You are kidding! Can this silkworm see the male and female? It’s not like he’s such a small animal. A guy doesn’t have any protrusions. Can you tell? Why do you think these two carnivores are the same?

"If a newly born ice silkworm can’t tell the male from the female, but it can be distinguished when it is an adult." Baili Mo Xu seems to have seen through Xiaowu’s patience. He explained that "Wang remembers that the first and ninth sections of the female ice silkworm’s abdomen have four milky white dots, while the first and ninth sections of the abdomen have a triangular black penetration point."
"So it is!" Xiaowu is becoming more and more admired for his master’s erudition. It seems that those who are always masters are really not in vain. "But are these two adults?"
"Adult this is male" thyme devoted to hot talk has distinguished male from female. He grabbed the mother’s small arms palm and pulled out a dagger in his heart. In his hand, the male ice-cold snow silkworm drew an ice-cold snow silkworm’s ass and spat out a sigh of relief, forming a white protective cover around him.
However, the ice-cold snow silkworm is famous for being cute. How can it be faster than a hundred miles of enthusiasm? When it exhales, its fingers have been stained with its ass and blood is dripping.
Baili Mo Xu scratched his own hand again and again, mixing his blood, ice, snow and silkworm blood together, and at the same time ordering Xiaowu to "put that in your hand in front of it, or this shield will not understand the contract of Wang Fa Ta"
Xiaowu hurriedly did as the ice-cold snow silkworm did. Although the wine had not yet woken up, she could see that it was her wife who was dangling in front of her eyes. She didn’t feel any danger again, so she removed the protective cover and made a smooth contract.
Because of the ice-spirit snow silkworm, the two of them easily passed out in the fight in front of the mountain. The three great beasts have all awakened to see the hundred miles of strange heat, which is the envy of the enemy when they meet each other. But before they rushed to get drunk, the two ice-spirit snow silkworms had already started the protection mode. Hundred miles of strange heat and small arms swaggered off the mountain to make the three great beasts cry.
Xiaowu understood that after the contract between the Lord and Gong Bingpo Snow Silkworm, she could not only control it, but also control her wife. The mother obviously obeyed her husband and took care of Xiaowu holding it as soon as she heard the protection order.
It’s so cool to watch the three big beasts beaten by Xiaowu. Without these two ice-cold snow silkworms, they were seriously injured in their calves and limped when they walked. Don’t want to walk out of Shenglong Snow Mountain so easily.
A hundred miles behind the mountain, Mo Xu took this pair of cute beasts into himself, and Xiao Wu took a flying beast together and went back to the side to report to the "Hundred Miles" who had been in bed for two days.
In a short time, the two men walked out of the report room again, and the military doctor was called in. Of course, this time, it was really a hundred miles away, and the military doctor had to deal with it. It was not his cold, but his whole body was injured, especially his calf.
After the military doctor left, he looked at the secret letter with the wind for two days. Xiao Wu was rushing to decoct medicine. He shook his fan and thought about the military doctor’s words. He was secretly worried that the military doctor said that if the Lord didn’t take a good rest, something would happen sooner or later.
In fact, he also knows that many of the injuries of the main body have not really healed, but they are dead. This time, against the three great beasts, new injuries have been added. When the main body on the snowy mountain undressed, he felt that the crisscross scars were shocking.
Alas, princess, if you know what the Lord has done, you will not hate him any more, will you? Xiaowu sighs and sighs that he has become sentimental recently. It seems that feelings are really grinding.
Looking at the boiling medicine juice in the medicine jar, he was glad that he and the Lord were calm these two days, otherwise it would be great if the Lord was really going to kill the enemy.
Half an hour later, Xiao Wu walked into the room with the medicine juice, but he saw a calm face of thyme devoted to the heat, where his eyebrows frowned and his fingers clenched and he was sending out a chill.
"Your report took medicine." Xiao Wu was suspicious. What happened after a while? Is there any bad news in the secret letter that the Lord received?
"Put it there first" is full of ice and cold.
"Your highness, let’s drink it while it’s hot!" Xiaowu can feel that the sovereign is not only angry but also furious. What happened? Did something happen to the princess? Or is the princess ill? But if the princess has a victim, she should make arrangements immediately instead of sulking here.
"hey!" Bailimo Xu impatiently took the medicine bowl and gulped it down. Forget it. What’s the matter with gas? I’m afraid I’ll be in trouble if I don’t see her again!
"Did someone bully the princess, Your Majesty?" Seeing Li Mo Xu drinking medicine, Xiao Wu dared to ask questions.
"Bully her? Who dares bully her? Now she can be very powerful! " Thyme Mo Xu said this when the body temperature was significantly reduced. Xiaowu couldn’t help but feel hitched.
Emma, did the princess provoke peach blossoms? Someone covets the princess? At the thought of this, Xiaowu suddenly got a little confused, so it’s vinegar! It’s really a big thing that the princess provoked the peach blossom. When Shouwangchengri hit on her in the capital, the Lord was secretly jealous, and there were butterflies and bees so soon after leaving the princess of the capital. No wonder the Lord is jealous!
Thinking about Xiao Wu’s mouth, I dare not say that. He pretended to be surprised. "Very bad? Maybe someone loves the princess and secretly supports her? "
"Heart of love? ! Support her? " A hundred miles away gave Xiaowu a cold look. "You think it’s quite simple!"
Simple? Is it more complicated for Xiaowu to be stunned? He secretly looked at the expression of a hundred miles away, and secretly wondered if the princess had moved on. Impossible! Is this too fast? Besides, I left the report two days ago, and the secret letter from there didn’t reach half a sentence!
Is it love at first sight between the princess and people? Bah! Bah! Bah! I’m a crow mouth! Am I cursing the Lord? Besides, if it’s really a princess, may the Lord be sulking at this time? The Lord must go and destroy that man! Then what the hell is going on? Xiaowu felt that his head was not enough. He glanced at it for a long time. Can the Lord stop playing charades? I can’t guess!
"A fox appeared in her garden. It is said that it is a spiritual beast with a high level of cultivation. Wang guessed that it might be a spiritual fox." Li Mo Xu said something with a cold face.
"ah? ! Maybe they fought this princess Linghu? !” Xiaowu was shocked by Linghu, but the King of the Spirit Beast not only cultivated high, but also was said to be very smelly and proud. How did it end up in the Princess Garden? Princess, is she okay?
"She beat Linghu." Baili Mo Xu’s face stinks. "She sprayed Linghu with tea and slapped Linghu."
"What?" Xiaowu opened his mouth and his eyes were full of incredible princess. Did that loser princess actually hit Linghu? Is this true? Then Xiaowu thought of something: "Did the fox hurt the princess?"
"Linghu made a contract with her." A hundred miles devoted to the heat directly poured Xiao Wu Lei.
Oh, my God, the world is completely fantastic! The loser princess hit the Beastmaster, and as a result, she heard that the super-arrogant and smelly-tempered Linghu not only didn’t have to pay back the contract with the princess, but what happened? Is Linghu a masochist?
Xiaowu was just about to speak when he was one leng. Suddenly there was a loud noise in the east, like a landslide, a volcanic eruption and the roar of the sea. You could feel the earth shaking in the distance.
"Not good!" Li Mo Xu grabbed his coat and jumped out of bed. Xiao Wu also ran out. Was it the enemy who attacked the granary or the powder magazine? But this sound seems to be a little far away and wrong!
The two men rushed out of the house and saw the sky in the east was dark red, and a mass of gray clouds kept gathering like flashing things. In the clouds, flocks of birds started to flee.
The sky seems to be getting lower and lower, and the dark red is getting deeper and deeper, which makes people feel more and more depressed. Suddenly, the clouds explode and a dazzling colorful light penetrates through the clouds and shoots around, and then the seven-color light turns into a pure blue light, which is like a sword and cuts straight at the earth.
"The sky is different! The night has changed! " A hundred miles away from the hot face changed and there was a bad feeling in my heart. I immediately summoned the golden retriever to fly to the light splitting place. Chapter 225 What is so good to him? !
"Your Majesty!" Small arms a surprised hurriedly call out their flying beast with thyme devoted to hot behind fly to the night haze.
The two men moved forward in tandem like two flashes and flew to the place where the light was emitted. They put on their coats temporarily and missed the hunt.
The blue light guides the golden-haired beast sitting in a hundred miles to fly quickly into the eastern night haze and come to a barren mountain alone, and then Xiaowu sits in Kunpeng and arrives.
The top of this barren mountain is somewhat square, as if it had been leveled by the immortal magic. The low clouds in the dark red sky are all over this place, and the blue light is constantly splitting at the top of the mountain.
"There is something strange". After Bai Li Mo Xu and the small military commander put the flying beast into a hidden cluster of trees, "this blue light seems to contain great energy and power."
"Your majesty, you mean this light is an energy source?" Xiaowu scratched his head a little puzzled. Look, this light is very strong. If it is hit, I’m afraid there is no way out, right? Even if it contains the mind, who dares to absorb it?
"Wang’s previous practice has reached level 15, and after the blood clot, the meridians have expanded and become stronger, and the practice has reached level 17. Although you are far away, you can feel the mind in that blue light."
"Report that you don’t go to absorb? Isn’t this more conducive to your cultivation? " Xiaowu can’t help but be proud of the Lord. This is the rhythm of becoming a god!