Feng Ying’s dark eyes are blazing and deeply congealing her.

Night away from the cheeks Tuohong, a pair of water eyes is covered with a layer of mist and stared at him with resentment and resentment.
It’s so charming but not charming.
Phoenix shadow ink mind a charming again didn’t resist the bow to kiss again in the past, but was the night away from the head and evaded his lips and fell on her side face.
He took a deep breath and sniffed the fragrance of her face, and then his lips rubbed her face and looked for her lips bit by bit.
Night away found that this man is too tormenting.
The burning numbness made her feel bad, and she stiffened her neck and begged for mercy.
"Don’t … phoenix shadow ink … don’t do this … are you still burning …"
Not only does it burn, but it hurts. No.
"It’s good to be sweating because of a fever …"
The man continued to rub the magnetic low-alcohol voice on her nose and lip corner and spit it out close to her cheek.
Just sweat?
Leaving my heart at night is a thorough sweat.
What logic is this?
"Don’t you think what I said makes sense?" Men continue to haunt her.
Night away by him has long been breathing disorder, she gasped to avoid while dumb way "yes, because I can cure, I know you are simply looking for death."
The lip flap moves around the cheeks and ears, feeling that the man seems to bend his lips and smile.
At night, I pushed him "Stop it!"
The man finally laughed in a low voice. "I want to know how you made me take medicine after I passed out." Sure enough, you are mouth feeding. "
Let go of her nose and lip angle. The man opened a little distance slightly. Looking at her, her original deep eyes seemed to fall into the flames.
It took a moment for the night to react before he came to him for nothing.
Because of the bitter taste of herbs in her mouth, right?
It’s really cheap, and the reason is high-sounding
She raised her eyebrows at him.
"So I am very satisfied!"
A man’s eyebrow eye bends back and talks big.
Sweat again at night
I gnashed my teeth and thought that such a man should let him have a fever and burn to death.
When Neon Ling woke up again, she found that Zhang Shuo was not walking, but was standing there motionless behind her back.
Doubt in her heart looked ahead through his shoulder and suddenly saw a rich purple in the snow not far ahead.
Although it is dark and the light is not bright, the edges are covered with white snow, and this rare touch of purple is extremely abrupt and eye-catching
Purple petals and yellow pistils bloom enchanting.
It’s snow-capped purple lotus
Neon spirit mind a bump.
It’s a purple lotus that can relieve her toxic snow mountain.
It’s really hard to find a place. Although life and death have long been ignored, neon spirit is still excited at the moment.
It’s this man. What do you mean?
Shouldn’t he be excited and eager to go and pick it?
Watching what it is thinking or hesitating here?
I don’t know what my psychology is, but at that moment, she made a decision and slowly closed her eyes and pretended not to wake up.
For a long time, the man finally moved.
She felt that before he picked up the steps, he bent down and felt that he finally picked the purple lotus and called her "Night away from night …"
She just opened her loose eyes and woke up in ignorance.
"What …"
"What do you think this is?" Zhang Shuo raised the purple lotus in her hand. "You are saved!"
At that moment, she saw the light in Zhang Shuo’s eyes.
As if he had never hesitated before.