"She is your brother’s darling" Long Xixi Xuan gently dispelled her doubts.

Dragon sunseeker treasure stare big eyes exaggerated shouted "Yan Yan che? !”
"rude!" Long Xibo nodded her forehead.
Long Xibao looked incredulous. "No way … the man who looks more beautiful than an angel and whose heart is darker than a demon."
Yuan Gungun smell speech hurriedly ran into a bosom friend with a friendly expression and took the hand of Dragon Sunseeker Bao. The two of them played the classic plot of’ villagers see villagers in tears’.
Dragon Sunseeker Bo patted her head with a smile. "Although it is true, you’d better not hear Sunseeker for him."
Dragon Sunseeker Bao looked at Yuan Gungun sympathetically. How did you fall into the fire pit? Yuan Gungun looked back at Dragon Sunseeker Bao with a long face of regrets. Then the two men shook their heads and sighed "Alas …"
Twins are funny. Looking at two funny little women in front of me, it seems that Che’s personality is not very popular.
"By the way that doodle? Do you look like sisters? " Dragon sunseeker treasure asked
Pang Dudu smiled and spit out four words "I am her mother"
Boom Yi Long Sunseeker Bao was struck by thunder … I’m her mother, I’m her mother …
After half a ring, "Bo … Aunt … you are so well maintained that you have a fight with my dance mommy."
Pang Dudu excitedly took the dragon sunseeker treasure hand "really? Really? Hehe, baby, you’re so cute. If you come to our house to play, I’ll cook you delicious food. You’re such an honest and discerning boy. "
The twins looked at Pang Dudu with cold sweat. It was terrible. It was another girl who was spoiled by men … Oh, it shouldn’t be a woman …
President’s office on the top floor of the regiment
"I’m sorry, master." Yas bowed his head and dared not look directly into someone’s cold eyes.
"Don’t tell me I haven’t found it yet." Yan Yanche watched him spit out every word from his thin lips, freezing with cold.
"Sorry …" Yas can say these three words.
"Yas, you should know me well after following me for so long, right?" The tone of Yan Yan is light but chilling.
"I’m sorry, master, but …"
"But you refused her request and chose to go against my orders?" It’s still that undulating tone to play with the thumb leopard ring
Yasi immediately knelt down and touched the floor and issued a "dong" and "I’m sorry, master"
At this moment, there was a mobile phone music in the silent room. Yan Yan looked at the number and pressed the call button.
"Che, your lovely wife is here with me." Long Xiybote has a magnetic voice from the words.
"I’m in the past now," Yan Yan answered with a dull stare.
"By the way, there’s your lively mother-in-law." Dragon Sunseeker Bo looked at the nearby finished medicine and laughed into a pile. Three women touched her forehead.
"Well …" I got a headache and pinched my eyebrows. I picked up the coat on the back of the chair and dialed the number of Yuan Jingliu and walked to the door.
Yas looked at the gate and was relieved. It seems that he found it.
Yas looked at him with indifference. "It’s too early to rest assured that this matter hasn’t passed yet."
Chapter 11 Long Xibao I owe you one.
Yas got up and smiled and shook his head. Some Nai looked at him. "What can I do for you? Can you refuse the rolling request?"
Jas sip sip lips didn’t speak.
"Ah … what a headache!" Yas sighed.
"Don’t worry, you will not only have a headache, but also have a’ flesh ache’ in the near future." Yas’s expression told the truth.
Yas gave him a cold shoulder and stopped talking.
After receiving the message from Dragon Sunseeker, Yan Yan Che arrived at the Dragon Dance at a flying speed. Bang, Yuan Gungun was rudely beaten. When he saw the bearer, he couldn’t help stepping back. Dragon Sunseeker Bao looked at the menacing Yan Yan Che’s consciousness and blocked Yuan Gungun’s front, but Yuan Gungun was even more nervous to hide behind himself.
God, it’s terrible … She is most afraid of his anger …
Long Xibao was distracted and looked at the man behind Yan Yanche. Wow, another man is more beautiful than a woman. Is there any justice in this world? Also let not let people live! See that man is also a face of ups and downs to look straight to roll mom … This is roll dad? ! Can fight with daddy sunseeker …
Yan Yan looked at the chick in front of his wife and revealed a very’ weird’ smile, calling her name "Dragon Sunseeker Treasure" coldly.
Being pointed to a celebrity can’t help shivering. It’s horrible … "How’s Brother Hitcher doing recently? The company should have a house, a wife and a child, right? Ha ha ….. "Someone is not outspoken.
Yan Yanche sneered faintly. "Are you sure you want to be here?"
Dragon Sunseeker Bao hurriedly set up a standard soldier posture, but he didn’t salute and said YES,SIR, and then he gave a face of "I don’t go to hell, who goes to hell?"