"The people in this land are illiterate and illiterate. I visited many villages and the people talked about it. There are no more than ten people who can read and write in a village, and no more than five people can read and write unless there is a local landlord family.

This is not to mention working in cities, and quite a few of them are illiterate or have limited knowledge of several big characters. The whole observation shows that people are numb and desperate, and they have no resistance. "
Duan Yang, the head of the organization department, also gave his own views.
"Through communication with local people, I think they are either numb and afraid to resist, and it is also a success to resist. They may passively resist or fall into the mountains, and they don’t know that there is a better way to resist. It is meaningless to organize resistance spontaneously.
Moreover, many passive rebels did not attack the local government and the landlord’s powerful forces after their resistance, but continued to bully the weak, rob villages and bully the people. There is no sense of resistance. They are simply evil and cannot achieve positive results. "
Later, some members also gave speeches, and they all said what they saw and thought.
Zhao Yucheng is very optimistic about Xu Tong, a member of the military department, who looks at the problem from different angles 2.
"I think this place is rich in bandits. There is no reason why this area is mountainous and less plain. It is particularly difficult to walk a little deeper. Many passages are enough for one or two people to pass.
I ran to the mountains from time to time and found that there are many mountains, and there are still many valleys suitable for camp mountains and mountain springs. It is not a problem to have enough food to live in a mountain for three or five hundred people. "
Yu-cheng zhao leng leng and then laughed.
"You thought about going to war with Song Jun before we acted?"
"Sooner or later, although the people here are numb, everyone is angry and resentful and hungry. They don’t hate the government and the landlords, but they can’t see the success of resistance. I hope we can let them see hope!"
Xu Tongxiao "positions that sentence how to say it again? Oh! A single spark can start a prairie fire. "
Xu Tong’s words made everyone’s minds accessible, and many people’s minds came alive.
"I think Xu Tong has a point."
Du Qikou, vice president of Jiangxi Branch of Fuxing Association and the most senior member of Fuxing Association here, said, "We are here for armed struggle, but not for doing good deeds. We have to do things and pull up a strong team to fight the situation of Fuxing Association here."
Therefore, we can really choose a reliable base area first, and we must be able to stick to it for a long time. When our strength is not strong enough and our manpower is not enough, we can win more with less, and we can attack Song Jun or the landlord armed forces at any time. "
They discussed this for a while and then turned their attention to Zhao Yucheng.
Zhao Yucheng thought for a while and agreed.
"Without considering him, we should consider the problem of health first, and then we can consider his problem. I think what Xu Tong said is very reasonable. Let’s find a place that can be used as a base and then buy the necessary things."
So for the next two months, they prepared for armed struggle.
Before we set out, everyone wanted to develop farmers in Luling area to fight, but they soon realized that this strategy was dangerous.
Because the Luling area is too close to the Ezhou army, the most powerful and largest army in the Southern Song Dynasty.
Besides, it is not difficult for Luling North and Song Jun in Jiujiang area to mobilize Nanping rebellion.
Once these two armies meet in the south, they can at least pull out more than 100 thousand troops to counter the rebellion, and the troops will be very large, which is beyond the resistance of the newly uprising rebels
In addition, Ganzhou, not far from Luling area, also has a Song imperial army stationed.
It is said that this is because when Ganzhou was also called Qianzhou, there was a civil commotion, which disturbed Zhao Gou’s old mother Zhao Gou and frightened her.
Zhao Gou was furious and wanted to slaughter the residents of Qianzhou. Fortunately, Lai Yuefei begged Zhao Gou to stop, but since then, he has not believed in Qianzhou people and sent troops to station.
In the twenty-second year of Shaoxing, Qianzhou was renamed Ganzhou after the garrison rebellion subsided.
There are Ezhou army in the northwest, Jiujiang army in the north and Qianzhou imperial army in the southeast. If the plain area in this area develops, I’m afraid it will be pacified by the army in the Southern Song Dynasty.
Once the army has a certain foundation, it should immediately enter the mountainous area to operate the mountainous area, fight against the crusade troops in the Southern Song Dynasty through the mountain situation, and at the same time train its own personnel, educate their own personnel to grow and wait for the opportunity.
Can’t stay in the plain area and will soon be able to come to the Southern Song Dynasty regular army to play hardball.
Zhao Yucheng and others are responsible for the implementation of this strategy after it is determined.
Their base area is located in Luoxiao Mountain area in the southwest of Luling.
Chapter 732 Rise up
Luoxiao Mountain area has been inhabited since the early Eastern Han Dynasty.
It’s not that people in the mountains can’t live, and it’s not that fields can’t be cultivated. There are fewer places suitable for human life, and the soil is thinner and less fertile, and it’s difficult to achieve large-scale human settlements with fewer arable places.
Here, a settlement can be scattered to live. From the Eastern Han Dynasty to now, there has been no scale of human settlements. Most areas are still uninhabited forest areas
However, in the Song Dynasty, more and more people entered the mountainous area to be bandits because of tyranny. The bandits actually made this mountainous area more habitable human settlements.
Zhao Yucheng, Xu Tong, Du Qi and others drilled in the mountains for more than two months and found some mountain basins suitable for human habitation.
As far as they can see, two of the five mountain basins are occupied by people, and three are occupied by people. Naturally, these mountain basins are bandits who rely on steep mountains to survive here.
It seems that these bandits don’t live entirely by looting. They also farm land. These mountain basins also have places suitable for farming. These bandits gather and flee to join them. Some people are responsible for farming, while others are responsible for licking blood.
It’s a good feeling. If the mountain area can find a mountain basin and live people, then there is no problem
In addition to these raw areas, they also choose hidden places in the mountains as backup bases. They buy grain in batches and find channels to buy smuggled salt and spears. Some live in places, while others are not needed in the mountains.
This channel is not difficult to find.
In a place full of bandits’ nests, it is not difficult to get private salt and spears, and they can even help get armor and crossbows if they are willing to pay.
It seems that it is not surprising that there are so many bandits in these places and the government has repeatedly suppressed them.
Obviously, officials need bandits, bandits also need officials, and everyone needs each other
After understanding this kind of thing, Zhao Yu’s achievements are even more disdainful to the local government. She feels that the level of local government governance in the Southern Song Dynasty is uneven, but forcing good prostitutes is a uniform and high level.
Soon all the preparations are ready, and Zhao Yucheng and others are ready to awaken the people and light the first fire.
They scattered out into rural areas around the country and contacted villagers by doing small business as businessmen.
Investigate their real living conditions, experience their hard work, and then sell them at a low price, giving them some rice, flour and oil for free.
In addition, Su Yonglin suggested that before they set off, they should generally learn some simple medical skills and master some folk remedies that are very effective in treating headaches and brain fever, and then give treatment to some villagers who are sick but have no money to treat them.
In this way, these scattered members of the people’s revival gradually gained the gratitude and trust of the local people, and they established a relatively good relationship. Zhang San Li Si Wang Er Ma can shout out their names and are quite familiar with each other.
After getting familiar with it, they got more thanks from the villagers by educating the village that they can’t produce young children’s literacy, and their trust in each other further increased.
Just as Fuxing members were preparing to broadcast new ideas and concepts from this aspect, an accident happened.
Last year, there was a general drought in Jiangnan West Road, and grain production was reduced. When Lin ‘an learned of the disaster, it was allowed to reduce agricultural taxes as appropriate to help farmers spend the disaster year.
Naidi officials [as appropriate] have made a super-class reading understanding and misinterpreted the meaning of Lin’ an.
Lin ‘an allowed to reduce agricultural taxes and reduce the burden on the people. This local government seems to be a good time to make up for the loss.
Luling’s finance has become very ugly because of the large and small officials eating and drinking, building large projects, and moving state funds for various reasons. A group of officials are having a headache. What should they do if they send someone to check?
As a result, the court reduced the agricultural tax as appropriate!
Isn’t this a good time to make up for the loss?
The imperial court said that it would be appropriate to reduce it, so if I reduce a hundred pence, I will also reduce a penny. How to reduce it is not my decision?
Therefore, the officials in luling county have been collecting all kinds of exorbitant taxes and miscellaneous fees without reducing taxes, and they have also been calculated, so they can’t pay me less!
We can only make up for the loss after paying it. What will we tell you if you don’t come face to face?
They have a deeper meaning than this one.
Although these unruly people are poor wretches, they can’t squeeze much oil and water, but there are many poor wretches. A poor wretch can squeeze rich oil and water without squeezing one hundred.
They also have land, but if they are ruined by taxation, the land will inevitably be sold.
At that time, some well-known big landlords and local tyrants will send people to buy land at low prices, keep the price down and eat these land departments.
Landlords and gentry eat the land, of course, they will benefit the government. When they are full of food and drink, they can make up for the losses. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of these restless poor people in one breath?
Beat me. it’s just
The county government sent evil tax collectors to the countryside to collect taxes, and they were worried that there was not enough manpower and deterrence. Some unruly people would not pay taxes obediently, so they hired some idlers in the city to follow the countryside together.
Boy, that made a chicken fly a dog to make trouble.
If you don’t want to pay taxes, forget it. Some people who are willing to pay taxes have been tossed about, and their homes are restless rather than ruined.
The tax collectors and the idlers who followed them were as fierce as wolves, tigers and leopards, and dressed in a golden body. The villagers’ bumps with them were considered rebellion and should be punished.
It is a famine year, but the tax collection is more fierce than in the past, which makes many people unable to bear bankruptcy, bankruptcy, escape, death and injury.
Seeing this, Zhao Yucheng could no longer bear it.
He helped himself to send them weapons with his arms in the south loess village of luling county, and surrounded and killed thirteen tax collectors and gangsters who came to collect taxes with more than 90 men in the village.
Thirteen people were hanged and whipped, and then beheaded one by one in front of everyone in the village. Zhao Yucheng addressed the villagers while beheading them.