"All right," the director nodded. "Then you can take a rest and shoot later … Chiyao will be finished in half a month. You … stick to it."

Chi Yao smiled "good" at the director.
Sitting in the rest area, Zhu Xiaoxuan was busy handing Chi Yao a cup of hot milk tea. "If you are in a bad state, take a day off."
Dongfang Qing also looked at Chi Yao. "Little sister-in-law heard that you had a nightmare?"
"Well" ChiYao drinking milk tea light should way.
"It’s just a nightmare. Don’t be nervous. Jingmu will be fine." Dongfang Qing also comforted, but you can say this over and over again. Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous. Of course you will be nervous! When going out to Jingmuyun, their brothers were also nervous!
ZhuXiaoXuan sighed this Oriental green is he said those words, she don’t know how many times to chi yao said! Can there be some new words? Such comforting words are too pale!
"I’m fine, but I didn’t sleep well," Chi Yao said softly. "I don’t want to take on the show until the boss comes back."
Dongfang Qing nodded without hesitation. "Just take care of your rest. I’ll say it to the media and major directors."
Jingmutou asked them to take good care of her sister-in-law, but they couldn’t follow her around the clock. If her sister-in-law chose not to understand the play, it would be wonderful!
"Well, I’m going to shoot." Chi Yao put milk tea on the set.
Oriental green some concerns looked at the pool from the back "little sister-in-law … will be fine? Don’t wait for Jing Mutou to come back and think that we abused my little sister-in-law, then I will suffer! " According to Jing Muyun’s wife and slave practice, it is worse to abuse her sister-in-law than to see her so unhappy and thin.
Zhu Xiaoxuan shrugged his shoulders. "Now it’s time to see the commander go home safely!"
"When can he retire?"
"He retired? It’s still early! " The somebody else’s commander this year just … 25 less than so young to retire! "But it’s hard to say if it’s far away."
Oriental green also want to say what I heard ZhuXiaoXuan body phone rang "military area command called me to take a message first"
Zhu Xiaoxuan stepped aside to answer the phone. It was Ouyang Jun from the military region. As soon as he heard Zhu Xiaoxuan answer the phone, he immediately said, "I wish the instructor I have bad news for you."
"You said"
"Is little sister-in-law there?" Ouyang Jun suddenly asked
"She’s at work" Zhu Xiaoxuan eyebrows why do you ask? "What did you say?"
Ouyang Jun took a deep breath. "The news from the military headquarters and the commander lost contact."
"What?" Zhu Xiaoxuan lost her voice and said that she didn’t care if someone threw a strange look at her. She shouted at the words, "What do you mean, lost contact?"
Ouyang Jun is also very anxious. "Last night, after the commander crossed the border, the headquarters of the military region found that he was in contact with the commander, and sometimes it was gone after midnight!" That’s the commander, the pillar of Z!
Zhu Xiaoxuan’s look became condensed. "Didn’t the headquarters take any measures?"
"Things haven’t reached such an emergency. If the commander … what happened, Villa will definitely tell us." Ouyang Jun paused for a moment. "The headquarters asked us to wait patiently for the news … I was wondering if I should tell Little Sister-in-law …"
"Pig! I can’t tell her! "
"I think so, too."
ZhuXiaoXuan some bored hangs up the words and walked beside Oriental green bite bite lips "green may … far feeling is true"
Oriental green eyebrow "what’s the matter?"
"The commander lost contact with the headquarters," said Zhu Xiaoxuan.
"What …" Oriental green looked around and drew ZhuXiaoXuan aside "XiaoXuan it’s no joke"
"News from headquarters, do you think I’m joking?"
"Little sister-in-law will go crazy!" Oriental green intensely frowning.
"What you can’t let Yaoyao know … is to lose contact. Don’t think the worst!" Zhu Xiaoxuan thought for a moment, "Don’t tell him about Yufeng’s big mouth!"
"That’s what I’m thinking!"
Zhu Xiaoxuan looked at the studio and silently prayed in Chi Yao’s back that nothing would happen to the commander!
☆, Chapter 169 The commander is back?
Chi Yao goes to film step by step every day, but the eye can still see that she is obviously perfunctory. Although the filming process is not ng, she always feels that she is not very distracted.
Four days after Jing Muyun went out, she couldn’t call him and he didn’t give her a message back. This situation has never happened to her. The uneasy flame in her heart is getting stronger and stronger!
Sometimes she can’t wait to dial the phone, but reason tells her that she can’t. In case he is still carrying out one of her words, won’t the past expose him?
"Get something to eat" Zhu Xiaoxuan bought a pineapple bag from the supermarket and handed it carefully.
"And yogurt" Yufeng also handed it over with yogurt.
Chi Yao took it and unpacked it and ate yogurt. Yufeng has inserted the habit and put it in his mouth. Chi Yao can quietly eat a pineapple bag and drink yogurt. The whole person looks strange and quiet, but it seems to Zhu Xiaoxuan and Yufeng that it is more like the peace before the storm!
Chi Yao said "I went" after eating, and got up and left Yufeng. "Xiao Xuan’s little sister-in-law is not a way to go like this. What’s the situation with Jingmu? Why isn’t there a message? "
Zhu Xiaoxuan’s silence is not without a message, but there is no way to have a message! And the commander lost the league, but he couldn’t tell Chi Yao!
Yufeng looked at it and said nothing. Zhu Xiaoxuan touched himself thoughtfully. "Xiaoxuan, how do I feel that you seem to have something in your heart!"
Zhu Xiaoxuan suddenly turned to look at him. "What can I do for you?"
This reaction … "You really have something, don’t you?"
Yufeng pulled ZhuXiaoXuan sleeves to shake "I don’t believe it! You tell me! "
"Really not" ZhuXiaoXuan not resistant to pull his sleeve.
"I don’t believe it or not!" Yufeng’s hand was dumped, but then he stuck to continue pulling ZhuXiaoXuan sleeves and shaking.
Zhu Xiaoxuan got a little impatient and stared at him for two seconds, then suddenly hooked his head and pressed him to his own lips to block him. Zhu Xiaoxuan had no experience in kissing, and this kiss was just sticking his mouth to him.
In a short time, Zhu Xiaoxuan released his reputation peak because of the incident. Suddenly, his brain crashed. It was not until Zhu Xiaoxuan released him that he realized that he had just … It seems that he was strongly kissed, right?
Yufeng has been staring at her, making ZhuXiaoXuan a little embarrassed to leave the line of sight.
"So you like to sneak attack …" Yufeng’s lips raise a smile. It seems that this woman is not feeling for herself! The sneak attack is all done! This Yufeng forgot the questions he had to ask before, and he was shameless to greet "Xiao Xuan, do it again?"
Zhu Xiaoxuan turned a supercilious look. Can this person kiss in such a cheap tone? Sounds like someone wants to beat him up!
Seeing that Chi Yao’s play is about to be finished, there is still no news from Jing Muyun. I don’t know life and death. Does Chi Yao’s brow lock him up smoothly?
"Chi Yao, will you come to Yuehua Hotel for the wedding banquet tonight?" Director adjusted her nose glasses and sincerely invited Chi Yao with a smiling face.