Thought of here, Wei Gena kept playing the cold war, shortness of breath and ups and downs in his chest.

"Control the Reichstag and the Prime Minister’s Office to attack the Berlin Gendarmerie Command and the jǐng Inspection Bureau …" Wei Gena’s throat was dry and faltered for a long time before he could barely prove it. "I seem to have guessed something in West Lyme …"
"You guessed it!" Wang Hai rubbed his hands, and even the wine j Ρ ng could suppress his headache. Sitting on the imperial flag at the top of the capitol building, he said, "Our army always forgets our ancestors, Teutonson, and the other guardians have a high attitude, but many times their hearts are higher than the sky, but they always do petty things. Since the army disdains to do what they should do, let the navy do it for them!"
Wang Haidi’s voice just fell and Wei Gena’s head exploded.
Wei Gena couldn’t guess Wang Haidi’s plan, but he knew that he and the navy were following their naval leaders to create German history. How crazy and carefree it was to have their own participation and the navy to dominate the imperial history! to be continued
The second gun tail (3) Germany
I haven’t written a novel for almost half a month. I’m in no state …
"Maybe we missed something …"
On June 6th, a soldier slept all night in the morning in front of the headquarters building of the Army in Berlin. He looked at General Hoffman with ao Hong’s eyes puzzled and felt regretfully after knowing it.
The Germans kept their mouths shut, and almost all the soldiers in the army took revenge on ludendorff’s first batch of extremely hostile naval and army generals with Heidi Selim making a fuss about the Berlin mutiny.
Since Teutonic Forest, the German army has always been not afraid of its opponents. Although the French army is straightforward, they are not tough enough. Although the British army is J and jīng tough, its ideas and tactics are outdated. Although the Russian army is tenacious and brave, its equipment is too poor. Although the Royal Navy is arrogant, there is no reason why the great German army can’t even beat its own ocean fleet. The flagship team is angry with the ocean fleet. Although the blue sea can no longer find a comparable opponent, every soldier keeps in mind the fact that the German navy was separated from the army from Prussian era, little brother.
On the night of the counter-insurgency, the deafening guns in the southwest suburb of Berlin always stimulate the sensitive nerves of the landing soldiers. The soldiers are afraid but uneasy. If ludendorff’s tide is over and Albert and Hindenburg don’t fall, the prestige and potential will reach the peak. Heidi Selim, the German naval god of war, will wait for revenge.
The disgraceful thing has happened again. Max Hoffman will achieve the prestige and potential of the commander-in-chief of the Eastern Army through the naval ares. He will do things according to ludendorff’s orders. The Western Army will stop in the outer suburbs of Berlin and choose to wait and see. The Eastern Army will tacitly quickly pass through the Berlin rebels to deliberately give way to pre-empt the hidden danger of ludendorff, and three blockade lines will be arranged near the army headquarters in one breath.
At night, the German swordsman Hoffman lost the knight’s sword that brought him a lot of shame. He kept the army headquarters safely and thought hard about ways to bridge the contradiction between the navy and the army for fear of damaging his reputation. Army soldiers committed suicide with their backs to ludendorff. The iron cross flag flew high in the old building, holding a semi-new Mao Se rifle. In the night, he tried to stare out his eyes and stare at the dim street lamp and the dead road.
However, the soldiers of the army were red and pale, and they still couldn’t see the figure of sailors wearing navy caps and deep Se. It was not until the next morning that the dark days in Berlin gradually brightened up, including Hoffman’s senior generals, that they figured out something intriguing from the information handed over intermittently.
The weather has changed in Berlin!
This is not the first time that Germany has changed its master in the war. This summer, the contradiction of the Imperial Ministry was covered up by patriotism, and it could no longer stand the long-lasting war and repeatedly destroyed a dazzling palace drama. After the German emperor abdicated and moved away, Germany entered a short-lived era of the Big Three.
Before the Germans can adapt to life without the emperor, it is more strange than the Big Three. After the noisy farce, the German-style é n zh ǔ became angry from embarrassment. The first real person of the ludendorff Army flagrantly shot and killed the conservative leader of the German landlord, Congressman Kang, and the senior official of ZH ǔ f ǔ, and placed under house arrest. The commander-in-chief of the Army, Hindenburg, brought the German-style é n zh ǔ j é ng marrow into full play, thus making Berlin another master.
The army does not want Berlin to change its owners frequently, but they have no reason or position to refuse these changes, because every bloody incident means that the army can get more resources to deeply tap the potential of militarism.
But this time, the army seems unable to take Berlin’s new pattern in stride.
It was before the weather changed in Berlin and the army made a sound!
The first ray of sunshine in midsummer showered Berlin’s lifeless Baroque buildings, which made the dusty flower beds give birth to new colors and colorful colors. The soldiers who waited around the army headquarters all night were dizzy. For the time being, they still couldn’t figure out whether the lack of power to replace the night would have an indelible impact on the army, Germany and the world. It was just staring blankly at the smoky cornflower in front of the army headquarters building, and ordinary Berlin citizens exchanged gossip that they heard from the streets and lanes.
In the counter-insurgency night, thousands of naval sailors took the Berlin Gendarmerie Command and the Berlin jǐng Inspection Bureau without bloodshed, and successfully rescued the members of Congress who were under house arrest by ludendorff and the rebels.
It is said that Selim also gave a speech in front of the gendarmerie headquarters building with a small audience but far-reaching influence. The naval leader declared that the navy would change the situation of the disintegration of the empire and promised that the navy would not take the opportunity to seek special status. It was the guide to find the balance of interests of all political forces in the empire
No one refutes the fact that the arrogant empire of West Lyme is very important. The German army is not present, and the army leader Hindenburg is expected to fall sharply due to the Berlin mutiny and house arrest. Hoffman, the military strongman ludendorff, has enough positions and resumes, but he still lacks extensive influence on the people who run Albert Empire in Berlin. However, the top echelons of his empire, the bourgeoisie, the citizens and the army do not believe in Albert and socialism.
In other words, Heidi Selim, a naval war god, is the most suitable person to save the political situation of the divided empire.
Another source said that Marshal Heidi Selim Hindenburg and the leader of the Workers’ Party Albert had a secret conversation. The Army did not know exactly what Heidi Selim said in the secret talks, let alone what role he and his navy would play in the post-ludendorff era. Se The Army knew that the Workers’ Party was content to leave because the "arbitrator" Selim admitted that the left-wing motherland Party, the second largest party in Congress, was also in high spirits. Because Selim and them reached a limited understanding and promised not to change some systems of the empire, Marshal Hindenburg, on behalf of the Army Headquarters, has not yet reported back the news.
Only then did the army have the initial and most intuitive feeling that the army was ignored.
When Marshal Hindenburg returned to the Army Headquarters, the ex-servicemen of the Army could also comfort themselves that the West Lyme method did what he promised: there would be no balance of interests between Crocker conservatism and Workers’ Party radicalism, and class contradictions were different. However, this illusion was shattered from the moment Marshal Hindenburg excitedly walked with a black SE car with an army license plate.
In the secret conversation, Selim came up with a plan that no one but the royalists could directly reject the peace. According to this proposal, the imperial pending regime was established, and the cabinet republic would completely replace the imperial system and stand on this land to win the parliamentary election. The Workers’ Party would form the zhèng fǔ incarnation cabinet, which had just been pardoned by ludendorff, and Albert, the leader of the Workers’ Party, was elected as the first prime minister of the Republic.
The administration of Selim brought peace to the northwest of the empire, but after all, Germany was in a state of war, including Selim soldiers, industrial trusts and Germany. I can’t believe that the Workers’ Party can form a joint cabinet to stage. Bateman Hollwich left his political legacy and the left-wing motherland party had to return to the stage.
Another principle of the Selim peace plan is that the army does not interfere in politics.
According to this principle, whether the Supreme Command, the Army Headquarters and the Navy Headquarters were abolished and replaced by the German Military Commission, the function of which was equivalent to that of the Imperial Navy and Army Staff, the only link was that the Ministry of National Defense was composed of retired generals in charge of personnel and equipment.
The military commission is composed of nine members. Although the navy has won four places, the position of chairman has been pocketed by the navy, which means that the navy has achieved the equality of the army for the first time in the military commission.
This scheme seems fair, but fairness is the biggest unfairness to the army. After all, the empire of the army has long been self-centered. Of course, Selim has a way to shut the army up because Hindenburg, the chief of staff of the army, will be the first president of the German Republic
This move can be seen as a compromise between Selim and the army. Because he is lying in a hospital bed and half dead, Erpitz never mind getting up and exerting the waste heat to be a famous national leader. Of course, the army can understand that this is Selim’s conspiracy against the army. The Hindenburg army has almost no leader who can compete with Wang Haidi, and there is still a future for the navy. There are German heroes and the three musketeers of Kiel Sea School, as well as the outstanding tactical master hippel.
"Did you accept it?" Hoffman raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the eyebrow eye smile. Hindenburg asked
Hindenburg may be able to see through West Lyme’s open plan, or maybe he is always ambitious and used to being a real J: ng God leader, Marshal Hindenburg, who has made up his mind to resign from the Ministry of Military Affairs and raise his status.
"General Hoffman, that’s my duty!" Hindenburg replied.
The second gun tail (4) is about twenty years old
Parliamentary elections, ludendorff mutiny, and the naval sailors’ counter-insurgency in the first few days of January 1917, Berlin’s political climate was unpredictable, and this fateful drama took place in a dark brig in Berlin’s gendarmerie headquarters.
This is less than 10 square meters. Originally, the detention room was suitable for officers and men of the Imperial Army who violated military discipline. However, in the counter-insurgency campaign that broke out later in the Berlin mutiny, its functions were limited and enlarged, and it became the "prison" of Hindenburg, the commander-in-chief of the army, and the reception room of Heidi Selim, the naval leader.
Before dawn in 5th month, Xileim ended the secret meeting called "Talks with Xileim" by historians. With the pale chandelier lights and repeated echoes, Xileim put forward three peace principles: "National interests are above everything else", "Soldiers do not interfere in politics" and "Long-term peace".
The so-called "national interests are above everything else" means that the country maintained a state of war and won the war before the war was completely over. After the war, the "soldiers did not interfere in politics" army would withdraw from the imperial political life and reorganize the German Defence Force to achieve "long-term peace"