"What happened here?" The queen mother was in poor health and slept so-so, and she woke up at once at the slightest noise.

On weekdays, when the palace is closed, it is a crow. At most, you can hear some insects chirping and frogs.
But so many people scuffle out of the harem far away, even if it is far away, the queen mother heard it and was full of doubts.
"It’s estimated that something happened somewhere. Isn’t it strange that the Empress Dowager doesn’t worry about what happened when the emperor left? The emperor is ready, "said the vigil mother consolingly. The sound was not very real, and she also went out to have a look to make sure.
But I didn’t want to come back and saw that the queen mother was awakened.
"Come on, help the family to mourn." The queen mother did it. It was bad for the old man to sleep, and his body was broken by the method of poison. After being surprised, he couldn’t sleep anyway.
Dressed up, the queen mother sat down in the main hall and looked at the distance gloomily. "What the hell happened here?"
"Mother how up? Relax, everything is under my control. "The emperor suddenly came in from the outside and said with a smile.
"The emperor? You’re back from the hunting grounds? Why didn’t you tell Ai Jiayi? " The queen mother was surprised and said secretly that she was really relieved.
The emperor smiled like a flower. "My mother just returned to the palace and came back overnight. It’s almost dawn. Let’s have a rest in Harbin!"
The queen mother was confused about "how can you sleep when you come back home for no reason?" What the hell is going on here? "
The emperor took a seat to make a cup of hot tea. "Since Mother can’t sleep, I’ll talk to Mother. Actually, it’s nothing. I knew it early and I was prepared …"
The emperor appeared in Cining Palace naturally because he was afraid that someone would catch the Queen Mother as a chip when he fled for his life, but it was still time for him to come back.
In the afternoon, Lian Yan Jinging and Dong Yuling met the assassin and caught the whole gang. The emperor first dealt with all the palaces and then directly moved troops back to the DPRK.
Of course, it’s impossible to take action suddenly, and it’s definitely not possible to pack things one by one without spending some time.
Seeing that it was already dark, the emperor took people back to the palace just in time to catch Bai Yuan’s siege.
At the same time, Lian Yan Jing and Dong Yuling also came back. They both came directly to the scene of the fight and watched the two sides fight.
Dong Fengling’s eyes saw at a glance that the masked Dong Fu had made a wink at the scene Long Chen, pointing to something.
Long Chen realized that he nodded his head and joined the battle. He was invincible all the way. He stunned the gray man with a trick so that it wouldn’t seem too abrupt before Dong Fu.
And the person who is stunned naturally has someone to bring it so that Dong Fu will not be seen strange.
Lotus Yan Jing squinted at Dong Fu and pretended not to be stunned by Long Chen. She couldn’t help laughing. "I said you’re not worried. Our dad is smart. The man in gray has died so much. Isn’t he still not even hurt?"
"Very well I this is not afraid of accidents? The scene is so messy. "Dong Yuling frowned when he saw this scene.
To be honest, it’s not good. The blood on the body and the residual limbs are really tragic
Dong Fengling rarely sees this kind of battlefield even if he is used to the dead.
People in the modern dark world are fierce, but actually they can’t get such a hard hand.
Many people were injured, but not many actually died.
"Now rest assured!" Lian Yan Jing’s funny heart is chaotic, which is the case.
Dong Fengling nodded with a light smile. "Speaking of which, King Xiang will lose a lot tonight!"
Because the emperor had prepared for this, a group of people really escaped, and few of them were either dead or captured alive. Anyway, they could not go back, which would not reduce the loss for the king of Xiang.
"That’s what you deserve," Lian Yan jiing said lightly. If he didn’t always think about usurping the throne, Sheng Lian Dynasty had to fight for resources every year.
Towards dawn, the whole battlefield was almost cleaned, and it was out of the treasury and carried back to tidy up.
And this night things spread like the wind to all parts of Shengjing and single spark can start a prairie fire spread to all parts of the country.
Everyone who heard the news for the first time was shocked by disbelief.
Stealing the state treasury? This human brain is not funny!
And then you’ll think, who are these people? You’re so bold.
The thief was caught red-handed by the emperor, and almost all of them were caught in the net. Everyone watched the jokes behind the scenes and thought it was simply brain-dead.
Of course, some people will sigh when they joke. Most people are afraid to even think about it!
As soon as Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jing returned to Wangfu, they met a night addiction with glowing eyes.
Because Lian Yan Jing has found what she is looking for, she has been playing with Wangfu silver all the time, and she feels that her life is very beautiful.
"How do you come to Beijing? Is there no silver? " Dong Fengling was curious and said that he always had a good time outside the night addiction. Usually there was no news for a long time, but it was very strange to suddenly appear.
Night addiction hehe smiled. "It’s a good thing I’m here or I’ll miss the show. Did someone really rob the national treasury?"
Night addiction has a preference for all kinds of hexagrams. Suddenly, the whole person is excited to hear such a big thing. Chapter 473 Listen to the excitement.
Dong Yuling can’t laugh or cry. What is this strange excitement?