time, I really couldn’t accept that Xue Sanping was older than him, but his strength was as good as his. I can say that his qualifications were not as good as Xue Sanping’s. At that time, Zhao-yang Shen’s face changed. I really couldn’t bear this tone. The sword wanted to attack Du Feng again. Suddenly, I had a cold drink. "That’s enough. Today’s important things can’t
Hao Neng heard the words and grabbed Shen Chaoyang. Shen Chaoyang glared and said, "What a court arrest rack!"
Du Feng cold way "I don’t say the second time"
Zhao-yang Shen heard that the veins stood out suddenly and violently, and his eyes almost burst into flames. Hao Neng looked at the trail. "This matter can’t be too big. If Du Arrest doesn’t pursue our attack on him, forget it. If we don’t know how to advance and retreat, it will really provoke the government and teacher younger brother. I also heard that if Du Arrest comes from Shenji House, if it offends Shenji House deeply, I am afraid that we will go to jail."
Shen Chaoyang’s sword door is a shock in his heart. Although it is a famous school, how can he fight against the court? Anyone who knows Shen Chaoyang’s sword door is even more taboo. When he knows Shen Chaoyang’s sword door three musketeers for a special moment, he long exports and looks at his eyes in a sulk. Du Fengchen said, "Take care of the court and wait for me. You are amazing, but I won’t break my word today. If Du Kuai can’t find out the murderer in a week, my sword will come to greet you."
Du Feng heart way is really a stubborn donkey cold way "anytime"
Zhao-yang shen a cold hum squint Xue Sanping snap turned a few flashing people have disappeared in the woods.
Hao Neng whispered awkwardly, "Second Brother, forgive me for being reckless."
Du Feng didn’t say that Hao Neng gave a wry smile, gave a deep bow to his fuels, and then left in a hurry with several teachers.
After several people left, Du Feng and Xue Sanping continued on their way for a while. Xue Sanping said, "Thank you for your brother Du just now. I was a little rude and didn’t suppress my anger."
Du Fengdao "Come here?"
Xue Sanping said, "That Zhao-yang Shen wasn’t simple. Just now, I was attacked by him with the advantage of flying skill. Although it seems that I occupied the wind, it is extremely dangerous. If his mind reacts quickly and turns the blade around, my palm can’t take advantage of it, but it may be hit hard by him. Brother Du just now, if he speaks from time to time, he is afraid of another fierce fight, but he will offend the famous sword gate when he is delayed."
Du Feng laughed. "Are you afraid of being accused of sword?"
Xue Sanping said, "I’m alone and afraid of him. If they piss me off, it’s hard for you."
Du Fengdao said, "The feud with the famous sword gate is true. I don’t want him to come so early."
Xue Sanping didn’t understand the true meaning of this sentence with a smile. "Do you still need to find out about the case of Shen Chaozhuo?"
Du Fengdao said, "Of course, this is my duty, and the feud with the famous sword gate is different."
Xue Sanping said, "I’m ashamed to argue. Well, I think that Shen is guilty this time."
Du Fengnai shook his head and said, "Zhao-yang Shen is a man who speaks frankly."
Xue Sanping said, "If you are in the mood, you can praise others, but they may hate you very much."
Du Fengdao: "I’d like them to call me that."
Xue Sanping shook his head and smiled. "If they know how to be grateful and this case is broken by you, then the famous swordsman in the future may respectfully call you a god hunter."
"They love how I don’t have time for them to care about these." Du Feng said, and Xue Sanping, who was not to be outdone, followed by this effort. Both of them tried their best and wanted to have a competition, and they could no longer be distracted.
After a while, Du Feng and Xue Sanping entered a locust tree forest and saw a group of people running near along a Yang path. They were already soaked in sweat. Cheng Ying was amazed when he saw Xin Da. He thought that there were at least ten miles from Nanjing. Did they come here on foot? It’s hard to imagine!