Wind in the mind at that time, he held the old man’s hand "grandpa".

"hey!" The old general couldn’t help patting his hand and said to Ling Tian, "It’s very kind of you to get along. You are now a senior colonel, right?" I have heard Haikun say that you have done a lot of work and the country has made a lot of contributions. Well done, you are worthy of being our grandson. "
"A few days ago, I often talked to Lao Chang, and he also praised Feng Huabei Military Region by name. This military exercise was very successful. This time, the troops will be trained and the military quality is excellent. It is a good seedling." Huahai Kun was also very excited, and his eyes never left him.
"Ling Tian teaches well." The old general is very proud that their flower family finally has a grandson and is so outstanding that he inherits his father’s quality.
"It’s the wind who is willing to work hard, and I’ve always honored him." Ling Tian’s mixed feelings found his relatives, and of course he was happy for him, but he was no longer his Ling Tianer when he recognized Hua Jia.
"Feng, this is your uncle and this is your aunt’s name!" The old general pointed to Huahai Kun and Mrs Hua and said
Huahai Kun looked at the wind excitedly and waited for him to call himself an uncle. Chapter 497 She wanted to
"Uncle and aunt" the wind cried.
"hey!" Huahai Kun is busy.
Mrs. Hua should also be busy and say to one side of Hua Zhi, "Zhi Er is quick to call brother."
Hua Zhi looked at the wind and called a "brother" sweetly.
"This is your sister Hua Zhi," said General Hua Lao. "Things are in a hurry today. I’ll take you to meet others at home another day."
"Good" wind still hides his things in his heart, and the joy of family reunion has faded.
"The wind has you almost forty, why are you still alone?" Huahai Kun was very happy that someone at last had a family and was so excellent. "I asked your aunt to find you some men to get married first."
"Uncle, I’m getting married and I have a daughter." The wind said since they got up smoothly.
"You have a daughter?" This incident surprised everyone. The old general was happy that he had a great-grandson, but then he thought it was wrong. "You didn’t get married and have a daughter."
Soldiers are unmarried, but there are taboos, not to mention Feng and senior officers.
"I didn’t know I had a daughter before my grandfather, but I got back together with my girlfriend and now I plan to get married," Feng replied.
Ling day face slightly stiff wind not too impatient.
Huahai Kun doesn’t seem to be surprised. Obviously, he already knows about it. Of course, he is familiar with the commander of the North China Military Region. What he just said is not to test his attitude. Sure enough, this little stubbornness is very old and often gives him a sigh.
General Hua doesn’t think it’s right to listen. I don’t know if I’m pregnant with a child and now I’m back together. What’s going on? He asked, "What family brought it to grandpa one day?"
"Her name is Song Yuanyuan and she knows Cheng Jiadong Dong," said Feng.
"Song Yuanyuan? It won’t be Song Zongzheng’s daughter who was sentence for corruption two years ago, will it? " Mrs. Hua said at the right time
The master also listened and felt that something was wrong. He turned to look at the wind. "What is the wind?"
"It’s not so urgent, but we can talk about it later." Ling Tianshun said.
"This is today, let’s not talk about eating first." Huahai Kun laughed
The wind also knows that if you go on, maybe the master will become bad at Yuanyuan’s impression, and he will only endure it.
After dinner, the master wanted the wind to go home with him. Lingtian agreed and said, "Lingtian, you and your grandfather agree to talk more. I’ll just let the guards pick me up."
Although the wind didn’t agree, he agreed.
All the way back to Hua’s house, he chatted with his master for a while, not only about his experiences over the years, but also took the opportunity to boast about Yuanyuan with his master.
Master is somewhat curious about Yuanyuan. He always feels as if he has seen it, so he said that he must take it to meet him.
Master is too old to stay up too late. When he falls asleep, he meets Mrs. Hua as soon as he goes out.
"Feng, I just cleaned up your room. You sleep for one night first. You see how you want to decorate your room. You tell your aunt that she will arrange it for you," said Mrs. Hua.
"Thank you, Aunt." Feng nodded and went to his room with Mrs. Hua. It was all too soon. He was caught off guard. No, he didn’t expect that he had a new family so soon
Mrs. Hua is still smart enough not to disturb him and leave him alone.
In a short time, Yuanyuan said, "Are you busy?"
"Not busy. What about you?" The wind asked softly.
"I’m very busy. There are many post-editors who haven’t come back to the stage for so long. Many things have kept me busy today." But Yuanyuan is still in a very good mood. "She just took a bath for Fanfan and missed you and kept asking when my father will come back?"
The wind smiled, "Who said it or you said it?"
"It’s both what I said and what I said," Yuanyuan said emotionally.
"I’ll be back in a couple of days," the wind replied.
"Well, I told my mother about us, and my mother quite agreed," Yuanyuan said. "Uncle, my mother has made you suffer a lot! You didn’t even tell me. "
"What injustice? I forgot that "the wind is really not at ease" and "the past is over. Don’t do it again"
"Fan Fan is right next to you, she wants to talk to you." Yuan Yuan listened and was moved to see her daughter looking at herself with big eyes, so she gave her words to her daughter.
"Dad" whoever holds the words will call Dad "Dad misses you"