"That’s not what I meant." Even Fang Zhou sighed faintly. "So I’m not bringing trouble to you? This is a false start-"

"You and I have to say this!" Cui Shaoxi was very unhappy at once. His face sank slightly and he snorted. "If that name is Li, you wouldn’t say that, would you? Don’t say that I confirmed it, even if you don’t confirm it or doubt it, I will definitely not hesitate this ship! "
See even fangzhou looked at his mouth to speak Cui Shaoxi waved his hand and choked back the sour and lost taste at the bottom of my heart and smiled. "All right! If you treat me as a friend, don’t say that. I don’t want to hear it. It makes me sad! Now we are in the same boat and have to think about how to leave! Are you hungry? Let’s eat something first! "
Where can I not be hungry? I was distracted before, but I don’t think I’m hungry for food after hearing what Cui Shaoxi said, and my eyes are staring straight at Cui Shaoxi.
Cui Shaoxi was funny and distressed. He took out the steamed bread wrapped in paper hidden in his arms and smiled. "Look, your eyes are going to glow green! Give me a pad first! "
Lian Fangzhou said, "Thank you!" I grabbed it and ate it with relish, as if it were the most beautiful and delicious food in the world.
Cui Shaoxi smiled and looked at her eyes with tenderness and distress. She took out the small water sac in her arms, unscrewed the lid and handed it to her. "Come and drink some water and eat slowly. Don’t choke!"
Even Fang Zhou’s vague thanks took it and gulped it down. Two people were relieved. The low-paying hunger in the stomach subsided a lot. I was embarrassed to say with smile to Cui Shaoxi, "I am so hungry! These people are so stingy, they just arrest people and can’t bear to stutter! Waiting to starve to death to feed the fish! "
Said Cui Shaoxi also laughed.
He has traveled to the sea several times over the years, and he has heard about these practices of making his business an overseas human trafficker.
In order to save trouble and save food and water, people are usually stunned. It takes less than three days to give people food once. It’s only less than two days. How can there be food?
He didn’t tell Lian Fangzhou this. He said with a smile, "Now you can rest assured that I am here. I promise I won’t make you hungry!"
Even Fang Zhou had a good stomach and enriched the whole person. He asked Cui Shaoxi, "What shall we do?" Do you know where the ship is going? "
Cui Shaoxi sighed and shook his head with a wry smile. "It’s good to be able to mix boats in a hurry. Where can I ask easily?" These-"
He just said thoughtfully, "It doesn’t feel the same to me. It’s not the same as the businessmen. They look rough and rough, and they are afraid they are not good lovers! We have to be careful everywhere! "
"That said?" Lian Fangzhou curled his lips and said, "If he were a good man, he wouldn’t do this kind of human trafficking!"
"Say yes!" Cui Shaoxi couldn’t help laughing and laughed. "You’re not too worried that this ship has three floors, which are extremely wide and tall, and there are many places to hide!" They won’t find it easily! Besides, they won’t count the goods until they reach their destination. When we hide the box in the corner, they may not find you missing. "
"Well, you know me better than me. Just arrange it!" Even Fang Zhou nodded with a smile.
It was a simple sentence, but Cui Shaoxi’s whole heart stirred and trembled. The whole person seemed to eat ginseng fruit and feel comfortable for a while, which made him dare not stare.
Cui Shaoxi unconsciously blurted out, "Fangzhou, I will never let you be frightened by injustice again!"
"Er … thank you …" Even Fang Zhou was not white. How could he suddenly get so excited? He was a little embarrassed and could not bear to refute his kindness. He smiled at random and promised to feel guilty for a while.
Cui Shaoxi Zheng also came to her senses. She was uncomfortable, annoyed and sad. She looked seriously and said, "No matter where the ship will eventually sail, it is sure to dock for supplies in Nanyang. Let’s pay careful attention to the optimistic route and find out their patrol rules. We will try to leave the ship as soon as we dock in Nanyang! I have friends in Nanyang, and it’s very convenient to go back from here because there are many ships sailing from the port to Quanzhou! "
Even fangzhou nodded and said with a smile, "it’s not urgent at the moment. You must be exhausted, right? Let’s take a rest and raise our spirits first! "
Cui Shaoxi smiled and promised to look at her and asked, "Are your hands and feet still numb? Maybe walking? "
Even Fang Zhou’s face can’t help but get hot. At this time, I thought of something. Before he rubbed his legs, he must have been helping himself to activate his veins, but he was really a thief.
"Do not matter! It’s already great! " Even Fangzhou hurriedly laughed and was too embarrassed to go to see Cui Shaoxi.
"That’s good!" Cui Shaoxi smiled and didn’t think much, so they started to drag the wooden box to a lot of goods to hide Cui Shaoxi, and let Lian Fangzhou follow him out to hide all the way through the night cover, stop and go to avoid the patrol eyeliner and come to the bottom room of a cabin.
Cui Shaoxi smiled and said, "It’s the most convenient place to hide, but let’s stay here!"
Even Fang Zhou nodded with a smile. He found a hidden corner to sit in and couldn’t help but take a look at Cui Shaoxi.
In my heart, I secretly felt that in the past, Mr. Cui’s young master was pampered and charming, and Mr. Jia wouldn’t have been wandering outside all these years and even swam to the ocean if it wasn’t for his own reasons! What’s better than home outside? Must have suffered a lot!
I don’t know how he used to know a place like this.
Even Fang Zhou opened her mouth and finally smiled and said nothing. She wanted to ask him how he had been these years. But being a "culprit" is really embarrassing to ask.
Is Cui Shaoxi back a low sigh tone slant head to see her suddenly laughed "over the years are you ok? I heard that your son is three years old? Do you listen? Does it look like you? "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and was about to answer when suddenly the ship shook violently for a few times. She couldn’t help but hold one side panel with low exclamation force.
Cui Shaoxi’s thin lips pursed his eyes and felt his eyebrows for a moment. "The ship has stopped! It’s strange how it stopped at night. I’ve never heard of anything so big that it can dock in the harbor before going to Nanyang! Isn’t this ship Nanyang? Where is that going? "
Cui Shaoxi doesn’t even know Fang Zhou, but they both have a bad feeling when they look at each other.
"If something goes wrong, there will be a demon! Let’s go out and have a look! " Even fangzhou flatly said
"I’ll go and you stay here!" Cui Shaoxi did not hesitate to get up and said, "You are not as familiar as me. If anyone finds out, it will be miserable! It’s much easier for me to take care of you without distraction! "
Where is Lian Fangzhou willing to let him take risks alone? Pull out the bun hairpin and hold it in the palm of your hand. "Stop nagging and lead the way quickly!" I’m afraid I won’t pry any more! Don’t worry, I won’t be a burden to you. You should do whatever you want, regardless of me! And I am not bad at water! "
This last sentence is obviously to prepare for the worst.
Cui Shaoxi heart jump staring at her is always a sigh gives way "good! Then come with me! Be careful! "
The worst result of the big deal is that two people die together, and it doesn’t seem so bad if it really works that way!
The two of them quietly touched out only to find that the deck lights were full. When they looked up, the ship was anchored in a harbor, and the waves were swishing at the beach. The pier was connected with a beach that was not very wide. In the past, there was a black rock, trees and tall mountain shadows in the distance.
At this time, the beach was still missing by the lights of the boat and the moonlight.
Cui Shaoxi’s eyebrows screwed up tightly, and even Fang Zhou’s sleeves were pulled back to the dark.
See Cui Shaoxi close even fangzhou low said "something is wrong! I don’t know what the hell place is here. Look at that pier. It can’t be called a pier! Not even a personal shadow! "
His breath sprayed on his face, blowing his sideburns, and his sideburns trembled slightly. None of them passed over his cheeks, itchy and numb.
Even Fangzhou is not used to being slightly stiff, and her scalp is a little numb. She did not move, but retreated and said in a low voice, "Not only those people on the dock but also those on the deck ran out to play for no reason! I think they must be doing something! Guess what it will be? Don’t-don’t you want to kill people and steal goods! "
Lian Fangzhou’s heart pounded with drama.
"No!" Cui Shaoxi chuckled to himself and comforted him lightly. "The vast expanse of the sea is nobody’s business. If you really want to kill someone, just throw it all into the sea. Why bother?"
"That’s right!" Lian Fangzhou suddenly had a flash of light in his mind. "Do you think they want this island to bury any gold and silver treasures?"
"Ah?" Cui Shaoxi not white how could she have such a strange idea is not easy to say with smile "kui you want to come out! Do you think these people are stupid? If you have gold and silver treasures, where can you hide them? Why should you hide them in such a wild and desolate place? Not a pirate! I’ve heard of-"
Cui Shaoxi’s voice suddenly stopped and his face changed. Even Fang Zhou’s look was extremely scary.
They didn’t speak, but the expression in their eyes was tacit. Are these people really pirates? Did the two of them get lucky?
"No, no, no!" Cui Shaoxi said in a low voice with some uncertainty, "If it’s really pirates, how dare you walk around the port?" I’ve never seen such a bold pirate. Never … "
Even fangzhou is as frightened as a pirate. For her, it means that people who are far away from China suddenly appear alive in front of her eyes, which makes her feel at a loss!
"I don’t think we will be so unlucky …" Lian Fangzhou murmured.
"Look at the beach! Someone is coming! " Cui Shaoxi wry smile suddenly said
Even fangzhou looked at the past conveniently, and it was really far away from seeing people, but the action lights were clear.
A group of people about ten or twenty are coming in the direction of the ship.
The deck burst into cheers in vain.
A gust of wind came faintly with the wind and listened attentively. Cui Shaoxi and even Fangzhou all turned pale as if they had been struck by lightning. They stayed in wait for a while for half a ring and never came to their senses!
Return air island, return air island …
For Cui Shaoxi, who has been abroad for several times, if he doesn’t know this place, but for his own man, he is the deployment envoy of Nanhai County, and even Fangzhou has heard the name of this island several times!
Clutter and heavy footsteps passed by, accompanied by a few laughs and rude jokes. Even a tingle of Fangzhou and Cui Shaoxi hurriedly hid 187. Chapter 187 Escape in the dark.
Both of them were worried and relieved when they went far away. There was a feeling that they were lucky not to die after walking around the ghost gate!
This is a real thief boat!
At this time, the mood has been completely different!