Yan Yan gave her a slap on the head without thinking … Little Q must be a big Q child?

"Ah …" Yuan Gungun felt that his head was shaken, and he was familiar with the feeling that … he felt wronged and always suffered, and looked at him with anger and words.
Yan Yan closed his eyes and didn’t look at her.
When Yuan Gungun was asleep, he simply said, "If you dare to eat bad belly, I will kill you."
Yuan Gungun laughed at one leng, "Don’t worry, Master, I absolutely dare not fart and smoke you."
Yan Yan Che looked at her with his eyes open.
"Er … you will never be fainted by fart?" Yuan Gungun mumbled something to modify.
"pa" "ah …"
The world is silent …
This night, Yuan Gungun and her master hugged each other and slept until noon the next day. At that time, Yuan Gungun was already on the throne of the man of God. Since this day, Yuan Gungun’s babies acquiesced in becoming a monk, which made everyone more sure that Yuan Gungun had settled in the position of the black family housewife.
In the room
He raised his eyebrows and stared at the fragrant rice ball without speaking.
"Master" Yuan Gungun pulled out an unnatural smile and called out.
Yan Yan che sneered at "the tail is showing"
Smell speech Yuan Gungun consciousness touch to his ass …
"Pocket there" is very kind to wake her up.
Yuan Gungun bowed his head and saw a brown and white tail. It was very leisurely to shake it. Someone hurriedly stretched out his hand to block the place and said, "This is not a small B tail."
Yan Yan smiled …
"Yuan! Go away! Get out! " It’s normal for servants to go out of the room and continue to do their own things.
Room Yuan Gungun grabbed my ears and looked at me as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. "I …"
"Do you think I won’t touch you?" Hu phlogistic approaching her roar a way
Yuan Gungun shook his head. "No … it’s not Master Little B …"
"Shut up! I don’t want to hear your explanation. Go back to your room and wash away your disgusting perfume. "I really wonder how long her brain is. Can she wear perfume and take that greedy squirrel unnoticed?"
"disgusting? No, mommy said it was expensive. "Yuan Gungun smoked his nose like a puppy sniffing.
Yan Yanche raised her hand and gave her a scolding, "Wash it off!" "
Yuan Gungun walked out of the room, covering his head with his sad face … This man is fierce and violent!
Yan Yanche looked at her back and took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and took a long drink. This woman is stupid and idiot!
Yuan Gungun went back to his room after taking a shower and looked at it. He was full of expression and handsome face. He came up behind him and helped him massage his shoulders.
Yan Yan looked at the file head and said coldly, "Let me see you waving them in front of me again …"
"You just slap me. I know, Master. You have said it many times." Yuan Gungun’s words were flat and flat.
Yan Yanche suddenly looked back at her coldly. "For the last time, Yuan Gungun, don’t challenge my limit. I won’t touch you."
Yuan rolling leng leng bowed their heads and trail "is …"
Yan Yan turned to stop looking at her.
Yuan Gungun bowed his head and twisted his fingers, feeling a little sour in his heart.
"Go to the pool and get my watch back," Yan Yanche said lightly.
Yuan Gungun wanted to think and went out.
The door rang, and the paper in his hand was thrown at the table, and then he got up and went to the bar and poured a glass of red wine.
Yuan Gungun near the swimming pool soon found Yan Yanche’s watch on the table and picked it up to go back for a job, but when she turned around, she heard someone calling her name.
"Rolling" Meng sent Yao not far away to Yuan Rolling with a watch.