Heavy Li mercilessly beat a table, hate that call her teeth.

Zangjian and discretion at this time said a sentence "is he now this body also want to the battlefield? Killed by white wolf cavalry and flying wolf tiejun, it is better for me to kill you now and give you a good time. "
"What did you say?" Heavy Li Jianmei phoenix eyes really sharp.
Heavy purple just wanted to find a wall to kill himself. These two people are friends but also enemies!
Zang Jiangang will stop Big Brother, not because of his kindness, but because he thinks Second Brother is his opponent and can kill himself.
Suddenly, Li clenched his fist and loosened up, and his expression was no longer angry. "If I retreat because of this minor injury, I am not worthy of attaching importance to my family."
"Hum! Do you still dare to call yourself family-oriented? "Zangjian laughed darkly.
"Poof-"A knife stuck to his neck, and the blade sank into the wall, and the handle was trembling.
Everyone stopped looking at the man who threw out his beloved nod, but he saw his face open. The halberd Shang Dao returned to his hand and returned to the shape of an oil-paper umbrella with a flick of his hand.
Stay up all night and walk into the snow outside.
The figure is ethereal
"Heavy Li, I order you to take heavy Lin Yuwei into the imperial city, young master-live to see people die and see corpses."
Lift my feet white clothes across the snow he paused "heavy purple lieutenant ZangJian road go …"
Heavy li leng for a moment fuels answered "yes! Big brother "
Heavy purple’s dumbfounded eyes glanced at the white snow outside. "This snow even buried bloody tonight."
"Hum!" Zangjian heard heavy purple insidious smile several muttered, "Little Lord dispersed his aura by himself. I don’t know if it is the lucky person who can get the favor of little Lord! ?”
He licked the corners of his mouth
This battle is getting more and more interesting.

In the wreckage of Bailiyi, I feel this wet and cold air slowly transpiration from the ground, and the bloody taste comes with transpiration.
My heart was depressed, but I didn’t expect that I would push myself to the battlefield one day because of my love words, but he flatly regretted it
The cold fire lit up the bloody night.
Suddenly, in the silent night, the drums beat across the sky.
Bai Liyi hasn’t reacted yet. What’s going on? Yunyong over there has already rushed over to stay before coming to the front without giving a direct way: "The temple is not good! Heavy Lin Yuwei sent troops. "
Bailiyi didn’t speak, just twisted her eyebrows.
Heavy Lin Yuwei will attack early is expected. 567 Chapter 567 Smile and help the battlefield (3)
But I didn’t expect it to come so soon.
After all, they also lost many soldiers! ? Can attack without being affected at all?
This is really not good news
Their troops will face the battlefield before they are adjusted to Peicheng, which is bound to be unstable!
"go! Follow me to Chengtou to see "Baili Yi didn’t think much and immediately walked towards the wall.
Cloud chung should be a is with thyme taken away.
All the leading figures on the other side of the wall have gathered together.
Bailiyi Chengtou looked at the group of white clothes as heavy as snow and Lin Yuwei in the snow, but he was surprised that the leader was actually heavy. The man who disappeared from the palace at night turned out to have fled back long ago.
A glimpse of the purple robe with a double-feather knife is heavy purple.
Listen to her healthy and energetic towards the tower drink "coward hurry up to aunt I roll out-! Why is the short man now a little puss-head? Isn’t it very arrogant in the past few times? "
Bai Liyi took her eyes back and looked at the person who was full of anger because of heavy purple’s words. "What is General Yun like?"
"Unfavorable to play" Yun Yong’s brief words are chilling, but his little body has limited explosive power. heavy purple continued, "Something is wrong! Just after the defeat, he immediately rushed to declare war. "
"At the end of the will, even this war is weird," said a middle-aged man who was slightly older.
That’s Yunyong’s father, a general. Yunyan has never lost in the battlefield for years! But I didn’t expect to be defeated by Chongjiabao.
He was so arrogant that he vowed to come back for revenge.