A spoiled daughter-in-law boundless man smiled and said, "Why don’t I see the emperor another day and ask for you?"

"ask what?" Jane doe blinked and stared at the man with curiosity.
Huangfuyi smiled clearly. "Ask the emperor what his mood is!"
"You …" Liancheng face a red gouge out his one eye no longer take a reason a uber.
Two people clean up the body bed bedding has also been changed by the girl.
"I’m going to sleep!" Be carried back to bed by a man and lie down together. Close your eyes and whisper. Chapter 38 Joy.
He is overbearing and gentle, but he is more possessive than spoil, which makes her heart soft and can drip water. He is so tired. He yawned gracefully with his mouth open, and his body was sleepy and sleepy.
She soon fell into a sweet sleep.
The next morning, there was a steaming meal on the table, but the man was not in the room.
"Empress … eats …" The little bag is neatly dressed, and she is sitting beside her with a finger table, eating black and rolling her eyes.
I hugged her and kissed Liancheng, and soon I made up my bed.
"When Bao was hungry for a while, Mom gave Bao a meal, but what about Dad?" Mo Qing Mo Yu Shi washed and dressed jane doe picked up her son again and walked to the door and asked softly with a smile.
Bao blinked his eyes and said, "Dad … Come …" The chubby little hand pointed to the door and looked up and saw that the man with fairy posture was wearing a blue robe and carrying a bowl of hot soup was coming towards the door.
"Boss, I want to have breakfast with you!" Jack ran into the yard at random and shouted at the sight of Liancheng.
Without waiting for jane doe to speak, the man’s cold voice has been raised. "There is no big kitchen for you and you are not hungry!"
"Boss, your husband owes training!" Jack looked accused.
Liancheng smiled and shook his head. "All right, let’s just talk about coming into the house together!"
"Or the boss is good to me." Jack walked into the room with Huangfuyi behind him.
Looking at a table of exquisite dishes, Jack swallowed saliva and asked tentatively, "Boss, did he make all these dishes and this bowl of soup in your husband’s hand?"
The answer is naturally Liancheng nodded affirmatively.
"Yi is a good cook. He cooked almost every meal when I was pregnant with a bag."
Jack looked like a monster staring at HuangFuYi "HuangFuYi are you? Is the prince of the Zhou Dynasty more distinguished than one person and ten thousand people, or is the ancient man who cooks in Junyuan? "
"I’ll feed the bag, and you can eat it quickly, so as not to be ashamed to eat it clean for a while." Huangfuyi simply ignored her judo for his wife.
After holding the bag, he glanced at Jack obliquely. "After this one time, it’s still the same. Do you remember your own meals in the hospital?"
Is it stupid for him to eat in the big kitchen if he doesn’t eat with a more delicious and caring meal?
Jack condescended and picked up chopsticks and moved.
"You are still not a woman? Wolf down your food and be careful! " Seeing that his wife hasn’t eaten much, a vulgar woman keeps stuffing food into her mouth with chopsticks. That’s not to mention that the bowl in front of her is full.
Men are extremely disgusted and despised!
"Always a man!" Jack stared at Huangfuyi angrily, "Besides, women are always with you!"
Liancheng knows that Jack rejects the present body. After all, as he said, he is a real man in his bones, not a woman or a bend. As a result, he must be annoyed to hear being called by women again and again. Although there is a woman outside, he just can’t accept the fact. I hope it will be a long time before he can …
With a sigh, she looked at her own man seriously and said, "Yi Jack, whether we are talking about appearance or tolerance, you are just as an an and a man. He died because of revenge for me. Don’t treat her like a woman but like a man in the future!"
Huangfuyi looked at Jack after listening to her words, but Jack ignored him when he was eating vegetables and drinking soup roots.
"Know" back to Liancheng, a man didn’t say much, carefully and gently feed the bag and drink rice porridge.
After dinner, Jack left the main courtyard and Yee Meng and his party and went to the military school to be busy. He told the porter to prepare the carriage and prepare to go back to Hou Fu.
"You go to work, I’ll just have a bag to accompany you." Seeing a man riding in a carriage with a smile on his face, "I won’t get lost, I won’t never go back, and I won’t just disappear. You really don’t have to look at me so nervous all the time."
Huangfuyi stretched out his long arm and took his wife and children in his arms. "Being with you is the most important thing for me. Let’s put it aside for the time being."
"All right, whatever!" Liancheng Bao’s tender face kissed her for a moment, and an enlarged handsome face was put in front of her. "And here" The man pointed his finger at his face and tasted "You can’t be partial!"
Bao pushed the man with his paws before Liancheng moved. "The empress is Bao!" Round eyes, wide eyes, serious expression, waxy sound in the car.
"This is my wife. What do you mean? Go away! " Pat the bag with a small paw, and a good dad sells Meng to his kiss wife. "Wife, you are me. Take a closer look. I look much better than the stinky bag. You should like me more, love me more and love the stinky bag appropriately!" Then he pointed to his handsome face. "Wife … you haven’t kissed me for a long time!"
One of the old men is still jealous of the child. Besides, what do you mean you haven’t kissed him for a long time?