Anshun was shocked to see this text message. The hand held the mobile phone tightly and sweated. He blinked gently and said, "Su Moxiao pulled over and I’ll show you something …"

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Par44 Rescue Jinbaxing ()
"What is mysterious!" Su Moxiao pulled over and glanced at the mobile phone handed over by Anshun Tian. His eyes suddenly became serious. He blinked and said, "Lin Zixiao said that Jinbaxing died in 1 ST Street?"
As soon as Lin Shengyan heard Lin Zixiao’s three words, he was thrilled. He immediately leaned over and hooked his hands on the backrest in front and asked, "What did Lin Zixiao say?"
"See for yourself" Su Moxiao handed the phone to him.
Lin Shengyan quickly glanced at this line "Lin Zixiao, what does she mean? Inexplicable! "
"don’t understand"
"Why don’t we go to Death Street for fear that we will shoot in cold blood?" Lin Shengyan didn’t good the spirit say
"I don’t think so!" Anshun frowned seriously and said, "If she is really afraid that we will go to Death Street, then she should not say anything about Death Street, and she seems quite sure that we will go to Death Street before Mu Lian can send a message!"
"She won’t let us go to Death Street, will she? What else do you say? Don’t go as if there is a trap! " Lin Sheng leaned against the back seat with his arms around his chest and disdained to say
"There may be a real trap," Anshun said.
"Then why did she help us?" Questioning Su Moxiao’s coldness
"Maybe I’m embarrassed to take our money. I feel a little guilty. Do you want to wake up and make ourselves feel better?" Lin Shengyan disdain said
"Hey, you are too prejudiced!" Anshun raised his eyebrows.
"Nothing. I’m in a bad mood."
"Good day, don’t stimulate him to be hurt by love!" Su Moxiao caught a glimpse of Lin Shengyan and smiled and said
"Su Moxiao, you little Hu said that I was kind enough to wake you up and you still …" Lin Shengyan was about to jump up and prepare Su Moxiao for a fight, but think about yourself. It really seems that it is because of accepting Lin Zixiao’s actions that I will be so upset and sit down safely. "I’m busy with you. Let’s decide quickly whether we should go to Death Street or Death Twelfth Street."
"Death Street" Anshun said with his eyes closed that he himself had some hesitation. The names Death Street and Death 12th Street both seemed to imply a sense of disaster. But in order to save Jin Ba Xing, they had to go out. If Lin Zixiao didn’t tell him not to go to Death Street, they would definitely hesitate now. Since he always made such a decision in the past, he would never easily change his decision just because a woman spoke!
"What?" Lin Shengyan didn’t quite understand because he thought Anshun just said that there might be a trap in Death Street.
"Death Street may be dangerous, but I can’t believe what that woman said …"
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Par45 Rescue Jinbaxing (3)
Shi Anshun subconsciously felt that both places were not safe, but since they decided to come, they must come. They informed some brothers that they would arrive in about half an hour.
Three people in a row face the street signs of death. Here, the shops on both sides of the silent and desolate road are closed down. All kinds of transferred shops are flawed. Some of them are very yellow and can’t read the handwriting. The street signs are crooked and inserted, but the roadside wind blows with a cool feeling.
"This is really a street of death …" Lin Sheng looked at this place like a place destroyed by death with a faint mouth and couldn’t say how I felt.
"Let’s go!" Anshun day gawk at two eyes before mouth said
So the three men were wary of walking in the street and heard the crow roar, which really hit Lin Sheng along the heart.
"It’s horrible here …" Lin Sheng said with a long face. "Fortunately, I won’t come in if it’s late during the day!"
"Haha, you are too timid. Don’t talk nonsense. Everyone is on high alert. Maybe hidden weapons will fly out at any time!" Anshun laughed at Lin Shengyan a few times and then woke up seriously.
"oh ~"
Three people walked for about a minute before they saw an old man sitting in a rocking chair. He fanned his mouth and said, "Are you three looking for cold blood?"
Three people nodded together.
"Haha, it’s really true that you also came to Death Street …" Speaking of half of the old man, he suddenly stopped talking, and his eyes suddenly became cold and shouted "Die!"
The words sound just fell and a group of people poured out of the store, each with a big knife …
"Miss, you want something!" The man politely handed Lin Zixiao a small box.
Lin Zixiao smiled and said, "Thank you!"
Lin Zixiao took the box and walked out of this store specializing in selling weapons. She searched many stores in B city and finally found this special arrow.
This kind of arrow is not sharp at the tip. It can be said that if the arrow is fired by force, it will cause flesh injury at most, that is, it will stab into the meat a little. However, this kind of arrow is coated with special medicine, which can make people lose their strength for a long time, which is why Lin Zixiao bought this box of arrows.
Naturally, she also bought a bow of her own regular model and a back basket for shooting arrows. She always bought these things, all for the purpose of saving Jinbaxing.
This afternoon, she asked D to conduct a cold-blooded investigation and found that many people died in Death Street. The reason is that there are many specially trained special forces there to kill outsiders.