But now let Han Chen a little headache is that this tiger Wolf demon body is too tough to even be able to fight against his five-printed precious weapon royal magic golden gun, which is really incredible.

Han Chen will not be afraid. Although the tiger’s head is very severe, the head of Warcraft is much more fragile than other places, so Han Chen is also ready to attack the big guy’s head.
On second thought, Han Chen is also a smile. Although the wolf demon is tough, its brain is very fragile and the strength of Warcraft has not reached a certain level, so their wisdom is far from the same level as that of human beings. In a sense, even those who practice adult monster beast wisdom can not be compared with human beings.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Han Chen is slowly carrying a vitality, then wandering around the major meridians of the body and finally condensing his eyebrows.
Suddenly, the tiger’s head and the magic wolf roared, and the roaring wolf’s eyes were mixed with it, which sounded terrible.
"Well, leave it to me." Han Chen said lightly, but his face remained the same.
All over the sky, the gun shadow keeps flashing, and the huge tiger wolf Pang Dahu keeps biting Han Chen, and every time Han Chen is narrowly escaping from the past.
At this time, it seems that Han Chen and the tiger demon wolf have reached a stalemate. However, every time Han Chen avoids the tiger demon wolf, the pike will cross the road at the same time. Of course, it seems that some parts of the tiger demon wolf are not very hard. There are several times when Han Chen attacked the tiger demon wolf, and the blood is constantly infiltrating, which is very shocking.
Just like that, Han Chen didn’t get hurt again after fighting for more than ten rounds. On the other hand, the tiger’s head and the wolf appeared many scars, and the deep red blood portrayed the lotus flowers on the ground, which was very enchanting.
At this time, Han Chen is also short of breath. Obviously, the battle just now seems to consume a lot of physical strength, but at this time, the corners of his mouth are slightly raised. Han Chen is also a smile. Although the battle just now consumed a lot, Han Chen also benefited a lot, because this real bloody battle also inspired Han Chen’s great strength or a bloody battle will really inspire Han Chen’s potential.
Long breathe a sigh of relief Han Chen also will royal magic golden gun cross chest earth vitality instantaneous drum gun body.
Booming a Han Chen is also to raise the pike with thick vitality and input it into the royal magic gold gun body. At this time, the golden gun body with thick red vitality is also very strange.
A deep voice came out of Han Chen’s throat: "The Golden Gun, the Magic Seven and the Magic Three".
Thick red vitality fluctuates constantly and condenses into a shape that is a pike. At this time, Han Chen’s eyebrows are dripping and sweat is constantly flowing, and his face is slightly pale. This is a situation of excessive vitality. It seems that Han Chen has reached the limit, but he still insists on it.
However, it didn’t last long before it was broken by an explosion.
Suddenly, a ten-foot golden gun mountain roared by, and then Han Chen suddenly fell to the ground. It seemed that the general smile was to fall to the ground, but suddenly an illusory figure flashed and caught Han Chen’s body. It was Ling Lao.
"Are you all right, little guy?" Asked ling Lao also smiled and seemed to admire Han Chen’s strength. "You didn’t expect that you were so powerful that you could cast a magic-bending seven-style third style and this power has reached a very strong level."
"Alas, it’s still making fun of me." Han Chen nai laughed and then coughed wildly, but then things made Han Chen and Ling Lao feel ten words.
"Roar" suddenly the tiger demon Wolf sound is also resounding through Han Chen and Li Yuanhao ears, and they are horrified, but it seems that the sound is just a death warrant note.
"It seems that you this little guy is out of luck or do you want me to make moves?" Ling old stereo.
Han Chen closed his eyes and ignored Ling Lao, then quickly recuperated his vitality, and then found himself without his injury except for his whole body.
"It’s okay. I can still deal with him. Even if I can’t talk, we can still escape smoothly," Han Chen said.
"Well, that’s it." Ling Lao shrugged his shoulders and didn’t say anything that could be defeated smoothly, but now it is.
"Roar" At this time, the sound of that tiger-headed magic wolf is full of anger, just like trying to swallow Han Chen.
At this time, Han Chen looked at the tiger demon wolf vigorously, and shook his head slightly after seeing the tiger demon wolf covered in blood again. It seems that he overestimated himself. It seems that he should practice well in the future.
The flash from the sky is to split the tiger’s head and the wolf’s body. Just for a moment, the tiger’s head and the wolf fell to the ground and died
Looking at this sudden accident, Han Chen frowned slightly and said to Ling Lao beside him, "What’s going on?"
Gently shook his head and Ling Lao also said, "Maybe someone helped us secretly." Then Han Chen looked at the dead tiger-headed wolf and smiled. It happened so suddenly.
"Let’s go," said Ling Lao.
"There seems to be a situation, etc." Han Chen also slowly walked into the body of the tiger demon wolf and suddenly a dark black bead flashed on his forehead.
Ling Lao’s eyes flashed at the black bead and he was surprised and said, "Is this Er Danzhu?"
See more ling old nodded and admitted after Han Chen is also happily said, "this turned out to be Dan Zhu? I didn’t expect this beast to be so mutated and condensed into Danzhu. "
"Ha ha yes, but we are also lucky. If it weren’t for the help of mysterious experts, we might have escaped." Han Chen said with a bitter smile.
"Dan Zhu is a nuclear variant of Warcraft, which is divided into nine-one, the lowest and the highest. The treasure cultivated under unnatural conditions of Warcraft is amazing in effect. It can be distinguished by color. Dan Zhu is white, black, blue, green, yellow, purple, red and purple, and nine is color." Ling Lao said slowly and immediately looked at Han Chen.