If it were another man, Zherong would have rushed in and fought hard with him, but that man was Huangfushi, a man with broken sleeves. Zherong understood that Qingyan should be very safe with him …

It wasn’t until the hotel courtyard that Huang Fushi took the Ling Shinohara sword in one hand that he deeply realized Huang Fushi’s shocking love!
This can’t help but surprise Zherong. Is this Huangfushi or did he ever know that Huangfushi? Never close to women. He has a soft spot for your words?
But Qingyan’s active cuddling made him suddenly realize what had really happened to them.
This made Zherong feel confused and lost.
Being alone, a familiar ring came from behind.
"What’s wrong with being alone?"
Zherong suddenly looked back at Huangfushi and appeared behind him like a ghost.
Face hanging scorn laughing look HuangFuShi blunt ZheRong recruit waved "open cold iron also have absence, if I just stabbed a sword here, you have said goodbye to me at this time? Ha ha "
Zherong a sullen canthus flashed a cruel bloodthirsty mans "how dare you find yourself? Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you? Have you forgotten what happened in goddess peak the day before yesterday? "
HuangFuShi bosom laugh "ha ha ha zhe rong brother you want to kill me and will wait until now? I finally understand one thing. You won’t kill me anymore. Haha, don’t. I didn’t know that you followed me all the way to kill me. Qian Qian absolutely won’t wait until now if you start work. "
Zherong glared coldly at Huangfu Shiqiang and endured his anger. He said word for word, "Not killing you before doesn’t mean not killing you now. Not killing you now doesn’t mean not killing you in the future. You will never know what is my next move. You will never know who the killer is?"
"Aye, aye, you played tongue twisters with me?" Huangfushi put his hand on Zherong’s shoulder with a smile on his face. He had every reason to do so because how close they were many years ago.
But at the moment, where does Zherong have any idea to catch up with him? I shrugged my shoulders and arched my annoying elbows. "It seems that you are in a good mood!"
Look up at the hanging round full moon HuangFuShi face is full of intoxication "er ok! You won’t understand my mood at the moment. It’s the joy of the first man and the pride of the first man. "
Zherong hated him before, and now he hates him even more! I can’t wait to kill him on the spot immediately.
However, since Huangfushi has no longer broken sleeves, everything is a mistake. What reason is there to go to the murderer again?
And this is more involved in an important person-Qingyan.
I can see that Qingyan likes Huangfushi very much, so he can’t kill Huangfushi because he doesn’t want her to be hurt any more. If she likes him, she will protect him unconditionally, including that annoying Huangfushi!
With a bitter smile, Zherong secretly sneered at me. A killer who is known as a ruthless killer has such a kind side. Kind? Hmm …
Shake, shake, splash, water drops, and Zherong will lose his hands behind him and turn around and go east along the river.
Huangfushi looked at him inexplicably, understood his indifference, and chased him in three steps and two steps, shouting, "Hey, brother, you haven’t told me what you’ve been following me these days? Let me ask you, is the inscription nearby? Hey, I’m talking to you! "
Zhe Rong suddenly paused and turned around. "Don’t follow me again. I want to say a word to you now. Please be kind to Yincui gorge. If you let her suffer any injustice, I will spare you first!" Farewell! "
After that, he left with a kiss-xiu, and went on the waves resolutely.
I’m obsessed with Huangfushi’s riverside doubts. This guy is really amazing. He knows everything I say tacitly to Qingyan … Look at his doormat … Does he like Qingyan, too?
Manic and restless running all the way on Zherong River.
He was depressed, he wanted to shout, he wanted to vent, he wanted to kill …
"pattering!" He seems to vent all his resentment on the shallow river beach with heavy steps.
Suddenly a vague figure caught his eye and made him nervous.
A dead woman in red has appeared on the foggy river!
Oh, no, not a female corpse! She can move. She’s crawling slowly! She is walking on the river, and she is walking slowly towards the river center step by step.
Did you run into a female ghost who fell into the water?
Rubbed her eyes hard. The woman at the far end of her eyes sank deeper and deeper. The water gradually passed her knees, her lower abdomen and her chest …
She has a good figure and a beautiful face. She is wearing a red Chinese-style chest covering.
It’s her! Lingxiao!
At that moment, the river has not passed her head, and there are ripples on the whole river.
There is no longer a moment’s hesitation. Zherong suddenly jumped into the river. He struggled to go to the middle reaches of the river. In his heart, he would have scolded Huangfushi for thousands of times. If he hadn’t suffered, he would have thrown himself into the river.
Having identified the position, he plunged into the chaotic and dim river at the bottom of the water and groped all the way.
Finally, he felt a touch of long hair, and then his arms clasped tightly around that mass of Youzi tender body, and he felt that the lover in his arms resisted Zherong’s struggle to hit her acupoints and directly stunned her, and then Zherong’s feet struggled to swim towards the river. One hundred and forty-third we are both unhappy — to the sky’s end
Stick Ling Xiao’s back, his left hand passed through her armpit, put his arm around her chest, and his right hand paddled rapidly towards the river bank.
The floodplain is gradually showing that the water is not so deep, but it is certain that they are out of danger.
Zherong tensed his nerves and finally relaxed. At this time, he realized a little strange.
His left palm is covered with a soft and elastic meat ball, and his elbow is squeezing another soft foreign body.
Even a gentleman like Zherong has a ripple in his heart.
He and Ling Xiao are so close that they can clearly distinguish each other’s breathing and heartbeat. If she leans her head against Zherong’s shoulder, Zherong’s cheeks and even her lips will touch the wet and fragrant long hair, which makes Zherong’s breathing almost stagnant.
Call a sin in secret. Sin holds her chest. The left hand moves slightly away from that sensitive part, but the elbow will still touch it inadvertently …