After 500 years, Huo Xuan, a ling fox, didn’t enjoy much affection since he was born, because the number of ling foxes was small and the male fox and the female fox rarely stayed together. Huo Xuan met his mother when he was a child, never met Dad, and was expelled from the house by his mother only three months after weaning.

In fact, even when my mother was around, Huo Xuan was forced to practice every day, and she was beaten black and blue by her mother. This was almost cruel training. Huo Xuan had already achieved a high level of cultivation at an early age, but her mother forced her to be independent and cruel to her, which made her lack of love and even less understand how to get along with others.
Fire Xuan It seems that the law of the jungle in this world speaks by strength, and you can do whatever you want in Cangxi. It doesn’t matter if you don’t, but now you meet Meow and Meow’s mother, and it feels that things seem to have changed.
I can see that Muhuan is really kind to Meow Meow, unlike some people who just use Meng Chong as a fun toy for chatting. This should be the reason why Meow or Nini is loyal to this woman.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with Muhuan except being a waste material. On this short-term relationship, Huo Xuan will see that she is a woman who is sensitive and sincere, and she must not be sad when she is around her.
It’s that Linghu was used to being free and loose since childhood, and suddenly asked it to conclude a contract with others to become a contract beast. It’s a little hard for the fire Xuan to accept it for a while. Tianma Xing is used to fighting and killing, and suddenly he has to be partial to a corner with a woman hiding in this unknown town. It’s too dull to think about it, but he’s humbled but lonely for a hundred years. How can he give up when he finally meets a little beast he is interested in?
Fire Xuan legs upright there to see meow meow and MuHuan tail gently dangling doing the hardest decision in my life.
Meow meow just wanted to say something, but MuHuan stopped her. She didn’t want the fire Xuan to make a choice against her will because of Meow meow’s "threat". Meow meow seems to have lost her mother’s meaning. She buried her head in MuHuan’s chest and exposed her dark eyes to watch the fire Xuan quietly.
This moment is not long, but it seems that after a long time, everyone has chosen silence to see if the miracle will happen.
Finally, the fire Xuan’s tail stopped shaking. It looked at Muhuan and picked up two front paws and bowed deeply to Muhuan. "My wife and mother are willing to be your contract beast to protect you from now on!"
"Have you thought it over?" Muhuan still look pale.
"Think clearly!" Fire Xuan nodded
"Aren’t you afraid I’ll get you into trouble? I’m a loser. "
"Grandpa, I have never been afraid of trouble! I am afraid of trouble! " Fire Xuan is naturally arrogant
"If you want to stay behind, you can’t call yourself grandpa in front of us. Can you do that?" Muhuan frowned.
"No problem," Fire Xuan answered quickly. "Then I don’t have to call you master?"
"Of course, but you can call me mother like Meow and Nini." Muhuan smiled cunningly.
"Say it again!" Fire Xuan fox face this quick pull into a horse face will claw again before MuHuan "contract nonsense is really not so much"
"I wonder if the girl has this honor?" Before MuHuan nodded aside, the man pulled out a dagger as thin as a Zen wing, which obviously meant to help this man and a beast complete the contract ceremony, although he couldn’t understand what MuHuan and the fire Xuan said to see. This fire Xuan obviously decided the contract.
"Mom, I’ll do it." Some people don’t trust a master with a bad history and are interested in this Linghu. Who knows if he will take advantage of it?
"Let him help you, if you don’t mind my husband’s kindness. After all, this man is bound to have to. Without his comity, this fox can’t belong to me." Muhuan stopped it with a faint sentence.
I have to say that Muhuan is Cong, and this man is no match for Fire Xuan, no matter how severe he is. Otherwise, he would have directly made the Fire Xuan, which is so tortuous? Now that he’s out to help, take the opportunity to test him and see what he’s going to do. I believe that if he really dares to play tricks in front of the fire Xuan, the fire Xuan will not easily let go of the girl in Chapter 221!
Muhuan stretched out his forefinger generously and looked her in the eye with a glamourous smile. Only two fingers carefully twisted her finger, which seemed to be a rare treasure dagger. The finger was gently cut and grabbed the fire claw, and then a little blood was squeezed out. Then, after mixing the blood of one person and one beast, Muhuan and the fire Xuan eyebrows were drawn, and a symbol was read in the mouth, "My blood and my blood entered into a contract to share weal and woe!"
This symbol immediately gave off bursts of golden light and split into two paths, which flew to the eyebrows of Mu and Huo Xuan respectively, and sank into the head of a man and a beast together with blood stains. This deja vu scene actually made Mu Huan somewhat absent until the man smiled and said, "Congratulations to the girl". Mu Huancai came to her senses and suppressed the bitterness in her heart because of memories. She blessed the man again. "Thank you for your success!"
Fire Xuan had robbed Meow Meow and jumped into the corner of the garden, not knowing what to say.
The man looked down at Muhuan’s mouth and bent an evil smile. "I didn’t expect this to happen after chasing this Linghu for more than a year. As a result, the girl was so charming that she lost her heart!"
After that, the man looked at the crowd again. "Meeting is predestined relationship. Today, this Linghu broke into the girl’s garden uninvited and damaged the trees in the girl’s garden. However, it is a beautiful thing to witness the girl Linghu conclude a contract with her own eyes. This is a great event to celebrate. I wonder if the girl can let Xiaobai share your joy?"
MuHuan one leng never dreamed that this man is so thick-skinned. What is he now if he says that he was a fire Xuancai and didn’t leave? This man is not only a master, but also must have a lot to condescend to make friends with himself. He’s up to something?
Sogeum and O also have the same question. It’s a little more wary to look at men’s eyes. Sogeum secretly pulls his clothes and gives them a look. O walks knowingly. "This man just thanked you for helping my mother to successfully conclude a contract with Linghu. Isn’t this a kind of sharing? My mother has been pregnant for a long time and should rest. Please come back! "
This is a way to drive people away, but the man’s face hasn’t changed at all. He ignores Ah and stares at Mu Huan deeply. "Girl, please prepare thin wine in taoranju tonight and invite the girl and the two to be there or be square!"
Say that finish before MuHuan talk man smartly turned around and hands a recruit "small white walking"
"It’s male!" Small white fart Dian fart with men behind two people just roared off.
"What a narcissist! What makes you think we’ll go?" Sogeum discontentedly small murmured at two people back made a face.
"Princess, this person can’t be underestimated. Turn back to Soul Dan, but the most famous Dan medicine in Cangxi mainland-each royal family can have up to three pills when it’s not needed, but this person actually fed Meow Meow one pill at first hand, which makes people doubting his identity and his cultivation is also very high. It doesn’t seem to be cold." Ah said here, he suddenly realized that he had said the wrong name and hurriedly stopped.
"When he left just now, he told me that he knew that you and I were not husband and wife." Muhuan automatically ignored a certain name and looked up at Sogeum and Ah. "It seems that even the Hongmen banquet tonight, we have to go and see which one he sang."
"No wonder he kept calling you a girl, but she had already seen the clue." Sogeum suddenly realized and looked up at the back of the garden. "He and the little white caught this fire. The Xuan must have hidden the back tree so far. You can see from the lip that we are talking. This person must be very tall."
"I didn’t expect the biggest disadvantage of this garden to be that if the high-ranking people in the back mountain came to spy, they would choose to hide there until summer when the trees are lush. Isn’t it more difficult to find?" O frown secretly worried about locking the courtyard before coming back and looking at MuHuan and Sogeum. "I don’t know if this person is an enemy or a friend. Will it be Xilin sent?"
"I don’t think his accent is like Xilin people." Mu Huan also recognized that this male accent is more like Snowman because he likes music. "And if he is really Xilin Paigen, there is no need to be repetitive with us, either arresting people directly or killing people directly, and he won’t watch my fire mysterious contract in this garden and the back of the mountain. But where is it absolutely safe? Isn’t there an assassin in the palace, too? Now with the fire Xuan, maybe it won’t be so easy for someone to easily hide in the back to spy. "
"The princess is right. Unless we completely hide in a deserted place, there will be hidden dangers. But I really can’t imagine that this person wants us to make friends. He is very interested in the princess. His eyes are not obscene, but they are not like the love rat that the princess said." Sogeum thinks carefully. Although this man looks evil and laughs evil, his eyes are clear and not like bad people.
"If it’s true that they chased this Linghu for more than a year but gave up so easily," Ah shook his head. "If he wants to rob us hard, the two of us are not his opponents."
"He is afraid that it should be the fire Xuan. Even if he is very high, it is not necessarily higher than the fire Xuan. Otherwise, their master and servant will need wine to trap the fire Xuan?" MuHuan looked at the garden and made meow meow heart xuan could not help feeling almost "this is god’s will! I didn’t expect meow meow to bring me such a great god. "
"Yes, I didn’t expect the princess to get such a good reward for saving meow on that day. I have to say that everything is destined to have this fire Xuan to accompany the princess around, so there is no problem." Sogeum also agrees with this statement. "It is this fire Xuan that has a bad temper and needs to be well adjusted … taught after the princess."
"Sogeum can’t wait to spend more time on this matter. I think it will merge with us." Muhuan looked at the sky. "It’s still a while before sunset. You go and prepare for it. I’ll ask Fire Xuan."
"good!" O sogeum and recede to tidy up the garden MuHuan shouted meow meow first into the room fire xuan bounded jumped in, tail wrapped in meow meow one red and one white really good-looking.