Lan Xin need not be afraid that all of us are here. What did you see? The wind Xiang gentle Zhao Lanxin ear said palm stroking her supple long hair at the same time as far as possible to feel warm.

Spirit! Zhao Lanxin finally stabilized his mind, articulate and complete drink a way
Spiritual body? What is there to be afraid of in a spiritual body? What Fengxiang doesn’t ask is that the spiritual body in his heart is just a group of wanderers who have lost their flesh. The impulse is just a practitioner who is similar to his own spiritual body. Since he has seen the sky of the Lord God’s consciousness, how can he fear such an ordinary spiritual body?
It’s not just that Fengxiang is the only place where someone can’t help sneering at the sound of the spirit, let alone Rou Er, a descendant of the dragon. If it weren’t for the peerless master of the fairy level, even the four slaves would not be scared like this.
The words sound just fell and Fengxiang saw that the monster beast suddenly stood up with a pair of big eyes constantly staring at the surrounding environment. At this time, Fengxiang discovered that the original furry little guy had grown a pair of slender limbs, which was still curled up in the long fluff at ordinary times.
Hehe, the hairy ball has grown up. Oh, we can’t call it that anymore. Why don’t we give it a name? Rou Er said with a smile.
Yes, what should I call it … Fengxiang grabbed her head and looked very difficult.
It’s a beast of heaven, and the wind is fragrant, and it has the dual power of real magic. Let’s call it a fiend star! Aside from the slave’s socket, as soon as the name is said, I will see that the demon-eating beast nodded frequently and seemed to like the name taken by the slave in the month.
Ok, call it a fiend star! Abortion is still so pleasing to the beasts! The wind Xiang smiled and gently pinched the January slave’s charming nose, which made Rou Er get the message and snickered. It seems that his lover is really good and even the handmaiden around Miss Zhao has been recruited.
The wind Xiang looked around and found that there was no trace of the spiritual body, so Zhao Lanxin, who was still in fear in his hand, submitted it to the four slaves and came to the huge long knife handle. He just wanted to reach out and hold the handle and saw the shoulder fiend star suddenly and violently roar as if to stop him from pulling out the knife.
See the wind xiang arm condensation in the middle, while fiend star eyes stared at his palm, one person and one beast remained motionless in this posture until a figure with faint dark light floated past two people and swept into the cave deeper, which made everyone in the place Zheng.
Spirit … Spirit! When Zhao Lanxin saw this scene, he was frightened and cried again. Only that figure floated away from the moment, and Fengxiang followed.
Fengxiang knows that Zhao Lanxin, who has always been strong, must have been strongly frightened to become so fragile and timid. As the saying goes, it is better to untie the bell than to untie it. To completely eliminate her fear, she must subdue the spirit, no matter how difficult it is. If she is her lover, Fengxiang will certainly go forward without hesitation!
In a blink of an eye, Fengxiang followed the spirit into the deep cave. Because there were so many forks in this cave, Fengxiang didn’t dare to take it lightly and destroy the power. Then he followed the other two and shuttled back and forth with the amazing speed in the cave where they lost their bodies, leaving Rou Er and others with no hope.
After flying for a long time, when they came to a stone room covered with crystal-like rock walls on all sides, they saw that the spirit suddenly stopped and turned to look at Fengxiang. At that moment, a nearly perfect and handsome face suddenly caught his eye.
See this spirit body conjure up an elegant and free white skirt, oblique skirt around the waist and wide band with a gentle smile, sparkling eyes, touching and loving eyes, full forehead hair combed into a half-moon shape, white breasts and shoulder blades are so attractive that two sexy collarbones are just a pair of towering pointed ones, which makes it hard to forget her figure at first glance.
Who are you? The wind Xiang is now, after all, a slight absence of the mental body, and then immediately reacts to stare at this seductive spiritual woman and asks coldly.
Giggle, I didn’t ask you, but you asked me first. Don’t you regard me as the master?
The female voice did not fall, and she gave a ringing smile, echoing several echoes in this stone chamber and several figures reflected by the surrounding crystals, which made Fengxiang feel as if there were several figures with charming smiles in their ears, and those bursts of laughter went straight into the depths of his soul and made him resist …
With the laughter, Fengxiang’s heart was also driven together, which gradually lost her self, but when she laughed, Fengxiang immediately recovered her mind, which was a surprise. It turned out that this female spirit charm was so superb!
At the sight of Fengxiang, the female spirit body could not help showing a little surprise in her face, but at the sight of the other person’s mental constitution, she suddenly understood the meaning, so she put away her smile and asked what happened to you in this snowy cloud cave. If it is the fierce blade outside, I advise you to forget it!
What! The sky is absolutely fierce and huge? Fire spirit weapon statue? The wind Xiang suddenly exclaimed when he heard this!
This powerful blade of Heaven was heard by Luo Shen who had been to Longyuan mainland. Among all the refined weapons, except for the three invincible magic weapons, there are six other weapons representing the top level of each attribute. They were cast by the third generation Zhai Master who was honored as a refiner in the same year, so they were also named Zungui.
Although there is still a long way to go before the three peerless magic weapons, these six venerable weapons are also rare weapons kings in Longyuan mainland, and except for one in Pingshui Sect and Qingyun Sect, all the other four have been lost for a long time. It is a great blessing to see the powerful blade in this snowy cave this time.
Oh? You’ve seen a lot at your young age, and you’ve even heard of this powerful blade, but it’s a pity that you can see it and the law will take it away.
Hehe, beautiful spiritual sister, you misunderstood me. I came with you this time not to seize the powerful blade of heaven, but to let you understand my friend’s fear. I wonder if you can bend over and join us? The wind Xiang said respectfully, but his eyes kept drifting away from each other. This female spirit * * was too tempting for him to stop.
I didn’t expect you to be a spoony. That girl fell in love with me. If you want to get rid of the fear in my confusing method, you can wait for me to use this method again, but it’s a pity that I don’t want to go back with you once. Help yourself! The female spirit finished and turned to leave, only to see that the figure of Fengxiang had already appeared behind her, and she was surprised by the speed of this young mental body.
I don’t care what it is. You have to come with me! Although Fengxiang shouted at him, his smile was still so brilliant that the female spirit gave birth to a chill.
What if I don’t want to? The female spirit body is ready to start work, and its aura is rapidly condensed. Waiting for Fengxiang to take the lead, she can defeat this wet behind the ears!
What? The unexpected answer from Fengxiang made the unattainable female spirit one leng.
What’s good? This question has not been asked to her from his population for more than a hundred years, and she has always been arrogant and conceited. She has never given the other party a chance to say these three words. Nowadays, facing this strange teenager who doesn’t know whether he is calm or stupid, it is difficult for her to make a move. Just when she hesitates, she hears Fengxiang say again.
How about this? Let’s make a bet. If you can control my mind, I’ll keep my mouth shut. Otherwise, you must come with me to save my friend!
Ok, it’s a deal! The female spirit replied readily without thinking.
Fengxiang’s words can be described as giving her the best way to tell whether she is successful or not. The method of confusing herself will definitely cause a moment of confusion for the other party. At that time, without worries, she can easily crush this young mental body and let him never know how he died!
Then hurry up! I’m still waiting to go back to the tournament! The wind Xiang said eagerly, and the female spirit body has cursed the word I don’t know how to live or die for several times!
See female spirit face flashed a cruel look, and then her face showed a pair of extremely sad samples. With her gentle and lovely eyes dripping with emotional tears, the atmosphere in the whole stone room was sad to the extreme, as if everything in heaven and earth was sad and tearful. It was sad in the confusing method, but the wind Xiang still looked at her blankly and showed no expression …
What are you doing in here again, you little brat? Are you in trouble again? The almost growling sound of the sky suddenly sounded in the spirit consciousness of Fengxiang body.
Hey, hey, let me take shelter? I’m having a spiritual contest with a beautiful sister. I guess she’ll be impatient soon! The spirit of Fengxiang’s leisurely sitting will naturally not affect him if he relies on the external female spirit to destroy and confuse the mind.
Mind competition? Is it confusing? Sky asked doubtfully.
Yeah, I thought I heard her say that just now. You know this mentality?