Meng Yudong looked at his sister Zhan Longhai with a face of expectation. She couldn’t say anything about refusing.

"Well, I’ll do you a favor. How about this lunch at noon?" He know how much Meng Yudong stubborn personality and mouth to say
"Thank you, Mr. Zhan. Let’s look at the other room first!" I don’t think his room must be high-end, and it won’t be cheap at market price. If he rents it to them cheaply, she owes him another favor.
"Said call me Aaron too diagnosis" ZhanLonghai eyebrow stressed to her.
Meng Yudong didn’t respond and said, "I’ll ask the waiter to come and order!"
After dinner, Zhan Longhai took them to the house to see the two sets of Meng Xiaodong, and they were not satisfied. She clearly wanted to see Zhan Longhai’s set.
However, the rent in the first set is not very expensive in winter and winter, and the residential environment is also good, and it is also very close to Meng Yu’s winter class.
"I don’t want to live here." Meng Xiaodong pulled a face. "Elder sister, let’s go and see Aron’s room. You live in such a high-end room but let me live in such a shabby hut." Meng Xiaodong said with special grievances.
Zhan Longhai really wants to give this little girl a big ear and smoke to see if she speaks human words. It’s really not easy for Meng Yudong to have such a sister who can endure it until now.
"Well, I’ll go and see my place first and then you decide," said Zhan Longhai, looking at the silent Meng Yudong.
Meng Yudong knows her sister very well. If she is not satisfied, even if she rents it, she will not come to live. She has a headache and looks at Zhan Longhai and then nods.
Zhan Longhai, a small two-bedroom apartment, is separated by a street next to the office building of the government of Hetang District. The environment of the middle and high-end community is also quite good. The most important thing is that the security of the community here is very good, and security patrols are carried out 24 hours a day, and people entering and leaving are also strictly audited.
Meng Xiaodong was very interested and chose a favorite room.
When my sister entered the room, Zhan Longhai tried to tell her, "The security here is good. I will say hello to the building security. No one can come in or out except your sister, even if she brings people herself, so you don’t worry that your sister will bring people around. It’s a 24-hour video surveillance here, and you can know that your sister is late."
Meng Yudong will definitely see him. She doesn’t know him well, but she has only met him several times. Besides, he is a friend of Cheng Dongyang and Tang Kexin. Why would she be so helpful?
"Mr. Zhan, we are not familiar with each other, and I know that the rent here is not cheap and we can’t afford it." The worst thing is that she can let her sister still live there, and she will explain it to Cheng Dongyang again.
"This room here is also for your sister to live in, and it can also make the room a little popular. I am not selling it to you or selling it to Dongyang. If you bring your sister to live with him, he will definitely not be happy. He must be grateful to me for handling a trouble for him."
"Why do you want to help me like this?" She’s not stupid. He talks to coax her. He helps himself.
Zhan Longhai, a vendor, said, "Some people say I am a bad person, but I really care what that person thinks of me. I want her to know that I am not a bad person. Will you give me a chance?"
Memories flooded in last night, and her face turned slightly red. "I was drunk and I couldn’t be true."
"So you remember what happened last night. Your sister did this to you. You gave her a room to look for winter and winter. I really don’t understand you." Zhan Longhai looked at her with some love.
"She is the only sister. My mother is ill now. Xiaodong is that I don’t have many relatives left. She is too young to be sensible. I am her sister. I want to take care of her." She said, "Thank you for the rent. Come at the market price!"
"Well, can you promise me to do three things and rent 1000 a month?" He knew that she was short of money and she wouldn’t take the initiative to ask Cheng Dongyang for money. He really didn’t want her life to be too difficult.
"I can’t promise you" Meng Yudong face a change want to also don’t want to refuse.
"I promise that the three things I asked you to do must be something you can do." Zhan Longhai threatened in Chapter 113.
"I still can’t promise you," he said, and this man didn’t feel good to her. She knew that she was invincible. He wanted to stay away. "Thank you, Mr. Zhan. I’ll take my sister and find another room to live in!"
"Will there be such a good environment in his place?" Zhan Longhai was really defeated by her. This woman is really difficult to fix. "You can rest assured that your sister lives here, can’t you?" Dongdong, I want you to help me with three things, which must be within your ability and will not make you suffer. Is that ok? I, Zhan Longhai, said to do it, can’t you let me be a good person? "
"You are already a good man. You saved me yesterday," Meng Yudong said with gratitude.
"Then can’t you let me be a good person again?" Zhan Longhai winked at her. "Be a friend to help, or you can invite me to dinner again."
His expression is sincere. Meng Yudong is really difficult.
"Elder sister, I really like it here, so let’s rent it, okay?" Meng Xiaodong came out and begged, "It’s also very close to the unit. I can come back after work every day and buy food and cook by myself. The kitchen here looks great!"
Meng Yudong smiled at her cooking unless the sun came out in the west. She said, "Well, I can promise you three things, but I can do them."
He nodded at ease and said, "since it’s so late, I’ll treat you to dinner."
Meng Yudong thought that he had done himself such a big favor and said, "No, you helped me, but I’ll invite you!" "
"At noon, you have invited beautiful women to dinner." Zhan Longhai laughed. "Let’s go and have dinner."
"Let me treat you!" He did himself a big favor, and there is no reason to let him treat himself to dinner.
Seeing that she is so persistent, he doesn’t want to talk about this girl’s self-esteem. "Well, I want to eat hot pot today. What do two beautiful women think?"
"Hot pot is good. I like hot pot, too." Meng Xiaodong said with a smile.
Meng Yudong is lucky that she can’t eat spicy food. "Let’s eat hot pot," she said. "Mr. Zhan must have a familiar shop. Take us there!"
"Call me Aaron" This time Zhan Longhai can’t be serious enough to see her.
She was so nervous that he helped herself so much that she couldn’t be polite enough. She nodded "Aaron"
Meng Xiaodong face slightly heavy with a light.
Zhan Longhai finally smiled and gave them the door "Let’s go, two beauties"
"Thank you" Meng Xiaodong is very intimate, holding her sister’s hand and smiling at Zhan Longhai.
Zhan Longhai took them to eat in a famous health hotpot restaurant in Binhai. The bottom of the pot is famous for its health and health. Meng Xiaodong has been here several times and likes the taste here. I am very familiar with ordering when I sit down.
In a short time, the fragrant hot pot was served with hot and sour fish on one side and health mushrooms on the other.