I realized that how angry Mal was at that time was not because he thought I ignored him, but because he knew it was jealousy. He thought I wanted to leave him and his friends.

As soon as Marco sat back in his chair, Avikas looked at me almost excitedly.
"This world is extraordinary Marius," he said calmly. "After the miracle, I walked into the world with almost everything I know, except Egypt. I don’t remember my human life, and I’m no longer that I am. I’m afraid to go back there and wander around the ancient gods there. We’ve visited all the cities in the empire except Egypt, but it’s enough for us to see." Marr was still suspicious that he had packed a tattered cloak and seemed ready to leave at any time.
Avikas looks much more comfortable, although he is barefoot and as dirty as Mal.
"Whenever we meet his blood clan," Ivekas said, "it’s not often, but I’m afraid of them. They’ll know that I’m a traitor to God."
I was surprised by his strength and firmness when he said this.
"But that’s not the case," he went on. "Sometimes they talk about the goddess sipping and the ancient worship of evil people. They don’t know as much as I do."
"What do you know about Avicas?" I boldly asked
He considered it as if he was not sure whether he should answer me truthfully, and then he said, "I think I have been brought to her." He looked quite open and honest with his black eyes.
Mal suddenly turned to him as if blaming him for being straightforward, but Avikas continued
"She was so beautiful, but I didn’t really look at her. I was scared by their words and hymns. As far as I know, I was an adult at that time. After they humiliated me and cursed, it might be a dream."
"We’ve stayed too long," Mal suddenly said. "I want to go."
He got up and Avikas was reluctant to follow.
I think Malfa may know that he is still angry, but he can’t stop him from coming. "Thank you for your kindness," said Malfa, shaking my hand. He looked very happy at that time. "I remember some human manners. I remember shaking hands like this."
Omar turned blue with anger.
Although I still have a lot to say to Avikas, I know it was impossible at that time.
I remember, I said to both of them, I live like a human being and enjoy human comfort, and I have been studying, and you have seen me. I sometimes travel in the empire, but now I am here, Rome is the city where I was born, my home, and I learn everything here and watch everything here.
I looked back and forth at the two of them.
"You can live like this if you want," I said. "Of course, now you can get some new clothes from me. I can give you some nice casual shoes. If you want to have a room to enjoy your leisure time, I can also help. Please accept my help." Mal’s eyes burned with hatred.
"Oh, good," he said to me, furious. "Why not get us a villa in Naples Bay with a marble fence overlooking the sea!"
Avikas looked straight at me. He was calm, but his heart was moved by my sincere words.
But what does it matter?
I didn’t say anything more
I was proud and calm, and suddenly I collapsed. Anger came with weakness, and I remembered the jungle hymn. I wanted to destroy Mal, and I hated all the crimes and dismembered him.
Will Avikas save him? Probably, but what if he doesn’t? What if I prove that I am better than all of them after drinking the Queen’s blood? It’s interesting for me to look at Malta and not be afraid of me.
My pride is back. I can’t condescend to fight such a vulgar fight, especially if one of them will become very rude and ugly, and the other one may not win.
No, I’m too clever and too kind. I killed the evil Maris and Marr was a fool.
They walked through the garden and I couldn’t find anything to say, but Avikas turned to me quickly and said, "Goodbye Maris, thank you. I will remember you."
I found myself moved by these words.
"Goodbye Avikas," I replied, listening to their voices until they disappeared. I felt extremely lonely there at night.
I looked at my desk, ink bottle and wall painting. I should make peace with Mal and of course take Avikas as my friend.
I should chase them both. I should beg them to stay. I have so much to say. I need them just as they need each other, just as I need Pandora.
But I lied because of anger, and that’s what I want to tell you. I lied again and again because I can’t stand the weakness brought by anger, so I can’t admit absurd love.
Oh, I lied to others and to myself, but I didn’t do Chapter VI then.
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For a whole month, I was afraid to go to the temple where I had to be guarded.
I know that Mal and Avicas are still hunting in Rome. I have seen them in my mind, and I can occasionally spy on their thoughts and sometimes hear their footsteps.
It seems that Mal’s appearance really bothers me. He shakes my control of this big city, which makes me hate. I almost want to kick him and his companions out.
I am also distressed to think of Avikas. I can’t forget his face. What kind of person is he? I wonder what would happen if he were my companion. I’m afraid I’ll never know
At the same time, his blood clan occasionally hunts in the city. As soon as they appear, I feel it, and it is certain that a powerful and hostile blood clan had a conflict with Avikas and Mar one night. I realized that after Avikas and Mar frightened the attackers, he left Lebanon and said that he would never come to Rome again.
This makes me weigh again and again. Will Avikas and Mal protect the city from infringement and leave me alone?
A few months have passed, and it seems that it is true. A small group of blood Christians want to develop their power in our territory, and they insist that I have an ancient secret. Like the blood clan, they all come from the same snake-worshipping tribe. I am disgusted to see them enthusiastically building their temples and trying to take humans there.
But Avikas and Mar defeated them again, and they were obviously not polluted by those people’s terrible thoughts about Satan-it was a pagan figure to Avikas and Mar, and the city was us again.
I watched them from a distance, but neither Mal nor Avikas seemed to know much about their own strength. They could use their supernatural skills to escape from British Druids, but they didn’t realize a secret that I already knew-their strength was increasing day by day.
Now that I have drunk my mother’s blood, I should be much stronger than them, but besides, my strength has also increased with time. Now I can reach four-story houses quite easily-there are many in Rome-and there are no human soldiers on the roof to catch me. My speed is too fast for them.
And when I get sacrifice, I still have to face some old problems. When I suck blood, I should prevent my strong hands from crushing them. Oh, I’m still thirsty for blood!
But I keep an eye on all kinds of activities-the whereabouts of demon vampires-and I haven’t been to the temples of Akasha and Enkiel for a long time.
Finally, at the beginning of the night, I tried my best to hide my house and went to the mountain temple.
I think this trip is inevitable. I have never been away from them for so long, and I don’t know what the consequences will be if I ignore it.
Now I realize that this fear is absolutely ridiculous. In the past years, even if I ignored the temple for hundreds of years, there would be no consequences, but at that time I just learned to understand.