"I didn’t expect Captain Lin to be so young and handsome, and Mana and I have been friends for a long time. By chance, we met Mana in an interesting way and told me that a friend of hers would arrive here in the next few days, but I was a little embarrassed to meet each other. After all, the orthodox wise man is a deceptive business compared with the fortune teller." The purple girl smiled and plucked the strings, and after a scale was issued, the surrounding clouds and lights surged.

When the clouds gradually calmed down, Lin momo suddenly found that the two of them had a delicate living room curtain decorated with pink crystals and the living room was next to the fragrant boudoir.
The beautiful woman in purple leans on the goose yellow sofa and puts on a lazy look, especially when she smiles and reveals two charming dimples, which makes people feel cute and fascinated.
"Dare to ask miss name? Mana said that let me go to the porch to find someone to sit in my bar for a while and find out some news and immediately come over to meet the young lady. "Lin momo’s purple dress beauty motioned to sit down, but the shoulder macaw stared at the beauty and it was quite pretty. Now the image is a beautiful parrot.
"Ha’s family lives in seclusion and has a name that I can’t remember. Captain Lin can call me a purple witch or simply call Zixuan, because this is the porch world." The purple beauty smiles and looks at Lin momo’s delicate feet dangling, which is very eye-catching.
"Zixuan? That’s a good name. I’m here to find out about the specific situation of the Ten Thousand Gods Organization and the whereabouts of the Red Storm caused by the forces of the Second Galaxy Wooden House. "Lin momo is not at all polite to ask three questions and take out five goose down bags at the same time.
"oh! Why are you so boring? Since a friend introduced me to Zixuan, it’s not easy for someone to talk about Captain Lin. It seems that people will swallow you. It seems that I am beautiful first? " Zixuan fiddled with the strings and dared to tease the handsome captain.
"Beauty is also a first-class beauty even if it is not around the hallucinogenic agent Miss Zixuan." Lin momo only pops up a wisp of blue pink in the living room, and then the blue pink cancels out and disappears.
"Ha ha, captain Lin is really good at talking! I’m so jealous that Mana has such a handsome captain, and I’m alone with others. My heart is tangled. If I tell you the news department, I don’t know if I will meet you again. My mother said that I should find a good man to marry while I was young. "Zixuan’s cheeks turned red after saying this, but she was not embarrassed that the hallucinogenic drug was caught.
At the moment, Zixuan looked at Lin momo with a bright eye like a little girl who found her beloved toy.
"Since Miss Zixuan is a fortune teller, I might as well divine a feeling." Lin momo is not in a hurry to ask questions at this moment. It seems that it is not easy for Zixuan, a difficult character, to get information from her.
"Yeah, why didn’t I think I should have a good divination?" Zixuan plucked the crystal pipa and it was full of rhythmic scales, which seemed to fly to the middle timbre living room and cause vibration
Lin momo was a little surprised. Zixuan suddenly closed her eyes and frowned. She quickly plucked the strings, and waves of gorgeous brilliance revolved around the crystal pipa. The spiritual level seemed to be a mysterious wave.
"Ding …" The sound stopped Zixuan and looked puzzled at Lin momo.
"how about it? Is there a result in divination? " Lin momo felt funny in his heart. Playing the crystal pipa for divination may be called a great pioneering work in the interstellar age.
"You are an ominous person. Your blood is full of ominous. Because of the bumpy hours, it is full of lotus flower disasters. It seems that something is guarding you …" Zixuan seems to have a lot to say, but he swallowed it abruptly and finally smiled indifferently.
"It’s a little accurate, but this feeling?" Lin momo just heard a taste, and as a result, Zixuan’s beauty kept silent.
"Hee hee, of course, not finished! Mom said it’s best not to get involved with men like you, because it will make women exhausted and miserable. Captain Lin wants to get information from me? Please allow Zixuan to make a trivial request. You must find a chatting partner and can find someone in this world to meet my requirements. I’m willing to tell all the details about the organization of gods or the wooden house, but if you want to find the red storm, let’s give up your thoughts before it’s too late! Nowadays, organizations looking for the red storm don’t count. I haven’t heard of any organization that succeeded in hiding the red storm deeply. "Zixuan raised the bar and glanced at the macaw with malicious intent. Her eyes made quite a shudder.
"Er, bitch, you’ve always looked at my old man like this for years. The mirror teacher is so worthless that any guy can see through me." It’s quite angry and flapping its wings.
"Humming parrot, I won’t forget your eyes in my life." Zixuan raised his hand and hit two screens. The screen showed Damon and Subaba.
Lin momo’s pupil is miniature, and I realized that the so-called Caesar Six-Star Building is a star cruise ship, but it is too cleverly hidden. I’m afraid it would still be in the dark if it were not for the achievements in source capability.
"Captain Lin, when you help me find a chat partner, you two belong to play with me. Don’t worry, I will treat them well. This is the first time to contact the Li family. Maybe it’s a good topic!" Purple porch charming smiled and waved Lin momo trance back to Caesar’s six-star building at the entrance of the star cruise ship for control to the top.
"Pretty Master, can you give me a suggestion on where to find a chat partner for the soothsayer?" Lin momo felt very difficult. Mana said that she would contact a beautiful woman in the porch world, but she didn’t say that the beautiful woman still had requirements.
Lin momo can easily analyze the information given by the bar owner to find someone to Caesar’s six-star building, because those places don’t look like beautiful women. It seems that the residents in the porch world are either hermits or older monks, so Zixuan’s request becomes a bit difficult.
"Jie Jie, call me a master at you. I’ll give you an opinion. My little girl is looking for someone who listens to her nagging all day. This person may not be human, and his ethnic life can meet the requirements. You should be able to gain something by taking a trip to the Jinlanxing flower garden." I muttered a lot in Lin momo’s ear.
After listening to a long speech, Lin momo’s face became strange. This cymbidium flower bed was moved after the destruction of cymbidium. The family said it was a family, but it was the whole ethnic group
Jinlanxing people are good at playing with flowers and plants. They are evolved from plants, and the deformed monsters are worthy of being called thieves by Morgan. They have been coveting a treasure in the garden for a long time. He encouraged Lin Sisuo to "take it".
"alas! I’m not a thief, but it’s bound to go to Jinlanxing Garden. "Lin momo walked to the back of the town.
Zixuan fingers around her hair to see Lin momo figure is not a sigh and a low tone sings "the Milky Way in three thousand, the fate of a turning point in history, the shadow appears who can see clearly behind? Who can see clearly that human culture can hide in the middle of the body … "
The first volume of glory! Ten years about Chapter 473 Moisturize
The sun shines on the porch world. It’s really a quiet town. It’s like a hermit village where all kinds of people live. Lin momo has met sloppy bar owners and likes to complain about other people’s mirror image teachers. There is also a beautiful female diviner, Zixuan, who wants to enter the garden to look for Jinlanxing. People don’t know what race it will be.
Lin momo just stepped into the flower bed and felt very fresh. Perhaps it is because the content of free cosmic energy in the flower bed is slightly higher than that outside that it is refreshing.
"Hey, you stepped on my skirt!" Feet suddenly to sweet female Lin momo curious bowed their heads and watched.
I saw a tomato face looking up at the bold intruder. This is probably Jinlanxing. She has a tomato-like head, a eggplant-like body and a vine attached to it.
Lin momo quickly moved his left foot, and it is difficult to find an alien friend because she is too much like stacking fruits and vegetables together.
In the flower garden, slender flowers and plants creep up and raise their bodies, and soon many tomato faces are exposed.
Many people in the trumpet Jinlanxing are curious to look at people. Perhaps the young children of Jinlanxing have never seen human beings. It is too cold and cheerless for anyone to come to the flower garden to disturb the life of Jinlanxing people.
"Big guy, what can I do for you?" A slightly green tomato face leaned in. Judging from the sound, he may be a male. These Jinlanxing people inherit some characteristics of human beings. Men and women are very obvious and make it an interstellar standard language.
"Hello, a friend of mine lives in Caesar’s six-star building and feels lonely. She wants to find someone to chat with her every day, and I am a captain of a star cruise ship drifting around. I will try my best to help my friend solve the problem before I leave here." Momo Lin said, crouching down. Jinlanxing people are less than knees tall.
"Chat? We Jinlanxing people like peace, we like to enjoy sunshine and rain and dew. Chatting is really a kind of talking about things. We are not lonely or lonely. We can share all the joy if we are rooted together. "At first, the tomato face toyed with her vines and stems and looked up to respond.
"eh? Don’t you want to know the outside world at all? Don’t want to know about humans? I need a Jinlanxing person to help me. Maybe it will be helpful for you to bring a gift. "Lin momo magically took out five delicate vials from the sink, which contained five concentrations of tears of Asha, orange, yellow, cyan, green and purple.
Lin momo sat down in the flower bed and tapped the orange bottle, then poured out a drop of liquid. In an instant, five meters of flowers and grass in Fiona Fang were nourished and the plants became full of vitality.
"Look how he did it?" Some Jinlanxing people leaned in curiously. They covered their tiny mouths and showed unbelievable eyes.
"Hehe, it’s very simple. This is the mysterious life energy hidden in Asha’s tears, which has many benefits for plants, but I don’t guarantee that it will be suitable for Jinlanxing people to put on makeup in your garden. But since the gift has been taken out, I don’t intend to take it back and sincerely hope to get help from Jinlanxing friends." Lin Sisuo put the small bottle in front of him. Jinlanxing people just saw that Asha’s tears are severe in orange. They really want to know what effects his four colors have, but they can’t take this gift for nothing.
Most of the Jinlanxing people gathered together. They stared at Lin momo with longing eyes and looked a little embarrassed at Captain Phantom of the Opera.
Two minutes later, Lin momo couldn’t afford to see the tears of orange Asha, so he quickly made the tears of yellow Asha.
After Lin momo’s pure source ability, he still retains the plant communication ability. Yellow flowers surround the ground, and there is indeed a strain hidden on the ground. After a little induction, it can be found that the strain emits hidden energy fluctuations for the outside world to detect it.
The pretty world seems to dare not mess around and encourage others to do things, but this parrot can feel the strain and deserves the title of Grade 9 Mirror Master.
After the yellow sand tears were watered, the ground had a little germination. Of course, this was Lin momo’s feeling through the source ability. A little life was born eager to gain strength.
Lin momo secretly looked at the germination state of the strain, and then he moved blue and green tears at the same time
Green Yasha tears are pure life energy, which can be planted to increase vitality without rendering. Other four colors of Yasha tears are different, not to promote the crazy growth of plants, but to soothe and consolidate the life energy characteristics, which is unwise to blindly promote the growth potential of plants.
Pretty pretty struggled to flap his wings and get rid of the muzzle. He was very angry with Linxi Suoli’s behavior, but the strange sight in the flower garden attracted the attention of the ninth-grade mirror artist.
Asha tears benefit all the grass and flowers in the whole garden and stretch their limbs for a few minutes to grow a circle
Lin momo was surprised to see that the budding strain growing on the ground finally took root and germinated after being moistened. According to the understanding of fungi, this fungus must be a giant when it grows up, and its appearance can accelerate the condensation of free elements in the universe, and the Cymbidium aureum people form some kind of protection mechanism.
"Great, the strain has finally taken root." Jinlanxing people sing and dance, and they have thousands of reasons to be happy.
"Ha ha, our strain has come back to life." The old man Jin Lanxing staggered back a few steps and sat down on the pure white mushroom umbrella cover. He tried it by luck. I didn’t expect Asha’s tears to be so magical
"There is also the last bottle of Yasha tears to contribute to the growth of bacteria!" Lin momo gently poured out purple Yasha tears and communicated briefly through the strain. Once this guy takes root and has strong vitality, purple Yasha tears just play a role in forcing catalysis and will not cause overgrowth.
Tears of purple sand suddenly rose a few centimeters in the flower bed and then rose at a faster speed. About fifteen minutes later, an arched "hillside" has been formed.
"Dear guest, thank you for solving our problem. We are willing to send a team of Jinlanxing girls to chat with your friends every day. Besides, there are some fruits to send." The old man Jinlanxing stood up again on crutches. He seemed to be very young and his voice was much louder.
Lin momo smiled, and the scenery in the flower garden was more beautiful. At first, I thought of visiting the flower garden in order to get some plants unique to the porch world to go back for cultivation. Now I don’t want to sell them.
These Jinlanxing people are simple and kind, and they send out thank-you gifts to surprise Lin momo. There are actually several precious cosmic plants.
It’s no wonder that the free universe in the flower garden can be so much more than the outside. It seems that it’s mostly the credit of the lantern.