Xiaoxi thought to herself, is it because she has been out of the body for too long and has been limited to contact with the spirit of the underworld, so she can’t fit in with her original body smoothly?

He leaned over gently and suddenly noticed that the girl’s soul was wearing Feng Pei, and she had a small west to condense her spiritual strength to activate Feng Pei’s colorful Guanghua Meng Xiaoyu’s chest. Finally, her soul slowly returned to her body.
Xiaoxi Dijun’s face was pale. He wiped his forehead with sweat and sighed lightly. His hand gently stroked Meng Xiaoyu’s soft strands. He said to himself, "Goodbye, Feather, you must live happily!"
The silver light is getting brighter and brighter, and the silver light of Xiaoxi’s figure is getting weaker and weaker, and finally it disappears as if it had never appeared.
Meng Xiaoyu’s father slowly opened his eyes and patted his wife. "Hey, wake up. Why did I feel a silver light just now? It was so bright."
"What light? Are you dreaming? " Xiaoyu’s mother rubbed her eyes. She habitually got up and went to Meng Xiaoyu’s window to gently tuck her daughter in.
"Xiaoyu, when will you wake up?" She gently took Xiaoyu’s hand and sighed and said
At this time, she obviously felt the sudden movement of her little hand. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She carefully looked at her beloved daughter’s face, and now her eyes slowly opened in surprise.
"Baby, her father is coming to Xiaoyu to wake up." Xiaoyu’s mother excited with a trembling voice.
Meng Xiaoyu opened her big round eyes and turned around. She saw two cutting faces in front of her eyes. She opened her mouth and said weakly, "Mom and Dad …"
Xiao Yu’s parents were so excited that they wiped their tears. "Xiao Yu, you are really worried about your parents when you wake up. Are you going to scare us to death?" For more than a year, mom and dad are all anxious. "
Xiaoyu laboriously raised her hand to hold her mother’s hand. "Mom, I’m sorry to have worried you. I seem to have had a long dream and met many people, but I can’t remember them."
Meng Xiaoyu recovered very quickly. In a few days, she was able to walk slowly. In a few days, she was alive and kicking.
But I don’t know why, she always feels lost in her heart, and she always feels that she has forgotten something, and she doesn’t know when to wear a phoenix-shaped necklace and when to buy land. Even parents don’t know.
After three months’ rest, Meng Xiaoyu decided to re-apply for a job, having recovered his health.
I went to interview every day after I submitted a lot of resumes online, but it was really hard to find a job just in time for the economic crisis, but Xiaoyu didn’t lose heart and still applied everywhere.
After everything comes to him who waits, Xiaoyu was finally admitted to a large real estate company.
"Ulla!" Xiaoyu almost kowtowed and thanked Cang.
Finally, I look forward to the day when it rains early in the morning in the class, and my beautiful face, which is elegant and long, straight and professional, is a "Bai Gujing" (white-collar+backbone+elite)
After reporting smoothly, the secret lady smiled and said to Meng Xiaoyu, "It’s just that the general manager has come back from a business trip in other places to meet you!"
Xiaoyu nervously followed the secret lady into the spacious boss’s desk of the general manager’s big office, and then sat back and looked at them as if enjoying the scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling window. The secret lady respectfully said, "Miss Meng Xiaoyu, the new general manager, has come."
The swivel chair man "Oh" made a gorgeous turn. The boss’s chair turned around. It was a very handsome young man like Tianqiao male model. He had a pair of deep dark green eyes and a charming smile on his beautiful mouth. His voice was low, gentle and full of magnetism. "Miss Meng Xiaoyu, right? Welcome to join our company. I am the general manager of this company. My name is Ling. "
The end of a story may be another story, right?
In five months, the first novel of chocolate, "Born Thief, I Steal My Heart", has ended. Thank you for your support and encouragement when chocolate is confused. Because this is chocolate first, there are many imperfections and unsatisfactory places for everyone, but everyone has wrapped me up. I sincerely thank you for your kisses! Maybe everyone is not satisfied with this ending, but chocolate has left an association for everyone. Maybe imperfection is the most perfect. The new chocolate "don’t be your beauty" has been pitted. I hope you can still support chocolate!
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She is a little white collar from the 21st century. She crossed into this era of man, god and demon, and accidentally got the sacred object of heaven and earth dd Feng Pei and a powerful force to meet the God Shura from hell.
He said, "I like to control people’s lives and sorrows, but I don’t have my hands to embrace my lover."
Can man and God achieve something extraordinary? How is love and hate intertwined?
What kind of blood shed will the human world, the divine world and the underworld set off?