"If I die, I won’t drink Meng Po Tang, and I won’t drink it." Feather said softly.

“?” Ling mo pupil heard turned to look at feather pastor.
"Because I don’t want to forget you, I have forgotten Fengluo and I don’t want to forget you again." Feather said sadly.
This fox has a sweet mouth.
(Nonsense, can I brush my teeth with honey early every day? The fox says)
Wow, fox, you are too extravagant. Jujube honey or Sophora japonica honey? Chocolate asks)
I take a sip of royal jelly and spit it out to piss you off. Chocolate makes you abuse me. I haven’t had a beautiful woman OO for a long time, said the fox.
So it was decided that everyone would return to hades together the next day.
Everyone was ready early the next morning. It’s been a long time.
Feather contact curiously ask ling mo pupil "where the hell is hades? Is hades hell? Is there a Nai Bridge? Is there Meng Po Tang? Is there ten floors? " She shuddered at the thought of the place where ghosts were tortured in the ten levels of hell
"Almost, just like what you’ve heard of" Ling Mo patted her on the shoulder "but Meng Po is not an old woman but a stunning beauty."
"Really?" Feather Zhen immediately wants to meet Meng Po and Meng Potang, saying that Chinese and black and white often have seen themselves as two charming and handsome guys!
Beauty? The fox Mo Yan’s eyes are as bright as a light bulb, which means there are beautiful women to see? There must be a lot of hell beauties. Maybe but OO?
Xiaoxi and Brahma Xuan are also very happy. Brahma Xuan is also contemplating that when he goes back this time, he must report his marriage to the ghost king together with Shura. If you can hold a grand wedding together with Ling Mo Pupil and Yu Zi Li.
Have a piano heart and gloomy eyes, not happy at all.
Everyone can see what it is that most people are white, but no one wants to discover it
Feather pastor wanted to go over and talk and laugh with Qin Xin, but he just walked beside Qin Xin and didn’t wait for his mouth to open, but Qin Xin went to talk to Xiaoxi like he didn’t see it. His face was very embarrassed.
Ling Mo’s pupil was very distressed to see the uncomfortable sample of Feather Beard. He walked over and gently stopped Feather Beard with fragrant shoulders. Feather Beard turned his head and smiled warmly. He simply said, "Don’t pay attention to her, but she will be in a bad mood in a few days."
But Qin Xin is very kind to Zi Li. What’s to yourself?
Feather pastor nodded no longer to self-defeating.
"It’s time," Van Gogh said to Ling Mo’s pupil in a low voice.
"Well," Ling Mo nodded, and his cohesive force called "black and white headhunter!"
With the two clouds of smoke, a handsome guy in white and a handsome guy hanging ink appeared in front of everyone. They took two steps to salute respectfully with their fuels. "Please refer to the Shura adults in the Temple of the Divine King."
Ling Mo-tong nodded. "It’s been a long time. We’re going back to hades now, but because some friends are not hades but guests, I want you to make a passage to the underworld so that we can pass together."
The two headhunters quickly promised "Yes, sir!"
They hit the door to the underworld together in front of everyone’s eyes. Shura Shenjun turned around and smiled, "Please!" He took the feather and went in first.
So this is the way to the underworld! Feather Zhen is surprised to see that there are many people on this road besides them, and each of them is dragged by a ghost pawn with a thick chain around his neck, crying and shouting.
"They are …?" Feather Zhen said in a trembling voice that she clung to Ling Mo’s pupil arm and almost needed it physically.
"Ghosts, they are all ghosts," Ling Mo said flatly. "They cried because they missed all their relatives and places of life. Remember when I just took you to hell, you cried and shouted."
"Then what didn’t respond at all?" Feather Zhen saw several ghosts very silent.
"That’s because some of them have suffered a lot, and they have not left their lovers at all, and they are already disheartened." Ling Mo said calmly.
"What about them?" Feather pastor asked curiously.
"After paying their debts in hell, they wait for a reincarnation," chimed in Van Gogh.
"This is like telling the truth!" Feather pastor can’t help sighing.
After walking for a while, everyone and many ghosts took different paths. "Aren’t we with those ghosts?" Feather asked
"No, they’re going to hell for trial. We’ll take another road and go straight to hades," said Ling Mo-tong.
"Oh, I see." Feather pastor nodded.
After walking for a while, they passed a bridge, and now many ghosts from the temple over there lined up to go to the bridge.
"This is the ghost in Naiqiao Hell who has paid off his debts and entered a reincarnation after crossing this bridge. He has to be reborn, but he is not necessarily a human being." Ling Mo said gently.
So this is Nai Bridge. Since there is Nai Bridge, Meng Po and Meng Potang said?
Seems to see the feather Zhen mind ling mo pupil raised his head and shouted, "Meng Chuge, please come out and a friend of mine wants to see you."
At the other end of the bridge, a very delicate reply came, "Hey, is this the Temple of the Divine King?"
With this moving sound, a very moving and beautiful figure appeared at the bridge head, seeing a snow-white girl standing by the bridge, a silver shawl, white teeth, jade face and lips. Although no powder was applied, it was still difficult to hide that peerless charm.
"This is Meng Po?" Feather Qian and Zi Li, Mo Yan’s eyes are getting bigger than a big one. Is Meng Po not an old woman? But a beautiful girl?
Ling Mo Pupil couldn’t help but feel a little funny when he saw their surprise. "Meng Chuge is what you said. The Meng Po underworld is responsible for cooking soup for those ghosts who are about to enter reincarnation. After drinking it, they will forget the memories of their previous lives. However, there are very few clever ghosts who don’t forget to secretly pour out or spit out Meng Po’s soup. However, this problem has been solved in the underworld and we will strengthen management in the future. What makes her Meng Po an old woman because she is white and always turns her back on those ghosts? But it’s right to call her Meng Po for her age!"
Meng Po and Meng Po Tang?