Night evil repair squatting on the windowsill watching Heng snow smile expression changes also unconsciously open mouth light smile.

"all right! Hey! " With a cheer, the snow smile was finally completed, and I got up excitedly and jumped in place.
"Straight-"Night Evil Xiu couldn’t help laughing after seeing Heng Xue’s smiling face.
"What are you laughing at?" Heng Xue smiled and touched his face unconsciously.
The kid probably forgot his hands and mud, and it got worse and worse …
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Please don’t register to register. Don’t look at Bawang Wen. Xiao Li said sadly
Act 57 is so cute and enchanting.
"Well, if I remember correctly, are you a white rabbit?" Night evil fix a face of enchanting unruly light smiled and said
Although Heng Xue couldn’t smile, the reason why he said this was that wait for a while nodded.
"Whew-"A fiery light flashed across the sky to form a mirror and stayed in front of Heng Xuexiao.
Heng Xuexiao was first attracted by this magical mirror and then looked at herself in the mirror …
"Ah-"Heng Xue laughed and screamed like crazy with his eyes closed and his mouth wide open.
Night evil cultivation is very resistant to his little tail finger to pay for his ears.
"Be calm."
Nai Ye Xie repaired his palm to cover the black line when he was screaming and laughing _ ||||
"Well," Heng Xue finally stopped laughing and took off the night evil repair. He was so lucky that he blew his eyes. "Night evil repair! You, you, you’ve played tricks again, giving me a messy mirror to scare me. "
Ok, it’s almost white. The face just showed in the mirror that it was an Obasan from Africa!
"My son ….." This time, I became evil at night, fighting for the charm, and my eyes were full of water waves. "Do you want to see your palm first?"
Heng Xue smiled at Nunu’s mouth, and his hands and palms slowly turned over.
Well, it was full of dirt, and then she suddenly realized what had just happened in the mirror.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey-"Laugh more than embarrassed, laugh more than dry, and the facial expression is very unnatural. Tears are wrong about the good bird, but the night evil is always teasing her!
"all right! Thank you. "Heng Xue smiled, raised his smiling face, raised his chest, and died bravely … Obasan!
"Uh-huh, my son bullied me." Night evil cultivation is not a vegetarian. Learn to laugh at snow. At ordinary times, I look angry and coquetry.
It’s embarrassing to laugh at the snow. Damn it, Uber! Mao is still more cute than himself! It’s not fair! It’s not fair!
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58 acts of potential as a white horse king
"Night evil cultivation …" Well, she is still a girl who dares to admit her mistakes. Like a shy kannika nimtragol, her small body leans against the night evil cultivation and her voice is as thin as a mosquito. "Don’t be angry. Don’t ignore me."
The night evil is not actually laughing in my heart, deliberately putting aside my face and ignoring the snow smile.
"Xiu …" Heng Xue laughed and secretly dropped goose bumps. He lived for more than 1000 years for the first time, so he was so disgusting and called people.
But for night evil repair, this disgusting name and sound touched his heartstrings!
Very common words, please write them from Heng Xuexiao’s mouth, but they look beautiful.
Perhaps this is the highest embodiment of beauty in the eyes of lovers!
"Heng son ….." Night evil suddenly turned around and looked at her affectionately with hands holding Heng Xue’s smiling shoulders.
"What did you just call me?"
"ah? Just now? " Heng Xue smiled and cocked his head and squinted at the sky for a long time before slowly opening his mouth. "If I remember correctly, it seems to be’ repairing’ well-"
Heng Xuexiao finally thought of the time to look up at a night taller than himself, build a shadow and be kissed again.
Night evil xiu licked her smiling lip. Considering that her face is as dirty as that of African Obasan, there is no further progress.
"Miss Rabbit from Africa hurried to wash her face and eat."
Night evil xiu smiled and tidied up the broken hair scattered on her forehead, took her hand and went into washing her hands.
"Sit quietly" Night Evil fixed his hands on the armpit of Heng Xue’s smile, picked her up on the sink, picked up a towel and gently wiped her face for Heng Xue’s smile. Her eyes were gentle enough to melt people.
Heng Xue gawked at the beautiful man in front of him. He was more charming when he was gentle!
In fact, you also have the potential to be a white horse king.
Before you know it, Heng Xue laughs and blurts out his thoughts _ ||| |
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59 acts of bad luck (1)
"Hey, I’m not the white horse king at ordinary times?"
Smell speech night evil repair stop hand looked at stupid Heng snow smile lips full of evil spirit smile.
"You …" Heng Xue looked at the night evil with a skeptical look and smiled and said, "You are a demon!"
Say that finish, like a slippery little loach, drill for the night, repair the armpit and escape.
The night evil is so good to her that she is still called a demon?
It’s still bright in the evening, but the sun will disappear in a few hours.
Heng Xuexiao squatted beside the bathtub and looked at the smell of grass and smoked oil inside, which made me excited.
A pair of white feet on the ground, a white dress, first fell to the ground, and then a cute white trousers fell off.
Heng Xuexiao stretched out a foot into the water, and the ripples spread and penetrated into the bone marrow.
So comfortable! Heart exulting’ plop’ a whole person like a happy child in the bathtub uneasily patting the water.
Play until you are satisfied, then get dressed and go to bed.