"I thought about you more than once. What did she do? What on earth will Moer like you, love you and pay so much? I still haven’t thought about it until now. "

Finally, Orange can choose to laugh at herself.
He can’t understand what it means to feel, what it means to look at ten thousand years and what it means to be destined …
"And you are even more ridiculous. You just talk about protecting Moer, worrying about her caring for her, but do you know who is protecting who? !”
Orange suddenly turned to the gaunt star LengYu without mercy.
"You know Moer is the guardian. Do you know who she is?"
In a word, Xing Lengyu is like waking up from a big dream and staring at orange in disbelief.
Don’t …
"Oh, yes, it’s you. You don’t believe that she slapped her brother personally …"
Xingtianmo, you can’t be a little more stupid! You might as well be stupid!
The guardian’s blood is bound to live together, and the night vows that a guardian is a lifetime.
I conclude a guardian contract with the blood sacrifice on the full moon night! Willing to be a star from now on, the guardian of Lengyu will never abandon him for life, and he will live with me and die with him!
Everyone’s ears seem to be ringing in a flash, and the firm tone is filled with the truest blood.
"Moer … Moer …" Xing Lengyu felt the sweet and greasy smell in his throat.
"Orange …" Purple light mouth call.
"If the green is dead, the blood sacrifice for the green will be mutually assured destruction." Orange lightly narrated the words that made the red, yellow, blue and purple collapse.
"You … what did you say? !”
"From now on, you are no longer cold friends. You decide what the future will be."
Orange smells cold all over, and the strange smell makes red, yellow, blue and purple hard to accept.
"You don’t need unfaithful people because you are cold."
Orange smiled lightly but was full of contempt.
"Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that the Gongluo operation has always been assigned by your grandfather, including the shooting at the banquet and that Mo Er saved you that night … not Ou Menger!"
"MoEr? You must know which is right! "
Orange Oriental Chu Oriental Bud glanced at each other and turned and stepped away at the same time.
Yue Xuanyi forced himself to calm down. He is worried about him now!
"Well" orange a slight answer let everyone see hope again.
"Where is she? !”
"You are blessed to be dead."
A year later.
France Lingye University University Campus Freshman Class A
"The yo-yo class! Wake up … "
In the last row, a handsome boy’s eyes showed gentle and happy eyes. Although his facial expression was somewhat naive, the smile on his mouth was the most true and beautiful.
"Well … no, I want to sleep again."
The boy’s arms are soft and talking. A petite and lovely girl rubs against the boy’s arms and sleeps comfortably with her eyes closed.
"But we’re going home after school."
The boy watched as he gradually walked into the classroom, and then looked at shrinking his arms. The girl was sleeping soundly and shook her head naively, but her arm around the girl was tight for fear that she would fall out of his arms as soon as she moved.
"Well, it’s only been three minutes now, so you can continue to refuel."
A girl with handsome short hair in the front row turned to tell the time.
She has been used to this situation for less than ten minutes, but she can’t call the sleepy girl in her brother’s arms.
Come on, they’re not going to bring her to study because she doesn’t need to continue studying these college courses, but that girl has been pestering me to experience the good atmosphere on campus and bring her to study. As soon as she came to school for a lesson, she immediately went on a date with Duke Zhou!
No one has suddenly heard another sound in the classroom.
"Chu Youyou hasn’t woken up?"