Ah Kin didn’t go on talking about this. This is all because Chen Sixuan took advantage of Ji Dong’s inattention to separate her soul and told her to tell her something. Chen Sixuan can never say it himself, which would easily arouse Ji Dong’s suspicion, but it would be no problem for Ah Kin to tell it. After all, Ah Kin once lived with the flaming inner world for a while, and then Ji Dong came to Ji Dong after he was in danger.

Frey said, "Ji Dong, you don’t have to think too much. Let’s take it one step at a time, that is, we are really in danger of confrontation. We have restrictions on positioning and sending everyone to the rear, and everyone will be safe."
Ji Dong nodded his head. "It can be so now."
People have been thinking that when the inner world is dark, the surrounding environment is gradually lit up or dark red is gradually turned into a red light source. The deeper the surrounding rock wall is, the more surprised they are. Instead of being the same person, they are in front of a very vast cave wall with a bright red top and a distant side, and the fire element is becoming more and more intense.
Strong fire element makes Ji Dong feel comfortable. He releases two elements, which is full of spirit. The body that is as high as three meters is very substantial. It is obviously caused by absorbing the fire element in the air. Ji Dong is very skeptical that if these two guys are brought to the tenth floor of the center of the earth and let them live there, will they really become new flame kings and dark inflammation lords? Of course, this is just an assumption of his. After all, these two elements have no soul and need his control to act.
Through soul exploration, Ji Dong found that the cave walls bring red light because these caves are condensed with some crystals or contain some crystal components. These crystals are gradually accumulated for many years, and they are like small pieces of fire element crystals. Only after the rocks are integrated can they emit this red light. If we want to evaluate their quality, Ji Dong thinks that if these crystals can be mined and compressed in large quantities, they can probably be the first-order crystal nucleus of Warcraft. Obviously, this magic concentration crystal still interests him, but it is already a good thing. As Chen Sixuan said earlier, this inner world is a huge treasure house. How can you get back to Baoshan? When we get to a deeper level, there will be new discoveries.
At this time, they have gone deep into the inner world for more than ten kilometers. Ji Dong motioned for everyone to slow down and stop for a while to rest. He also needed to carefully observe the surrounding situation. Now they are truly in the first floor of the inner world.
Together, we can block everyone’s bodies, sit at the rocks, rest, take out the prepared water, and everyone drinks. Although there are water magicians who can quench their thirst by making water elements at any time, for safety reasons, Ji Dong still purchased a lot of drinking water and dry food to facilitate replenishment. Anyway, it is always right for everyone to prepare more magic weapons.
Sitting around together, the five elements of Yin and Yang are finally maintained, which is the source to maintain their magic. Maintaining these five elements of Yin and Yang is equivalent to everyone being in a state of cultivation. This distance of more than ten kilometers is not enough to cause them to consume too much magic. However, if they continue to maintain the five elements of Yin and Yang at a certain time, they must stop to cultivate a mutually beneficial magic to supplement themselves, so as to maintain them for a long time, that is to say, after entering the inner world, these five elements of Yin and Yang will never be lifted.
Ji Dong took a sip of water and said to the crowd, "We have now entered the first floor of the inner world. We don’t know anything about this place, and we don’t know exactly how many dangers and opportunities there are in this world. I hope that everyone can be vigilant. Since the inner world has a confusing magic smoke dolphin that can hide from my soul to detect Warcraft, then maybe we will be careful to make the ship in ten thousand white?"
They have led the way while taking this break and silently practicing for a while to keep themselves at their peak.
Du Xin son mouth xi xi smiled "Ji Dong teacher how we haven’t met the geocentric world creatures? I wonder what’s the difference between this geocentric creature and our terrestrial creatures.
Ji Dong shook his head. "I don’t know, but just now you heard Ah Kin say that the first floor of the geocentric world is as big as two countries in our human world, and none of us know how far it is from the ground to the geocentric. What is this only a dozen kilometers? Although we have entered the first floor of the geocentric world, it’s still a long way from really going deep into the geocentric world. You don’t have to hurry to pick it up. We will stay here for at least a year. It is estimated that you will see geocentric creatures soon. "
Speaking of which, Ji Dong thought to himself about his past life. The diameter of the earth in this world is about 12,700 kilometers. If the planet in front of him is similar to the earth, it must be 6,000 kilometers away to really enter the center of the earth! Is this an equal-terror number? It’s not as simple as flying 60 kilometers outside, but it’s difficult to reach 6 thousand kilometers into the inner world in a few days. No wonder that stupid and rich speaker of the Chamber of Commerce will locate the final condition at the core of the inner world, not to mention where to get what. It’s already more difficult to continue to penetrate the inner world for 6 thousand kilometers than to ascend to heaven.
At this moment, Ji Dong’s soul suddenly moved and his eyes lit up. At the same time, Ji’s dynamic situation appeared in the minds of the saints.
There is an inanimate object running towards them, and the speed is not too fast, which is similar to that of ordinary humans.
And there is a group of life breath behind this creature, which is similar to it. The creatures will not chase after it, and there are more than a hundred of them approaching in their direction.
Du smiled and said to his sister, "Xin son, aren’t you looking for geocentric creatures? It seems that our horse is about to meet with the strength, Du is becoming more and more calm, but Du Xin ‘er is still no different from before.
Frey frowned. "It’s a pity that I estimate that the geocentric esperanto is different from us humans. Otherwise, it will be much easier for us to find a layer of entrance if we catch a geocentric creature to lead the way. The first layer of the geocentric world is far from arousing their interest in these heavenly saints. Finding a layer of entrance as soon as possible is obviously what everyone needs to do most now.
Ji Dong smiled slightly. "This is not a problem. I will do it myself. Let’s meet these friends who welcome us into the inner world."
Ji Dong’s mind moved, and the Lord of Fire and the Lord of Dark Inflammation had already received his orders. When his body flashed, he hid his strong and huge body behind the rock. Ji Dong didn’t want to scare these geocentric creatures at once.
As soon as the two lords had hidden away, they had already seen those creatures running towards the center of the earth.
Cat Ji Dong side smile way "master remember? This was probably that scene when we met. "
Ji Dong and the cat looked at each other. From the eyes of the cat, he saw that he was deeply grateful. Although it has been so many years, he has never forgotten the kindness of the cat. Until now, although Ji Dong has always stressed that he should be called by his name, the word master will often hang in the mouth of the cat.
When they were near, they had already seen the things that ran to the center of the earth. To their surprise, these inner-earth creatures were very similar to humans. At least at present, this inner-earth creature has a head, limbs and walks upright like humans.
The third night is coming, the third night is coming, and the explosion of twelve thousand words is over. The third day is qualified to shout the monthly ticket. In the new month, we must have a bigger goal. Let’s just occupy a favorable position on the first day and strongly seek a guaranteed month. Chapter five hundred and eleven The fire race.
Running in front and chasing behind should be geocentric sacred objects of the same race. They are about four feet tall, thin and dry, but their heads are very big and almost out of proportion to normal humans.
In addition to the head accident, these weird geocentric creatures also have a pair of particularly big eyes, which are three times smaller than humans, and their eyes are dark purple, and the faint red light around them looks as daunting as a group of ghost fires.
Although these geocentric creatures look very weak, their running speed is almost the same as that of normal humans. It is hard to imagine that their two short legs like bamboo poles can run so fast. Apart from the previous characteristics, these geocentric creatures’ hair is also very characteristic. It is not the fire attribute red as expected, but the green or turquoise big head is very rare. It seems that they are going to float away at any time.
The geocentric creature running at the front is less than a kilometer away from all the people at this time. According to the analysis of its vital signs by Ji Dong’s soul detection, it is obvious that this geocentric creature has reached its limit and will be unable to run on sight, while the large group of geocentric creatures chasing it behind are similar in appearance, but more or less robust. If you continue like this, I am afraid you will not be able to reach Ji Dong. The one prepared in front of them will be chased.
No, Ji Dong, Frey has already rushed out. He doesn’t belong to the five elements of yin and yang. Being away from everyone will not affect the combination of the five elements of yin and yang, but he can also come back to replenish his magic through retreat. At this time, it is natural to take the initiative to attack less than a kilometer. For Frey, it is just a few steps. He flicker twice and he has reached the front of the running geocentric creature. He stepped across and blocked him.