Package grownup like rubbed the childish way "am I wrong? But it’s not right. Just now, I saw my mother smile strangely. "Liancheng smiled brightly and reached out to flick his forehead." You must have misread the fact that my mother always smiles and is friendly. How can you show any strange smiles? "

"Mother, I guess dad must have been calculated by you, otherwise he wouldn’t have chased us until now." Speaking of this bag of raven eyes, he added, "Can dad be calculated by his mother to say that he is too worried about his mother? If dad chases our mother, will he be better to dad?"
Liancheng raised his eyebrows and said, "Didn’t I treat your dad well enough?" The little guy is so clever that he must have thought of something.
Bao looked at her seriously and said, "Dad must have done something to make Mother angry, or Mother wouldn’t have left home with her bag overnight." Liancheng squatted down with her eyes shining and stared at the little guy for a moment without saying anything or moving. After a while, she suddenly chuckled, "People are big!" As she said, she also reached out and pinched her tender face. This is what she used to do in recent years. Before this year, every time she pinched her cheeks like this, she blinked her eyes and smiled at Mimi. But after a year, she felt that she had grown up and it was too hard to be pinched by her mother. So he learned to avoid it. Of course, it is natural for him to avoid it, otherwise he was afraid that her mother would not be happy and say that he was proud and charming.
How can he not know that this little idea is priceless?
Whenever he seems to avoid her clutches at will, she will catch people and pinch them both.
This is a small "punishment"
"Mother, I have grown up!" Bao looked at Lao Niang with resentment.
Liancheng laughed happily and his tender face pinched his eyebrows. "Where did you grow up? Is it age or height? " With smiling eyes and tightly locked eyes, she slowly approached and nodded thoughtfully. "It’s a little taller than last year, but even if you grow up to be as tall as your dad, it’s my son, okay?" Pack a little head. She grinned and continued, "Since it’s my son, I can pinch your face whenever I want. Why not?" This is a joke, so it seems that she is idle to chat and have fun!
"Can that mother pinch her face in private like this?" Bao Chao hong kui they saw the eye small way
A good mother cried and laughed, pointing to the little man in front of her. "Ha, ha, ha. Bao blushed. Mother Bao actually knew that she blushed. Ha, ha, ha! Are you trying to make your mother laugh? Just how old a kid knows to blush hahaha! " Jane doe, a child of her own, naturally knew it, but she just couldn’t help laughing. The little guy was so funny that she knew that she had to meet him at an early age and asked her not to pinch his face in front of others.
"Mother …"
Bao Bao’s old lady’s face became more and more red with laughter. She couldn’t help but throw herself in her mother’s arms and bury her head in Liancheng’s shoulders. Grandma said angrily, "Bao is a man and a woman. Don’t laugh like that!"
Liancheng immediately stopped laughing and nodded again and again. "Good mother stopped laughing. Mother Bao is a man who knows he is shy!" Picking up the bag, she looked at the river and saw the charm of a big ship coming along the river towards their party. "When the boat comes, we can go to Lingyue in a few days." Bao said a sentence, and she called Hongkui Crimson Lotus members to prepare to board the boat.
"Shall we wait for Dad?" Bao Palian walked shoulder to shoulder in front of them. "Dad should be chasing us!"
"Well, if he hasn’t arrived in an hour, leave him alone!" The ship was moored at the ferry and Liancheng and his party boarded the ship.
The so-called Liulindu at the ferry crossing here is naturally because there are many willows on the shore, especially here. Not only are there many willows, but each willow is thick and deep-rooted. In April, the wind blows across the green wicker and dances with it, as if waving to people and nodding and smiling at them. Always looking at the shore is full of vitality and green makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.
Cross your legs and sit on the deck together like magic, and suddenly there is a jasper shaw in your hand.
"Mother, are you going to play music?" Bao blinked his eyes and stared at the jade flute in his mother’s hand. He was eager to say, "Bao hasn’t heard the mother play music yet!" " Liancheng touched her hair and smiled. Judo "Mother will blow it to you now" and she tried the audition of Jasper Xiao Fang’s lips and blew a song.
As the flute music rises, all the people on the boat will look down and think deeply, and accompany her to play the flute and fall into the artistic conception.
The flute is soft and graceful, slowly flowing, short and circuitous, and sometimes like a mountain stream lingering around a stone, and then continues to flow.
Bao is young, but he listens carefully to the fact that his mother plays the tune. It is good to hear that he leans his head with one hand and looks at the tune. His mother looks quiet and seems to be macro. They are also addicted to the artistic conception brought by Xiao Qu.
At the end of a song, it took a while for everyone to recover from the wonderful music. "My mother plays really well, and I have to learn to play music."
"Good mother will teach my bag if she has it." Liancheng lovingly caressed his hair and laughed Mimi tunnel
Bao’s face immediately floated up and smiled happily. "Can dad play music, too?"
"Yes, your dad can not only play music but also play the piano very well!" I think of a man’s elegant eyes when he plays the piano and plays the song. He can’t help but be soft enough to drop water into his bag. His face is full of respect and his eyes are bright and childish. "Dad and mother are both very good at it. They must learn to play the piano and grow up to be like dad and mother."
"Well, mother believes that Bao’s dream will come true, and we believe that Bao will be more powerful than mother and father one day." Liancheng smiles like a flower and her eyes are soft and her tone is especially gentle.
Bao listened to her and nodded her head heavily. "Will Bao Bao disappoint Mother and Dad?"
"Good" Liancheng smiled with a comfortable face
I sipped my mouth and thought about it. I blinked my eyes and said, "Mother Bao still wants to hear you play music." How can I refuse to ask for it? In this way, she picked up the jade flute and blew several songs one after another until she was thirsty.
"Smelly little have you done this to your mother?" Liancheng put jade flute instantly with a touch of blue tall and straight figure, and fell firmly on the deck. "Go to the charm and play with them, and don’t pester your mother." When you go to kiss your wife, the man directly picks up his son and throws it in front of the charm, and he is not afraid that his son will fall into the gurgling river.
Liancheng got up and gouged out like a man. "Are you Bao’s father?"
"Of course," the man came close to her with an apology. "I heard you never stop in the flute for a moment. How can you eat it?" He loved kissing his wife but was not ungrateful by her. Think about it!
Wrapped in the charm, the tender face in her arms did not give birth to any dissatisfaction.
It’s that he forgot that there was a baby in his mother’s belly after listening to the music.
"How does it taste?" Being hugged by a man, I can’t wait for the man to answer his mouth and smile. "It’s very comfortable, right?"
Huangfuyi smiled naively. "You also asked my husband that he was poured with cold water and caught fire!" Then he raised his hand and pinched Liancheng Xiu’s pretty nose, soft eyes and soft words. "I didn’t mean to cheat you. Think about it. It is impossible for Jack to leave Haiyan."
"But have you ever thought about it?" Liancheng looked at his eyes with a trace of worry and said slowly, "Jack can’t accept his current gender, so it may not be a good thing for him to be with Haiyan."
"Don’t accept? Now, he is a daughter and the eldest daughter of a family, and Haiyan Media is marrying a princess. If she can live long-term away from the island of forgetting her worries, we will do our best to help her and her family and Haiyan and Jiao Ren get rid of it. "Huangfuyijun’s face is dignified and slightly heavy." But she can’t live long-term and Jiao Ren’s life is far longer than ours. Do you think she will understand when we all leave her alone? Can you be at ease without our friends around her? "
Liancheng listened to what he said, lip-synching for a long time.
Yes, can Jack live this life well without their friends and the Jiao Ren family?
What does innocence do to play tricks on people and give them a woman’s body? Even if he becomes Jiao Ren, isn’t it good to give him a male body?
If he were a man, he wouldn’t be entangled in sex and wouldn’t exclude himself from his bones-Jiao Ren.
"I don’t know how Jack is now. I’m worried that he and Haiyan are facing each other. I’m even more worried that he will do something irrational. If so, do you think he will be treated as a monster by the Jiao Ren family?" Jack’s temperament is priceless, and he knows that fellow well. He is unruly and occasionally makes a racket, just like a naive child. Wouldn’t it be fatal if he was heard by a willing heart because of his mouth?
It is because of revenge that the fellow died miserably. It is her duty to protect him and keep him safe when he wears it here.