A few small-headed, yellow girls ruined his career in front of thousands of opportunities. Maybe it was heaven’s pity that he got it. A teenager will be transformed into a murderous beast. This is a good thing, but he misjudged the situation and he became a prisoner in Yishantang instead. The destruction of his career made him miserable. He could bear it, but being controlled by others was his greatest humiliation. Struggling to survive always made his life worse than death.

But Qianji is still that arrogant Qianji.
He waited for an opportunity to make Guiyishantang hit hard, but he will pay the greatest price. He knows this well, but he doesn’t choose because he knows he is going to die.
Toxins are gradually out of control, and the tendons are lost by one point, and the mouth is bitten by the pain. hn is full of black S blood. On the contrary, it is more and more clear that the arms of the leader of Lingfengtang are firmly tied like iron, and the "creaking" sound of the body teeth on the moonlit night makes people listen to the heart.
The sudden change is feathering and Cen didn’t expect whether there was any yin plot in it. They looked at each other hesitantly for a moment and didn’t see the answer in each other’s face.
But I heard that Jiao Ren nv suddenly chuckled, "Qian Ji, do you really don’t want to solve Y?"
Thousand machine mercilessly grinning "don’t lie to me! Now I want that solution, Y? It is better to be a companion for you and me. "
"How difficult is it for me to drive away your toxins with the ability of practitioners?"
"Hum, of course, you can do it." Thousands of machines’ arms are more and more tightly strapped to her body and sneer at more than "but it’s not a big deal to help fighters! Think I’m the leader of a thousand machines, and you’ve been promoted as a sword tool, and you’re still seeing people? How can I put up with this dog? " He tilted away to binge drink a "what are you two still doing? Kill her for me! "
Word by word, hn is sprayed with poisonous blood, and that face can’t be said to be happy. Although it is still ferocious and feathered, Cen finally knows that the enemy’s mind is true, as he said. How can people who are more profitable do cattle and horses for others? The two teenagers swooped down at each other.
"You, you can block a fighter action now?"
The voice was as cold as a mountain spring, and a thousand machines stepped up their arm strength slightly. However, two weak waters flowed into his arms gently. This strength did not shock his arm, but he felt that his body and blood suddenly agitated and struggled to suppress the toxin, and it was like boiling and burning. Only then did he know that the strength was the power to promote the toxin. He became hoarse and the veins stood out on his forehead. The thick ink and poisonous blood poured out from hn as if the flood had washed away the bank.
Cen first rushed to the crowd, lowered his body and picked up two fantasy blades, which quickly emerged and feathered, and half the residual knives were near the moonlit head. However, they all found that this nv did not seem to sneer at it and struggled. For them, this phenomenon was contrary to common sense and became even more bizarre.
Blood flowed out as three weapons pierced. Two teenagers were in a hurry. hu Dao retreated. The blood was black. S was the blood of thousands of machines. The leader of Lingfengtang fell to the ground and stared with disbelief.
And Jiao Ren nv has disappeared in front.
A chill instantly eroded the spine and went deep into the bone marrow. Teenagers hardly dared to move again. Dangerous breath emerged behind them and enveloped them. Every move was the fuse that triggered the crisis.
A cold ring "Xiang fighters realm is not what you can imagine"
Feather suddenly clenched Cen’s arm and shook his head gently and asked, "If you can’t kill us, is it not a big deal to prove the Xiang fighters?"
Cen didn’t doubt hu’s head and looked at him. He found that his mouth was dark with a smile, which seemed to tell her that there was a yin scheme being formed. Although she was suspicious of hu, she was still silent and didn’t speak.
Moonlight also doesn’t understand the meaning of feathering, but she won’t think about what it means to stretch her sword horizontally in front of her face.
"Don’t you look back?"
"The scenery behind S is beautiful."
"You’d better look back."
"always thinking about the front will miss a lot."
"Are you really not going to look back?"
Even Cen felt that teenagers talked too much and couldn’t help glancing at him. The result was still a face with a strange smile.
The moonlit night was slightly in a trance, and some mysterious words seemed to have hidden a little illusion. She consciously turned around and showed her eyebrows and gently provoked them.
"Ow ~ ~ ~"
Excited, furious, roaring, rolling up on the ground, the fierce beast boy who is tied with vines is shaking his arms and hissing like a tiger. The vines that tied him suddenly scattered and frowned on the moonlit night. The young boy’s hands and feet were carrying the wind, and if the fire ran, thunder suddenly rushed over.
Is this moment feather a pull CenChao rushed out of this painstaking opportunity finally wait.
Moonlight knows that when the sword is split out quickly, the above-mentioned firm but gentle is like a flash. Two teenagers turn around at the same time, and the imaginary blade jia of the ice knife is folded, which just blocks the firm but can’t stop the firm but gentle copious impact force. It is badly shaken out and rolled for weeks, and blood splashes out.
When I look back again, the fierce beast boy has flown overhead, and the palm of his hand has severely pressed the surging heat. lng has blown Jiao Ren nv hair shirt flying in the moonlight, cold hum a left sleeve and waved out to meet the past.
"Bang!" The strength hit the muffled thunder and the strength fled out from the gap in the sleeve palm and set off a dusty moonlit night. At this time, the martial arts capability of the Xiang fighters was unexpectedly knocked back by three feet and two marks were drawn on the ground, and the young man was shocked to rise again. When he fell, a long flame knife cut through the virtual space, and the strength was even more fierce.
"Cut her, cut her." Cen couldn’t help chanting that she was weak and couldn’t get up, so she didn’t feel resentment.
"Who cut who still maybe miles" Feather said forcefully.
The ice crystal sword once again flashed the faint water light, and this green S water light level was exhibited in Fiona Fang Zhangxu land. On the moonlit night, it was cold and leering, and the flame sword fell vertically and fell ha into the ground.
"Water dragon array!"
"Wow!" A splash of water covered the ground, and then a water column burst out, and dozens of water columns broke ground one after another. The white and bright water column smashed the fierce beast teenager’s body with a long knife and was thrown into a higher school by the impact in the water column.
The sword is off the ground, and the moonlit face flashes unnaturally, and the blood gas slowly calms down. She has just entered the realm of Xiang fighters and has not completely improved her strength. Tonight’s World War I will be somewhat reluctant for her.
The water column lost its strength to support and dissipated in half a mile. After a day of glittering and translucent water droplets, it was like the stars shining. This bloody battlefield seemed to be purified.
A figure from the fall hit the ground to expand six feet, and the teenager was still dizzy.
"What did I say?"
"What are you proud of? Then we should hang up. "
But Jiao Ren nv didn’t come to the two teenagers. She glanced back at them coldly. The eyes were divided into disdainful eyes and Cen looked at her in the direction of Ye Zhiqiu in surprise.
"What is it that you kill a man who can’t do martial arts?" Feather cried.
Moonlight sneers at "whoever asked us to kill Ye Zhiqiu should die just because of his Yeats’ long public status".
"Your roots are not nv people!"
"Well, technically I’m nv Jiao Ren."