Ji Dong pushed the inner door, and his face suddenly became ugly again. Behind the door, it was not a room, but a small courtyard. There was not much about 20 square meters, and there was a pool of about 10 square meters on one side of the 20 square meters. I don’t know what it was. When I looked up, I could see the stars at night, which was obviously not a place to sleep.

"Xuan Si, how did you get a room? It’s nonsense, "said Ji Dong, walking back to the room with a slight anger.
Chen Sixuan said, "Ji Dong, we are lovers and we can’t live apart any more? Otherwise, how can we prove that we are together like my father? It is not difficult for my father and the people there to find out my whereabouts after I return to Dongmucheng. We have to live in a room, Mr. Ji Dong. I am not afraid of a girl. What are you afraid of? "
Ji Dong is really afraid of living in a room. Think about it. His heart beats faster and his eyes twinkle. Ji Dong flatly said, "No, this is absolutely not possible. I am pretending that your boyfriend is not real. How can you get married after you live in a room with me like this? I can’t ruin your reputation. "
Chen Sixuan bowed their heads and said lightly, "Ji Dong, is it a joke to talk to you before you and me? Well, I will solemnly repeat to you that I will never marry anyone else in my life except you. What does it matter to me? "
Ji Dong listened to Chen Sixuan’s words and couldn’t help but feel speechless at the moment.
Chen Sixuan sighed, "Ji Dong, I will never make it difficult for you. I can always live in a small courtyard in your house. It’s not like we haven’t slept in the wind." As she spoke, she had already gone out.
Ji Dong quickly followed out. "Xuan Si should be me in the hospital. Go to the room."
Chen Sixuan heart andao my house plan how to implement? Looking at Ji Dong light way "Ji Dong existing two ways to choose for you, either I live outside you live inside or I live with you inside, I don’t promise to ask you so much? I’m not that fragile.
In the face of Chen Sixuan’s sudden toughness, Ji Dong couldn’t help but feel numb. His brain spun rapidly and weighed the pros and cons carefully. He had to return to his room. It was better for her to live outside than for two people to live together. It was really unbearable for her to be a girl in the hospital.
Pull the curtain Ji Dong wants to see how Chen Sixuan lives in the courtyard. In his imagination, Chen Sixuan sits cross-legged and practices in the courtyard at most. Chapter four hundred and fifty Hot spring temptation.
Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong, was surprised to see that Chen Sixuan was squatting by the pool with a foot of ten square meters after practicing drawing curtains in the hospital. What seemed to be hit was accompanied by steaming water.
What’s she doing?
Ji Dong went out of the back door probe again and asked Chen Sixuan doubtfully, "Xuan Si, what are you doing there?"
Chen Sixuan also don’t answered "water! I chose this hotel because of its characteristics. The hot springs here are the best in Dongmucheng Hotel, and the bubbles are very comfortable. "
As she spoke, she got up and took off her coat to reveal the clothes inside. Fortunately, it is late autumn. After all, their clothes are not too few, but watching Chen Sixuan undress, Ji Dong suddenly got a fright. "Xuan Si, do you want to take a bath in the courtyard?"
Chen Sixuan look back to reveal a strange look on his face. "I’m in the hospital. What can’t I take a bath in the hot spring pool? Ji Dong, why don’t you come? Now that you are my lover, I don’t mind if you want to come together, "she said, her face was reddish, but her hands had taken off her clothes with a faint smile."
Ji Dong almost fled the door and pulled all the curtains as quickly as possible. In the process of pulling the curtains, he did his own stunt to scare the snake. It is conceivable how flustered he is now.
Chen Sixuan looked at the door and burst into a smile. She deliberately said "coward". Her voice was not small, and Ji Dong could definitely hear it.
As she spoke, she really took off her clothes and looked at the steaming pool in front of her. Chen Sixuan looked up at the sky and secretly prayed for the evil god. If you really want me to fulfill my promise to you, it will be a heavy rain later.
Pray that Chen Sixuan’s silver teeth bite and finally pick up the body, and finally cover the slender light span and step into the pool to make a series of water sounds.
In Ji Dong’s dull room, the back is facing the window, and the curtains over there are light colors. Although you can’t see the real scene outside after pulling, it is no problem to see some shadows under the moonlight.
Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Ji Dong tried to tell himself not to think about it, but now he has lost control of his thoughts.
There is a window partition! Chen Sixuan is taking a bath outside, and he is in the room. His ear is very reminiscent of what Chen Sixuan said before. Ji Dong, come along! Such a simple sentence is absolutely earth-shaking.
Ji Dong felt that his blood was boiling constantly, especially when the water kept ringing outside, and his brain was out of control, imagining Chen Sixuan’s touching reality.
How come… Ji Dong’s wry smile grew stronger. Isn’t this night more tormented than yesterday? He is now hoping that Chen Sixuan can take a bath faster and faster.
Sitting on the ground, Ji Dong kept meditating in his heart that the color of South Amitabha Buddha is, is, is …
As it turns out, girls can never take a bath too fast. Worse, Chen Sixuan came here with Ji Dong for a purpose, that is, to seduce him.
Chen Sixuan didn’t have any confidence in this point, but this confidence was brought to him by Ji Dong. She knew that she was not unattractive to Ji Dong when she saw Ji Dong being defeated and fleeing yesterday. Before this, her confidence was naturally sufficient today.
Soaking in the hot spring water, the hot spring soaks into the body, which gradually relaxes Chen Sixuan’s original tense mood. It is really a wonderful enjoyment to soak in the hot spring, especially when this kind of open-air hot spring looks at the stars and the moon in the sky.
It seems that it’s really right to choose this place. From the point of view of flame, it’s her first time to come here, but this physical memory has a good memory of it. Now it seems that this is indeed a correct choice. Soaking in a slightly hot hot spring makes the body feel as if the bones and muscles are relaxed, and even the spirit is relaxed. Chen Sixuan is no longer so nervous.
Although Chen Sixuan didn’t know that Ji Dong missed Amitabha in her room, she knew that her plan was still effective when she saw Ji Dong pulling the curtains so hard.
It’s hard for her to catch the past life belief and make her feel a little calmer, but there is a Chen Sixuan sound in her ear.
"Ji Dong, could you please throw me the big towel in the room? I’m almost finished. "
Don’t you know how tempting you are when Ji leaves and almost spits out a mouthful of blood without killing yourself like this?
In the face of such a stunning Ji Dong who is absolutely energetic, can’t fight, can’t scold, and can’t escape, he feels really miserable now. He has already considered whether to give up the bottle of wine and get out of here quickly.
Severe breathing a few Ji Dong just got up and walked aside again, grabbed the big towel and came to the door to pull a gap. With the previous memory, he shook his hand and threw the big towel out.
"Thank you" Chen Sixuan’s beautiful sound was followed by a burst of water, which immediately reminded Ji Dong of a beautiful bathing picture.
"Ji Dong, you really don’t come to bubble? Oh, this pool is very big, and there is no problem for two people. Otherwise, I will not let you see what you shouldn’t see by soaking in a towel. "
Poof-two lines of nosebleeds finally gushed out of Ji Dong’s nose out of control.
Chen Sixuan is getting up from the pool at this time and looking at the direction of the door. Suddenly, I was surprised to see the blood jet.
Is almost the first blunt come over.
"Ji Dong, what’s the matter with you?" Eager to exclaim, Chen Sixuan had already rushed to the door near.
"Don’t come here …" Ji Dong shouted that Chen Sixuan had already rushed to him and it was too late to shout anything.
Chen Sixuan was in front of Ji Dong and clearly saw that Ji Dong’s nose flowed like two small red snakes, and blood rushed out. He just took a big towel to help him wipe it, but he completely ignored his embarrassment at this time. The so-called heart is chaotic. At this time, she really didn’t tempt Ji Dong. I think it was the most direct reaction because of seeing Ji Dong’s nose spurting blood, but it was like this that the first reaction brought Ji Dong the greatest impact.
I can’t even look at it … When Chen Sixuan handed me the towel, her perfect charming body presented the absolute golden ratio in front of Ji Dong. The ratio of leg length to body was just 1.61 waterfall, and there were at least some dark green hair hanging freely behind her. The white, rich and tender skin on her chest was like tender tofu, and the drops were rolling like crystal drops.
What comes out of the water like a hibiscus is an insult to Chen Sixuan’s beauty. It is difficult to express it in words. In previous lives, Ji Dong always thought that girls look better in clothes than in no clothes, because good clothes and decorations can improve a person’s temperament. However, this kind of thinking is that Chen Sixuan’s body is uncomfortable in front of him. Even when he was with the flame, Ji Dong never saw the flame and didn’t wear clothes. It can be said that Chen Sixuan was the first girl who admitted to meeting him. This stimulation made Ji Dong’s nosebleed unstoppable and continued to erupt.
"You …" Ji Dong suddenly closed his eyes and pushed out at the same time, trying to push Chen Sixuan out from the door.