Of course, since it is a big change, business opportunities are everywhere, and there are naturally business opportunities that can make a lot of money.

Those who can seize these business opportunities will be assigned the most delicious cakes this time.
"The price of the right slot has gone up, and the price of the 55-level powder jewelry has also gone up. It seems that the amateur businessman’s reaction speed is really fast." The ghost prodigy and Xiaowen typed and chatted.
"The price of all kinds of challenge eagle-eye medicine for small crystals of gold has also increased," Xiaowen replied by typing.
"It is inevitable that the price of these materials will increase, and there are’ civilian’ forces driving it, but the businessmen have taken the lead, and I just said that those equipment must be analyzed by Canada in the future to get the price increase."
"Few people who know how to fry equipment are businessmen, and most of them are businessmen," typed Tong.
"Then do we need to’ insert’ our hands?"
"The main reason is that these equipment are too low to enter our eyes, but the amount of big talk is different. Unfortunately, the amount of circulation outside has been reduced by half compared with before, and the price is now several million more expensive than before."
"Then we continue to collect materials?"
"Materials are the safest, but profits are also the most deadly," typed Tong.
"If you find that there is absolutely no jewelry in the area, come in seconds," typed Tong.
Xiaowen looked at this sentence and immediately understood it.
When Tong said "extreme", he meant that the scarlet letter was enchanted. Nice orb or badge was double-5′ sex’. What?
The total price of these equipment has to be’ paid’ in nine-figure game coins even when it is not yet over.
"By the way, it seems that not many people have noticed Tong’s 65-level double attack on the left slot." Xiaowen suddenly typed and said.
"Whether the price of the 65-level left slot will increase depends on whether Xinhui will have a higher level of double attack left slot, but from the Korean side, it seems that there are no 7 and 75 levels of double attack left slot." Tong replied.
"That should increase the price?"
"It is said that there will be no trough around level 65, but the output there is estimated to have to increase in price. After all, even after level 8, there is still no substitute for level 65 double attack left Cao left trough for percentage occupations."
"Then I can rest assured."
"This is up to you."
"The price of grade 65 left trough in Shandong No.1 District is unusual, and it has been high all the time, excluding the cold’ door’ occupation"
A moment later, Vivian suddenly sent a message to Tong.
"Shandong District 1?" Tong doesn’t understand why he and Xiaowen have jurisdiction over a dozen districts in Guangdong and one district in Shandong.
"My friend just asked me if there was any change in business opportunities, so I told him, I guess, and then he checked an auction house and found that the price of the left slot didn’t drop much compared with before, but increased." Xiaowen typed and explained.
"It may be that other businessmen in Shandong District 1 beat us to it."
"Is this proof that someone thinks that the price of the left trough will appreciate in the future like me?"
"Maybe," said Tong, not sure.
"Except for those materials that will change the price, the level 65 left slot should also rise because Korea didn’t have a level 7 and level 75 double attack left slot." The judge looked at his warehouse and there was about half a page of double attack left slot with a small smile.
Just then a string of messages rang out from his qq.
"Happy New Year, Judge" This is a message from Khan to the judge.
"Fun with fun" judge immediately replied simply.
"accept my challenge if you want me to be happy."
Although this sentence made the judge unexpected, but before it was slightly closed, the judge stretched his brow at the moment.
Chapter 958 Formulating rules
"You finally challenged me/"replied the judge calmly.
Khan looked at the judge and paused for a while before typing and said, "You know I want to deal with you?"
"I’m not stupid to say the two of us? I grew up wearing the same crotch pants. Although I don’t know if your shit is rare when you pull out your ass, I know that your fart must be smelly. "The judge replied with a little humor.
This passage is ironic in Khan’s view.
"Does the judge know what I do and what I will do against him?" Khan heart some shocked thinking.
But the judge’s words were true. They were brothers until the judge got married.
"You know all about it?" Khan noncommittally typing asked
"I don’t know. I feel that you are hiding something from me, and … you often try to put me in shoes, but Khan, what makes you hostile to me?"
"When did you feel it?" Khan did not answer the judge’s question, but asked another question himself.
"When fighting naughty, you should support me several times, if you are either silent or opposed. From then on, I think you are strange."
The judge continued to type after typing this passage and said, "Come to me and you will be driven to the point of extermination. In fact, if that is the case, at least I can give up on your friendship, but you are firmly on my side when everyone in Gankun has betrayed."
"I shouldn’t continue to put up with you, even if I really can’t, I can quit the game and walk away, but it’s because of this that I’m worried about dnf again. I want you to say that you want to take off the pit, and I’m sure I’ll follow you without saying anything."
Watching the judge send a few words, Khan sighed heavily and then bit his mouth’ lip’ and felt that’ stand’ was not the taste.
Yeah, I was closer than my own brother, but I turned against him.
But Khan felt even worse, not only his friendship but also his dead love.
Khan and Erxiu seem to belong to the same kind of people who are morbidly paranoid about feelings, and the glass of water seems to be held forever.
"You beat me and I’ll tell you all the truth. If you lose to me, we’ll get out of the pit together and die of old age," Khan typed solemnly.