Tang Luoling beside also stare big eyes quietly waiting for his answer.

If this is not a fool, he looks at the big plate of Yuzhu autumn bamboo shoots. "I will tell you unless you send me this plate of autumn bamboo shoots!" "
It’s just a plate of autumn bamboo shoots!
There’s nothing to do. She’s not without materials.
Never YanDuan that plate of Yuzhu autumn bamboo shoots "you come with me! I’ll take you to see my parents. "
Tang Luoling looked at each other in a fierce day. This little guy actually took them to see his parents?
Yunlie took her by the hand. "Never take the lead."
Never take to see the two of them are willing to follow their own nature also happy.
He hasn’t seen a stranger for too long, and his parents have been reluctant to leave. He can also stay here and not leave Yuzhulin.
Follow Jueyan’s left turn and right turn, and finally reach the destination.
In front of them are several wooden houses, surrounded by bamboo forests and sprinkled with sunshine. Outside the wooden houses, there are several vegetable fields planted with vegetables, which are well cared for and full of vitality.
Never stop. "My dad is desperate. My mom’s name is Hongfeng. Now my mom is ill. If you go in, just don’t talk too loudly, otherwise my dad will be angry."
Tang Luoling wants to know what kind of master he is in Yuzhu forest, and why he will be punished in Yuzhu forest, especially the sinner in the valley of unfeeling.
Into the wooden house, Tang Luoling saw the bamboo couch girl with a full head of Chinese hair like a 70-year-old woman
Keep beside her is a man in his twenties. After the three of them entered the room, his eyes were sharp as a knife and he fell on the three of them. Chapter 78 Make a scene in the Valley of Desperate Love.
"Who are you? Be good at the forbidden area of Yuzhulin! "
Men speak with cold meaning.
Jueyan was greeted immediately. "Dad, they are children. Please come back. They just cooked Yuzhu autumn bamboo shoots in Yuzhu forest. They like it very much. Please invite them to come. Please don’t be angry. Just come with anger."
It’s impossible to look at this child alone and say that you don’t feel bad.
Because he was conceived in his wife Hongfeng’s stomach for forty years before he came alive.
In these forty years, he has made his son live, and even more, he has searched all over the mainland for pills that can prolong his life.
"Since you brought them back, let them go to your room."
Never lonely waved at him and didn’t say anything. Her eyes returned to the bed.
Tang Luoling suddenly said, "Do you know that Madam is poisoned?"
"What did you say? Maple is poisoned? How is it possible? "
Three questions in a row made the lonely glacier face finally have a different reaction.
Even Jue Yan was shocked by Tang Luoling’s words and directly dropped the dish in his hand. "Sister, how can my mother be poisoned?"
Tang Luoling glanced at them. "Just because your father is not poisoned doesn’t mean that she can’t tell when she is not poisoned. But now you can see that her face is very white. This kind of white is not normal. It is close to the dead zombie white!"
I am so lonely that I get up. "What poison is in my wife?"
"This needs to be checked."
As he spoke, Tang Luoling came to the huafa woman and reached for her pulse.
This check Tang Luoling couldn’t help but look cold. "Your wife has been poisoned every year, and it takes fifteen years to calculate a poison."
Fifteen years?
Wouldn’t it be that Hongfeng was poisoned after Jueyan was born?
But who will poison Hongfeng in this forbidden area of Yuzhulin?
It suddenly occurred to me that a person never shook his fist alone. Over the years, two school sisters, Hongye, will come here to see them, and every time she will be very kind to Hongfeng and even take some to make up for it.
But …
Now someone tells him that red leaves are poisoning red maple?
I looked at Tang Luoling alone. "Can my wife be cured of poison?"
"The general solution to mixing drugs is to know her sequence, but one thing can be known: your wife must be an old woman like aging drugs. If you say that without aging drugs, you won’t become so old. After all, your wife’s strength is the strength of six Wuxian!"
Tang Luoling actually has a medicine to get rid of the mixed poison of red maple, but she doesn’t want to get rid of it now
One reason is that it is not good for them to help each other rashly without knowing whether they are friends or enemies.
"That can suppress her body poison? Don’t let my wife be so miserable. She likes to stay in the kitchen and cook all kinds of delicious food. That’s her favorite thing … "
People who look at the bed alone have deep affection in their eyes.
Tang Luoling gave him a deep look. "I can suppress her body poison and wake her up, but if you can ensure that she won’t be poisoned again after I let her come?" Once someone poisons your wife to her again, there is really a dead end. Chapter 79 Make a scene in the Valley of Desperate Love.
Tang Luoling’s words are impolite.
Lonely but not angry, I just want to make sure when I feel the trembling of the circle.
He immediately ordered his son to "never take it! Someone’s coming. Stop one! I took the two of them to hide. "
"Dad, I’m going!"
Jueyan quickly slipped out and practiced martial arts at the gate for a pretence.
And absolutely lonely to the two of them is waved and then in Tang Luoling and Yunlie day, nine turn Sirius feet appeared a golden light.
"Don’t talk or come out for a while. The Valley Master won’t find you in this golden circle."
Give them a serious warning and then sit there and wait for someone to come.
Outside, the red leaves came in, and behind her, there was a unique character.